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英文添削お願いします。 First October ‘10 I thought whether I would go out to drink or not after work. Finally I decided not to go, as I will do next Monday and Tuesday. And most of the reasons what I decided so is to watch a TV program. Perhaps, if most of people hear it, they feel I am sad person. Most of my favorite TV program is “walking town to meet in the world” And it is the town I love and hadn’t been to six months ago. After watching it, I’m sure I’ll go Bergen. I want to watch it as soon as possible.


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I have not been there for the past six months. 「ここ6ヶ月間そこへ行っていません。」はNo.2の方が正しいです。 私が書いたinは多分間違えです。うる覚えだったのでinとforを混同してたようです。 それとfor the lastよりfor the pastの方が自然ですね。 「もう6ヶ月間もずっとそこへ行ってないよ~」というニュアンスでしょうから、 I have not been there for as long as six months. とするとより気持ちが伝わりやすいような気がします。 「as 形容詞 as」で形容詞の強調表現が出来ます。 as long as ~:~も長く(上記) as much as ~:~も多く(こんなにも多くというニュアンス) as less as ~:~も少なく(たったこれだけというニュアンス) as small as ~:~も小さく(こんなに小さいというニュアンス)




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I was thinking whether I should go to drink or not after work, but I didn't go out after all . Because I am doing it both next Monday and Tuesday. All the more reason for it is that I had a TV program I really wanted to watch tonight. When most people hear about this,maybe they must feel I am a sad person.My favorite TV program is "Walking town to meet in the world". I love the town of Bergen but I have not been there for the past six months. If the program is about Bergen and I watched it , afterward I am sure I'll go there. I want to watch it as soon as possible. 解釈が間違っているかもしれないので、日本語訳も書いておきます。仕事の後、飲みに行こうか行くまいか考えてたんだけど、やっぱり 行かなかった。なぜなら次の月曜と火曜日の両方とも飲みに出かけるから。それに加えてさらに大きな理由は今夜とっても見たいテレビ番組があるから。たいていの人がこれを聞いたら私が寂しい人間だって思うよね。私の大好きな番組は...。私はBergen という街が好き、でもここ6ヶ月行ってない。もしその番組がBergenについて放送してそれを見たら後で絶対そこへ行くと思う。早くみたいな。 *favorite には すでにmost の意味が含まれてるようです。英語の専門家じゃないので怪しいところもありますがあつかましく回答しました。



早々にありがとうございました。 日本語訳まで丁寧にありがとうございました。 また、お時間がありましたら添削お願いします。

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On Oct. 1st, 2010 I thought about whether or not to go out to drink after work. Finally I have decided not, and will do next Monday and Tuesday. One of the biggest reasons (why I have decided not) is because I wanted to watch a TV program. One of my favorite TV programs is "walking town to meet in the world". And it is the town I love, and I haven't been there in the last six months. (The town is Bergen!) After watching it, I'm sure I'll go to Bergen(go there). I'm eager to see the town as soon as possible. 最後の2文のつながりがよく分かりません。 それを見た後、私はきっとベルゲンに行くだろうと思った。 私はそれは出来る限り早く見たい。 → ベルゲンの景色をということ?



早々にありがとうございました。 また、お時間がありましたら添削お願いします。 最後の文は、『はやくテレビ見たい~。』という内容だったのですが・・・。


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    英文添削お願いします。 October 16th ‘10 I was busy today. As soon as I got up morning, I went to do rice-cake making. As a mallet of today was bigger than I had used ones of past, my arm パンパンになった。 And it was fine, I was tired a lot. After rice-cake making, I had to put a TV board together. But I had just bought some parts for that. When I got a call from the shop buying the TV, I was not easy a little. But I had a promise with my friends to go out to drink, I gave up it and did it. We met in grilled meet restaurant. We bought a 50percent off ticket of this restaurant with an internet. It was great and we would be full. As the TV will come to my house yester morning, I had better go to sleep early. It is almost 2 o’clock.

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    英文添削お願いします。 October 4th ‘10 I went out to drink with my entering in the same year after work. I thought it was enjoyable for me. I don’t need to care for them and I can talk anything I think. I wander a drink of yesterday will not be same. And I wander I have to go to drink a place I wouldn’t like to. I have to think it is a business. Is it happy life for us to do so?

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    英文スピーチの添削をお願いします。 テーマは日本企業の英語の社内公用語化についてです。 英語が全くと言っていいほどできないので、 ほとんどを翻訳ソフトに頼ってしまいました。 間違っているところがたくさんあると思うので 英語がわかる方、教えてください。 Companies such as these days, Uniqlo or Rakuten announced the English office official language. Employees go to the English conversation school and seem to hurry measures. It is said that it is the globalization of the company,and the mutual understanding in the English is essential. But the Japanese who has an image to be negative even if they hold a meeting by the language that they are not used to, It may be hard to come to give an opinion even more. It employ a foreign employee and it is important that it have a global field of vision for the growth of the company. However,there is not a meaning to be a Japanese company when a Japanese is hard to work. It's not limit all to English and think that one devising usage with the Japanese is effective.

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    英文添削お願いします。 On October Second ‘10 I had a holiday and went to car dealer. First, I went to Toyota to see Estima. As soon as I went there, I did test-drive one. It was comfortable, but it wasn’t more comfortable Alfard and Velfire. When all of salesman find I decided to buy a car, they surve me with the greatest survice. After Toyota, I went to Honda. But there was not a car I wanted. When I was about to leave the shop, the salesman tried to prevent me from leaving there by this way and that. When I was feeling an awkward situation, my mobile phone rang at a good timing. It called from Toyota and told me to leave my bag. I left there at once and came back Toyota to receive it. As soon as I arrived at there, the salesman brought my bag to me. I felt I was lucky, as I left the shop. If I left it another place, it wouldn’t come back me.

