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1)Rie had a dream of becoming a movie star even though she didn't know how to (become) it. 2)On the floor beside his bed a book (lay) open. He has been reading it before he fell asleep the previous night. 3)Will you (lend) me your dictionary for a while? 4)“I'm suffering from all that exercise we did yesterday.” “So am I. My legs are (aching) so much. I can't walk.” 5)We (chose) him mayor of our city. 6)You shouldn't (rely) this map. 7)It seemed (clearly) to me that John is guilty. 8)You have to (raise) your hand if you want to speak in class. 9)I'm not quite sure what book (he was talking it about). 10)I always keep the dictionary on the desk so that I can (look) it at any time. ()内の添削をお願いします。 和訳や解説を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。


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(1) realize Rie..は実現の方法は分からないものの映画スターになる夢を持っている。it=the dream... (7) clear seem の補語なので形容詞。John が有罪なのは明らかに思えた (10) find 他動詞が入る。look は自動詞。 いつでも見つかるように辞書は机の上に置いている


  • 回答No.1

1) become リエには映画スターになるという夢があった。ただ、どうしたらなれるのかは分からなかったが。 itはoneの間違い 2) is lying, または is laid 彼のベッドのすぐそばに本が一冊置かれている。昨晩彼が眠りにつくまで、それを読んでいる。  問題文の後半は、He was reading ... の間違い。和訳は間違いが分かりやすいように、訂正してません。 3) 正解 あなたの辞書をしばらく貸してください。 4) 正解 「私は昨日私達のした全部の運動で苦しいです。」「私もそうです。足がとても痛くて、歩けません。」 5) 正解 私達は彼を私達の市の市長に選んだ。 出題は as mayor の間違い。 6) 正解 あなたはこの地図を信用すべきではない。 出題は rely on の間違い 7) 正解 私には、ジョンは明らかに有罪であること思われる。 8) 正解 授業中に発言したいときは手を挙げなればならない。 9) it 不要 あなたがどんな本について話していたのか、私にはあまり確信がない。 10) look at 私は、いつでも見ることができるように、常に辞書を机の上に置いたままにしている。



  • 英文の穴埋めの添削をお願いします!

    1)Rie had a dream of becoming a movie star even though she didn't know how to (○become/act/play/realize) it. 2)On the floor beside his bed a book (○lay/laid/laying/was to lie) open. He has been reading it before he fell asleep the previous night. 3)We (○chose/decided/elected/selected) him mayor of our city. 4)You shouldn't (allow/○rely/confide/trust) this map. 5)I always keep the dictionary on the desk so that I can (consult/○look/draw/refer) it at any time. 6)John's shyness (makes him difficulty/causes him difficult/○makes it difficult for him/causes it difficult for him) to communicate with others. 7)She's very upset so we'd better leave her (alone/lone/○lonely/only). 8)As the saying (said/○goes/stands/telling),seeing is believing. 9)(How do you think about/○Do you think what is/What are you thinking/What do you think of) that painting over there? ()内の選択肢から1つ選ぶ問題で自分で考えた答えの前に○をしました。 添削や和訳・解説よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文の穴埋めの添削をお願いします!

    1)Once you meet her, you'll find that she is nice to (talk). 2)Eddy is only thirteen. He is (not old enough) to get a driver's license. 3)Nobody likes to be (made) fun of in public. 4)"John (seems) to like the fried rice." "He sure does! That's his third helping." 5)Tom did not tell the truth (so as not to) hurt his mother. 6)You need not give it to me, if you don't want (to). 7)It is hard to please my grandfather. =My grandfather is ( ) ( ) ( ). 8)We can't complete this task in a day. =It is ( ) (for) us (to) (complete) this task in a day. 9)They need some instructions to tell them what to do. =They need some instructions to tell them what they ( ) ( ). 10)It is said that the mayor practiced kendo very hard in his youth. =The mayor is said (to) (have) (practiced) kendo very hard in his youth. 11)You were so kind as to drive me to the airport. =It was very kind ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) me to the airport. 12)People say this house was built 100 years ago. =This house is ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) built 100 years ago. 問題文が多くてすみません。()内の穴埋めです。 解説や日本語訳を付けてくださると助かります。 添削よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

