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Is it a Happy Life to Drink and Talk Freely?

  • I went out for drinks with my coworkers from the same year of employment. It was an enjoyable experience for me because I could freely express my thoughts and opinions without worrying about others' judgment.
  • However, I couldn't help but wonder if the drinks I have today will give me the same feeling of enjoyment. Also, I question whether I should go to a place I don't really want to go for drinks. I need to consider if this is truly a good business decision.
  • Ultimately, I ponder if this lifestyle of drinking and talking freely is a happy one for us.


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まず時制の一致が不明瞭ですね。 October 4th ‘10 I went out to drink with my (colleagues as same career as I) after work. I thought it (would be) enjoyable for me. I (didn't) need to care for them and I (could) talk anything I (thought). I (wondered) a drink of yesterday (would) not be same. And I (wondered) I (had) to go to (a place to drink) I (hadn't liked to). I (had) to think it (was) a business. Is (this a) happy life (to lead for anybody)? 括弧内が訂正部分です。 私もこんな時代がありました。



早々にありがとうございました。 また、よろしくお願いします。



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    英文添削をお願いします。 28th September ‘10 I considered to make good use of an unused ground today. This work is enjoyable for me, but I think whether it is necessary for our project or not. And I have a question whether all of my bosses have same aim or not. I think it’s not important for me whether the plan will be used or not, it’s important to make my bosses understand my aim. But I am worried whether it makes them change their though or not.

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    英文添削お願いします。 First October ‘10 I thought whether I would go out to drink or not after work. Finally I decided not to go, as I will do next Monday and Tuesday. And most of the reasons what I decided so is to watch a TV program. Perhaps, if most of people hear it, they feel I am sad person. Most of my favorite TV program is “walking town to meet in the world” And it is the town I love and hadn’t been to six months ago. After watching it, I’m sure I’ll go Bergen. I want to watch it as soon as possible.

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    英文添削お願いします。 On October Second ‘10 I had a holiday and went to car dealer. First, I went to Toyota to see Estima. As soon as I went there, I did test-drive one. It was comfortable, but it wasn’t more comfortable Alfard and Velfire. When all of salesman find I decided to buy a car, they surve me with the greatest survice. After Toyota, I went to Honda. But there was not a car I wanted. When I was about to leave the shop, the salesman tried to prevent me from leaving there by this way and that. When I was feeling an awkward situation, my mobile phone rang at a good timing. It called from Toyota and told me to leave my bag. I left there at once and came back Toyota to receive it. As soon as I arrived at there, the salesman brought my bag to me. I felt I was lucky, as I left the shop. If I left it another place, it wouldn’t come back me.

  • 英文を訳して下さい

    It is for 22-26th October do you want it now for 23-26 October, I don't want to cancel a night and you arrive and dont have a room You can change your booking yourself on line direct with booking.com who you have booked with. この英文を訳して下さい

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    英文添削お願いします。 October 16th ‘10 I was busy today. As soon as I got up morning, I went to do rice-cake making. As a mallet of today was bigger than I had used ones of past, my arm パンパンになった。 And it was fine, I was tired a lot. After rice-cake making, I had to put a TV board together. But I had just bought some parts for that. When I got a call from the shop buying the TV, I was not easy a little. But I had a promise with my friends to go out to drink, I gave up it and did it. We met in grilled meet restaurant. We bought a 50percent off ticket of this restaurant with an internet. It was great and we would be full. As the TV will come to my house yester morning, I had better go to sleep early. It is almost 2 o’clock.

  • 英文を訳して欲しいです

    英文を訳して欲しいです 先ほど自分のYouTubeチャンネルに次の様な英文が届きました 意味が理解できないのでどなたか訳していただけませんか? What's up, I just finished watch some of your videos on YouTube and have to say I was highly impressed. I just don't get why videos as good as yours aren't getting more views. I just don't understand it, I mean your videos are much better than most of the crap on there. They were completely enjoyable to watch (much more so than many videos on the site). Isn't it crazy that people would rather the same garbage over and over instead of new and fresh material? I used to have the same problem with low views until I found, tubetrafficmembership . com How it works is they send a bunch of viewers to you videos. The views help you climb the search engines and really improve your visibility in the YouTube community. They really helped me, maybe they can do the same for you. They even have a free trial going on right now! No matter what you decide I hope you keep sending your videos in, they make YouTube all the more enjoyable. Have a great day. -Amy です。宜しくお願いします。

