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どなたか和訳お願いしますm(._.)m 翻訳サイト以外でお願いします。 I don't know what to do either. I do love you and want to be with you. What has been bothering me is the last couple times we were together I didn't feel the same from you. I don't understand what the different values and directions you are talking about. Please explain


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どうしたらいいか分からないのは僕も同じさ。君のこと好きだし一緒にいたいよ。 ずっと僕を悩ませているのはここのところの何回か会ったときに君と気持ちが すれ違っていると感じたからなんだ。 君の価値観や目標が、僕とどう違うのか僕には解らない。教えて欲しい。 たぶんニュアンスはこんな感じでしょう。 (・・・もしかしてお相手は英語を母国語としない方ですかね) なかなか回答がつかないのでお手伝いさせていただきましたが、正直いいまして この文章の意味が解らないのにどうしてこのような込み入った関係になれるのか 理解できません・・。



ありがとうございました( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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    s I'm writing this email right now ... you must still be sleeping. When I think of you ... how cute you look when you sleep ... I get such and empty feeling inside, because I want to be with you so much. That's why I just like to be with you. As you said, it doesn't really matter what we do as long as I'm with you. There is one thing I'm dreaming of ... that we don't have to do anything! That we have 1 day that we don't need to do anything. Sleep and lay in bed as long as we like, laze around, watch a movie together, ... …And I will leave for Osaka Wednesday the 5th of January early in the morning and I'm planning on coming back to Tokyo Friday the 7th in the evening. And Monday the 10th I will go back to Osaka and return to Tokyo on Friday the 14th in the evening. A

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    5. What foods do you like to eat :D ? 6. Which foods do you not like D:< ? 7. What do people in the US eat that you think is gross? 8. Explain how you perceive your own culture in Japan: 9. What are some of the things you love about your culture in Japan? (traditions, values, practices etc.) 10. What do you think the US and Japan have in common?

  • 困ってます!このフレーズについて教えてくださいm(_ _)m

    困ってます!このフレーズについて教えてくださいm(_ _)m 以前、「他人からされて、嫌だを思うことを他人にするな」 の英訳を、ネット上で尋ねたら、 Don’t do to others what you don’t want others do to you. と、回答してもらったのですが、 このフレーズの文法が理解できません(T-T) Don’t do to others what you don’t want others “to” do to you. が正しいのではないかな?って思っちゃうんですけど、 やっぱり、違うんでしょうか?(-“-;) あと、 Don't do unto others what you don't want done to you. とも英語圏のサイトでひっかかるのですが、 これ、同じ意味なんでしょうか? you don't want done to you とは、 「貴方が貴方に対してされたくないこと」 という意味ですか? すいません、かなりとんちんかんなので、困ってます! 教えてくださいm(_ _)m!

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私は何をいずれかの操作をするのか分からない。私は君を愛してる、あなたと一緒にいたい。どのような 私は、私たちは、あなたから同じように感じていない一緒にいた最後の数回は気にされています。私は何を異なる値と理解していない 方向はあなたのことを話している。説明してください (別バージョン) 私だってどうしたらいいかわからないよ。君を愛してるし、君と一緒にいたいよ。最後に何回か一緒にいた時に君と同じように感じることができないのがなんか嫌なんだ。私には君の言う価値観が違うとか、方向が違うというのが何なのか分からない。説明してくれないか。 文法的に怪しい訳ですが、こんな感じではないかと・・・・



  • お願いです、和訳して下さい!

    『I really needed to hear that while I am waiting for you. You seem to do things that fit me very well. You are a special woman. And yes you will be in my dreams,until we are together again...』 宜しくお願いします。

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    Somehow, I just don't seem to be willing to do what is necessary.

