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私は英語が苦手で英作文を作ったのですが、自信がないのでどなたか添削してください! よろしくお願いいたします。 History of soba that originated in Japan More than 9,000 years ago, buckwheat flour was found in the ruins of Kochi Prefecture. Soba was a familiar plant and food. Soba was used as a food before the Nara Period. At that time, they were eating rice gruel with grains. In the Edo period, soba was eaten as noodles. That cooking method was different from what it was today. Soba became popular around the middle of the 18th century. This is because it has changed to boiling cooking and you can enjoy the original deliciousness. And gradually, soba became a highly regional food, and the local soba was born. There is a place like [Shin-soba] near here. Soba has changed a lot in a long history.That's why they are so popular today.


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1。「9000年以上前に高知県の遺跡から蕎麦の実の花粉が発見された」  というのが原文ですが、この原文を見て発見した時が九千年以上前と思う人はいないでしょう。ところが英訳はそうも読めます。  また花粉が  flour になっていますが、これは(蕎麦などの)粉のことで、下記のように pollen にしないと誤解を招きます。  https://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=pollen  英訳では「高知県の廃墟」となり「コーチケンという荒れ果てたお城」のようです。ここでは archaeological site と一語付け加えたほうがいいように思います。  In Kochi Prefecture (on the island of Shikoku) at a site dated more than 9,000 years ago archaeologists found some buckwheat pollen とも。 2。第二文  Soba was a familiar plant and food.> Buckwheat became a part of daily food.とも 3。第三文 a は要りません。 4。第四文  At that time, they were eating buckwheat grains as we eat rice gruel today without grinding them into flour. とも。 5。第六文  原文は「その調理方法は現在と違い蒸していた」ですが。  That cooking method was different from what it was today.ですと最後の一番大切なところが抜けています。 Unlike today's cooking method of boiling the noodles were steamed in the Edo period. とも。 6。第十文  ご当地そばには「にしんそば」などがある、が原文ですが  There is a place like [Shin-soba] near here. では誤訳です。  「にしん」は鰊で、下記のようにかけそばに身欠き鰊の甘露煮を乗せたものです。鰊は北海道が原産ですが「鰊蕎麦」は京都でできたという説もあります。  http://soba-ya.com/syokuzai/1380.html  ニシンそばは、下記などをごらんください。  https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%E3%83%8B%E3%82%B7%E3%83%B3%E3%81%9D%E3%81%B0&tbm=isch&source=hp&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjs5vX1s7DkAhUOW60KHXMNBtAQsAR6BAgEEAE&biw=1920&bih=852  One of the regional specialty soba is "Nishin-soba" with a herring in it. とも。  https://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=%e9%b0%8a 7。他に色々訳し方があるでしょうから、これはほんの一例です。



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    Again a victim of SGI has occurred. American singer Tina Turner became a member of the Japanese religion "SGI (Soka Gakkai International)" with the introduction of a friend in 1971. After becoming a member of SGI, she and her family were released from misery and became happy. However, SGI has changed to heresy Buddhism. Since then, most SGI members have become gradually unhappy. And in July 2018, her son committed suicide. It seems that she and her family did not know that SGI had changed to heresy Buddhism.

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    訳をお願いします。 In the 1980s, children's favorite food was curry and rice. At that time, sushi was an expensive food; it was something that people ate on special days. Today, the food that children like most is sushi. Why has sushi become so popular? The reason is clear: we can get fish more easily, because of the increase in fish farming and the development of freezing technology. Most of the tuna sold at the supermarket comes from fish farms or from distant oceans such as the South Pacific or the Indian Ocean. With such fish, kaiten-zushi bars and delivery shops are able to sell sushi more cheaply. As the number of these bars and shops has grown, sushi has become much more popular.

