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His sun falls in Sagittarius in your third house. This means a happy circle of friends. There may be long intervals between seeing each other or being in contact. One of you may travel and often be out of touch. This sign often means travel to long distances, sometimes to other countries, but you will keep in touch no matter how far. His communications brighten your life. He is also a good listener Between you, you may have many interesting casual friends and email friends, and are always looking for thing that make new impressions and for new experiences, and are open for new situations. You know a lot about him and his life intuitively. He is open with you, or tries to be. You have a similar intelligence, though he make you see your own life and environment in a slightly different perspective. Both of you have a remarkably wide rage of interests. He can make you feel more optimistic in life, and can widen your horizons.

In Synastry the was the second house of one persons chart intersects with the other person and any planets there tell us about money. This is the portion chart which is below the eastern sector and above the nadir. Its axis shows of mutual resources. It reveals what each partner will contribute materially, and how compatible a financial union will be. Money provides the material security in a marriage, It is always an important element in any lasting union. It can help or hinder a partnerships, future, and can have devastating effects when it goes wrong. Emotional security is sometimes more important than material security, or we like to think it is, but usually in the grim reality of life the one is are interdependent on the other. It is very difficult to have a totally happy relationship if there is financial hardship and deprivation, that makes each day a cold somber misery, or worse if the couple simply cannot afford financially to be together and must wait for better days. Such a relationship doesn't advance, and what doesn't advance soon begins to fall back or turn sour. Sometimes a couple are together but one partner is carrying some great financial debt or burden that eats destructively into the fabric of the relationship, with all kinds of side effects. This is why money must always be looked at in a chart.


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* 原文中にrageとありますが、これをrangeの誤植と見て訳しました。

** 行頭寄りの2語(the was)を削除して訳しました。


そのような関係は前進がなく、前進しないものはすぐに後退するか、だめになり始めます。 時々、一組のカップルとして一緒にいるけれども、パートナーの一方が大きな財政的な債務または重荷を負っていて、それがありとあらゆる副作用を及ぼして、二人の関係をつなぎ糸を腐らせてしまうことがあります。そういうわけで、お金の問題は常にチャートで見ておかなければならないのです。

お礼率 84% (92/109)

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