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Don't want to hurt you.. And that is exactly what I think is happening between us. You want so much more and I just can't give you or anybody what they need and deserve until I am able to give me what I need. I worry and Oren get stressed worrying about hurting you 特にAnd that is exactly what I think is happening between us. の部分はどう訳せばいいのでしょうか?


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直訳すると、 あなたを傷つけたくない。 それが、私たちに起こったことのすべてだと思う。 あなたがもっともっと必要としていて、望んでいて、受けるべきものを、 あなたにも、だれに対しても与えることができない、私が自分に必要なものを用意できるまでは。 ・・・ ぶっちゃた話、 私は、あなたより、自分が大切なんだよ。  あなたのほしいものは私からは得られないよ。 ってことね。



なるほど、かなりクドクドした言い訳ですね… よくわかりました。ありがとうございます、

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    私はあなたを傷つけたくない、、、でも正にそのこと(=あなたを傷つけること)が我々の間に起こっているのだと思う。あなたは非常に多くを欲しているが、私には私が自分に私が必要とする物を与えるまでは、彼らが欲する物を(=そんなに多くは)あなたにも他の人にも与えられない。    あなたが傷つくことを心配して、私もオレンもストレスを感じる。     ま、こういう生の材料からすっきりした訳に変えてください。自分の問題が片付いて初めてあなたの役に立てる、それまでは、、、ということではないでしょうか。





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    友人からメールが来ました。 私は、そんなに語学が得意ではないので、文面からどんな人柄かわかりません。もし、文面や文章の書き方などから、どんな彼がわかる方がいれば教えていただきたいです。 彼が言っていることがよくわかない部分があるので長文ですが、文章も訳してもらえますか? 1) originally I was totally looking for love. However... I have realized that I need to work on improving my life first and my job situation... In order to be happy for my future... Now I just can't give a person what they deserve because I need to fix me 1st.. Before I can share myself with someone else. 2) me finding the perfect girl is not the problem.. I must fix myself... Then can I try to be with someone. I must find me and what can make my mind correct before I can give a person what they need.. Or I will always be selfish. Only then will I know if changing me will really help me be able to be in a good and healthy relationship. 3) my goal is not to be alone forever.. I want a good and stable relationship.. But this can't happen before I can have confidence in my future. It would not be fair to my partner.. If I don't like myself and can't be happy looking in the mirror and achieving what I want in life... Then I may always be sad and depressed. I need to focus as much as possible on fixing my problems. Only I can fix my problems. Once they are fixed... Then I think that is the first step to long term happiness. Everyday I feel stress and uncertainty in my future and it worries me. I have mood swings and get frustrated with others quickly because I am frustrated with myself. This is the biggest problem I face. 4). I don't want to be selfish.. I feel terrible when I am being selfish and try to focus on me. I feel like. Hurt people when I am selfish and can't give people what they deserve. My number one target in my life is to be the best person in my life and not make people in my life angry or sad or depressed. I never never want to do that. I feel that I am making you sad and feel depressed with my decisions to focus on me, the movie project and staying focused on what I need to do to fix my situation. I feel lots of stress because I worry about others feeling and it makes me unable to focus on what I must do. Don't want to hurt you.. And that is exactly what I think is happening between us. You want so much more and I just can't give you or anybody what they need and deserve until I am able to give me what I need. I just don't want to bring pain, sadness or discomfort to you. I feel like you need to be happy and not lonely.. I want the best for you because you deserve so much more than what I can give. I worry and Oren get stressed worrying about hurting you.. You need happiness and to have exactly what you want and deserve

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    飲みに行くシーンで、 I usually just go with an ale, although I've been meaning to give Bailey's a try. I think I'll have that. Man, it's awfully lively tonight. What do you think is going on? というセリフがあるのですが、最後の"What do you think is going on?"の意味がよくわかりません。会話の流れからすると、「あなたは何を飲む?」という感じだと思うのですが、そうだとすると、"be going on"の意味がよくわからないです。教えてください。

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    日本で今、考えるべきことである事を相談しました。 ○○ちゃん募金についてです。 彼女(ペンパル)はクリスチャンで、私の考えについて答えてくれました。 ですが、いまいち彼女の事を把握することが出来ませんでした。 I think you need to do what your HEART says is right. please do not feel Guilty, if this person will raise the money anyway, you have not made a decision for them. You only make a decision for you, which I think is good. I understood completely what you mean, I dont think its important my beliefs, about transplant, you have good thoughts about it. If you make the desicion to not support them, please also dont let others make you feel bad, you have a good heart and are doing the right thing. I hope that helps :) I will pray for them, that is something that doesnt cost any money, and believe God will answer and help us with Guidance and support. この件については、賛否両論とても難しいところがあると思うんです。 私は彼女に相談してみたくて、話してみました。 私は色々調べた結果、お金に余裕があるなら、他に寄付すべき場所があるんじゃないか。という考えです (もちろんそれを無理強いするつもりも更々ありません) I hope that helps :) 私は助けることを望むという意味ですよね。 彼女なら、助けるという意味合いでしょうか? 私は彼女ならどうするか。という意見が知りたかったです。

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    It's fine, I just need to know what it said and you helped by doing just that and I thank you for doing exactly that. I know a way around it now.

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    I have been trying to focus on improving my live and I feel like you need more than what I can give. So I feel like I'm being selfish. "I feel like you need ...."からが意味がよくわかりません。僕が与える以上に、僕は君を必要としているで良いでしょうか?

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    I just need to focus as much as possible without worring about hurting anyone else If you like I think I can arrange a special night for jus us once a week if you like... 一番上は、他の人(恋愛)で傷ついたり心配したりするのではなく、他のことに集中したいとの意味ですか? もう一つは、君さえよければ、週1回会おうって意味ですか?

  • What's happening to me に I knowを加えると

    よくDo you know what his name is?と言うべきところをDo you know what is his name?とかI know what that is をI know what is that...などと間違えていってしまうのですが、今回ほんとに分からなくなってしまいました. What's wrong with me?に例えばI knowを加えると I know what wrong with me is.でしょうか. What's happening to(on) me?の場合が進行形だしさっぱりわかりません.そのまま I know what happening to(on) me is. でしょうか. 同じく進行形でもWhat am I doing?だと I know what I am doing. としっくりくるのですが. よろしくおねがいします.

  • どなたか和訳お願いします!!

    長いですがお願いします。 my phone is not sending me the fb message. i don't know what is happening. i text you so many times and no reply and i was thinking why you not writing me. i was going crazy and i don't understand what is going on. i thought you were playing games with my head telling me you love me but don't have time to even send me a messege. i was hurting and angry.

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    What do you think is the difference between discrimination and prejudice?? どういう意味ですか? なんと答えればいいのでしょう?

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    英語が堪能な方、和訳お願いします。 翻訳サイト以外でお願いします!!! I really want to know what you were thinking about us. I was upfront and honest with you and I was trying to give us a shot at happiness. I put my life on hold for you. If you were playing me the whole time than whatever. I just want to know and have some closure. I think I deserve at least that.