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     この英文の添削をお願いします。  「日本料理」を紹介する和文を以下のように英訳いたしました。細かな日本的な表現にとらわれず、自然な英語を試みましたが、もし英語としておかしな所や不自然な所があれば、教えてください。  和文   日本料理は、海外では、寿司、天麩羅、蕎麦などが有名です。  日本料理の特徴の一つは、季節ならではの素材、旬の産物を取り入れていることです。四季折々の豊かな自然をもつ日本ならではの食文化です。また美味しさとともに、見た目の美しさも日本料理の魅力です。日本料理は目と舌で楽しむ味の芸術品と言えるでしょう。  訳例1 Sushi, tempura and soba are popular Japanese dishes in foreign countries. Japanese cusine traditionally uses seasonal foodstuffs at their peak of freshness and flavour. This style of Japanese cooking is deeply connected with our inherited tendency to enjoy every nuance of the changing seasons. Excellent taste of the dishes is important of course, but also how they look when served is considered and paid careful attention. Thus Japanese dishes can be called "a work of art" which satisfies our eyes and palates.  訳例2 Sushi, tempura and soba are popular Japanese dishes in foreign countries. Japanese cusine has traditionally emphasised every nuance of the changing seasons and has made frequent use of foodstuffs in their season. In the style of Japanese cooking is reflected our inherited tendency to enjoy seasonal changes through the year. Excellent taste of the dishes is of course important, but careful attention must be paid to how beautiful they look on the table when served, as well. Thus Japanese dishes can be called "a work of art," which satisfies our eyes and palates. 以上です。  よろしくお願いいたします。

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    お願いします 下記内容どなたか添削いただけませんでしょうか(内容ではなく文法を)、よろしくお願いします What is the economic system in one country you know? In Japan, we have reliable economic system. For example, Food, Food factory is heavily regulated by government. They are checked their sanitary conditions thoroughly. If factory was poor hygiene situation, Consumer might eat bad food. Therefore, Government checks them out without notice and they try to protect our life. However, Government check system was nearly-defunct few years before. They check it out regularly for the public; in fact they just flip through the document and see their assembly line only superficially. Consequently, it given rise to food industry’s moral degeneration such as doctor production date, poor hygiene situation, mislabeled food, polluted food. Many companies were laid open. Consumers angry at their sloppy management and government’s superficial research but changed low more tighten and enacted whistle-blower immunity bill. And now Government regulates the quality of food and lots of product thoroughly. Bad happen lead to good economic system.

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    緊急!!英訳の添削をしてください。助けてください。お願いします。 私が今までに下した大きな決断は、短大から大学へ編入学したことです。 私は短大の授業で、「食」の栄養や調理性など食の重要性に関する知識を学ぶ中で、この先、人にとって重要な「食」を栄養・生理学的な観点から知識を深め、「食」の可能性を追求し、食を通じて多くの人に貢献したいと思いました。その思いから、短大卒業後の進路は、食品業界への就職、大学への編入学という3つの選択肢を考えました。私はその中で、分野が異なる他大学への編入学を志望しました。その理由は、その大学には「食」の可能性を追求できる研究室が存在していたからです。しかし、分野が異なる大学に編入学することは大きな決断であり、短大で学んだ知識だけでは足りないこと、編入学後は単位面でかなり苦労することなど色々不安もありましたが、粘り強く努力し、志を変えず最後までやり遂げた結果、合格することができました。 The big decision that I gave so far is that I have transfered from the junior college to the university. I thought that I pursued possibility of "the food" by what could deepen knowledge of important food for person from a poin of view nourishment and physiology in future and wanted to contribute to many people through food through I learned knowledge about the importance of the food such as nourishment and cooking characteristics of "the food" in the class of the junior college. In that case, I thought two choise, securing employment to the food industry and transfer admission to the other university. And I wished to be transfer admission to the university in different field. The reason is because there was the laboratory which can pursue possibility of "the food" at the university. However, that transfer admission to the university in different field was big decision and there were various uneasiness, the thing I was based on lack of knowledge that I had learnt at the junior colledge and the thing I had a hard time taking a unit after transfer admission, and I made tried hard and followed out without changing aim and passed the university.

