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My Car Dealership Experience on October Second

  • On October 2nd, I visited a car dealer and test-drove a Toyota Estima. While it was comfortable, it wasn't as comfortable as other models like the Alfard and Velfire. The salesmen provided excellent service and when I accidentally left my bag, they called me and returned it.
  • I had a holiday on October 2nd and decided to visit a car dealer. I test-drove a Toyota Estima, but found it less comfortable compared to other models like the Alfard and Velfire. The salesmen at the dealership were attentive and even returned my forgotten bag.
  • During my holiday on October 2nd, I visited a car dealer and tried out a Toyota Estima. Although the car was comfortable, it didn't meet my expectations compared to other models like the Alfard and Velfire. The salesmen at the dealership provided excellent service and even called me when I left my bag behind, returning it to me promptly.


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(1) October 2nd '10 (2) I was off today and went to some car dealer's shops. (3) First I went to Toyota's to see Estima. (4) As soon as I arrived there, I test-drove one. (5) It was comfortable, to be sure, but it wasn't as comfortable as Alfard or Velfire. / ....., but it was less comfortable than Alfard or Velfire. (6) When all of the salesmen expected that I would decide to buy one, they gave me the greatest service. / ....., they served me greatly. (7) After Toyota's, I went to Honda's. (8) But there was not the type of car I wanted. (9) When I was about to leave the shop, the salesman tried to keep me there by all possible means. (10) When I began to feel awkward in such a situation, my bobile phone rang. It was a good timing. (11) It was a call from a salesman of Toyota's and he told me that I had left my bag (behind). (12) I left Honda's at once and came back to Toyota's to receive it. (13) As soon as I arrived there, the salesman brought my bag to me. / ....., the salesman handed my bag to me. (14) I felt I was lucky as I didn't leave the Honda's shop. (15) If I had left Honda's for another place, my bag wouldn't have come back to me. <コメント> (1) 日記の日付に前置詞 on は不要だと思います。 (2) 仕事が休みの時は have a holiday もありますが、be off という表現も使い勝手が良いように思います。 (3) トヨタの店の略で Toyota's (shop) (4) test-drive は動詞です。名詞にするなら test-driving (5) to be sure.....but.....「たしかに~だが」 「~ほど・・・ない」は not as (so).....as か less.....than が良いと思います。 (6) all of + the/my 等の限定詞 + 複数名詞 私が買うと決心すると期待している訳ですから少し複雑な文章になりました。 (8) 私が欲しいと思うようなタイプの車 the type of car I want (9) prevent O from -ing は「Oが~するのを妨げる」ですからちょっときついかと思います。 (11) tell O to infinitive は「Oに~するように言う」ですから追剥のような感じがします。 (15) 仮定法過去完了です。 If+S+had+pp....., S+would/should/could/might+have+pp..... 「~していたら・・・だったでしょうに」



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申し訳ないのですが、元の文が少々不自然で、また説明が足りず飛躍している箇所があります。 全体を見直す必要があると思うのですが、取り合えず原文の意味しようとしている事を、出来る範囲で自然になるように書き直してみましたのでご覧下さい。 On 2 October 2010, I was on holiday and I visited a car dealer. I went to Toyota first to see Estima. Right after I went there, I asked a test-drive of it and I did. It was quite comfortable, but was not as comfortable as Alfard or Velfire. Somehow all sales representatives thought that I would actually buy one, and they treated me well. But I left Toyota to go to Honda next. However, I could not find the car that I was looking for. So, I decided to leave. When I was about leaving, one of the sales representatives stopped me. (このときの状況の説明が無いのが不自然で、次の文とのつながりがよくありません。 少し説明を加えた方がいいと思います。) I was getting annoyed. Suddenly my mobile rang to give me a help. It was from Toyota and they told me that I left my bag at their shop. Then I left Honda to return to Toyota for picking my bag up. When the sales representative recognized me, he brought it to me. I felt that I was lucky. Then I left the shop again. If it did happen at a different place other than the Toyota shop, I don’t think that the bag would return to me. 私の理解が十分でない所もあると思うので、あくまでご参考と言う事で。



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  • 英文添削おねがいします。

    自分が今の仕事を選んだ理由を英文で書きました。 添削よろしくお願いします。 I was working as a guide helper when I was a university student. I chose the work related with the person with autisms because of that. I was mental disabilities person's guide helper. However, there were person with autisms in that, too. I had gone out to various places with them on the weekend. But there were a lot of people who have taken a turn in the park during a day. And some people went to the same place every time. When I went out with the person, who lives in group home, She said "I don’t know why I am here, and I want to go home.” And she cried. At that time, I was working as a part-time job. Therefore, I did not neatly know their detailed situations. But I doubted that "Is their life good as today?" in many times. Of course, there were a lot of happiness and goodness, too. However, doubted things very strongly impression in me. So I thought that I want to help the individuals diagnosed with autism to be able to spend the full life happier than now. Therefore, I have chosen the current job that was able to be more deeply related with the person with autism.