  • 英文の穴埋めの添削をお願いします

    1)This is the (much) best book I've ever read. 2)Successful candidates will be appointed initially on (a three-years) contract. 3)(This my old camera) was a present from my father. 4)We have (another ten miles) to walk before sunset. 5)"You seem to have had that car for years." "Yes,I should sell it (while) it still runs." 6)Of their five children,one is in Tokyo and (the others) are in Fukuoka. 7)I think you need to be careful of Mr.Honda. He (is a clever liar). 8)I saw Jim talking with two women. I didn't know (either) of them. 間違えて質問を削除してしまったのでもう一度投稿します。 英文が多くてすみません。 ()内の添削をお願いします。 解説や和訳を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 以下の英文の添削をお願い致します。PART2

    2301 ジュール:Not that that is a reason to stay together. それが一緒にいる理由じゃない 2302 But it's just, you know,a scary sidebar. でも 恐ろしい付随したことなの 2303 ベン:Let's take that one off your plate right now. 2304 ベン:あなたは私とモリーと埋葬できる 2305 I happen to have space,okay? 私は偶然スペースを持ってる いい? そして次の朝ジュールはCEO候補と会います 2329 ベン:So, did we like him? それで あなたは彼を気に入ったの? ここからは全て ジュールです。 2330 He said all the right things. 彼が全て妥当なことを言ったわ 2331 He said that no one knows about the fit like me. 彼は誰も私に合うような人を知らないと言ってた 2332 That he doesn't want to remove the soul of the company. 彼は会社の指針を外したくないって 2333 He said that he doesn't have a plan. 彼は計画はないと言ってた 2334 He wants to watch us and see what works. 彼は私達を見守ってどういう仕組みか知りたいって 私は彼を雇ったわ 2339 ベン:You did it right in the room? あなたは部屋で確認しました? 2340 ジュール:He told me to sleep on it and that we'd talk tomorrow, 彼は一晩考えて明日話そうと言ったわ 2341 ジュール:but I said the job was his. 彼の態度が気に入って雇ったの 2343 ジュール:You know if, uh, we disagree, he's the tiebreaker? 私達の意見が合わないなら決着をつける? もちろん 彼はCEOです そしてジュールは家に帰り 決めたわ 彼がとても気に入って 2354 ジュール:And, uh...I offered him the job. あー...彼に仕事を提示した マット:君はそれで構わないの? 私達にとって良いと思うわ 2360 ジュール:Do we have any, like, real booze, like vodka or something? 私達は何かウォッカか何かで祝杯をあげない? マット:"僕らにとっていい」って... 会社にとって或いは僕らに? 2366 ジュール:I figure if someone else can call some of the shots at work, 会社のためではなく夫婦関係の改善にとって必要なことよ それから多分... 2368 ジュール:We can get back to where we were 18 months ago. 18ヶ月前に戻れるんじゃない 2369 ジュール:They say you can't put the genie back in the bottle, 彼らは願い事は叶わないというけど

  • 英文の添削をお願いします!

    1)If I (were) not ill, I (would) go fishing with my younger brother. 2)She loves him (as if) he (were) her own son. 3)If I (had known) it, I (can) have told you. 4)I (wish) you (had not) told the plan to your father. 5)You can listen to the music (as far as) you like. 6)(If) you like it (may) not, you have to decide what to do. 7)I studied hard in my high school days; (unless) I would have failed the examination. 8)No (sooner had) he gone to bed than he fell asleep. 9)I'll lend you the money (for) the condition that you return it within six months. 10)It's about time you (have seen) a Shakespearian play. ()内でおかしいところがあったら添削をお願いしたいです。 よかったら解説も加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文の穴埋めの添削をお願いします!

