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1)I didn't know why they told me (to wait) on the corner. 2)The teacher made the students (left) the school immediately so that they could return home in safety before the rainstorm got heavier. 3)Keiko looked so (pleased) when she got her birthday present. 4)A college education will (take) you to get a broader view of the world. 5)My grandfather didn't know about my parents (wanting) a divorce. 6)How would you like to have your eggs (cooked)? 7)The audience were all made (cried) by the sad movie. 8)His parents did not (allow) him to study abroad. 9)In spite of her illness,Nancy found (her to enjoy) the sports event. 10)We won't (get) our son drive our new car,even if he wants to. 11)In Europe,everywhere you go,you hear people (to speak) different languages. ()内の添削をお願いします。 解説や和訳を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。


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訂正部分のみ 2 leave 4 allow/enable/help 5 wanting to get 7 to cry 9 herself enjoying ナンシーは病気だったが気が付くとスポーツ大会を楽しんでいた 10 let 11 speak


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1)I didn't know why they told me (to wait→○) on the corner. 私はなぜ彼らが私にその角で待つように言ったのかわからなかった。 2)The teacher made the students (left→leave) the school immediately so that they could return home in safety before the rainstorm got heavier. その先生は生徒たちが嵐がひどくなる前に無事に帰宅できるように生徒たちにすぐに学校を出発させた。 ☆使役動詞make+O+原形 3)Keiko looked so (pleased→○) when she got her birthday present. 恵子は誕生日のプレゼントをもらった時とてもうれしそうだった。 4)A college education will (take→enable / help) you to get a broader view of the world. 大学教育はあなたがより広い世界観を持つこと(を可能にする/に役立つ)でしょう。 5)My grandfather didn't know about my parents (wanting→having got) a divorce. 私の祖父は私の両親が離婚したことについて知らなかった。 6)How would you like to have your eggs (cooked→○)? 卵はどの様に料理しましょうか? 7)The audience were all made (cried→to cry) by the sad movie. 観客はみんなその悲しい映画に泣かされた。 ☆使役動詞の受け身は、原形がto不定詞に戻る。 8)His parents did not (allow→○) him to study abroad. 彼の両親は彼が留学することを許さなかった。 9)In spite of her illness, Nancy found (her to enjoy→it possible to join) the sports event. 病気にもかかわらず、ナンシーはそのスポーツイベントに参加することが可能だと思った。 10)We won't (get→let) our son drive our new car, even if he wants to. 私たちは息子がしたいといっても彼に新車を運転させません。 ☆get+O+to 原形、let+O+原形 11)In Europe, everywhere you go, you hear people (to speak→speak) different languages. ヨーロッパでは、どこに行っても、あなたは人々が異なる言語を話すのを耳にするでしょう。 ☆hearは知覚動詞+O+原形



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    1)Once you meet her, you'll find that she is nice to (talk). 2)Eddy is only thirteen. He is (not old enough) to get a driver's license. 3)Nobody likes to be (made) fun of in public. 4)"John (seems) to like the fried rice." "He sure does! That's his third helping." 5)Tom did not tell the truth (so as not to) hurt his mother. 6)You need not give it to me, if you don't want (to). 7)It is hard to please my grandfather. =My grandfather is ( ) ( ) ( ). 8)We can't complete this task in a day. =It is ( ) (for) us (to) (complete) this task in a day. 9)They need some instructions to tell them what to do. =They need some instructions to tell them what they ( ) ( ). 10)It is said that the mayor practiced kendo very hard in his youth. =The mayor is said (to) (have) (practiced) kendo very hard in his youth. 11)You were so kind as to drive me to the airport. =It was very kind ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) me to the airport. 12)People say this house was built 100 years ago. =This house is ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) built 100 years ago. 問題文が多くてすみません。()内の穴埋めです。 解説や日本語訳を付けてくださると助かります。 添削よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    1)A needle and thread (were) found in the kitchen yesterday. 2)"Whose things are these?" "They (owned by) my parents." 3)Let's go ahead and doit. Nothing (has gained) by just waiting. 4)It can't be (help). We'll just have to manage without her. 5)More than ten years have (passed) since Audrey Hepburn died. 6)You must go home before it (get) dark. 7)The typhoon has (done) great damage to the crops. 8)Do you know what has(became) of the singer? ()内の添削をお願いします。 解説や和訳を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくおねがいします。

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    1)Rie had a dream of becoming a movie star even though she didn't know how to (become) it. 2)On the floor beside his bed a book (lay) open. He has been reading it before he fell asleep the previous night. 3)Will you (lend) me your dictionary for a while? 4)“I'm suffering from all that exercise we did yesterday.” “So am I. My legs are (aching) so much. I can't walk.” 5)We (chose) him mayor of our city. 6)You shouldn't (rely) this map. 7)It seemed (clearly) to me that John is guilty. 8)You have to (raise) your hand if you want to speak in class. 9)I'm not quite sure what book (he was talking it about). 10)I always keep the dictionary on the desk so that I can (look) it at any time. ()内の添削をお願いします。 和訳や解説を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

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    1)This is the (much) best book I've ever read. 2)Successful candidates will be appointed initially on (a three-years) contract. 3)(This my old camera) was a present from my father. 4)We have (another ten miles) to walk before sunset. 5)"You seem to have had that car for years." "Yes,I should sell it (while) it still runs." 6)Of their five children,one is in Tokyo and (the others) are in Fukuoka. 7)I think you need to be careful of Mr.Honda. He (is a clever liar). 8)I saw Jim talking with two women. I didn't know (either) of them. 間違えて質問を削除してしまったのでもう一度投稿します。 英文が多くてすみません。 ()内の添削をお願いします。 解説や和訳を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

