Mystical Union: Destiny and Love

  • Certain people's destinies are intertwined before birth, bound by a mystical connection.
  • Discover the secret destiny of love and the soul mate that is meant for you.
  • In this reading, find answers to your questions and uncover the fate that love has in store for you.
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英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 変な部分は意訳していただけるとありがたいです。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Certain peoples destinies are joined together mystically before birth. They are destined. As though the stars have ordained the union of spirits long ago in some other life, or some other world, the souls are joined. We might say simply the two people are meant for each other, it is this partner, this Soul Mate who shows so graphically in your chart. The one whose life and fate is bound up with yours. Other partners or lovers may show too, but not with the same intensity. In this third reading I will endeavor to answer your questions, and reveal more of the secret destiny that love has in store for you.

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以下のとおりお答えします。 チャート(天宮図)の、新たな読み取りに入る予告をしています。 >Certain peoples destinies are joined together mystically before birth. They are destined. As though the stars have ordained the union of spirits long ago in some other life, or some other world, the souls are joined. ⇒人は生まれる前に、特定の人同士の運命が神秘的に合流します。そう運命づけられている間柄です。まるで、ずっと前に、前生または前世で、精神の組み合せが星によって定められていたかのように、魂と魂が合流するのです。 >We might say simply the two people are meant for each other, it is this partner, this Soul Mate who shows so graphically in your chart. The one whose life and fate is bound up with yours. ⇒私達は単に、2人の人がお互いに意図されていた、と言うことができます。それがこのパートナーです。あなたのチャートにおいて、図表ではっきりと見えるこのソウル・メイトです。その方の人生と運命が、あなたのそれと結びつけられているのです。 >Other partners or lovers may show too, but not with the same intensity. In this third reading I will endeavor to answer your questions, and reveal more of the secret destiny that love has in store for you. ⇒他のパートナーまたは恋人が示されることがあるかも知れませんが、それは同じ強度を持ちません。線が弱いのです。私はこの3番目の読み取りで、あなたの質問に答えて、愛情があなた専用に持っている、さらに多く秘密の運命を明らかにするよう努めるつもりです。





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    日本語に翻訳していただける方宜しくお願いします。 意味不明な文が日本語になるようにお願いします。 His sun falls in Sagittarius in your third house. This means a happy circle of friends. There may be long intervals between seeing each other or being in contact. One of you may travel and often be out of touch. This sign often means travel to long distances, sometimes to other countries, but you will keep in touch no matter how far. His communications brighten your life. He is also a good listener Between you, you may have many interesting casual friends and email friends, and are always looking for thing that make new impressions and for new experiences, and are open for new situations. You know a lot about him and his life intuitively. He is open with you, or tries to be. You have a similar intelligence, though he make you see your own life and environment in a slightly different perspective. Both of you have a remarkably wide rage of interests. He can make you feel more optimistic in life, and can widen your horizons. In Synastry the was the second house of one persons chart intersects with the other person and any planets there tell us about money. This is the portion chart which is below the eastern sector and above the nadir. Its axis shows of mutual resources. It reveals what each partner will contribute materially, and how compatible a financial union will be. Money provides the material security in a marriage, It is always an important element in any lasting union. It can help or hinder a partnerships, future, and can have devastating effects when it goes wrong. Emotional security is sometimes more important than material security, or we like to think it is, but usually in the grim reality of life the one is are interdependent on the other. It is very difficult to have a totally happy relationship if there is financial hardship and deprivation, that makes each day a cold somber misery, or worse if the couple simply cannot afford financially to be together and must wait for better days. Such a relationship doesn't advance, and what doesn't advance soon begins to fall back or turn sour. Sometimes a couple are together but one partner is carrying some great financial debt or burden that eats destructively into the fabric of the relationship, with all kinds of side effects. This is why money must always be looked at in a chart.

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    以下の文章を翻訳していただけませんか?宜しくお願い致します。 Venus was in your house of death and inheritance. This is a intense placement that brings deep feelings to the surface. It causes a karmic or past life bond, which is like the forgotten inheritance of love, and will come out in various ways, but not always happy ways, other things will surface with it too. It causes subconscious power struggles. Where you pull against restrictions in your life and do things that test or provoke your partner. A love that is old and karmic and encompasses other lives. The relationship that will be very seductive, the partner will be irresistible and you will be pulled into an inescapable fate by this relationship. This means that there will be some mystery and intrigue in your love life or his. Your soul mate will be a charismatic person who will come into your life and will totally seduce you, mind body and spirit. He will be irresistible and have the power to make you melt. But this love relationship could also be filled with intense rather jealous feelings too.

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    以下の英文ですが、難しくて訳せませんでした・・。 どなたか翻訳していただけるかた、 お願いできますか? よろしくお願いします。 The cross aspects are like links in the web of fate that can have an immense effect for either good or evil. They can cause changes in your life, that are wonderful or utterly destructive. You and he have so many aspects like links into the past and future, karmic aspects and new aspects, that this relationship is significant. In the charts of intimate friends and lovers some people may only have one or two cross aspects with each other. The more tied aspects there are between a persons chart and yours the more complex compelling and involved the resulting relationship or friendship will become. This relationship has a long and tangled fate. Even now you are only just on the threshold of its future.

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで。 お願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の前半部分ですので、内容が中途半端かもしれませんが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Once this person comes into your life You take the next step of fate alone, be love, marriage, meeting, living together, or painful love, longing, and a broken heart. It will be decided by you and him. In today’s world there are many kinds of relationship. Most people do marry or set up home with the man shown in their chart, their soul mate. But for some the love remains spiritual and less than solid, for other there are obstacles to cross first.