    1)I didn't know why they told me (to wait) on the corner. 2)The teacher made the students (left) the school immediately so that they could return home in safety before the rainstorm got heavier. 3)Keiko looked so (pleased) when she got her birthday present. 4)A college education will (take) you to get a broader view of the world. 5)My grandfather didn't know about my parents (wanting) a divorce. 6)How would you like to have your eggs (cooked)? 7)The audience were all made (cried) by the sad movie. 8)His parents did not (allow) him to study abroad. 9)In spite of her illness,Nancy found (her to enjoy) the sports event. 10)We won't (get) our son drive our new car,even if he wants to. 11)In Europe,everywhere you go,you hear people (to speak) different languages. ()内の添削をお願いします。 解説や和訳を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 穴埋めの添削をお願いします

    1)The manager told us he would (raise) the price next week. 2)The sound of his footsteps behind me in the dark made me (walking) faster. 3)Over three thousand people(gathered) the concert. 4)Water (boils) at a temperature of 100 degrees centigrade. 5)I (had done) all my homework and now I am completely free until Monday. 6)Ten years from now you will (be forgotten) all about me. 8)You will find the word "psychology" (listed)under "P" in your dictionary. 9)(If you happened to see him),please give him my best regards. 10)The river is dangerous to (swim in) in July. 11)Linda did nothing but (to read) the book on weekends. 12)May I read over your lecture notes (the classes I missed for)? 13)Even (if) we can finish all this work by seven o'clock,I still don't think we will be able to get to the party on time. 英文が多くてすみません。 ()内の添削をお願いします。 また、解説や和訳を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文添削をお願いします

    下の文章の添削をお願いできますか? You may already forget when you said to me this but they are enough words for insult me. But even I feel so I still tried to behave nicely at that time. あなたはいつどんなふうにそれを言ったかも覚えてないかもしれなけれど、でもあの言葉の数々は私が屈辱を感じるのに充分だった。それでも、私はあのとききちんとあなたに接しようと努力した。 I wanted to believe that you are not the kind of person who can easily cheat one's wife and daughter. I wanted to believe that it is not possible that you are like that.... 私はあなたが簡単に奥さんや娘さんを裏切るような人だと信じたくなかった。そんな人であるはずないと思いたかった。 以上です。 よろしくお願いいたします。

  • 至急!英文の穴埋めの添削をお願いします!

    1)You (couldn't) stay on the computer so long, or you'll hurt your eyes. 2)I (may well) thinking of my missing dog. 3)The car broke down, and we (had to get) a taxi. 4)"Must I finish this assignment now?" "No, you (needn't). There's no hurry." 5)I recommended that she (should see) the professor. 6)You (can't have seen) Rika yesterday. She moved to England a week ago. 7)I'm sorry I didn't tell you that the store is closed on Mondays. I (should have told) you before you came all the way here. 8)Most office workers ( ) paid a lot less than lawyers. 1,are 2,get 3,must 4,ought to be 5,should be →2,get 9)( ) you help me? I have a problem with my car. 1,Can 2,Could 3,May 4,Will 5,Would →3,May 1~7は()内の穴埋め、8,9は不適切な語句を一つ選択する問題です。 できれば解説や訳を加えていただきたいです。 添削よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文の和訳添削をお願いします

    和訳しました。添削お願いします。 How You Can Help助けられる方法 You can listen.聞く事が出来る。 Maybe because so few of us listen much,we underestimate its value. しかもなぜならとても少しの事を聞く事、私たちはそれらの価値をみくびっていないだろうか。 If someone you know has a problem,it may help a great deal just to let her or him talk about it. もし何かあなたの知ってる問題があって、それはとても素晴らしい扱いで助け、彼らにそれについて話をさせることができる。 Do not be critical.批評は出来ない。 Show that you feel the problem along with the person. その人々と一緒にその問題にそってあなたの気持ちを示せる Learn to indicate your sympathy.同情を指す事を学ぶ Use responses such as "I can tell you're worried"or"I've been down myself.It can be a terrible feeling." 返答として、私はあなたを心配しているや私は参っている。それはひどい気分にさせている。 Usually,it is better to let the person think up ways of coping than for you to rush in with advice. たいていそれはアドバイスによって良い対処の方法があると良い。 It is always good,though,to encourage and reassure the disturbed person. それはいつも良い、思うと、精神障害のある人を勇気付けたり安心させたりす。 That is primarily what you are there for. 最初にそれらのために何が出来るか。 You want to create a calming and supportive situation in which the person is better able to deal with the problem. その人の問題においてよりよい解決法を与え落ち着かせたりサポートできる情景をつくれる