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留学している友人に結婚報告をするために、以下のメールを送りました。 Hi.How are you? I haven't seen you for a long time. It was heard that it was studying abroad. Is there any schedule which comes back to Japan? It gets married on September. Please come to a marriage ceremony. I'll inform you of it later. これに対する返信が以下のメールです。 How come everyone going to get married?? I just canceled my engagement with my boyfriend. I am in Canada;however, I will be back to Japan the end of july. I would love to celeblate your married.... With who??? 会話は成立しているのでしょうか。 また、留学している友人は、結婚式に参加できるのでしょうか。 お時間のある方、ご回答お待ちしています。


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How come everyone going to get married?? なんでみんな結婚するの? I just canceled my engagement with my boyfriend. 私なんてちょうど彼氏と婚約を断ったばかりなのに。 I am in Canada;however, I will be back to Japan the end of july. 私今はカナダにいるけど7月末には日本に戻ります。 I would love to celeblate your married.... With who??? 喜んであなたの結婚を祝福します… で、誰と?? 大雑把な訳ですが、だいたいこんな感じです。




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This person that I am marring to is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I met him in XXXXXXXXX through XXXXXXXXXX. We are so totally in love….. Anyways, can you come to our wedding? That is in Sep. Are you gonna be still in japan? Please, pleeeeeease, let me know. xoxo... みたいにMailしてみたら? あこさん女の子ですよね。男の人ならこの文はやめておいてね。




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7月の末日本に来ると言ったけど、いつまでは言わなかったね。休みは10月までならば、結婚式に参加できるはず。 休みの期間を聞いたほうがいいと思う。




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会話はとりあえず成り立ってますが、最初に送られたメールでちょっと見過ごせない間違いがいくつか。 >It was heard that it was studying abroad. これは I heard that you've been studying abroad. とするべきですね。It はおかしいです。 >It gets married on September. これもItは変です。 I'm going to get married in September. 月(9月)というならば on ではなく in ですね。 でもまぁ意味は通じてますから大丈夫ですが。 訳としてはyokke-zanの訳している通りです。 ご結婚おめでとうございます。





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    英訳お願いいたします。 I've been thinking and it occurred to me that I didn't hear you speak a lot of Japanese. I'm really looking forward to hear you speak Japanese ... it must be so ... kawaii :) Please speak a lot of Japanese when you come to Osaka なんとなーくの意味は分かったのですが‥ (あなたの日本語を聞いたことないわ‥と言うニュアンスかな?と解釈しました) 宜しくお願いします。

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    結婚をしようか悩む友人にアドバイスする英文を考えよという課題で 英文に間違いがないかチェックお願いします。どんな細かいことでもむしろありがたいです。よろしくおねがいします。 I think you don’t have to make a proposal of marriage. Can you remember how many people did you married with? It’s going to be 6th husband! The first you got married was a cook and next was a famous singer. Then, third husband was a doctor, forth was a French man and fifth was a high school student. It is time you stopped. I think you are not fit for such a restricted life. How about just making lovers? It will be reasonable for each other and no one is hurt like 5 men you had married. You should do from now on. Anyway, it is not only one problem. What I want to say the best is that sixth guy is my father!!

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    アメリカのホストファミリーからのメールです。 一部自分では訳せない部分があったので、 英語が得意な方、訳すのを手伝っていただけませんでしょうか。 お願いします! We have enjoyed having Yuri here. It has brought back many fond memories of our association with you last summer and made us miss you all the more. I told Virginia yesterday as we took Yuri to Yellowstone that I wished we could have had the opportunity to do some of these things with you. I guess that is why you need to come to the US again. If you or you and your family are ever able to come to the US we would hope you would come and see us again. Well I should wrap up for now. 特にYellowstoneというのがよく分からないです>< よろしくお願いします!

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    Hahah, I think with the speaking, it's really just a matter of hearing it more. WIth any language, I think it's practice, practice and practice and you'll get better! Hahah, I'll write some Japanese then~ 俺10年生の時、日本に6週間の留学旅行をしてた。今年も留学するつもりなんだ。 今はブリスベンの日本人の友達はいる。日本に留学した時の友達もいる。 俺は去年の11月に19歳になった。 Yea, the floods have been bad in the city but the area I live in has been fine... The river has turned really brown and it'll probably be a while until it goes back to it's original colour. お願いします!!

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    こんにちは。 次の文章を英語にしたいのですが、どうなるでしょうか? 一応自分なりに英訳してみたので、だめなところがあったら教えてください。お願いします。ちなみに手紙(はがき)に書く文章です。 「こんにちは○○(相手の名前)!元気? 私はこちらで友達と飲みにいったり家族と買い物に行ったり、とても楽しい時を過ごしています。 10日に府中市に戻ります。あなたにまた会えるのを楽しみにしています。 体に気をつけて。あなたに会いたいです。またね。」 「Hi, ○○!How are you doing? I have good time here! drinking with my friends, go shopping with my family... I'll come back to Fuchu on 10th. I'm really looking farward to seeing you again. Take care... miss you a lot! See you!」  

