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長いですがお願いします。 my phone is not sending me the fb message. i don't know what is happening. i text you so many times and no reply and i was thinking why you not writing me. i was going crazy and i don't understand what is going on. i thought you were playing games with my head telling me you love me but don't have time to even send me a messege. i was hurting and angry.


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  • ghj99
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英語のネイティブでない方が書いた英語ですね。修正しながら和訳しますとこうなります。(勝手ながら女性口調で書かせてもらいます) フェイスブックメッセージがとどかないけど、いったいどうなっているの!? 何度もテキストしたけど返事がないし。 なぜ返事くれないのかしら。 気が狂いそう。何が起こっているのか分からない。 私を愛しているとか言って からかっていたのね。(遊びだったのね) 実際にはメッセージを送ってくれる時間さえないのね。すごく傷ついたわ。とても腹が立つわ。 (text=ケータイ電話などで送受信できるショートメッセージ。動詞・名詞両方あり。日本ではメールと表現しているのかな。ケータイに限らず文字をおくればテキストと表現できます) play games ・・・恋愛などできわめてよく使います。「もて遊ぶ、本気じゃない」 という表現です


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  • bakansky
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私の電話にはいいメッセージが送られて来ない。 どうしてなのか分からない。 私はあなたに何度もメールしたのに、返事が無い。それで、どうして返事がないのかと考えていた。私は頭がおかしくなりそうだ。何がどうなっているのか分からない。 あなたは私の頭でゲームをしているが、私を愛しているが私にメッセージを送る時間さえないという。私は傷つき、そして怒っている。


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第一文に疑問を感じるのだが・・・ 「私の電話で、FBメッセージが送れない! 何が起きてるのが、分からない。 私は何度も何度もテキストを書いたが、返信は全く無し、 私は何故あなたが、メールを書いてくれないのか疑問に思いました。 私は気がおかしくなり、どうすれば良いのか分かりません。 私はあなたが、ゲームをしてるのだと思った、 頭の中で、あなたは私を愛しているが、メッセージを私に送る時間さえ無いのだと、言っています。 私は傷つき、とても腹立だしく思いました。」 英語なんて適当に訳せば宜しい(/ロ゜)/ 完璧な訳文や構文を考えるから、英語に対する苦手意識から勉強が手に付かなくなる。 我々がキチンとした構文を意識して、日本語を話していないのと同義でね。 英語で、バカみたいなジョークばかり言ってた方が、大成するよ。



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    Don't want to hurt you.. And that is exactly what I think is happening between us. You want so much more and I just can't give you or anybody what they need and deserve until I am able to give me what I need. I worry and Oren get stressed worrying about hurting you 特にAnd that is exactly what I think is happening between us. の部分はどう訳せばいいのでしょうか?

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    ☆I don't know what to do even when you tell me about the way you feel about me What is the relationship between us? ★This is for me ? ☆yes ★So what do you want ? Marriage ☆no,I do not know each other to there ★I know you will not take our relationship seriously Eh

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    和訳お願いします I flew downstairs and turned around as if on a stage,posing and smiling,modeling my new coat for my father who was paying attention to me and telling me how pretty I looked. then he said he wanted me to model the hat,too. “No,Daddy,I just want to show you the coat. Just look at the coat on me!” I said,still swimming around the hallway and trying to avoid the subject of the missing hat. I knew the hat was history. He was giggling,and I thought I was cute and loved because he was laughing and playing with me. We went around a couple times about the hat,and in the middle of his laugh,he slapped me. He slapped me hard on the face, and I didn't understand why. At the sharp sound of his hand on my face,my mother shouted,“Mike! What are you doing! What are you doing ! ”She was breathless and surprised. His anger pierced both my mother and me. I just stood there holding my hand to my burning cheek,crying. And then he took my new hat out of his coat pocket.

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    I feel as if I were walking a tightrope one hundred feet over a circus audience and suddenly the rope is showing signs of breaking, and I get up from my seat and begin to shout once more the first words I can think of to communicate my terrible fear, and once more the usher comes hurrying down the aisle flashing his searchlight, and the old lady pleads with me, and the shocked audience has turned to stare at me, and I keep shouting: "What are they doing? Don't they know what they are doing? Why doesn't my mother go after my father and beg him not to be angry? If she does not do that, what will she do? Doesn't my father know what he is doing?" But the usher has seized my arm, and is dragging me away, and as he does so, he says: "What are you doing? Don't you know you can't do things like this, you can't do whatever you want to do,even if other people aren't about?You will be sorry if you don't do what you should do.You can't carry on like this,it isn't right,you will find that out soon enough,everything you do matters too much,''and as he said that,dragging me through the lobby of the theater into the cold light,I woke up into the bleak winter morning of my twenty-first birthday,the window-sill with its lip of snow,and the morning already begun.

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    かなり長いですが、よろしくお願いします。 I want to you listen, and pay close attention for what I’m going to say. If you didn’t have time today for some “You, and me time” You haven’t made the time. Quite obviously you say in terms that apparently I’m important, that you love me, etc. It depends on you to make the time, as for me I do make time for you. When I’m not free I’ll tell you, if I am I’ll tell you. I’m telling you this because I love you. All I’m asking you is to make some time for us. FaceTime especially, if you don’t want to that’s fine. Just say something. I can’t read your mind.

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    all i was telling you is a package was sent back to me from 3 months ago...it wasnt a big deal, just was showing you because that was not my fault . you did not understand my email.

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    どなたか和訳お願いしますm(._.)m 翻訳サイト以外でお願いします。 I don't know what to do either. I do love you and want to be with you. What has been bothering me is the last couple times we were together I didn't feel the same from you. I don't understand what the different values and directions you are talking about. Please explain

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    I remember when you told me that can't love you 100 percent with my heart then it will not work between me and you and you said that it will be ok because I was honest and that I showed you the feeling of how to feel when someone really cares about you and that's ok. Do you still mean that? What happens if we were just good friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend could you handle that?????

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    Can I take it That you don't need my help And I am finally absolved a value I can face it, but I don't need anyone else Nobody does it like you do And for all the others There'll be better days ahead And while I recover I'll be wishing I was dead I've lost myself along with everyone else And now the safest place is here in my head But I've been left on my own to survive But I'm wishing I was dead Well I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong I plan to stay back, but not for long The time has passed and other things has changed So I gotta grow wings or die I don't need another reason not to die in life Tell me if I'm doing it right this time But let me know, what did you change Do you feel the same? Did it ease your pain? I've lost myself along with everyone else And now the safest place is here in my head But I've been left on my own to survive But I'm wishing I was dead You say you hate it, but you can't really tell The future is smiling right at you I'm not gonna make it, so you should save yourselfs There's no time to tell you I miss you You lack for new a frontier But I decided to stay back here Inviting my time by waiting it out Looking up to the sky this fight These weakly wings that will never take flight I don't even have the lungs to shout But I need to know, what did you change Do you feel the same? Did it ease your pain? I've lost myself along with everyone else And now the safest place is here in my head But I've been left on my own to survive But I'm wishing I was dead

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    和訳をお願いします I don't Know what I can tell you any more. I am the bad guy ! I talked to her again, I know what is going on between you girls. I am pretty sure that You will find good man of your life. I am sorry for everything. Take care!! If you like calling me, just do it . you are good girl! I did not mean to hurt your feeling.