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    To be aware of the greatness of a literature is not always to understand it fully, since to have interest and regard for it does not imply entire knowledge of what it is and how it came to be. 「文学の偉大さに気付くことは、必ずしもそれ(偉大さ)を完璧に 理解しているというわけではない。というのも、それ(偉大さ)に 興味や関心を持つことは、それが何であるのか、またそれが どのようにして存在するようになるのかを、完全に理解している ことを暗示しないからだ。」 と、いった訳になりました。 この文に頻出のitですが、文法的な判断から、the greatnessと したのですが、あっていますか?もしa literatureなら、itよりも oneのはずだと思いましたので。。 宜しくお願いします。

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    just as clearly, unintelligence is not what most psychologists seem to suppose, the same thing as intelligence but not as much of it. 全く同じように明らかなことは、知性がないということは、たいていの心理学者が考えているように思えること、すなわち、知性と同じものだが知性ほどその量が多くない、ということではない。 as much of itの部分が全く分かりません。 省略か何かが起こってるんでしょうか?

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    私が知り合いに「日本人の性格の弱さ」について語ったところ、以下のような英文で彼の考えを述べて来ました。 このうち、I think traits of great strength and bouts of demise and " weakness" can only be the " natural " character for a society like Japan. のbouts of demiseが全く何を言ってるのか解りません。彼に説明を求める前に、ここで皆さんの解釈を知りたいと思いますので宜しくお願い致します。その他何か参考になることがありましたら解説して下さい。 Japanese are not educated to stand apart , to go it individually , to say " no" to their masters , their bosses. Only that aspect looks somehow " weak" to me , judging from my Western point of view... This disabilty or unwillingness to question societal convention is very Japanese to my eyes. Very stifling indeed.....the consequence is that the individual faces a steep uphill battle to succeed in Japan ....probably societal pressure is so strong that most Japanese " run away" from this uphill battle , ...get depressed , or suicidal , or lock themselves up in a room for years. Most Japanese tell themselves that after 40 years doing the same skill or job , they are " still learning".....that is proof of total capitulation to the societal expectation , it is not even a realistic proposition , it erases your personal value....but it feels " safe" to say , .....maybe that is weak after all?? I think traits of great strength and bouts of demise and " weakness" can only be the " natural " character for a society like Japan. Until there is a major large societal shift that forces society into another direction.....that is written in future still unknown history. ...And that change would probably come from outside , from a changing world order..

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    We are thinking of going to Australia this coming August with my family. However we haven't decided yet in detail, where to go and what to do. I went to Cairns three years ago. So I hope to go to place anything other than that. I'd like to go to place I've never been before. That reminds me.[ Come to think of it,] Vegemite come from Australia right? I really want to try it then. I also like to have new foods but weird dishes! 私達は今度の8月にオーストラリアに行こうと思っています。 でもどこへ行こうか、何をしようかなどはまだ決めていません。 私は三年前にケアンズに行った事があるので、それ以外の場所に行けたらいいなあと思っています。 私は行ったことのないところへ行くのが好きなの。 そう言えば、ベジマイトってオーストラリアのものだよね! オーストラリアに行ったら是非それを食べてみたいなあ~。私、初めての食べ物を食べてみるのも好きなのです。「げてもの」以外はね! 英語力に乏しい私に力を貸してください… 宜しくお願いします。

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    学校のテストに備え、「華氏911を見て」というテーマで英語で感想を書きました。 よろしかったら、添削してください。明日の午後がテストなので出来れば早い回答をお願い致します。 よろしくお願い致します。 I saw the backgrounds of the Iraq war in this movie. One is that Bush has a close relation to bin Laden. Another is that Iraq was attacked nevertheless Iraq has nothing to do with the terrorism which occurred on September 11th 2001. And the most surprising scene is that a lot of young people who live in a country can do nothing but go to military forces because they cannot get a job. In the movie, two soldiers visited a certain town and asked some young men to join the army. Some of them decided to join it. That is, the poor person is made to go to the war so that a rich layer profits. I think such a tyranny should be never permitted. Honestly speaking, I think Fahrenheit 9/11 is a political advertising movie. In fact, some people dislike it. However it is a fact that Bush invaded unrelated Iraq to terrorism and innocent people are killed and injured. On a basis of this fact, I cannot help conceiving that Bush should resign and withdraw the troop from Iraq. It is necessary to decrease victims as soon as possible. And Japan should deliberate again about Iraq War and Self-Defense Forces. But regrettably, I cannot make Bush resign directly because I am not American and do not have an American franchise. So I will watch the news about the Iraq and think what I can do.

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    英語の得意な方 添削お願いしますm(_ _)m エイゴタウンよりこちらを紹介していただき、投稿させていただきます。 英語面接を控えており、添削していただきたいと思い、投稿します。厚かましくて申し訳ないです。  ★自己紹介 I experienced office work and secretary's work till now. Then, that time I learned a communication and the importance of plus thinking. It makes use of this, I'd really like to do my best as a professional of the service in your company. ★自己アピール My appeal points are a round face and physical strength. A feeling of relief is given to it to the guest. Because it has physical strength, it doesn't get tired all day long.   It does its best for the guest's satisfaction.  ★志望動機 There are two reasons why it wants to join your company. First, The thing that it is the face which touches first most to the guest Then, as for the second That wonderful teamwork with which a name was decided as with all of the members I'd really like to work as a member, too.  以上です。本当にお恥ずかしい英語ですが、どなたか添削してくだされば幸いです。