  • 英文添削お願いします。

    英文添削お願いします。 October 16th ‘10 I was busy today. As soon as I got up morning, I went to do rice-cake making. As a mallet of today was bigger than I had used ones of past, my arm パンパンになった。 And it was fine, I was tired a lot. After rice-cake making, I had to put a TV board together. But I had just bought some parts for that. When I got a call from the shop buying the TV, I was not easy a little. But I had a promise with my friends to go out to drink, I gave up it and did it. We met in grilled meet restaurant. We bought a 50percent off ticket of this restaurant with an internet. It was great and we would be full. As the TV will come to my house yester morning, I had better go to sleep early. It is almost 2 o’clock.

  • 添削していただけませんか?

    この和文を英訳したのですが、学生でも使えるような文法や単語を使って添削していただけませんか?よろしくお願いいたします。 I went to Miyajima.There is a World Heritage site called "Itukushima Shrine."The vivid red color left an impression on me.When the tide is high, the Great Torii appears floating in the sea.You can walk to the torii at low tide.When I went near the torii, I was surprised at the size.I felt the greatness and mystery of nature.You can enjoy eating and walking in Miyajima."Especially, there were many kinds of mizu-buns, so I wondered which one to eat."There was also a rare rice bun called fried bun.Everything was delicious.

  • 英文添削をお願いします

    次の添削をお願いします。 言いたいこと: その映像(it)をみて、私はそこへ父に連れて行ってもらい彼を手伝ったことを思い出しました。 英語: It reminded me when I had had my father take me there to help him. whenでいいのかとかそれ以下の流れなんかが不安です。よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文を添削してください。

    どなたか英文を添削していただけないでしょうか。 I had once come across Yakuza when I was going up in the lift in a building at Shinjuku. The door opned, and I was just going to step forward when I found five of them in it. I drew back in fear and shock, but then the boss orderd them to be gentlemen and let me in, and one of them near the door cleared the space for me. I thought it rude to turn down their invitation, and I went with them all the way up to my floor in dead silence. Finally I went off, bowing them several times, and had a big sigh of relief when the door shut them out. They scared me. Even without saying anything, their atmosphere made me feel so. But on the other hand, I was impressed by their courteous behavier. 言いたいことは以下のような感じです。 「以前に一度ヤクザと遭遇した事があります。新宿のビルのエレベーターに乗ろうとした時の事なんだけど、扉が開いたら中にヤクザが5人ぐらい乗ってたの。私はびっくりして後ずさったの。そうしたらヤクザの親分らしき人が他のヤクザに向かって『彼女を乗せてさしあげろ』って言ったの。扉の側に立っていたヤクザが私の為にスペースを作ってくれたんで、私は断るのもなんだなと思ってそのエレベーターに乗りました。私の目的の階に着くまでの間、エレベーターの中は全くの無言でした。私は彼らに向かって頭を下げながらエレベーターを降りました。扉が閉まった後で、大きなため息をつきました。彼らは黙っていても迫力があって怖かったです。でも礼節はちゃんとわきまえてる彼らの態度に感心もしました。」 おかしなところがあれば直していただきたいです、どうかお願いいたします m(_ _)m

  • 英文の添削をお願いします!!

