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Unfortunately, this is a dream.While there is no doubt that English will play a vital role,there are other lan ua es that will do so,too. The most obvious of these are Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. There are about 1.2 billion speakers of the main dialects of Chinese, but thev are concentrated in China. However, China's rapid development, and the spread of increasinglv economically powerful Chinese mean that Chinese will once again become adominant regional language,as it was more than 1000 years ago.Spanish is the is the main language of Spain,but also of the majority of nations in Central and South America. Furthermore with Hispanics having recently become the largest minority group in the United States, Spanish may become as influential a language as English. よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m


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残念ながら、これは夢です。 英語が最も重要な役割を果たすという事には疑いがありませんが、同様の役割を果たす他の言語もあります。こうした言語の中で最も明白なのは、中国語、スペイン語、アラビア語です。 中国語の主な方言を話す人々は約12億人いますが、それらは中国に集中しています。 しかしながら、中国の急速な発展と、ますます経済的に力をつける中国語の普及は、中国語が、1000年以上前にそうであったように、もう一度優位な地域の言語になる事を意味します。 スペイン語は、スペインの主要な言語ですが、中南米の国々の大部分の言語でもあります。 その上、スペイン系の人々が最近合衆国で最も大きいマイノリティー・グループになって行くのにつれて、スペイン語は英語と同じくらい有力な言語になるかもしれません。



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    Indeed, such is the demand to learn language that are now more students of English in China than there are people in the United States.

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    Nearly 500 languages vantshed in the 20th century in Africa and South America, and it is not only languages in developing nations that are at risk. Languages like Danish,Welsh, and Dutch are undoubtedly under threat, and the cultures of these countries and their unique world views may be lost. If all Danish people switch to English, then they will increasingly become unable to read and understand the books that have contributed to their culture and identity. This trend has been called cultural imperialism by those who view this development negatively. There have been other dominant languages in the past: Ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Latin, and others. What the have in common is that today no one speaks them as a living language. However their influene on our modern cultures is indisputable. Although Latin "died, " it evolved into Spanish,French,ltalian, Portuguese,and heavily influenced English. よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    It is easy to say that English will be the dominant language of the 21st century. After all, it is the main language of the world's biggest economy, the United States, and the common language of business. A large percent of the information on the Internet is in English, and worldwide, many countries are rushing to learn English, since they regard it as vital for economic success.For example, English is the working language of the Asian trade group ASEAN. ln addition, in Malaysia English recently replaced Malay as the language used to teach mathematics and science in schools. The dream of many is that English will develop into a truly global language so that wherever we go, we can understand and be understood. This would ease cultural misunderstandings, encourage tourism, enable trade to work smoothly,reduce the conflict between nations, and lead to a more peaceful world. たくさん投稿しますが、よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    part3の続きです。 There are signs,however,that this linguistic monopoly will not survive into the 21st century. Experts have suggested that the proportion of Internet material in decade as users are given more choice of language. A recent British government report on the future of the English language argued that English will soon be joined by several orther‘world languages’,and the report's auther warned:“We are moving to a stage in which the world will be saturated with English. Every area will have it as a second language,and the most competitive countries will be those that have another world lagnage as well ' It is a warning that most British people do not yet seem to have given much thought to,despite the linguistic efforts of their Prime Minister.

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    英文を和訳していただけるかた のみで、 お願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の後半部分となります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 A mysterious mystifying feeling will draw you towards him and in that moment your life will become changed, your future will become set. You and he are not only soul mates, but he is a kind of spiritual twin. Never will you have a relationship quite as deep and magical as this, for you and he are meant for each other, and both of you have been unconsciously waiting, both lonely to meet.

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    Arabic is the language of lslam, which has about 1.5 billion fllowers worldwide, and dialects of this language are spoken from Turkey to Indonesia, from Pakistan to Sudan. Perhaps more surprisingly, Hindi and Urdu are the second most-spoken languages in the world after Chinese. The world may increasingly organize itself around a relatively small number of languages. But why? lt is no surprise that the strongest languages are those of cotintries and regions that are powerful,maybe not only in an economic or political sense, but perhaps more importantly,in a cultural sense. For example, since using a translated copy of the Koran is forbidden, Muslims worldwide must learn Arabic. What about weaker countries?Many cultures are fighting keep their languages alive, particularly in the face of increasing exposure to English. よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    Williams' sound is firmly based on classical music. The theme of "Star Wars" is one such example and is one of John's favorite film scores. This piece fascinated even those who were certain that classical music is the best. Since "Schindler's List" in 1993, Williams' sound has become more and more classical and is now enjoyed by serious music lovers as well as by movie fans. Concerts where his scores are played take place all over the world. But John's love for film music has never changed. He believes that in the years to come, more composers will become interested in composing for films. John once said, "In the 21st century, filmmaking will surely see its full development. I think it's really important that we make movies as exciting as possible. I hope that our children will all want to go and watch movies."

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    None of those things, of course. In fact, one might well suppose that the popular feeling is that Americans are a lot better off without any of that tripe. There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

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    pert2の続きです。 But does this linguistic inability matter in a world where English has become the dominant language of business and international relations? In a recent survey of European organizations,99 percent said that they used English as a working language,as opposed to 63 percent French and 40 percent German. At a world level it has been estimated that 85 percent of international organizations use English,45 percent French and fewer than ten percent Arabic,Spanish of German.

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    こないだテストでだされたんですが和訳した回答を配ってくれませんでした。。。自分の訳があっているか知りたいのでだいたいで良いので和訳できる人がいたらよろしくお願いします。。。 You may wonder why Hawaiians are so eager to maintain their native language. I think the answer is that language is more than just a means of exchanging information. We see the world around us through the window of our language. It enables us to share the history and culture of our people, and so it helps us find our identity. If we lose our language, we lose something of ourselves. Imagine that English has taken the place of the Japanese language here in Japan. What happens to your culture and identity? English is useful for communication in many parts of the world, but your mother tongue is an important part of your identity. In Japan ,too,there is a minority language, just as in Hawaii. The Ainu people have lose much of their language and culture. Today, they are trying to revive their traditions. In this class we are going to study English of course, but I want you to remember that your mother tongue is the most important language in the world. Mahalo for listening. 以上なんですが長文なのでかなり長いです。。。  これでも回答してくれる方お願いいたします。