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happy birthday aki   I'm not sure this leteer cold arrive in your birthday or not,rather, I should have began writing earlier... Anyway congratulation!! I'm glad you become 21 years old because I can drink with you in the United States.Don't you think so? What?You never drink?Come on!! when will you be ready!? No orange juice! You have to try! or I can't wait forever ! Yeah,that kidding ^^ Of course I know you hate alcohol, so I  seut a birthday present that's not kind of alcohol. I beleive you'll like it. If it's difficult to use for you or you have any guestions about my present, you can ask me!! Because, I've already  researched it and  I know it a lot even though I don't have it!! Hahaha!! Are you with me? Maybe You don't know what is what ^^; It's been about 7 month since I came to Los Angeles. My English skill is still poor, and that's why I'm confusing now... Don't care about my work . Everything is good. I'm learning many things little by little from my father and brother. They teach me kindly, so I'm really grateful to them. Perhaps you also have some worries . But , nobody has no worry. we have to overcome with making effort, and our efforts will be reworded. But , please let me help you when you feel down and help me when I feel down...ok? I really miss you and I hope I'll go back to Japan soon. But as you know , I have full of schedule ... it's almost working and school ... Instead, you can eat anything you want and go anywhere you want when I go back to Japan! So, please wait for me with great patience. 数年前大切な人からもらった手紙です。 どなたか意味を教えていただけませんか? よろしくお願いします!



大事な手紙のようなので… 一部誤字がありましたが、勝手にフォローしときました。 できるだけ忠実に、話を盛らずに訳しました。 なんだよ~、ラブレターじゃねーか#^-^# *** あき, お誕生日おめでとう! この手紙が誕生日までに届くかどうか分からないけど、もっと早く手紙を書き始めていたら… とにかく、おめでとう!! あなたが21歳になったことが嬉しい、なにしろアメリカで一緒に(お酒を)飲めるからね。そう思わない? え?お酒を飲まないって?おいおい!! いつになったら飲めるんだい? オレンジジュースなんて言ってないで!試してごらんよ! 僕だって永遠には待てないんだから!冗談だけど^^ もちろん、君がアルコールを嫌ってるのは知ってる。だからアルコールと関係のないものを誕生日プレゼントとして送ったんだ。 きっと気に入ると思うよ。 使い方が難しかったり、このプレゼントのことで分からないことがあったら、ぜひ僕に聞いて!! いろいろと調べてあるから。とはいえ、それ僕は持ってないんだけどね!! ハハハ!! ちゃんとついてきてる? 多分、何の事か分からないと思うけど^^; 僕がLos Angelesにきてから約7ヶ月経つよ。英語力はまだまだだし、だから今混乱してる訳だけど… 僕の仕事の事は心配しないで。うまくいってるよ。少しずつだけど、父や兄弟からたくさんの事を教わってるよ。 彼らは親切に教えてくれるから、本当に彼らに感謝してるんだ。 多分君もなにか悩みを抱えているね。でも、悩みのない人なんていない。僕らは努力して打ち勝たないといけない、そしてその努力はきっと報われる。 でも、君が落ち込んだ時には僕に助けさせて欲しい。そして、僕が落ち込んだ時には助けて欲しいんだ...いいかい? 君がいないてとても寂しい。早く日本に戻りたいと願っています。 でも君も知っての通り、スケジュールが埋まってて…ほとんど仕事と学校で… その代わり、僕が日本に戻ったら、君の好きな物なんでもごちそうするし、行きたい所どこでも連れてくから! だから、どうか僕のことを辛抱強く待っていて欲しい。