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    had one of those dodgy shops...you know, families sending cash back home. アッチ系の怪しい店を持ってた...あのね 家族が現金を家に送り返すの - K Section were interested in some of the people using it so they approached me. 彼らが私に接近したように Kセクションはそれを使ってる人の何人かに興味を持ってた - So you started as an agent? - それで スパイを始めた? - Yeah. And I was good. - ええ それに得意だったし And when I was done they asked me to train as an officer. そして 任務が完了した時彼らは役員として訓練を受けるよう頼んだの 336 - So when I got through vetting,I wasn't gonna let it go. 私が身元調査を合格したらそれを手放すつもりはなかった - And I haven't.I made my choice. それから 手放さずに選んで決めたの - So the job means a lot? つまり 色々な仕事ということ? もし君が仕えてる人がカシムの逃亡を手伝ったとしたら... それはまずいんじゃないの? いいわ その日は何かおかしいと思ったの 342 - Rob Vass - my team leader.He was in the lead car with me. ロブ・ヴァース - 私のチームリーダー彼は私と一緒に車にいて先頭だった 彼はどこに住んでる? 346 - I think we got our man.- You take the bedroom. - 俺は奴を見つけたと思う- 君は寝室を調べて 348 - Well this might. He's a neat freak. Keeps all his statements nicely filed, apart from this one, which he binned. まあ これ 彼は潔癖性 これは別として彼は入念な声明を全て提出してる

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    1)Who is the fat man (sitting) in the corner. 2)Jessica looked (delighting) to receive so many letters. 3)She left her baby (slept) alone in the room. 4)My son, (having persuaded) to stay home, gave up going outdoors. 5)When (planned) an overnight trip, you should keep in mind the possibility of sudden storms. 6)The woman had her legs (injured) in the Gulf War. 7)I will play tennis tomorrow, (weather permitting). 8)Rebecca came running with her eyes (to shine). 9)One of the most (satisfying) things to do after a long day is to take a hot bath. 10)Yoko found a mess of (broken) glass and spilled water on the floor. ()内の添削をお願いします。 解説や和訳を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくおねがいします。

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    1)It goes without ( ) that Hikaru is the fastest runner in our school. =Needless ( ) say, Hikaru is the fastest runner in our school. 2)I don't remember that you said so. =I don't remember (your) (saying) so. 3)It is impossible to know who will win the race. =There is ( ) ( ) who will win the race. 4)I forgot to talk to Helen about yesterday's homework. →私は昨日の宿題についてヘレンに話すのを忘れた。 5)I can't bear being scolded by my teacher for not having done my homework. →??? 6)Ken tried taking the medicine, but it had no effect. →ケンは薬を飲んでみたが、それは効果が無かった。 1~3は穴埋め、4~6は日本語訳の問題です。 添削や解説よろしくお願いします。

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    以下の英文を添削していただけないでしょうか。 I didn't know that people in England hate Camilla so badly. Why do they hate her? I didn't know that Prince Charles had been in love with Camilla for so long either. I truly hope they will be happy. I want to see their wedding soon. Where will the wedding ceremony be held? At Westminster Abbey? 言いたいことは以下のような感じです。 「Camillaさんが英国でそんなに嫌われてるなんて知りませんでした。なぜ彼女はそんなに嫌われてるのですか? Prince Charlesがそんなに昔からCamillaさんの事を愛してた事も私は知りませんでした。彼らには本当に幸せになってもらいたいです。彼らの結婚式を早く見たいです。結婚式はどこでやるのですか? Westminster Abbey?」 おかしなところがあれば遠慮なく添削してください、 どうかお願いいたします m(_ _)m

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    1)You (couldn't) stay on the computer so long, or you'll hurt your eyes. 2)I (may well) thinking of my missing dog. 3)The car broke down, and we (had to get) a taxi. 4)"Must I finish this assignment now?" "No, you (needn't). There's no hurry." 5)I recommended that she (should see) the professor. 6)You (can't have seen) Rika yesterday. She moved to England a week ago. 7)I'm sorry I didn't tell you that the store is closed on Mondays. I (should have told) you before you came all the way here. 8)Most office workers ( ) paid a lot less than lawyers. 1,are 2,get 3,must 4,ought to be 5,should be →2,get 9)( ) you help me? I have a problem with my car. 1,Can 2,Could 3,May 4,Will 5,Would →3,May 1~7は()内の穴埋め、8,9は不適切な語句を一つ選択する問題です。 できれば解説や訳を加えていただきたいです。 添削よろしくお願いします。

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    1)The woman,(what) we believed was in her thirties,had three grandchildren. 2)(Whoever) you'd like to follow,you have to listen to me. I'm the boss. 3)I threw away a pair of glasses,(of which color) I didn't like. 4)The meeting will start at 10:00,at (what) time today's agenda will be announced. 5)A large proportion of (which) English-speaking people watch on TV is of American origin. 6)That's the reason (why) made us change our plan. 7)Sydney is the city (where) has the largest population in Australia. 8)The salesperson (told you) your size probably thought you wanted to try on the coat. 9)Last night Cindy told me about her new job in Tokyo,(which) she appears to be enjoying very much. 10)He is married to a singer of (whose) you may have heard. 11)Shakespeare lived in the 17th century,(whose) plays still enjoy fame in the 21st century. 12)In November or December,(where) the air becomes cold and dry,Mt.Fuji is visible more often than in any other month. 英文が多くてすみません。 ()内の添削をお願いします。 現在参考書が手元に無い環境なので間違いが多いかもしれません(汗 解説や和訳を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。