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    ↓文章が2つあるのですが、両方確認して頂きたいです。 <The consumption tax>  Japanese consumption tax is 5%. Sweden is a country where a consumption tax is the 2nd highest country in the world, and 5 times of Japan. Iceland is a country where a consumption tax is the highest. It is 25.5%. There are three kinds of consumption taxes of Sweden. The highest tax rates of them are 25%. A publication and public traffic are 6% and food is the tax rates of 12%. But, Japan has not divided the consumption tax like Sweden.  The tax rates of Sweden are higher than Japan, so social welfare is substantial than Japan. <History of the tax>  Third, I’m going to talk about history of the tax. Japan was started the consumption tax in 1989. At first, it was 3%. Later, it changed 5% in 1997. Then, it is still 5%. But, it will go up in the future. Sweden was started the consumption tax in 1960. The consumption tax of Sweden changed 10 times in 30 years, and became 25% from 4.2%. Therefore, the consumption tax of Japan did not large change. But, the consumption tax of Sweden changed a lot.

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    The person in charge of these new photos was out but back in the office today, I can send them to you. The AAA will be uploaded today, and the BBB is both popular in small and large, they sell out almost as fast as we put it out.

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    英会話教室用にスピーチを考えましたが、だんだん書いているうちに判らなくなってきました。特に"He understands that they wish their babies happiness and the possibility of meaning, or a particular sound that Kanji has." は、「作者は、両親が子供の幸せと可能性を漢字の意味と音にたくしていることを理解している。」と言う意味で書きましたが、どうでしょうか? 他にも指摘がありましたら、お願いいたします。 Yesterday, I read a book review. The book title was, `Yominikui namae ha naze fuetaka?` Translating this literally into English, `Why did the names that were unreadable increase?` The writer asks why, in these days, so many parents name their children unreadable names using difficult Kanji. He understands that they wish their babies happiness and the possibility of meaning, or a particular sound that Kanji has. Some parents also really worry about distinguishing their babies from others. Thus, they choose difficult Kanji to read and unusual ways to pronounce them. Also, he warns that these trends might ruin the system of Kanji that has a long history. I generally agree with him, and think that we need some more strict rules for naming babies.

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    この歌は16世紀半ばまで伝承で受け継がれた。またシェイクスピア(William Shakespeare)の「ウィンザーの陽気な女房たち(The Merry Wives of Windsor)」の劇中に曲名が出てきたりした。このことから当時いかに広く歌われていたかがうかがえる。他の資料などから、17世紀にはイングランドの誰もが知っている流行曲となったことがわかった。 ⇨This song was handed down until the middle of the 16th century. In addition, this song are appeared in “The Merry Wives of Windsor” by William Shakespeare. From this it can see how widely sung at that time. Furthermore, form other sources, it turned out that it became a popular song known to everyone in the 17th century in England. >伝承で受け継がれた というのをbe handed downで表しました。 こちらの英文の添削をお願いします。

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    下の英文を添削してください。 In fact, the residents of the bulletin on Network that unspecified large number people to write is limited only 8 people in the movie. The bulletin on Network is originarry many slander, but the director changed it to support and serious comment. I though it is not real, but it seems to need work to became purely love story, and I think it is successful. The original character that made the director has personality and it become interesting story. 「実際に不特定多数のネットワーク上の掲示板の住民は、映画ではわずか8人に絞られました。 ネット上の掲示板は多くの中傷コメントがありますが、監督は応援や真面目(純粋)なコメントに変えました。 それは現実的ではないですが、純粋なラブストーリーにするには必要な作業だったと思うし、それは成功していると思う。 監督の作った8人のキャラクターには個性があり、話をより一層面白くさせていた。」 よろしくお願いします。