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文中の「x」は、AIのソフト名です。 I tried to process those files using x, but indeed, many were too short, too quiet or simply contained no voice but breathing sounds I think. I did not reply earlier because I still wanted to try another method that I think can still be useful for at least some or most of these files. The question is if this data coming from users using the system made for our integration, or are these taken in a mocked setting? If there was a way to make the user talk just a bit more, I think we would do better. What I will do next, is add a method in x to allow direct processing of buffers, so at least we will be able to force out the raw values of every buffer. This will take me few days I guess.


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「僕はこれらのファイルをXを使って処理しようと試みましたけど、多くのものは短すぎるか、静かすぎる、または単に声が入っていなくて呼吸のようなものだった。 早く返事できなかったのは、僕はまだ他の、少なくとも幾つかか、ひょっとして殆どのファイルに対して役に立つかも知れないやり方で試してみたかったから。 疑問なのは、このシステムを使ったユーザーから提供されたデータは僕らのインテグレーションに役に立つものなのか、あるいはこれらは実験的なセッティングから得られたものなのか? もしユーザーにもう少し話してもらうことさえできればもっとうまくやれると思う。 次に何をやるつもりかと言うと、一つのメソッドをXに追加してバッファーの直接的な処理を許すようにすること。そうすると少なくとも僕らはバッファごとの生の値を取り出すことができるようになる。これをやるのに多分1-2日かかる。」





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    お世話になります。下記英文の日本語訳をお願いします。 Out of every 100 reviewed calls, 5 will be problematic, while 95 calls will be a waste of precious management time - and out of every 100 bad calls, only 5 will be reviewed. Out of every 100 reviewed calls, 45-60 will be problematic, still improving performance by at least 900% compared to the original 5 calls marker. 宜しくお願いいたします。

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    上手な日本語訳にしてほしいんです。 直訳でやったら意味がわかりませんでした。お願いします。 The Ikki-Nomi Boshi Kyogikai ( a liaison conference to prevent reckless drinking ) has launched its annual campaign to stamp out " alcohol harassment " , for example , to make somebody drink against their will , to force a person to down a large drink at one go, or to insult people who cannot or don't want to drink. At least 55 students have died as a result of acute alcohol poisoning due to reckless drinking since 1986, and although the number of deaths from alcohol poisoning is on the decline, there are still people losing who cannot or don’t want to drink. The group said party organizers have to make sure of three things: that nobody will be harassed in any way during a party; that people aren’t made to “ party till they puke”, and that if a drinker collapses, ensure that he or she won’t be left alone. “Japanese society has been too tolerant for misbehavior during partiers. These who force people to drink against their will don’t realize how much they are hurting people both mentally and physically”, Kaku said. He lost a son after the boy was forced to gulp down drinks at his university ski club’s party.

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    You will need to prepare a small foot warmer or a hot-water bottle to warm yourself when you enter the air-raid shelter at our house, because it is very cold inside. A blanket is also necessary. Make sure you take matting, too. I really feel sorry for you, hearing how your hands get cold and cracked because of the cold weather and water in winter. Whenever you use water, make sure you dry your hands thoroughly and then rub them until they get warm. These are letters written from a battlefield by a husband to his wife in Tokyo during World War II. The writer of these letters was Lieutennant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, a commander on Iwoto. He wrote these letters from the battlefield, which was burnt like a sea of fire by the US forces. Iwoto is a small flat island of 23.16 km^ that lies some 1,250 km distant from Tokyo. It is a barren island with no rivers or ponds. However, it was one of the hardest-fought battlefields of World War II.

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    My spaceに登録しており、下のメールを頂いたのですが、i dont meant~too forwardの意味がよく掴めないので教えて頂けると嬉しいです。よろしくお願い致します。 thanks for adding me... i dont meant to be too forward but i think you are absolutely beautiful...

