How to Study English Conversation: Online English Schools vs. Native English Speakers

  • Discover the most effective way to learn English conversation by comparing online English schools with speaking to native English speakers. Find out the benefits and drawbacks of each method and determine which option is best for you.
  • Are you wondering how to improve your English conversation skills? Explore the pros and cons of learning in online English schools versus practicing with native English speakers. Choose the right approach and reach fluency faster.
  • Find out the secrets to mastering English conversation. Learn whether online English schools or speaking with native English speakers is the key to success. Discover the costs, benefits, and challenges associated with both methods.
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オンライン英会話がテーマの自由英作文です(前半) I wonder how other people study English conversation. There are many schools out there where learners can speak to native English speakers and it is definitely one of the best ways to go learning there. However, as is often the case, they cost us much money, and of course, we couldn't improve our English conversation only by going there. Therefore it might be difficult for ordinary people to go there continuously until they learn enough. 途中のカンマの多い長い文はこれでもいいのでしょうか? よろしくおねがいします。  

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ネイティブは、学会などで英語論文などを発表するような目的以外は、"understandable"な書き方である限り、日本人の作った英文にあれやこれやとやる気をそぐ注意はしません。日本人だから、おそらく入試?の準備のためという視点から、自身の今まで経験してきただめなところを意識しつつ、評しています。その程度のつもりでお聞きください。 1)I wonder how other people study English conversation. *** "other"は書かなくとも、作者(あなた自身)が、現場を越えた超越者として世界を見ているということは分かります。"other"を含める英文はあまり見かけません。 *** "English conversation"という表現は、英語的(ネイティブ的)ではありません。特に"study"をつける言い方がそうです。"practice speaking (and listening) English"とか"learn English to improve speaking (and listening) skills"の方が自然です。 (例1)I wonder how people learn English to improve speaking skills. (例2)How do people learn English to improve speaking skills? 2)There are many schools out there where learners can speak to native English speakers and it is definitely one of the best ways to go learning there. *** "private English schools"と"English"を入れたほうがいいかなと思います。 *** "out there"はどこか何らかの建物の中から外を眺めている情景という含みあります。作者は家の中からこの外の英語練習法を見ているような感じを与えます。それを意識しているならこれでいいと思います。 *** "native English speakers"は、突然現れてきたネイティブのような感じです。ネイティブ講師なら、"native instructors"のほうがよかろうかと思います。 *** "where learners can speak to native English speakers"は「学習者がネイティブスピーカーに話しかけることができる~」という日本語の英語への直訳の雰囲気です。"understandable"ではあります。 *** "go learning"は「学びに行く」という意識の表現だと思いますが、"go for lessons"の方が自然な表現です。"it is ... to"はいい表現だと思います。 (例)There are many (downtown) English schools, where people (are able to) exchange conversation with native instructors to practice, and it is definitely one of the best ways to go for practical lessons. *** ここは、", where ..."と非制限用法が適切です。 *** "go for ~"は「~を求めて行く」。"go"は単に"attend"でもいいと思います。 3)However, as is often the case, they cost us much money, and of course, we couldn't improve our English conversation only by going there. ***「よくあることですが授業料は高い」という含みの"as if often the case"でしょうが"often"で事足ります。 (例)However, the lesson fees are quite expensive, and just attending those schools is not enough to improve skills for spoken English. 4)Therefore it might be difficult for ordinary people to go there continuously until they learn enough. *** "might"を使うことで「ひょっとしたら難しいかもしれない」という難しさの小さな可能性を表現しています。「難しいこと[可能性]もある(だろう)」というニュアンスで"can(/ could)"を用いることもあります。 (例)Therefore, ordinary people can(/ could) stop their lessons on the way before they achieve satisfactory results. 最初は仕方のないことですが、浮かんだ日本語をそのまま逐語的に英語を当てはめているような感じです。その日本語的発想からいかに抜け出すかが英作文のメイン課題です。英語を書く技量は、それ以上のネイティブの書いた英文の読書量、ネイティブの話した英語の聴取量に比例します。 そして同じ意味を表す表現を様々な異なった言い換えのできる視点を学ぶ必要があります。 「動詞+副詞」は「形容詞+名詞」に書き換えできるよう、各単語の品詞転換を語彙暗記の際にも心がけるべきでしょうね。それと、書いた英文を読んで、リズムがよければかなりできているはずです。努力を続けましょう。