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    何度もすみません。どなたか日本語に直していただけたら嬉しいです。 宜しくお願いします。 The ascendant is in Virgo and there are no close conjunctions from his chart But he will have a strong influence over your every day life, your thoughts, your feelings. Discrete like daylight in a room, this aspect causes sexual attraction and the potential for a marriage that will also advance your position in life. The unknown frightens you, you like to have some connection, some knowledge of the man first, and you like to know exactly where you stand in any relationship. This is a rational relationship. During the course of the relationship you may become fretful, anxious, but well groomed, may dress better look neater, but it will affect you health, you may not sleep so well, forgetful, your face will take on a tranquil aspect, your skin will become more pure. The eyes more expressive. You may feel inwardly anxious but will look outwardly serene and modest. Your. eating patterns may alter., hygiene and nerves, especially when there are tensions or difficulties in the relationship. This is likely to show in anxiety, nerves, colds. shortness of breath, a change in bowl habits, cramps in the feet, absent mindedness and inability to concentrate. Corns and calluses on the feet. There can be psychosomatic or psychic effects in this relationship. always ailing, full of maladies Virgo is an earth sign and in many ways this makes it a very practical and logical aspect because of that. A marriage that if it comes about, wont be rushed, passions and infatuation wont run away from practicalities This can make for a tight and rigid pattern, or fairly traditional roles and routines. It may not be a modern marriage.. Such a marriage is usually financially reasonable. Though money may have to be accounted for. Sometimes with this combination the finances and material side of the marriage are run frugally, as there is a mutual dislike of waste.. But it will be a loving partnership if marriage comes about. We cannot tell from this part of the chart if it will come about or not, but if it does it will be a whole heartedly commitment. Virgo is about work and about health, both things will dominate the relationship like a theme, or thread running through the future pattern of your personal life with him. knitting the relationship together.

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたに。 お願いできますでしょうか? 1つの段落と別の段落を3つに分けた前半部分との、計2つの段落になっていますので、 内容がちぐはぐになっていると思いますが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Your soul mate is attractive. He wins friends and admirers easily You will have a good social life with him, going to interesting places and events.. A lot of social enjoyment. He is a pleasant person to go out with, a good companion. But he will bring you lasting happiness too. You have Venus in Virgo. This can make you seem aloof and solitary. But you live a lot in the emotions and dreams of the mind. Love is for you not just a physical or material thing, it touches other levels of existence, and reaches beyond what is surface.. This sign rules illicit love relationships. Some delay or disappointment in love is possible.

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    どなたか以下の英文を翻訳できる方が居ましたらぜひお願いいたします。 As this book seeks to demonstrate, the visual world and its producers, its users and its designers, are engaged in a heated debate over the status of design - who has ownership of it, who is qualified to do it, and how we receive and interpret it, It is in a period of evolution, and requires more developed and rigorous understanding. It may seem odd to say this , but whatever your view of the discussion in this chapter, it should ve clear that design is not simp;y a visual medium; it is a social and, as we have identified, a political one. It just happens to be most apparent visually in the messages sent to us by commerce, media and government, and the subtler but equally important messages we send each other in our everyday practices. Like an iceberg, 90 per cent of visual communication is hidden beneath the surface. And, just like an iceberg, it is the invisible 90 per cent that provides the raw power of visual communication. So, there we end this overview of some of the key ideas that are involved in the study and under standing of visual communication and its relationship with design. Undoubtedly, like some of the practitioners interviewed for the book, you will disagree with some of it. Hopefully some of it will have challenged your own positon on this subject.

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで。 お願いできますでしょうか? 若干難解な文章かもしれませんが、わかりません。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 What the chart always portrays is your next serious and predestined chance of love. It shows the person who you will meet and fall in love with. The person who will be your next serious chance of making a long term relationship. This love is going is deep and predestined. It may transform your life. I hope it does and into a more wonderful life. But understand the just because a love is shown in the stars as your fate, it does not automatically make it happy and free of problems or pain. This chart is one step of fate, and it is like one rose on a tree. It is the only step of fate dealt with in the reading.

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    日本語に訳していただけないでしょうか? 宜しくお願いします! They transform you spiritually and are karma. They make you the person you are today, and the person you will be when you meet. Each persons karma (development of soul and character) goes at its own pace, it cannot always be measured in years or days. It’s like reading a book, each chapter; a chapter of your life, the meeting is on a certain page but some people read the book faster, some slower. In theory you can hasten the meeting, you could get to the page quicker if you work on your karma, if you become the person your destined to be sooner. Just by having this reading done your are already step closer to that time than before.

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    以下の英文を翻訳お願いしたいです Sometimes this decision is straightforward. A proposal of a marriage, and an acceptance or refusal. But sometimes life is less well defined than that and the decision is made by the soul, it is made in the depths unconsciously. By you or by him. You may feel you have had enough of this particular man, or karma for one life for example and your spirit may withdraw because of pain when you could have struggled on perhaps and changed the ending to the story. Or you may unconsciously behave in such a way that he is the one to end the relationship against your will. Life is complicated, and the stars only really sketch this life, you add your own complications to become woven into the destiny This can be said of all relationships of course, not just your own. But it is right to state it. Some people hear the word soul mate and they assume that nothing can ever go wrong. That is not so. What I promise you is a future, it is up to you and him to make it happy or sad, short or lasting.