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The term "World Englishes" functions as a collective noun such as animals and vegetables. The category of World Englishes includes Japanese English, American English, Spanish English, and Korean English as its members. The basic point about World Englishes is that English no longer belongs exclusively to native speakers but is a global resource shared by all peoples of the world, and that the English norms are not to be decided locally but globally. This means that all these users of English have their share in the future of English. 【question】 What are included as members of World Englishes? おねがいします!


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Every type of English, such as Japanese English, American English, Spanish English, and Korean English is included as members of World Englishes.



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    So today, to have learned English means to have your own rights as one of the users of the language. And it is just as likely that the future course of English will be influenced by second or foreign language speakers of English as by native speakers. Language learners will be facing these World Englishes, and they will develop a sense of international standards of English ―as well as their national norms of English, which are currently the focus of learning. It may not be many years, however, before an international standard becomes the starting-point for every learner of English, with British, American, and other varieties all seen as optional versions of English. 【questions】 What does “to have learned English” mean? What will learners of English develop when they face World Englishes? 二問ありますがおねがいします!

  • 自由英作文の添削をお願いします。

    何度も失礼します。前回、前々回とも詳しく、ご丁寧な添削ありがとうございます。 あつかましいのですが、また自由英作文の添削をお願いします。 グローバル化がもたらすメリットとデメリット・それに対する意見 The merit of globalization is that we can access to technology, imformation, services and markets all over the world. They are good for local communities because they could take part in world economic. But,the demerit of globalization is that there is a possibility that individual distinctions of culture and society become erased by an increasingly homogeneous global culture. For example, I have been to Thailand before. I hoped that I enjoyed ehnic costume and delicious food wagons although they are dirty. But, The scene of Thailand seldom change to a spectacle of Japan. There were a lot of department stores of Japan, and many people enjoyed shopping with the dress in good taste. As my conclution, it is important for us to advance globalization as we remain individual culture and society. 長くなってしまいすいません。どんな些細な点でもご指摘いただければありがたいです。よろしくお願いします。

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    According to a recent study, the number of non-native speakers of English is now three times as large as that of native speakers. The new English speakers aren't just studying English as a second language, but they are also changing it and even creating their own version of it.

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    What happens when a large number of people adopt English in their community? They develop "an English" of their own. In fact , there are now many varieties of spoken English developing around the world , in countries such as India and Ghana. 【question】 Where are varieties of spoken English developing? おねがいします!

  • 自由英作文の添削してください !

    自由英作文の添削してください ! テーマ(自分の人生を変えた出来事) I have been to the US and the experience changed my view of the world. As you know, they speak English fluently: the sound of the language is cool even if the speaker is Japanese. That’s why I got to be interested in foreign languages. But that’s not all. What is more important for me is an American attitude: they are seemed to like to tell his thoughts to others and can express his own opinions positively, unlike the most of Japanese. These experiences showed me attraction of studying abroad.

  • 和訳してくださいm(_ _)m

    It is easy to say that English will be the dominant language of the 21st century. After all, it is the main language of the world's biggest economy, the United States, and the common language of business. A large percent of the information on the Internet is in English, and worldwide, many countries are rushing to learn English, since they regard it as vital for economic success.For example, English is the working language of the Asian trade group ASEAN. ln addition, in Malaysia English recently replaced Malay as the language used to teach mathematics and science in schools. The dream of many is that English will develop into a truly global language so that wherever we go, we can understand and be understood. This would ease cultural misunderstandings, encourage tourism, enable trade to work smoothly,reduce the conflict between nations, and lead to a more peaceful world. たくさん投稿しますが、よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

  • これどうやって訳せばいいんでしょう?!

    一文が長くて、なかなかうまく訳せません。助けてください!!  The emergence of English as a global phenomenon ー as either a first, second or foreign language ー has recently inspired the idea that we should talk not of English, but of many Englishes, especially in Third World countries where the use of English is no longer part of the colonial legacy, but the result of decisions made since independence. ※many Englishes = 多くの英語  Third World countries = 第三世界の国々

  • 名詞の繰り返しを避けるthat ofの内容が複数

    単数名詞の繰り返しを避ける that of の of の中身が複数の場合、それに続く動詞は単数で受ければ良いのでしょうか?複数で受けるのでしょうか? 例えば以下のような文の場合です。 The performance of A is high, but that of B and C <is/are> low. but 以下の文章を単独で書けば The performances of B and C are low. になろうかと思いますが、前の文章に出てくる The performance of A が単数なので、that of を those of にする訳にもいかないように思います。 宜しくお願いします。

  • 英作文の添削お願いします

    英作文の添削お願いします また、英文が英語のロジック(論理)にあっているかや、間違いについて、なぜ間違えなのかを教えていただければ嬉しいです。 英語がおよそ今日および将来における最も便利な国際語であることには疑いはありません。そのため、国際コミュニケーションの手段として英語を学ぶ ことがいかに重要であるかがくり返し強調されています。にもかかわらず、 日本人の英語能力に欠陥があることが指摘され続けるという状況は全く改善されていないのです。 There is no doubt that English is the most common language all over the world and will be in the future. Therefore it is often said how important learning English is as a means of global communication. However, we still hear a lot of complaints that Japanese people don't have enough ability to use English.

  • 一橋大学 自由英作文

    こんにちは。受験生です 私は来年一橋大学を受験しようと思っています。 そこで皆さんには一橋英語の自由英作文を添削してもらいたいと思います。 ただ、パソコン上でいちいち添削してもらうのも忍びないので、 1)論理・説得力 2)特筆するほどの文法・構文ミス 3)使える表現, 幅広く使える定型表現など 4)総合点(やはり一橋を基準としたときに、それは合格点をいただけるのかどうか、などです)) をつけていただきたいと思います。もちろんコメントだけでも結構です There are two reasons for suggesting that English should be the only foreign language worth studying. First, it goes without saying that English is the most widespread language. For this reasons, more and more people are rushing to make use of English language, so there is a possibility that English will enable us to communicate all over the world. Second, whether it is good or not, it is true that America is the center of the world economics, politics, and so on. We cannot rule out that there is a possibility to lead a life without any foreign influence, but now we always have a foreign effect, especially an American effect, on our modern life. Therefore, if we persist in our mother-tongue, we would be behind the times without fail. Consequently, we cannot help but study English language. 読みにくい、稚拙な英文で申し訳ないです。 ぜひ一読した上でご指導お願いします。