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自由英作文の添削してください ! テーマ(自分の人生を変えた出来事) I have been to the US and the experience changed my view of the world. As you know, they speak English fluently: the sound of the language is cool even if the speaker is Japanese. That’s why I got to be interested in foreign languages. But that’s not all. What is more important for me is an American attitude: they are seemed to like to tell his thoughts to others and can express his own opinions positively, unlike the most of Japanese. These experiences showed me attraction of studying abroad.


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>他の質問でダブルコロンの使い方がおかしいと教えていただいたのですが、 >どのように使い、もし使わない場合どのような表現を代わりに使えばよいのか >教えていただきたいです。 ダブルコロン(Wコロン)はねずっちと木曽さんちゅうの漫才コンビ。 解散しちゃったけどね。 「:」は、ただのコロン。 さて、うっかりしていたけど、たしかにここのコロンも変だ。 コロンというのは直前の要素を具体的に説明するときに使う。 たとえば、 人生・結婚生活には大切な三つの袋がある:給料袋、胃袋、堪忍袋だ。 The watch came with a choice of three bands: stainless steel, plastic, or leather. They have agreed on the outcome: Informed participants perform better than do uninformed participants. : the sound of the language is cool even if the speaker is Japanese. の前が、抽象的な単語であればよい。 例えば、 I noticed one thing: the sound of the language is cool even if the speaker is Japanese when I hear it in US. 二つ目のコロンはそういう意味では悪くはないが、正直、無理して使うことはない。 What impressed me most is the positive attitude Americans take. They express their thoughts and opinions without hesitation, unlike most Japanese.




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全体的に口語調(as you know とか cool とか)なのは気になりますが、まあいいでしょう。 the experience → the experience there the sound of the language is cool even if the speaker is Japanese. アメリカだと、日本人がしゃべっても英語がかっこいいというのは、ちょっとよく分からない。雰囲気の問題? I got to be → I am(今興味があるんだから現在形にしましょう) they are seemed → they seemed(受け身にしちゃだめ) his own opinions → their own opinions the most of Japanese → most Japanese showed me attraction of studying abroad.  → aroused interest in studying abroad in me.



的確な添削ありがとうございます! あとダブルコロンについて、他の質問でダブルコロンの使い方がおかしいと教えていただいたのですが、どのように使い、もし使わない場合どのような表現を代わりに使えばよいのか教えていただきたいです。お願いします。


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    大学受験を控えた受験生です。 志望大で自由英作文が課されるので対策をしているのですがなかなかうまく書けません。出題が200語程度なので全体で35分(日本語でメモ10~15分)で書く練習はしているのですが。。。 構成の作っている段階でネタ不足になってしまったり、メモが難しくなってしまい英文として表現する際に手がとまってしまいます。 添削とアドバイス(役に立つ表現や字数稼ぎのポイント、構成の立て方、自分だったらどうゆう内容で書くかなど)をいただけると非常にありがたいです。 問題 良い教師がどのようにあるべきかあなたの意見を200語程度の英文で書きなさい。     I think that a good teacher has to have three points. First of all,It is imporatnt for a good teacher to be friendly to his students.Of course,he should sometimes scold them when they make mistakes or play a trick too far.However,If student think their is so obstinate or stern that they won't speak to him,he can't understand what his students think and worry about. socondly,It is also important not to give answers ofsome questions to his students quickly.In my experiences,my teacher who I think is the best teacher didn't give me asolution of my trouble.However,he gave me a hint,and he have me think more seriously.So he teach me how important to solve the troubles by myself. Thirdly,he should improve his teaching skills.For example,It is important to think how to teach a difficult question to his students understandably,to consult with senior teacher about his students or class.If the teaching skills of the teacher is improve,his students can learn interestingly. So teachers should have above three points to be a good teacher.

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    2007年の早稲田大学法学部の問題です。 Students at many universities in Japan are required to study a foreign language, usually English. Some universities require students to study more than one foreign language. Some people say universities should not require students to study a foreign language at all. Which do you think is the best policy? Write a paragraph explaining your opinion. Give at least one appropriate reason to support your answer. I agree with the request for students to study more than one foreign language.This is because not only japan but also other countrise all over the world have been heading for the globarization and foreign languages,especially English have been getting more and more important.If they don’t learn more than one language at their college,they may be left from international society.It is true that foreign languages are not necessary to some of them.However,they should not ignore the fact that there are international disputs around the world.So,they need to study foreign languages so that they can understand other countrise. 合格点(6,7割)を目指しているのですが、この程度ではやはり程遠いでしょうか? アドバイスや感想などありましたらよろしくお願いします。

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    何度も失礼します。前回、前々回とも詳しく、ご丁寧な添削ありがとうございます。 あつかましいのですが、また自由英作文の添削をお願いします。 グローバル化がもたらすメリットとデメリット・それに対する意見 The merit of globalization is that we can access to technology, imformation, services and markets all over the world. They are good for local communities because they could take part in world economic. But,the demerit of globalization is that there is a possibility that individual distinctions of culture and society become erased by an increasingly homogeneous global culture. For example, I have been to Thailand before. I hoped that I enjoyed ehnic costume and delicious food wagons although they are dirty. But, The scene of Thailand seldom change to a spectacle of Japan. There were a lot of department stores of Japan, and many people enjoyed shopping with the dress in good taste. As my conclution, it is important for us to advance globalization as we remain individual culture and society. 長くなってしまいすいません。どんな些細な点でもご指摘いただければありがたいです。よろしくお願いします。

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    文法ミスや、その他改良すべき点ががありましたら指摘していただけるとありがたいです。 テーマ:小学校における外国語教育の是非 In my opinion, children should not study a foreign language in an elementary school. It is true that learning another language enables us to communicate with people who speak the language, and to see the world in a new way. However, I believe that people in their early days ought to learn their own language deeply. It is because mother tongue has a very important role in their lives, and peole could establish their identity by studying it enough. Furthermore, children in an elementary school already have many subjects to study, so it is not able to be thought of as a wise selection to made children have more burden. For these reasons, I emphasize that children should study their own language deeply insted of learnig foreign languages.