  • 英文添削をお願いします

    (和文) 私は今後の10年間で企業経営の分野で腕を磨きたいです。国際化が進む世界にあって、需要が供給を満たしていない様々な業界が生まれるでしょう。そうなると、新たなビジネスを興す機会も比例して増加してきます。いざビジネス機会を得たとき、起業や経営のスキルがないと、それを活かせないのです。 (英訳) I would like to be professionally in the field of business management in ten years. In the world moving toward globalization, there will be excess of demand over supply in a variety of areas. That would promote a significant increase of new business opportunities proportionately. Even if you have a chance to launch a new business, you wouldn't be able to take it unless you have abilities of start-up business and manage it. 自分なりに英訳してみたのですが、間違っている箇所や、表現が不適当なものがあれば教えて下さい。 それから、最後の「you wouldn't be able to take it unless you have abilities of start-up business and manage it」という部分で、take it と manage it と二箇所で it を使っていますが、大丈夫でしょうか? どなたかご回答お願いします。

  • この英文を添削していただけますか(すみません。至急です・・・)

    中国人留学生の友人と一緒に彼女が日本の大学に提出するために必要な文章を考えていますが、自信がありません。 以下の文章を添削していただけますか? 「どうしてこの大学を選んだのですか?」に対する文章です。 *彼女の作った文章を少し私が直しました。 I have a dream that I would like to work in Japan after I graduate from University. I am interested in (企業経営)and accounting. I think it is very important. I attended to (進学説明会)and I got lots of useful and important information from professor about your (this?) university. I also went to open campus day and I found out this university is very beautiful, and there are many wonderful professors and various program (cullicuram). I think it would be good for my future, therefore, I decided to apply. I like this university and when I have a chance to study this university, I would study very hard and do my best. I hope I spend fruitful four years so that I won't regret later. 彼女がいいたいことは: 私には夢があります。大学を卒業して日本で働くことです。私は企業経営や会計に興味があります。それはとても大切だと思うからです。 私は進学説明会に行って貴大学の教授よりたくさんの有意義な情報を得ることができました。そしてオープンキャンパスにも参加しました。 そして大学の美しさに感動し、またたくさんの優秀な教授陣やカリキュラムのすばらしさを知る事ができました。私の将来にとっても大変ためになると思ったので応募することにしたいと思いました。 この大学が大好きです。 もし大学に入ることができたら一生懸命がんばって勉強したいと思います。そして悔いのない四年間を過ごしたいと思います。 ーーーーーー 以上です。 他に頼れる人もいなくて困っています。 どうかアドバイスをお願いします。

  • 英文の添削をお願いします。

    下記の英文の添削をお願い致します。 When I got up in the morning,I felt srtange atomoshere. I noticed my oclock aram did not go off.I had to go now. but I wanted to have a breakfast.I asked by myself what sholud I do. I made a decition I have a breakfast puickly. If I skip a breakfast,I feel bad and somthing happen during a class. so I think my decition was correct. As a result,I could get to the school on time. Morning class I studied about a fairlytale especially little red riding hood . the fairytale is called AKAZUKINTOOOKAMI in Japan. first,I talked about the import of this story in own country. Among stories is a little different. Second,We listened to another story on youtube I tell you about the story of summary. When The wolf hanged on in forest,he finded one house which a grandmather live.He is hugrry so he tyied to eat her.He came into her house and eat her up!He knew a liitle girl is coming.He waited for her in the house. A littl girl came into the house and met him.She did not realized he is wolf.she said,What great big eyes you have.He replied,All the better to see you with. but she came up with idea he has cool fury so I want the fury. she has guns and shout him.He was dead. She made a fury coat out of wolf slkin. She said,Hell,and do please note my lovely furry coat. I finished made up a story. but I worked with classmate that she ignored to me. I could not stand over again but I can not be helped. I think I am the worst level in this class.I can not speak English very well. Evening class We talked about heart. I think It is difficult to explain heart.It is depend on person. but We couled talk about having heart ot heart. After school I went to the Oxford Circe which is famous for shopping road. I bought some underwear which is Small size and a T-shirts, I was filld up satisfaction. At dinner My host mother told me about a tommorow's dinner. A familly is going to come home at dinner time and have a dinner with us. I feel complax and better at the same time. I can talk person who is diffrent usual but I do not have confedence. I think I lose my confidence tomorrow.

  • 英文日記を添削していただけますか(^^)   

    英文日記を書きました。初心者なので、特に文法的な間違いや、表現のおかしい部分などがあれば、直していただけると助かります(^^)   Friday, March 10, 2006 It was sunny today. I had a bad headache in this morning, so I did nothing at all what I was going to do today. There wasn't a medicine for a headache so I went out buying it and drank it in the evening. A little time later, the medicine cured my headache and I became to feel rather good. I thought that I should have drunk it earlier!!

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