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    はじめてアメリカへ行く人が、はたして自分の英語で分かってもらえるかと不安になるのは当然のことだ。 (1)It is natural to worry whether people in the U.S would understand your English or not when you visit there for the first time. (2)It's natural for peopke who visit America for the first time that they worry if their English would be enough to make understand.

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    オンライン英会話がテーマの自由英作文です(後半) On the other hand, there are a lot of online English schools which offer low price lessons to us using Skype. Their prices are lower than even 200 yen per lesson when we choose affordable packages. In terms of opportunities of speaking, it is of great help for improvement to make use of them. If you want to learn English conversation, first I recommend you have lessons of such online schools. Then if you study by yourself simultaneously to help your conversation become better, I can assure you that your English conversation will be getting much better. 後半はなんとなくyouで通しましたが、よくわかりません よろしくお願いします

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    慶応義塾大学の自由英作です、この大学の問題は解いたことがないので分かりません。 何について書くかというと まず状況から言うと、地元の高齢者ハウスを応援するために、二人の高校生がポスター何枚か学校に掲示します。 でも、少人数しか集まらなくてはじめられない。 指示が、どのようにしたら人数を集めることができるかということです。  ポスターの内容  ・場所がかいてあり  ・日時が毎週日曜・9時から   ・人数25人  ・活動内容は、話し相手、食事の補助、散歩の付き合いなど です  条件があって    ・生徒たちはなぜ少ししか応じてくれなかったのか。    ・どういう行動をとるべきか。    ・なぜその行動がうまくいくとかんがえるのか。 指定語数は100語です。 僕は136字書きました。 よろしくおねがいします。 Recently there has been a few young people who are interested in volunteers for caring elderly people. This is why, only a few students responded. I think that there are many things which they can in order to gather people. I think that they should interest people who are indifferent to the volunteer activity.For example , they talks eagerly over it with their friends in person. Then , I would like to mention poster. First, I think they change a.m.9:00 to a.m.10:00.This is because young people are poor at getting up early.when they are used to doing it, they should return to a.m.9:00 . I also think they should draw pictures and make it colorful in order to attract people. It is the most important thing is to convey their passion.

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    周りに添削を頼めるような人がいないので、自由英作文の添削をお願いします。ネット上で細かく添削するのは大変だと思いますので、文法上誤っている点の指摘や全体を見ての感想・アドバイスをいただけるとうれしいです。 (問)次の意見について100文字以上の英文で意見を述べなさい。 It is better to marry late rather than early. (答) I disagree with this statement. First,as people marry late,women give rise to their children when they are old.Although medical technology is improving now,it is still danger. The younger they do,the less danger they pass away. Second,if their father is old when baby is born,and they retire their job because of their age when their children go to college,it is difficult for them to pay money. Certainly,if people marry late,they afford to prepare for marrying because they have much money.But they should take their children into account. Thus,it is better to marry early rather than late.

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    添削おねがいします!!場所名は○○になってます。ここはこうした方がいいよ etc アドバイスもらえると嬉しいです!!!  (1)「Today I went to a english cafe called ○○ in ○○.(昨日○○にある○○というえいごカフェに行きました)Actually,before I went there Iwas so nervous and I felt uneaseness.(実際、そこに行く前とても緊張していて、不安でした。←ここのMy english is....のis は現在形ではまずいですか?)Because my english is terrible and I didnt know what kind of people were there.(なぜなら、私の英語はひどいし そこには、どんな人がいるか分からなかったからです)But once I entered cafe,tthere were very freindly people and lots of foreiner like from America, Germany,Korea.(でも、いったんカフェに入ると、フレンドリーで、たくさんの外国の人 アメリカ、ドイツ、韓国からの人がいました。We were talking about lots of thing and we played shiritori game.(私たちは色々な事について話をしたり、しりとりをして遊びました)I had a wonderful time!!I wanna go there again!!(最高な時間をすごせました。また行きたいです!) (2)Im studying TOEIC to get to a good score at home.(TOEICで良い点をとる為に、家で勉強している)←これからも継続して勉強しつづける意味を府含んで書いたつもりなんですけど、これって今家で勉強してますっていうニュアンスになっちゃいますか?