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    今回は[学校での友達]についてです。 志望校は一橋大学で、ここの入試に対応出来る様に書いてみました。 今回あまり辞書を用いなくて誤った文法や語彙などあるかも知れませんが、コメント・アドバイス・一橋英語についてなど、回答よろしくお願いいたします。     There has been a view that school is [of school being] where boys and girls study many subjects. In addition, they would earn something very important to make oneself some characters. In my opinion, school is the place where it is most precious thing that they make a lot of friends .     First of all, young boys and girls have to get accustomed to their school. Making friends would be the best way to enjoy their life of school. If a boy is scolded by his teacher for his little mistake, his friends would help him to be cheered up.     Second ,friends would be useful for us to enlarge our experiences. Personally, I have earned vogue information from friends of mine. There is no man but loves friends of their.     For these reasons, I think boys and girls in school had better make friends ,and they would lean how to keep their friendships longer. 150字程度でまとめました。 なお今回もせっかくの添削に何もお礼ができないのは本当に申し訳のない事態になってしまいますので、2件集まったら締め切りとさせて頂きます。(気付かなかったらごめんなさい。) よろしくお願いします。

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    欲を言えば例文だけでなく間違いの箇所の指摘をしてくれると助かります。 彼は家まで車で送りましょうかと言ってくれたが、私はその申し出を丁寧に断り、駅までゆっくり歩いていった。 He said that he would drive me home but I refused it politely and strolled to the station. 私の家は大通り沿いにあるので、道路の騒音に悩んでいる。 Because my house is on the big street, I have the trouble that the street is noisy. 翌日彼女に会うので、彼は早く寝ることにした。 He decided to sleep early to meet her the next day. 試験の日が近づくにつれて、彼らはだんだん神経質になっていった。 As the day of the exam was approaching, they got more and more nervous.

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    出来るものだけでも構いません。 1.私たちは言語をあまりにも日常的に使っているので、呼吸や瞬きと同じように、それをほとんど無意識で自然な行動だと見なしてしまいがちだ。 We use languages too daily. So we often regard it as almost unconscious and natural activity the same as breathing and a blink. 2.音楽は過去を思い出させてくれる。以前好きだった歌を聞くと当時の出来事が生き生きとよみがえってくるから不思議だ。 Music reminds me of the past. When I hear the song I liked, it is wonder that I can remember the things obviously that happened those days. 3.(問題文)Many abandoned cats and dogs are killed every week in Tokyo because their owners have rejected them. How would you solve this problem? I would like to tell their owners that they have to have the responsibility of having pets. Once they have pets, they have the duty to keep their pets until their pets die. So cats and dogs, including their pets, will not be killed in vain. 分かりやすいように一文ごとに改行しています。 文法的なミスや不適切な表現などのご指摘よろしくお願いします。

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    英作文なのですが、これでうまくかけているかどうか、チェックしていただけますでしょうか。また、名詞構文を使ってということなのですが、あまり意識はしませんでした。いろんな表現方法があれば、教えていただけると助かります。 彼はたいへん筆まめで、両親に手紙を出さない月はありません。 He writes so often that he writes letters to his parents every month. 話上手な人は、他人の意見を尊重し、他人の意見の正当性を認めた上で、しかも自分の意見を認めてもらおうとするものである。 A person who speaks well respect opinions of others and admit what is right about the opinions of others, and at the same time have their own opinion appreciated.

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    自由英作文の添削をお願いします。 少子高齢化が生じる原因と問題点、そしてあなたが考える解決策を書きなさい。 I think that what is causing an aging society with a low birthrate is that the average life expectancy has been rising, and fewer babies have been born. One of the problems of this is that Japanese economy will get to recession. This is because the working-age population in Japan is decreasing. To solve this problem, we should make more positive use of women and older people. If we create the environment in which they can work easily, I believe Japan will overcome this difficult problem. ※自分は大学受験生です。周りに添削してくれる人がいなくて困っています。どんな些細なことでもご指摘いただけたらありがたいです。 毎回ご丁寧な添削ありがとうございます。回答者の皆様にはご負担をおかけしてしまっていると思いますが、皆さんに添削していただくごとに合格へ一歩ならず、何歩も近づけていると感じます。これからも、ご迷惑かもしれませんが、よろしくお願いします。

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    長文で堅苦しい内容になってしまいましたが、添削をお願いします(^-^) あと、これは大学入試用です。 TOPIC starting foreign language education at a very early age is a good idea. I'm for this opinion. There are TWO reasons.First of all,clearly,little children aged up to three can absorb a lot of information at a rate grown-ups cannot.Responsive to sound,they are very efficient learners of new language, so they will be able to acquire two languages such as Japanese and English with little difficulty.This will be a good advance, because they will have more time learning other important subjects,say math,science,histry,and so on. Second,learning foreign language does not only mean you are learning how to read and write,but it also means you are studying other culture.It must be great that you know several culture, because it means you can understand things at global point of view without predudice.Acquiring such perspective is indispensable for people of today.