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    1 Considering Chief is in several tons of metal armor, I don’t think the swimming option is really all that viable. 2 I am a small business owner that has 5 employees. I was on par to provide health insurance but the premiums have skyrocketed and now I have to tell my employees we cannot offer health benefits. How can these young families gain any health benefits? Have the rates for personal health insurance dropped? Is there a way to help employees fund their own personal policies? I have over a hundred subcontractors and have to be careful that they have supplied all their paperwork stating they are independent contractors, otherwise the gov has said they will be treated as employees. Who knows if they will try and charge owners $750 per subcontractor if the owner isn’t following every letter of the law? よろしくお願いいたします。

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    お願いします。 (17) But just when he was sure he was a goner, Sinuhe was rescued by a tribe of nomads. The head of the tribe tells Sinuhe, "stay with me; I shall do you good." True to his word, the headsman made Sinuhe a wealthy and important man. But when Sinuhe grew old he began to miss his beloved homeland. Sinuhe wanted to be buried in Egypt. He wanted to build his tomb―his resting place for eternity―in his own country. Sinuhe writes to Senwosert, now king of Egypt; "Whatever God fated this flight―be gracious, and buring e home! Surely You will let me see the place where my heart still stays! What matters more than my being buried in the land where I was born?" King Senwosert answers, "Return to Egypt! And you will see the Residence where you grew up." (18) Back in Egypt, the king gave Sinuhe a home and food and fine linen. All his needs were taken care of: "A pyramid of stone was built for me...the masons who construct the pyramid measured out its foundations; the draughtsman drew in it; the overseer of sculptors carved in it." Sinuhe's tale, like Egypt itself, was in for a happy ending. Using "landing" as a metaphor for death―an appropriate word choice for a tale of journey―Sinuhe ends his story by saying, "I was in the favors of the king's giving, until the day of landing came." And now Egypt was in the favors of the king, too. It had traveled from monarchy to anarchy and back again.

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    Tokorode, 4 months in Japan in one year is a long time not a short time I think.??? ところで、一年に、日本にいるのが、四か月っていうのは、ながいか、短いか、どっち。 At the start of June hopefully the film will still be on. そのフィルムが7月の初旬に、まだやってたらいいね I think??はどう訳しますか? おねがいします

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    They have also theorized about the causes and consequences of people's behaving in individualistic and collectivist ways and discovered that people are typically both individualists and collectivists. The best states of individual and societal health are linked to the balance between these tendencies. Many problems of modernity can be linked to too much individualism, whereas a lack of human rights can be attributed to too much collectivism. Collectivism may be initially defined as a social pattern consisting of (a ) linked individuals who see themselves as parts of one or more collectives (family, co-workers, tribe, nation); are primarily motivated by the standards of, and duties imposed by, those collectives; are willing to give priority to the goals of these collectives over their own personal goals; and emphasize their connectedness to members of these collectives. One definition (b ) linked individuals of individualism is a social pattern that consists of who view themselves as independent of collectives; are primarily motivated by their own preferences, needs, rights, and the contracts they have established with others; give priority to their personal goals over the goals of others; and emphasize rational analyses of the advantages and disadvantages of associating with others. (a) と(b)に入る単語も教えてほしいです。ア~コまで当てはまるものを選んで下さい。 ア. loosely イ. distantly ウ. slowly エ.nearly オ. openly カ. friendly キ.enthusiastically ク.closely ケ.mostly コ.quickly

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    お願いします (10) To address the water problem, the villagers tried to dig a well. They dug, and they dug and they dug. The well stretched 33 feet across and plummeted 170 feet down, with a descending spiral staircase cut into the rock wall. And still they never struck water. Finally, they gave up. The dry hole became a trash pit. The villagers filled it to the rim with, among other things, hundreds of records and letters written on pieces of broken pots―notes that give us a peek into the past. There are woeful letters from father to son ("I am wretched; I am searching for my sight but it is gone") and letters between lifelong friends ("since I was a child until today, I have been with you..."). There are shopping lists ("seek out for me one tunic in exchange for the ring; I will allow you ten days") and promises to do homework ("I will do it! See, I will do it, I will do it!"). Some things never change.

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    Good morning. Please don't blame yourself. I'm very happy just talking to you! Don't think too much! When you stay stop contact with me, I think you mean stop talking to me forever これを日本語訳に直していただけれは光栄です