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    一年程前に2ケ月程付き合いをしていてその後私が日本に帰国。離れて一年近くなりますがメールで連絡を取り合っていました。私が帰国後すぐにアメリカにもどるつもりでしたがビザの関係で戻れなくなり彼が日本に来てくれることになっていたのですが、私が待ち切れず彼にメールを送りました。Are you serious to come to Japan or other country?I feel you don't like me, don't you even care, if you don't see me. if you really want to see me again,you should be coming see me soon.right? and also you never say around when. but I took it real about you said and i look forward to see you.I need to see you again for me. I'd love for you to come.I am not attracted to other guys but you since I came back to Japan.but if you feel trouble it,please tell me. Please understand that it took courage for me to say these things to you, and I was very scared too,but it's really important for me to know,so please don't feel bad about me asking this. Let me know your true feeling toward me after you read this すると返事が。。。 Thank u for e-mail. It`s alway`s nice hearing from u. To answer your question, I would love to see u in Japan or other country but the timing has to be right. My company got very busy suddenly so I have to take advantage of the business to survive. i really can`t tell u exactly when. I do like u and want to spend time with u but it`s not my fault. Sorry to inconvenience u. U never trouble me and thank u for building the courage to tell me your feelings. I respect that. I hope all is well and take care and be safe. Keep the faith,  このようになっていました。この文の 'it`s not my fault' は何に対して俺のせいではないと言っているのでしょう?日本に行きたいけど仕事のせいで行けないから俺のせいじゃないと言うことでしょうか?’Sorry to inconvenience u'は私に不憫な思い(すぐに会いに行けない事)をさせて悪いということでしょうか?そしてこの’I respect that.’ あなたを尊敬する??? 最後の’Keep the faith’はしっかり。と言う意味ですが、俺は日本に行かないけどあなたは日本で違う人を見つけてしっかり人生生きて行きなさい。と言うことでしょうか?いつものメールでも彼はとても言葉を選んでいるように感じます。ですが 私がthink of you often と送ると think of you ofen also と帰ってきたり。私が写真を送った時は メールの最後にThinking of u,とありました。あまり深い意味はないのでしょうか?? 彼の事が大好きなのにアメリカに入国出来ない自分にいら立ちを覚えて。。。彼のメールの一言一言にいろいろ考えてしまいます。 この文を読んでどう思われますか?彼は私に対する愛情はあると思いますか?友達として好きでお愛想で上手く慰めているのでしょうか?ご意見お願いします。

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    "I have never come close to being married or engaged. I was with someone eight years ago when I questioned whether I wanted the pressure of being married or having children. I always felt that if pregnancy was to happen, it would happen; if it didn't, it didn't...I have security, I don't need a man in my life.” 某アーティストのインタビューからの抜粋です。特に最後の文に度々出てくる“it”は、それぞれ何を指すのかがわかりません。 やや急いでいます。お願いします!

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    【その一】 ウタダは若い時から有名になったからプライベートの時間はほとんどありませんでした だから彼女は一般人になりたいからしばらく活動を停止しますといいました それを発表したのは去年 です 私はそれを聞いた時とてもショックを受けました 彼女がいつ戻ってくるかは誰も知りません 【その二】 私もマンガを読みます。私は日本で有名なマンガはほとんど読みました それと私は音楽を聴いたりドラマをみたりするのが好きです 私はこれから写真を趣味にしたいと考えています 一応自分で考えてみたんですが Utada was famous since she was younger, so she did not have almost private time So he said i want to be ordinary person,therefore i stop working some time. It happened last year.. I was very shocked when it heard When she come back,,,nobody knows. i read manga,too! i read ever most of the famous Japanese manga. and,i like to listen to music, watch drama, i am planting to take picture. i want to be it my hobby 大まかには相手には伝わりますか? また 大体何点くらいですか? お手数ですがお願いしますm(__)m .

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    和訳お願いいたします。 Hello, I am interested in this vehicle. I was wondering how low are you willing to sell this vehicle and have it shipped to the U.S Bao

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    英訳お願いいたします! 長文の一部です‥自分でやってみた箇所もありますが、訂正も含め英訳を宜しくお願いします。 Yesterday I was sleeping(昨日寝ていたら) ... and all of a sudden I heart my phone received an email (I forgot to put my phone to silent mode) ... but somehow I thought it would be an email from you ... and then I fell asleep again :) How are you today? Is it also so warm in Tokyo? (東京も暑い?)In Osaka it was incredibly warm ... (大阪は信じられないくらい暑いよ)luckily I could stay indoors this weekend.(ラッキーなことに今週は中にいれたよ) Work does have some benefits :)Maybe you can handle this warm weather very well since your mother is from Okinawa? (君のお母さんは沖縄出身だから、君はこの暑さを乗り切れるのかな)I guess it must really be very warm there, no?(沖縄は本当に凄い暑いだろうね、違う?) This morning I tried to running for the first time this trip in Osaka.(今朝、大阪に来てから初めてランニングしたよ) Because of my jet lag I couldn't get out of bed last week ...(先週は時差ぼけでベッドから出れなかったから) maybe I'm a little bit lazy.(多分私はちょっと体がだるい) The running this morning didn't go well(今朝のランニングは良くなかった) ... it was sooooo warm .(すごーく暑かった).. I thought I was going to melt! And running time was very very bad ...(ランニングの時間はかなりだめだった) Promise you will not laugh ... Thank for being so considerate. You are really very kind.(あなたは本当に優しい) I'm going back to Belgium on the 30th of August, but it could be delayed. So I will be here for still a while. Maybe it would be better for you if you could visit Osaka in August? Then you can have a relaxed mini-holiday :) I might be more busy towards the end of August. Because then we need to give a product to our Korean customer. Is there something special you like to visit in Osaka? Osaka-jo, Dotombori, Shinsaibashi, ... please let me know. Have you been to Kyoto? This might require a bit more time ... need to check. But if you know when you could come and how long I can think of what to do and I will let you know ok?