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下記英文の添削をお願いいたします。 部分的でも結構ですので、よろしくお願いします。 1st of all, I have to tell you our rule. Needless to say, you must not drink an alcohol, smoke a tabaco. You have to go to bed by 24. You try to be living room without sleeping and a study. Off course, we want you to help as my family. Why don’t you fold a laundry with her. As she don’t often try to do it, it is also your roll that what make her do it with you. It is hard task. Do you ask me anything.


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1st of all, I have to tell you our rule. Let me tell you some important rules in this house. Needless to say, you must not drink an alcohol, smoke a tabaco. Needless to say, don't drink alcolhol or smoke tabaco in this house. You have to go to bed by 24. Go to bed by 24 o'clock. You try to be living room without sleeping and a study. In our living room, don't study and don't sleep on the sofa. Off course, we want you to help as my family. We may often ask you to do things because you are members of my family. Why don’t you fold a laundry with her. For example, you should fold your laundry. As she don’t often try to do it, it is also your roll that what make her do it with you. It is hard task. I think she dosen't like to do it, but you should cooperate to do it. I'm not her servant. Do you ask me anything. Do you agree? たいへんそうですね.



昨日に引き続きありがとうございます。 事情もわからず留学生を引き受けることになったので苦労しています。 英語から離れてかなりの月日が経過していますので・・・。 まあ、楽しんでやっています。 きっと高いお金をだして来るのでしょうから、留学生にもできる限りの対応をしてあげたいですしね。 しかし、全く日本語ができないというのは誤算でした。

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 ホームステイで未成年を受け入れられるのでしょうか? 英語圏からの大きめのお子さんを迎えるご家庭を想像しながら、原文に沿って手直ししてみました。  これは口頭で伝えるための原稿のようですね。でもまず、文書で伝える場合をお示しして、単刀直入に口頭で伝える場合のバリエーションを補足します。 Here are our family rules. (First of all, )は口頭ならもちろん切り出しで使ってください。) Needless to mention, you must not drink or smoke. (口頭であれば、原案のNeedless to say,を使ってください。drink alcoholは発音がやっかいです。たばこはcigarettesが適当です。でもdrink or smokeで十分です。) Go to bed by midnight. (1日を24時間制で表すのは軍隊と日本ぐらいかな? 午前・午後の12時間で伝えてあげてください。口頭ならYou mustの後に続ければ十分です。ちょとホストファミリーペアレントとしての上から目線ですが。) Do not study or sleep in the living room. (これは原文の意味がちょっと分かりませんでした。「居間で勉強や居眠りをするなよ。」のことだと理解しました。口頭ならYou mustn't...またはDon't...で。) Do your part as a family member such as folding laundry. (「家族の一員として家事を手伝いなさい。例えば洗濯物をたたんだりね。」で、簡潔に伝わります。口頭もこのままで。) If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  頑張って異文化相互理解に努めてください!



添削ありがとうございました。 ニュアンスもわかり助かります。


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    英文添削お願いします。 文書が長いので部分的でも結構です。 よろしくお願いします。 She gives you a short tour in my house. There are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, a lavatory on the 1st floor. A place you use is the bathroom and the lavatory. Here is the lavatory. There is one on the 2nd floor, too. Here is a light switch. It’s hard to make out a little. After you use it, pull or push this lever to flush the lavatory with only this paper. But be careful not to flush anything else, Here is a bathroom. We Japanese do not only take the shower, sit in the bathtub. But only sit in the bathtub, never put a soap into the bathtub. This lever regulate a temperature of water from shower. And this lever give you a water. When you sit a bathtub, if you do not feel a hot in the bathwater, push this button to make it hot. You have to cover with this panel, before you go out of the bathroom. There are a living room and a dining room, a lavatory on the 2nd floor. We have an every meal in this dining room and feel at home in this living room with my family. This lavatory is same as 1st. There are 2 bedrooms on the 3rd floor. One is your room. You’ll have lived here with her. That’s all. Do you have any question?

