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これの答えを教えてください あと和訳もお願いします W夫妻がY夫妻に対して別れのあいさつをしている。空所に最も適当なものはなんですか W:Well, we certainly had a wonderful weekend! Y:We did too. W:Everything was perfect.(1) Y:Well,it's been wonderful having you.(2) W:We will.I do not know how we can ever repay you for this hospitality.(3) Y:We'd like that.(4) W:Well,good-bye, and thanks again! Y:Bye!(5) ア:Hava a good trip. イ:Please accept my apologies. ウ:That's all right. エ:We'll be looking forward to it. オ:We really appreciate all you've done for us. カ:You know whre we live now, so come again! キ:You two must come to see us next time.


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W: Well, we certainly had a wonderful weekend! (おかげさまで、すばらしい週末を過ごすことができました) Y: We did too. (こちらこそ) W: Everything was perfect. We really appreciate all you've done for us. (何もかも申し分なかった。心づくしのご接待にお礼申し上げます) Y: Well, it's been wonderful having you. You know where we live now, so come again! (こちらこそお礼を言いたいくらいです。ここの場所がお分かりになったでしょうから、また来て下さいな) W: We will. I do not know how we can ever repay you for this hospitality. You two must come to see us next time. (そうします。このご接待のお礼をどうしたらいいものやら。今度は、あなた方お二人が我々の招待を受けていただく番ですよ) Y: We'd like that. We'll be looking forward to it. (ぜひそうさせてもらいましょう。待ち遠しいです) W: Well, good-bye, and thanks again! (時間ですな。ほんとにお世話さまでした!) Y:Bye! Hava a good trip. (さようなら。お気をつけて) といった感じではないかと思います。



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    『I really needed to hear that while I am waiting for you. You seem to do things that fit me very well. You are a special woman. And yes you will be in my dreams,until we are together again...』 宜しくお願いします。

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    【至急】英語解読得意な方、和訳お願いします…!! I didn't intend to do that stupid things yesterday, but it forces me because every time we had some misunderstanding you always scared me to death...this not the matter of win or loss we just destructing each other., I think it's time to us to be separated, move on without any hatred forgive us each other for what we had done wrong ...since yesterday ,it relief the pain I felt and it's over. I did love you for the best I know , I dedicated most of my time waiting to see you for your free time, . But it still worthless .... Sometimes I kept asking my self why we still fighting., since we love each other.. Did you ever trust me?, or Did I ever trust you?, it's vice versa..we don't know, isn't it ?, because, it can't be us. Thank you for all the love and sacrifices you given me. And when the times come that we're free us together , I will grab that opportunity. Still wishing you the best, good luck!

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    アメリカのホストファミリーからのメールです。 一部自分では訳せない部分があったので、 英語が得意な方、訳すのを手伝っていただけませんでしょうか。 お願いします! We have enjoyed having Yuri here. It has brought back many fond memories of our association with you last summer and made us miss you all the more. I told Virginia yesterday as we took Yuri to Yellowstone that I wished we could have had the opportunity to do some of these things with you. I guess that is why you need to come to the US again. If you or you and your family are ever able to come to the US we would hope you would come and see us again. Well I should wrap up for now. 特にYellowstoneというのがよく分からないです>< よろしくお願いします!

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    和訳をお願いします。長いです‥ When we met it was so nice, but it's not the time we spend together that was like a dream ... it's you ... you are a dream ... and when I think of you or when I look at your picture ... it gives me a happy feeling, but also such an empty feeling, because we're so far apart and I don't know when we can meet again. If it's possible for us to meet again I will make it happen ... it doesn't matter if I need to travel to Japan ... go to the US ... I'll even fly to the moon just to meet you ... But if we can choose ... maybe we should choose a place that not so warm as Osaka in summer :) On my flight back I indeed got a very nice view of Fuji-san ... I'm sorry that the photo doesn't show how nice it really was. Did you go half way? It must really be nice! Actually do you want to go all the way to the top? Yes let's do that ... you and I, together we can walk all the way to top of mount Fuji and enjoy the view ... But we have to wait till July or August next year ... Do you know I followed a mountain climbing course and I climbed some summits in the Alps (Austria, close to the Italian border). And I also climbed Mount Meru (4566 meters) in Tanzania ... that's the mountain next to the Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain of Africa). So I was on the top of Mount Meru during sunrise. Only Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru were above the clouds and then ... the sun was rising from behind the Kilimanjaro ... soooo nice ... I got tears in my eyes. ... next time we meet or the time after that or after that ... I'll try to make it special for you ... so that you can say it was like a dream ... just like you are special for me and I can say you are like a dream for me ...

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    It is not because you were born with a natural interest for that particular kind of business.You know perfectly well you could have happened to choose something else. 「特定の職業に興味を持っているのは、あなたが本来、それに興味をもって生まれたからではない。あなたは、偶然に他のことを選べただろうということを、完全によく知っている」 まず、第一文ですが、一応訳してはみたものの、文の構造がわかりません。全文訳も含めて、どなたか教えて下さい。

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    We note here, that there are no doubt numerous other ways to produce rankings lists and that it is unlikely that any one rankings list would satisfy all aspects of the ‘all-time greatest’ debate, but the rankings presented here are intuitive and come from a well-defined mathematical model.

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    和訳お願いいたします。 Oh I quickly show you what I normally eat for breakfast ... muesli with yogurt. It's not what Belgian people usually eat. Normally people eat bread with jam or choco paste or ... ha something very new and very Belgian speculoos paste Do you know viennoiserie? That's what people would have for breakfast on Sunday (or at least when I was young we had this every Sunday). Before I go to work I need to pass by the super market and I can take some pictures. But you probably know it ... in Japan you have many break shops. Ok we'll arrange a nice breakfast for you. Don't worry. Well done with your homework! I guess that we can do all the things you want ... but you made it very easy for me :) Just one thing ... the night view ... we don't have something as roppongi hills or Tokyo tower. We only have but it closes at 6 :( ... so maybe we'll only be able to see night views from Satomi-chan's height. Oh ... I keep forgetting ... ●cm right? Very cute ... I attached a picture of the oil you gave me. I really liked it. But I trust your taste. Actually I'm very happy that we enjoy the same things. Hair dryer ... see that's something I totally didn't realize I didn't have. I can imagine it must be very important to you :) I'll get one ... hotel ●● should be fully equipped ... haha 以上です。ありがとうございます。

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    次の英文の和訳をお願いします。 thats good!! :)that means theres more to come ^^ it would be boring if you knew it all already, right?

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    Man1: This again? Son of a bitch. Taking my money like that, you cheating dogs. Why, the only reason you can even live here is 'cause of what I've done. I busted my tail to dig that gate. Man2: For criminy's sakes, you always say the same thing when you're losing. We all dug that gate together, and you know it. Man3: Yeah, we did. We worked like there was no tomorrow. Man1: And what have we got to show for it?!

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    I never believed that we would see each other again so soon. I will try to arrive the 26th and come back ... I don't know yet. But I'm trying to go back on the 15th or 16th of January. So most likely I would have to go to Osaka on Monday 3rd of January and will return to Tokyo on 7th January. And leave again 10th January to Osaka. and come back to Tokyo the 14th on the evening. And then leave the 16th to come back home ... That's my plan ... I hope I can make it. There is something that you could help me with. Which area do you recommend I stay in while I'm in Tokyo? Maybe an area that's convenient for you? 以上です。 ありがとうございます。