Can we be just friends? And can you handle it?

  • I remember when you told me that you can't love me 100 percent with your heart. Does that still hold true?
  • You said that it will be okay because I was honest and showed you the feeling of how to feel when someone really cares about you.
  • What happens if we were just good friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend? Can you handle that?
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I remember when you told me that can't love you 100 percent with my heart then it will not work between me and you and you said that it will be ok because I was honest and that I showed you the feeling of how to feel when someone really cares about you and that's ok. Do you still mean that? What happens if we were just good friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend could you handle that?????

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I remember when I told you..だったら意味が通じるのですが、一応それで訳してみましょう。 あなたを心から100%愛することができないから私とあなたはうまくいかないだろう、と私が言ったとき、あなたは、それはいいのです、なぜならあなたは正直なことを言ったのだし、誰かに愛されたときどう感じるかをわたしに隠さずに話してくれたのだからそれはいいのです、と言いました。あなたはいまでもそう思っていますか?もし私たちがただの友達で、恋人同志ではないということになったら、どうなりますか?あなたは受け止められますか?





  • 和訳をお願いします

    いつもお世話にないます。この文の正しい訳をおしえてください。 ()部分は私が相手にふざけてビルに向かって指を指していた写真に「あれ買って~あの建物買える?」とセリフをつけて送ったことです。 2行目~は「まさしくあの写真のようで。私は言うつもりだったけどあなたがどれがほしいと言わなかった」と訳しましたが。1行目の文が少し意味がわかりません。それによって全部の意味の解釈が変わるようなきがしたので 全部の訳を教えてください。 People are mean and they play with your emotions and thats not good my friend did that to me and I got hurt emotionally it is wrong to do theses things but people will do it. As for me I care dearly for the one in my life and I will do anything to me you happy. Just like the picture that you sent ( I want that,Can you buy that building ) I will but you did not tell me which building you wanted there are a lots of building in the picture.

  • 和訳と恋愛相談です「Actually,maybe this is wh

    和訳と恋愛相談です「Actually,maybe this is what decided that you could not be my girlfriend. 」 この文の最後の「could not」は絶対的不可能ですか?それとも、推測で少しは可能性(希望)は持てますか? 彼との関係で後悔ばかりしています。 でも、とてもヨリを戻し(?)たいです。 彼とは遠距離です。 私は今体調を壊して地元に戻ってます。 彼は白人なので、できれば白人男性の方の意見も聞きたいです… どうすればいいでしょうか・・ ところどころ正確には分からない個所もあるので、全文訳してくれる方もいましたらありがたいです。 ちなみに、全文は、 「I am not angry. And I understand your condition. Do you remember when I had bad aad mental condition? Do you remember when I wanted to see you so badly? Did you see me? No, you let me stay depressed. Actually, maybe this is what decided that you could not be my girlfriend. I have much pain and I need someone to care for me. You were not there. This hurt me so much. Of course I still care about you and think that you are beautiful, but I am not your boyfriend. The person you need to see should be him. Not me. You are so pretty, so finding him should be easy. Good luck 」 よろしくお願いします。

  • どなた様か和訳してください。お願いします!

    At the concert there was a girl who got in my taxi and said take me home... I said sure I'll take you home. She no TAKE ME HOME!!! I said oh no, no I have a girlfriend. She actually said " she won't know about it" I said but I will. When she got out she gave me $20 dollar tip, and said your girlfriend is lucky! I said no she's special. That is word for word what was said.

  • 長文・和訳をお願いしたいです。

    長文なので大変だとは思いますが、和訳をお願いいたします。 また、この文体から察するに彼はどういった心境なのでしょうか?好意を抱いてくれてるのはわかるのですが、ど のくらいの好意でしょう?只のいい友達なのか、はたまた好きだけど恋人にはしたくない、という感じでしょうか? ↓ I really had a good time with you. You are a beautiful girl with a good heart. I could sense your good heart. I'm glad that you had a good time. I will be honest right now. I like you, but i have only been single since april. I must continue to be a single man. Since my ex girlfriend and i broke up, i have decided to devote myself to my music, and my career. My life has changed a lot recently, in good ways and bad ways, but i must continue focusing on myself. I gave much of myself to my ex girlfriend in the past and it was not good for me. Now i must do better myself and focus on my life.  I will always see you as a friend and someone in my heart. I'm sorry that i cannot commit to a relationship with anyone right now, but I do want to keep in touch with you and know that you are doing well. Email and message me whenever you would like. I am busy a lot but i do check my messages and email when possible. I do wish to hear from you. I also will never forget about you, I'm sure. And yes i did tell you, you are my angel. I felt a strong connection with you. Next time i come to japan, i look forward to spending more time with you and bonding with you. My flight to America is 4am on wednesday. Is there a way we could meet before i leave? I really am not sure. Please don't think that i will forget about you. I am an honest man and did feel strongly for you the time we spent together. I do travel and meet new people, but our memories will stay with me forever. I promise. Please feel good about the time we spent together, although it may be some time until we meet again.

  • 和訳お願いいたします!

    I still have many things to finish at work. But everything goes very quickly and smoothly because I know when all that work is finished ... we can enjoy a short break. so that when you arrive and for some strange reason we can't find each other so that at least you can reach me. how can I not find the prettiest girl in the airport!!! Would it be possible for you to give me your mobile phone number? I think I might call you once ... just to check if you answer with "moshi moshi" ... so cute ... Don't worry I won't do that. If there something you need me to get for you, please let me know ok?

  • 和訳お願いします。

    You won't be able to defeat me. But, you want to show your girlfriend that you're cool? OK!Bring it on, boy!

  • 【英文→日本語】和訳をお願い致します。

    2つの文章を長文ですが、訳して頂けたら幸いです。 お手数をお掛け致しますが、よろしくお願い致します。 ※文章は、非英語圏の友人が書いてます。 ⚫文章(1) In life, everything happens. And in such situations, perhaps, it helps only the idea that all your stay with you. And all your people will stay with you. If they leave, then they were not your people. I hope you and him will get better. And if not, then life does not end due to the fact that someone is leaving. We must live and look forward. ⚫文章(2) I worked in the city administration. Yes, you can probably say that it was often boring. But I am glad that I worked there, it was a good and very useful experience.

  • 和訳していただけませんか。

    you just tell me what you want to send and when you want send it, and I'll be waiting for it.

  • 和訳をお願いします

    こちらの和訳を教えてください! Even though I know about something. But I will still do it. It's not easy to change. Because you might leave me, forever. The 2 choices for me are: still here or leave out of your life but I know that there is not enough time for me to try. I just want to smile with you by my side for as long as possible. I hope that someday, you will understand the things that I have done. I love you so much. I do this because I don't want to lose you. if you had a chance to read this, you will know that I have good intentions. But since I love you. Only one reason is, I need you happy and you smile every day every time, My angel.

  • 和訳をお願いします。

    和訳をお願いします。 But sometimes I wonder if what I will get is something that will make me happy. Maybe it will just be the future and not the future I am hoping for. 上記の文章の意味を理解したいので、和訳をして頂けるととても嬉しいです。 よろしくお願いします。