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    英作文の添削お願いします また、英文が英語のロジック(論理)にあっているかや、間違いについて、なぜ間違えなのかを教えていただければ嬉しいです。 英語がおよそ今日および将来における最も便利な国際語であることには疑いはありません。そのため、国際コミュニケーションの手段として英語を学ぶ ことがいかに重要であるかがくり返し強調されています。にもかかわらず、 日本人の英語能力に欠陥があることが指摘され続けるという状況は全く改善されていないのです。 There is no doubt that English is the most common language all over the world and will be in the future. Therefore it is often said how important learning English is as a means of global communication. However, we still hear a lot of complaints that Japanese people don't have enough ability to use English.

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    長文で堅苦しい内容になってしまいましたが、添削をお願いします(^-^) あと、これは大学入試用です。 TOPIC starting foreign language education at a very early age is a good idea. I'm for this opinion. There are TWO reasons.First of all,clearly,little children aged up to three can absorb a lot of information at a rate grown-ups cannot.Responsive to sound,they are very efficient learners of new language, so they will be able to acquire two languages such as Japanese and English with little difficulty.This will be a good advance, because they will have more time learning other important subjects,say math,science,histry,and so on. Second,learning foreign language does not only mean you are learning how to read and write,but it also means you are studying other culture.It must be great that you know several culture, because it means you can understand things at global point of view without predudice.Acquiring such perspective is indispensable for people of today.

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    英作文の添削をお願いします。詳しく添削してもらうとありがたいです。 テーマ;修学旅行で海外に行く学校が増えている。それについての賛否。  I agree with the increasing trend that students go on aschool trips abroad. You may say that it is too expensive for most parents to afford to have their children go abroad. However, in my opinion, it is more valuable than saving money. as globalazation becomes more common, we must develop views toward various cultures and thoughts. school trips abroad is a chance to interact people different from culture, creed and so on.

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    So today, to have learned English means to have your own rights as one of the users of the language. And it is just as likely that the future course of English will be influenced by second or foreign language speakers of English as by native speakers. Language learners will be facing these World Englishes, and they will develop a sense of international standards of English ―as well as their national norms of English, which are currently the focus of learning. It may not be many years, however, before an international standard becomes the starting-point for every learner of English, with British, American, and other varieties all seen as optional versions of English. 【questions】 What does “to have learned English” mean? What will learners of English develop when they face World Englishes? 二問ありますがおねがいします!

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    一橋 2009 Write 120 to 150 words of English about the topic below. A sense of humour is one of the most important things in life. I'm in favor of the idea that a sense of humour is one of the most important things in life. Surely, some people say that even if a person who has it, no difficult problems will be solved, so there is no point having it. In my opinion, however, it is very important for all people and in a lot of situations ,especially in difficult situations,to have it. People tend to be nervous when they face difficult situations, and no good ideas will be come up with unless they are nervous. However, what if there is a person who has a sense of humour? He would be likely to make nervous people relax by using it. By doing so, people could make the best of their power. That is why I agree with the idea. 自分の意見と反対の意見をつくるときに「自分の意見→反対の意見」としたため、若干の理由説明の弱さを自分で感じるのですがどうでしょうか。 また、a sense of humour を途中まで代名詞 it を用いてたのですが、少し a sense of humour の意の it を使わなくなったので 再びa sense of humour と書きました。 この場合は少し距離(?)があいていても it と表現しても問題ないのでしょうか? 回答よろしくお願いします。