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    1)If I (were) not ill, I (would) go fishing with my younger brother. 2)She loves him (as if) he (were) her own son. 3)If I (had known) it, I (can) have told you. 4)I (wish) you (had not) told the plan to your father. 5)You can listen to the music (as far as) you like. 6)(If) you like it (may) not, you have to decide what to do. 7)I studied hard in my high school days; (unless) I would have failed the examination. 8)No (sooner had) he gone to bed than he fell asleep. 9)I'll lend you the money (for) the condition that you return it within six months. 10)It's about time you (have seen) a Shakespearian play. ()内でおかしいところがあったら添削をお願いしたいです。 よかったら解説も加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

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    It is for 22-26th October do you want it now for 23-26 October, I don't want to cancel a night and you arrive and dont have a room You can change your booking yourself on line direct with booking.com who you have booked with. この英文を訳して下さい

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    There are several ways to keep good shape. To begin with, you need to quit smoking. Needless to say, cigarette has many toxic substances which disturb you keeping good shape. Next, you should eat healthy foods every meal. It will help you to be in good condition because of many vitamins. For example, vitamin C is an important one to keep one’s skin beauty. If your skin is so beautiful, it may bring your mind to be good shape! Furthermore, it is good for you to get enough sleep. Less sleeping is not good for your health, skin, and so on. Finally, I think it is most important to exercise daily. It helps you to alleviate stress, keep your metabolism good and burn your fat. I recommend you to do it because you can do it with joy. That’s all I want to say how the way to keep good shape is. もっとお洒落な言い回しができたらなぁ、と思い質問させていただきました。文法もたくさん間違えてしまっていると思います。。。(泣) どなたか添削していただけないでしょうか。 お願いします。

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    1)私はその事故とは何の関係もない。 I have ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) the accident. 2)彼女は欠点だらけだけれど、好きにならずにはいられない。 I (cannot) (help) (loving) her in spite of her many faults. 3)一晩中眠らずにいることがどんなことか不眠症になってはじめてわかる。 You (not) (understand) until you have insomnia what it is like to stay awake all night. 4)夜、車を運転する際はいくら注意してもしすぎることはない。 You (cannot) (be) (too) careful when you drive a car at night. 5)富も幸運もそのような奇跡は起こせない。 Riches do not work such a miracle, ( ) ( ) good luck. ()内の添削をお願いします。 1と5は全くわかりませんでした。 よかったら解説も加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

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    留学生が安心して日本の生活を楽しめるように、留学生の両親に英文メールを送りたいと思っています。内容が正しいか添削をお願いします。 We’re a host family for your daughter. We’re looking forward to seeing her. We have 3 daughters, who are younger than your daughter. They delight to get a new sister. First daughter who is 14 years old would like to talk with her a lot. Second who is 10 years old and third who is 8 years old would like to play with her a lot. We can’t speak English very well, but we’ll do to help her making a good memory in Japan. After deciding acceptance of foreign student from Canada, we found it little to know about Canada. This will be good experience for us, too. At last thought we’ll be careful of your daughters safe, let us know anything, if you have any her worries.

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    私にとってピアノを弾くことは英語を話すことより難しい。 Playing the piano is more difficult for me than speaking English. あなたは夏と冬ではどちらが好きですか。 Which do you like better, summer or winter? あなたと働けることを楽しみにしています。 I'm looking forward to work with you. 健は彼独自の調査をしなくてもよい。 Ken don't have to study his own research. この英文の添削をお願いします。

  • 英文の穴埋めの添削をお願いします!

    1)Once you meet her, you'll find that she is nice to (talk). 2)Eddy is only thirteen. He is (not old enough) to get a driver's license. 3)Nobody likes to be (made) fun of in public. 4)"John (seems) to like the fried rice." "He sure does! That's his third helping." 5)Tom did not tell the truth (so as not to) hurt his mother. 6)You need not give it to me, if you don't want (to). 7)It is hard to please my grandfather. =My grandfather is ( ) ( ) ( ). 8)We can't complete this task in a day. =It is ( ) (for) us (to) (complete) this task in a day. 9)They need some instructions to tell them what to do. =They need some instructions to tell them what they ( ) ( ). 10)It is said that the mayor practiced kendo very hard in his youth. =The mayor is said (to) (have) (practiced) kendo very hard in his youth. 11)You were so kind as to drive me to the airport. =It was very kind ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) me to the airport. 12)People say this house was built 100 years ago. =This house is ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) built 100 years ago. 問題文が多くてすみません。()内の穴埋めです。 解説や日本語訳を付けてくださると助かります。 添削よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    下の2つの文章を英文へ翻訳してみたのですが、よろしければ添削してください。 よろしくお願い致します。 今日は校長先生に頼まれて来たわけではありません。 I did not come at the principal's request today. 手伝っていただくことはありません。 I do not have you help me. I don't need to have you help me.

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    英文添削お願いします。 October 4th ‘10 I went out to drink with my entering in the same year after work. I thought it was enjoyable for me. I don’t need to care for them and I can talk anything I think. I wander a drink of yesterday will not be same. And I wander I have to go to drink a place I wouldn’t like to. I have to think it is a business. Is it happy life for us to do so?