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    its on you dont need to apologize. i under stand and i dont mind talking to you with bad english. its fun and FUN.i like talking to you. これは、 「謝る必要ないよ。わかってるよ。君の下手な英語で君と話す事気にしてないよ。君と話すの好きだよ」という事でよいのでしょうか?イマイチ自信ないのでお願いします。 its fun and FUNというのがわかりません。どういう意味でしょうか

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    I don't want to lose it , and I'm afraid that if I don't change that is what will happen. ここで、文の流れでand ではなくbut の気がするのですが、それも教えていただけたら嬉しいです。よろしくお願いします。

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    :(, i don't know what to tell you !!! and i know it is so hard :( です。よろしくお願い申し上げます。

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    I feel as if I were walking a tightrope one hundred feet over a circus audience and suddenly the rope is showing signs of breaking, and I get up from my seat and begin to shout once more the first words I can think of to communicate my terrible fear, and once more the usher comes hurrying down the aisle flashing his searchlight, and the old lady pleads with me, and the shocked audience has turned to stare at me, and I keep shouting: "What are they doing? Don't they know what they are doing? Why doesn't my mother go after my father and beg him not to be angry? If she does not do that, what will she do? Doesn't my father know what he is doing?" But the usher has seized my arm, and is dragging me away, and as he does so, he says: "What are you doing? Don't you know you can't do things like this, you can't do whatever you want to do,even if other people aren't about?You will be sorry if you don't do what you should do.You can't carry on like this,it isn't right,you will find that out soon enough,everything you do matters too much,''and as he said that,dragging me through the lobby of the theater into the cold light,I woke up into the bleak winter morning of my twenty-first birthday,the window-sill with its lip of snow,and the morning already begun.

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    ☆Are you serious about our relationship? あなたは私達の関係を真剣に考えてるの? ★yes うん ★ i miss you 君に会いたいよ ☆i miss you too but、I don't want to be in halfway relationship with you! 私も!だけど、あなたとの関係を中途半端にしたくないの。 ★わかってる ★i come to japan to get job?? 僕が日本にきたら仕事がみつかるかな? ☆I think that there are a lot of Chinese working in Japan 日本でもたくさんの中国人が働いているから大丈夫だと思う ★But i don't speak japanese so far だけど、僕はまだ日本語がはなせない ☆yes,i see うん。そうだねー ☆But you have the present work,Please do not hurry でも、あなたには今の仕事があるから、急がなくていいよ ★yes, madam,you are very nice ナイスだね ☆Do you live in Japan for me? ★for a couple of years, yes ★cause i don't know how it is ☆later? ★if i like this place, of course, it is better to stay if i don't like it , what i can do ?? ☆Is it your work? ★no, i am talking about Japan ☆And then, I think you should live in France ★i don't really like France neigher ☆What country is good? ★it is dangerous, specially in paris ☆What do you really want to do? ★wow your english is so impressive now !!! :) ☆so?? ★i don't know, i am working here, so i stay ☆yes ok ★as i said before i want to work in japan for a while if my company could send me to japan ☆You're right ★but i don't know when, i could get this oppoturnity ☆it is so long time ★do you mind to tell me, why you want stay with me?? ☆Because I want to be with you,Why do you ask such a thing? ★cause you ask me first, longtime ago

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    多分お別れのmailなんだけど綺麗に訳してもらえませんか? it bothers me when you are late and leave so early.  we don't spend enough time together. when you walked out on me you crushed me. Maiko I love you but cant be with you anymore... Im sad but I want you to have a good life.  I know you want children later and  I cant give that to you.  I dont want to be selfish and waste your time. I dont want to hurt you.  I dont want you to regret life later.... Im letting you go because its better for your future.

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    What is the purpose of the second paragraph? to describe the condition of Lyuba when she was found to describe the difficulties of analyzing a mammoth body to explain how Lyuba was found again and taken to a safe place to explain how scientist Daniel Fisher came to Siberia to study Lyuba

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    What is the main purpose of the third paragraph? to describe how the earliest robots were used in industry to explain why today's robots are different from early robots to explain why early robots could not do things by themselves to describe how the robot Asimo is able to walk by itself