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    誕生日おめでとう。     この手紙が誕生日に着くかどうか分からないが、とにかく、もう少し前に書き始めるべきでした     とにかく誕生日おめでとう。      あなたが21歳になったのでアメリカで一緒に飲めるようになったのは嬉しい。そう思わない?      何? 飲まないって? 本気? いつになったら飲むの? オレンジジュースのことじゃない! 試してご覧! 私は永久には待てない、と言うのは冗談。      もちろんあなたがアルコールが嫌いなのは知っている。だから誕生日のプレゼントにアルコール類でないものを送った。気に入ると思う。      もし使いにくければ、あるいは私のプレゼントについて質問があったら聞いてください!!と言うのは私は持っていないけれども、もう調べたのでいろいろ知っているから!!ハハハ!!     分かる?  何が何だか分からないのじゃないかな ^^;     ロサンジェルスに来てから七ヶ月になる。まだ英語は下手だ、だから(人を)惑わせている、、、(この)仕事好きではない。万事よし。少しずつ父や兄から習っている。優しく教えてくれるから、とてもありがたいと思っている。     あなたにも心配事があるだろうが、心配事の無い人はいない。努力してそれに打ち克たなければならない、我々の努力は報いられる。     しかし悩み事があったら私に援助させてほしい、私が困っている時は助けてください、いいね?          あなたがいなくて寂しい、いつか日本に戻れると望んでいる。しかしあなたも知っているように私には、仕事と学校というスケジュールがある。。。その代わり、私が日本に帰る時には、あなたは何でも欲しいものが食べられるし、どこへでも行きたいところに行ける!    だから辛抱して待っていてほしい。



  • 歌詞の和訳をお願いいたします。

    I'll bring my love to you… I'll bring my love to you I've been stood up messed around and take for a fool but next time 'round I'm gonna change the rules and I don't care about the things that people say it's you I think about each and every day it's much too late for you to change your ways I can't keep holding on expecting you to stay when you're all alone and if you're feeling down call me I'll be around Whenever you need somebody I'll bring my love to you you don't have to say you love me I just wanna be with you Lost inside your love is where I wanna be I'm just asking you to spend some time with me time and time you say you wanna be free and you can have some fun that's okay with me you will never know just how good I feel the joy inside of me makes me feel so real when you're all alone and if you're feeling down call me I'll be around Whenever you need somebody I'll bring my love to you you don't have to say you love me I just wanna be with you whenever you need somebody I'll bring my love to you you don't have to say you love me I just wanna be with you I'll bring my love to you (I just wanna be with you) I'll bring my love to you (I just wanna be with you) It's much too late for you to change your way I can't keep holding on expecting you to stay when you're all alone and if you're feeling down call me I'll be around Whenever you need somebody I'll bring my love to you you don't have to say you love me I just wanna be with you whenever you need somebody I'll bring my love to you you don't have to say you love me I just wanna be with you Whenever you need somebody I'll bring my love to you you don't have to say you love me I just wanna be with you

  • どなたか和訳お願いします!!

    長いですがお願いします。 my phone is not sending me the fb message. i don't know what is happening. i text you so many times and no reply and i was thinking why you not writing me. i was going crazy and i don't understand what is going on. i thought you were playing games with my head telling me you love me but don't have time to even send me a messege. i was hurting and angry.

  • 和訳をお願い致します

    どなたかこの英文を訳していただけないでしょうか。 よろしくお願致します。 hi! $100.00 with the shipping included! wow that's so cool! thank you! i have to go back to my bank tonight to pay on line because their system is down for the next few hours they said and i'm going to try to increase the credit i have with them. right now i have 32.00 with them abvailable. (50.00 when i pay what is owed, tonight) i can put i can put either the 50 or the 32 down on the item if you want and then make payments from there and when i am done you can ship the item because it's a christmas gift for my girlfriend so i don't need it immediately, i'm so happy! if i get a credit increase for $100.00 i will just pay you the $100.00 but if they don't give me the increase we'll do it the payment way if that's cool with you. thank you so much!