    英語が非常に苦手なものです(泣)明日英語のスピーチがあるのですが、時間がないので助けてほしいです!よろしくお願いします!! 英文:I love a trip. I tell that I went to Fukushima for snowboarding with a friend the other day. I got on a night coach from night of January 17 and went to the Daira, Adachi plateau of Fukushima. When it arrived at the inn, it was about 4:00 of the morning. The feeling was excited, but I fell asleep once and I got up for 8 carrier 30 minutes of the morning and went to the slope by bus. When I arrived at the slope, one area was very clean by snow. I changed into a wear at once and went to be slippery. I did not have experience of the snowboarding so far, and this time was the first challenge. I had there was a good child to a friend, and the child teach it from the beginning. I fell down first and. However, I got possible to glide alone while I slipped a lot. When I got possible to glide, I was very glad. It was fearful to step on the lift, but got possible to get on a lift first. I want to thank a friend.  I entered the hot spring at night. I have a feeling that a tired body softened by the effect of the hot spring. It was very comfortable. The supper ate sukiyaki. Vegetables and meat were very delicious.  I gathered in one room together and played a game while eating a cake and talked afterwards. It was the future and talked about a thing of the love, an interesting thing in various ways. It was good to be able to do a deep talk. I made a tour of Fukushima on the second day. I walked the neighborhood and took a photograph with a digital camera. There were footbathing and a lake and a Shinto shrine in the neighborhood of the inn. Powdery snow fell, and the circumference was surrounded in the silver world and was very beautiful when I took a walk through a lake on the way. And I returned to the house on the night coach again. I became the very good memory. I want to do a lot of trips from now on. I go to the land and want to watch various things in spite of being a feeling with skin. Thank you. 日本語:私は旅行が大好きです。こないだ友達と福島にスノボーに行った時の話をします。 私は1月17日の夜から夜行バスに乗り、福島の安達太良高原に行きました。宿に着いたときは朝の4時頃でした。気持はわくわくしていましたが、一旦眠りにつき、朝の8持30分に起床してバスでゲレンデに向かいました。 ゲレンデに着いたとき、辺りは一面雪でとてもきれいでした。早速ウエアに着替え、滑りに行きました。私は今までにスノボーの経験がなくて、今回が初挑戦でした。友達に上手な子がいてその子に一から教えてもらいました。最初は転んでばかりでした。しかし、たくさん滑っているうちに一人で滑れるようになりました。滑れるようになった時はとても嬉しかったです。最初はリフトに乗ることも怖かったのですが、リフトにも乗れるようになりました。私は友達に感謝したいです。  夜は温泉に入りました。疲れた体が温泉の効果によって和らいだ気がします。とても気持ち良かったです。夕飯はすきやきを食べました。野菜やお肉がとてもおいしかったです。  その後はみんなでひとつの部屋に集まり、お菓子を食べながらゲームをしたり、語ったりしました。将来のこと、恋愛のこと、面白かったことなど色々な話しをしました。深い話ができてよかったです。 二日目は福島めぐりをしました。近辺を歩いてデジカメで写真を撮りました。宿の近くには足湯や湖や神社がありました。途中、湖を散策していると、粉雪が降ってきて周りが銀世界に包まれてとても綺麗でした。 そしてまた夜行バスに乗り、家に帰りました。 とてもいい想い出になりました。私はこれからもたくさん旅をしていきたいです。その土地へ行って肌で感じながら色々なものをみていきたいです。 ありがとうございました。

  • ~するや否や、~した途端、~して初めて、英文形

    同じような意味の文に対して、次のような6つの文が考えられます。 少しづつニュアンスが違うと思うのですが、どのような時にどの文を 使うかお教えください。 1. It happened that he was out when I visited him.  たまたま外出中だった。 2. Just as I was going to pick up the receiver, the telephone rang.  受話器を取り上げようとした途端 (まだ取り上げていない) 3. I was about to go out when the telephone rang.  出かけようとした途端 (まだ出かけていない)  代案)Just as I was going to go out, the telephone rang. 4. No sooner had I left home than it began to rain.  家を出るや否や、(すでに出てしまっている) 5. I had hardly arrived there when the concert began.  会場に着くか、着かないうちに(既に着いている)  代案)No sooner had I arrived there than the concert began. 6. It was not until I came home that I noticed I had left my umbrella on the train.   家に帰って初めて、気が付ついた。  ここまで書いてきて、1、2と3、4と5、6の4つのグループに 分かれているような気がしてきました。間違っているかもしれませんよろしくお願いします。

  • 英文のおかしい所を直してください!

    I went to a driving school and an ion on Saturday. In the morning, I ran on the street by car. It was very fun. I went to an ion with a friend in the afternoon. I was very glad to be able to do shopping. 宜しくお願いします!!

  • 英文添削をお願いします。moter

    I got injured in a traffic accident when I was riding my motorcycle on the way home. A reckless driver driving behaind me hit my motorcycle ,trying overtaking reclessly and I fell off the motorcycle.Right after I lifted myself up off the ground, the driver pulled his car over the side of the road about a few meters ahead of me ,got off his car and came close to me saying "it was your fault,not mine." I replied with anger "You know that this road is a no-passing zone ,and all you need is apologize to me first,isn't it?" But he repeated a contradictory excuse, and what is worse,he didn't so much as call an ambulance.Neverthless .I was seriously injured all over the body. After received treatment for my injuries at the hospital, I got a call from him and he showed his apollogy on the accident, but I'l lnever forgive him because he should have had to do it at the accident site and I won't accept his apology just on the phone. 宜しくお願いします。 Nevethelessの用法で、にも拘らずと入れたのですが、「私が体中怪我をしているのにもかかわらず、救急車を呼びもしなかった。」と表現したかったのですが。 また、「彼の謝罪は遅すぎたし、~」と表すのにもっと慣用的な表現があれば教えて頂きたく思います。

  • よろしくお願いします

    When my dad passed away several years ago, he left a certificate of deposit to me. When it matured, I went to the bank with my mom because she had a CD that matured at the same time. The CD that Dad left me was a payable-on-death CD, with me as the only beneficiary, and my dad was the individual owner of the CD. When it maturedとはどういうことでしょうか?あと、individual ownerはindividualがあるのとないのとではどう違うのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • Windowsの初期設定でデバイスのプライバシー設定が進まない問題について質問です。
  • Windowsのセットアップ時にデバイスのプライバシー設定の選択画面が「次へ」から「同意」に変わらず、次に進めない状況です。
  • 富士通FMVのWindowsセットアップで、デバイスのプライバシー設定の選択画面がスキップできず、進めないという問題が発生しています。