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翻訳機だと変になってわかりませんでした(>_<) Yess (heart)(heart)(heart) But I want it to take a long time like over 30 minutes And I dare you to do 2 things while you sit on my face. 1 I dare you to take a picture of yourself while you are sitting on my face, make sure no one can see me in the picture and use it as a profile picture. 2 I dare you to talk to someone on the phone while you are sitting on me はどういう意味ですか?


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わかったよ。(heart)(heart)(heart) でも時間をかけてやって(座って)もらいたいんだ。例えば30分以上にわたってね。それで僕の顔の上にまたがっている間だけど、果たしてこの二つのことをする勇気があるかな? 1. 僕の顔の上にまたがっている間、君は僕の素性がバレないように自分の写真を撮って、それを自らのプロフ写真としてアップできるかな? 2 君は僕の上にまたがりながら、誰かと電話で話すことが出来るかな?





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    when you sit on my face really want you to be sadistic. I want for you to drop your butt hard on my face. I want you to bounce on my face, making my face go in as deep as possible.

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    "And don't you dare to eat any of it yourself. Your Aunt Spiker and I are going to have it between us right here and now, half each. get on with you! Up you go!" そして、あなたは自分でそれのいずれかも食べませんか? あなたのスパイカーおばさんと私は現在ちょうどここに私たちの間にそれを持つつもりです、それぞれ半分。???? dare →挑戦、~する勇気がある。 すみません。さっぱり訳せません・・・。意訳でも構わないので、教えてください。おねがいします。

  • 英語できる方歌詞の和訳おねがいします。

    Take me on a ride inside your heart, tonight just you and me take me to live inside the truth sugar i wanna taste the way you feel inside all through the night forget about the time just close your eyes sugar always though my heart, it breaks baby oh let me be the one to come alone tonight let me be such a deep suprise as the world you know begins to cry tonight just let it be if you wanna let it grow sugar we can come alive inside your dreams tonight live to believe you are the only one for me

  • 「ついでに」という英語表現についてお尋ねします。

    「もし月末にA病院に行くならついでに僕の薬ももらってきてくれない?」 1Can you get me my medicines if you go to A hospital this end of the month. 2Can you receive my medeicines/prescription insted of me /for me at A hospital if you go there this end of the month. ついでにという表現がwhile you are at it/there/on one's way to等思いつくのですが仮にwhile you are thereを入れるならば(他の表現でも構わないのですが)どうすれば自然についでにと表現できるものでしょうか?1及び2が不自然か解説の上参考に教えて頂ければ幸いです。

  • 翻訳を助けてください!!

    今、ある方の英語日記のプログで、英語を勉強してますが、翻訳できず困っています。英語が得意な方、私を助けてください。お願いします。 +++++++ With Love on Mother’s Day! That’s why I’d like to make it clear how much you mean to me for no one else could take your place. Thank you for all you’ve done and all that you still do. +++++ ● 下記の文が分かりません。 That’s why I’d like to make it clear how much you mean to me for no one else could take your place. 宜しくお願いします。

  • Wham!のヒット曲のLast Christmasの歌詞の一部がわかりません

    Wham!のヒット曲のLast Christmasの歌詞の後半の部分にわからないところがあるのでご教示ください。 A crowded room, friends with tired eyes I'm hiding from you, And your soul of ice My God I thought you were Someone to rely on, Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on A face on a lover with a fire in his heart A man under cover but you tore me apart Maybe next year I'll give it to someone I'll give it to someone special! 以上の歌詞の A face on a lover with a fire in his heart A man under cover but you tore me apart がよくわかりません。 特にbutの前と後の部分のつながりがよくわかりません。 この歌詞の和訳をのせているサイトが2,3見つかりましたが、 それぞれ違う訳し方をしていました。 (1)「心に灯がともった恋人たちの顔  保守的な男だけど君は僕をずたずたに傷つけた」 (2)「心に炎を燃やした恋人の顔   ひっそり隠れた男 なのに君は僕を引き裂いた」 (3)「燃える心の恋人の顔   よく見えないけど、俺の心は引き裂かれたね」 正しい訳をご教示ください。 また、a faceは誰の顔なのでしょうか、a man は誰なのでしょうか。

  • 詞が把握出来なくて困っています。英語の得意な方、英詞の翻訳

    詞が把握出来なくて困っています。英語の得意な方、英詞の翻訳 お願いいたします。 Oh They tell me That in to each life Some rain has sure gatta fall They tell me He that every body Has sure nuff cried some time It know if some rain If some rain has gat fall Oh every body And I've had enough rain in my life And I'm sure glad like that I've got a little love around me To keep the rain off mine And I believe this And I believe because On the other night Tell lay sleeping I keep I held you I held you in my arms But when I woke up And found out I was mistaken You know that I,hung my Hung my he head and cried You are my sunshin You sure make me happy baby Oh when the sky'a are agray And you'll never know How much I need you I don't wont to take my sunshine You told me once you did that you really love me And no one else could ever come between But now you're thinking about leaving me For another Leaving if you do you know you're gonna shatter Everyone my dream Becouse baby! you're my sunshain You sure make me good and happy Oh when the sky's are agrey And you never know how much I need you I don't wan't to take my Baby don't take my You promise me that you never leave me You are gona might good light Don't never take it away

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    Alright took me awhile to find it as you never the email but I finally got it. Looks like there is a mistake on the second package. It was sent to Zimbabwe due to an error. Must have hit z on my keyboard while the country field was still highlighted or something. But the looks like the first one is good.

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    I have nothing made sitting on the shelf ready to go, every thing is made to order. There are many people on the list now to have heat sinks and other machined items made, if you get on the list right now it will be 4-5 weeks before I get to your name on the list. would you like to look at the models of hosts I have in stock now and that I can make you a heat sink for ? I can make you a complete kit of parts also if you like. let me know...

  • 日本語に翻訳してくださいm(__)m

    相手So I was bored so I was on the app we met on to see if I could find you. And I did! And seeing the pic you have saying love made me really happy. I really want to be with you. We don’t even have to do those stupid things I want when we first meet. I just want to be around you. And I know our first kiss will be so sweet (heart)(heart)(heart)(heart) 私Pic??? What are you talking about? 相手On your profile 私??? Sorry, I don't know 相手You have a piece of paper that has love written on it :( 私??? This? 相手Yes :3 私why are you happy? 相手Because I think you draw that with me in your mind