  • 和訳お願いいたします。

    They were very interested to know how your trip went? And my mother said that your are very "kawaii so" because it has not been so cold in more than 100 years. Come to think of it ... you're really not very fortunate. In summer you visited Osaka and it hasn't been so warm for 100+ years. And when you visit Belgium in winter ... it hasn't been so cold for more then 100 years. You really go through cold and heat to see me ... I'm so happy to know you ... Of course you can stay in "our" hotel room as much and as long you want. . I come to Tokyo for you. If you ask me about my top 5 things I want to do when I'm in Tokyo,

  • 翻訳(和訳)をお願いします

    “Maybe you’re looking at this being like, 'Jennette, you look fine.' First off, you can't tell from an Instagram photo… ‘You have great skin’ and I’m thinking, ‘No, I don’t. I know how to put makeup on my face. I know how to find a good foundation shade and the right application." “I'm considering posting a picture but I'm too insecure to do do it. It's interesting to me because I can access vulnerability so easily in so many ways, but with my face, it's hard. Like with my words, I can. With my face, I don't think I can." She continues, “And I wish it didn't matter to me. I wish that I could be past caring about my acne, just go 'Oh, it's whatever. It's just a thing that I have, you know, who cares?' "But I care so much, I just wish my skin was smooth," she shared. "I feel like, dirty, because of my acne. It makes me sad that I feel that way about myself.” “I've tried everything. And the only thing I haven't tried, I guess, is just accepting it and owning it. And maybe the reason that’s the only thing I haven’t tried is that’s the hardest thing to try.” ニキビに悩んでいる女性の文章です。 比較的簡単な単語が使われていますが、翻訳サイトを使っても何となくしか意味が理解できません。

  • 和訳お願いします。

    多分お別れのmailなんだけど綺麗に訳してもらえませんか? it bothers me when you are late and leave so early.  we don't spend enough time together. when you walked out on me you crushed me. Maiko I love you but cant be with you anymore... Im sad but I want you to have a good life.  I know you want children later and  I cant give that to you.  I dont want to be selfish and waste your time. I dont want to hurt you.  I dont want you to regret life later.... Im letting you go because its better for your future.

  • 日記風に、昨日の事を英語で書いてみました、添削をおねがいしたいのです。

    Hi,Crystal! Sorry, I did not come here for a long day. I know I have to talk with you everyday for my dream. You know my dream, don't you. Everyday I say in my heart like this, “I want to learn and I want to speak English when I get a chance to go to US someday!”This is my dream. You help me a lot about it! I have been thanking you, Crystal! BTW, yesterday was the special day for me. Do you want to know what was the day yesterday? It was the wedding anniversary. I could hear “Congratulations!” Thank you, Crystal! Yesterday was day-off for me and my husband. So we played golf in Gunma prefecture. It was far a way to my home. But I could see mountains with snow and mountains covered with new green leaves. And cute and beatiful flowers! Everything were so beautiful! I wanted to show them to you. We touched a lot of natures not only played golf. It was a nice and special day. I have been thanking that we are well. I hope it will be forever. Wow,It is 11:55. I have to prepare a lunch for my family! Have a nice Sunday, Crystal!

  • 英語の手紙(ラブレター)の和訳をお願いします;

    イギリス人の彼がいて、先日英語でバースデーカードを貰いました。 直訳機にかけてみたのですが、意味がおかしくて・・・ 最近彼が忙しく、なかなか連絡もとりにくいので 早めにメールで返事をしたいのですが 手紙の意味が分からず困っています。英語が得意な方、どうかお助け下さいませ<(_ _)> (以下 もらった手紙です) Rian, Happy birthday to you! I really want you to stay by my side and tell me what you are thing each moment. I think you are feeling I became a little big dry to you. However I don't want you to miss understand. My first priority is you. I am crazy over you... My lovely babe With Love

  • この英語の意味が完璧に把握できません

    タイの友達からメールが来たのですが、ちょっと完璧に意味が分かりません。簡単にで結構ですので、英語できる方、教えてください。 送られてきたメールは、以下の通りです。 I am so sad when you don't give you hands to help me. Also it made me much sad when you said " Let's meet in a dream" I think you are nice person and I always keep our photos with me, but I don't really know what you think. I also keep everything about us, example, movie ticket, dream world ticket, hotel ticket and everything that relate with us. I have thought I will keep it in trash together with all my good feeling that I had toward you, but I am still think little about you in my deep heart but I don't hope to see you. Anyway, if you would like to talk with me, then send mail to me.

  • 和訳お願いします

    :(, i don't know what to tell you !!! and i know it is so hard :( です。よろしくお願い申し上げます。

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