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You will need to prepare a small foot warmer or a hot-water bottle to warm yourself when you enter the air-raid shelter at our house, because it is very cold inside. A blanket is also necessary. Make sure you take matting, too. I really feel sorry for you, hearing how your hands get cold and cracked because of the cold weather and water in winter. Whenever you use water, make sure you dry your hands thoroughly and then rub them until they get warm. These are letters written from a battlefield by a husband to his wife in Tokyo during World War II. The writer of these letters was Lieutennant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, a commander on Iwoto. He wrote these letters from the battlefield, which was burnt like a sea of fire by the US forces. Iwoto is a small flat island of 23.16 km^ that lies some 1,250 km distant from Tokyo. It is a barren island with no rivers or ponds. However, it was one of the hardest-fought battlefields of World War II.


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追加で修正です。No1の解答者です。 最後から2行目です。 誤) この火山には川も池も無かった。 訂正) そこは、川も池もない不毛の島だった。


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家の防空壕に入るときは、足行火(あんか)とか湯たんぽを用意しておくように。中はとても寒いからね。毛布とかも必要だ。敷物も用意するように。 しもやけとヒビ(あかぎれ)が出来たと聞いて申し訳なく思う。 水を使ったら手を良く乾かして暖かくなるまでこするように。 これは、第二次大戦中、東京にいる妻に宛てて戦場から書き送られた手紙である。 手紙の主は、陸軍中将、栗林忠道、硫黄島の司令官であった。彼はこうした手紙を戦場で書いたが、米軍によって火の海(砲撃)となったなかで焼けてしまった。 硫黄島は東京から1250キロ離れたところにある23.16平方キロの小さな島である。 この火山には川も池も無かった。 あったのは、第二次大戦中最も苛烈となった戦いだけだった。



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    You were very careless to make such a mistake ()wasu very careless ()() to make such a mistake The water is so warm that you can swim in ti today The water is warm () for you ()() in today The soup was so salty that I couldn't eat it The soup was ()()()()()() It seems that he knew the woman He seems to ()() the woman It was strange that the spoon began to bend by itself ()()() , the spoon began to bend by itself

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    お願いします (10) To address the water problem, the villagers tried to dig a well. They dug, and they dug and they dug. The well stretched 33 feet across and plummeted 170 feet down, with a descending spiral staircase cut into the rock wall. And still they never struck water. Finally, they gave up. The dry hole became a trash pit. The villagers filled it to the rim with, among other things, hundreds of records and letters written on pieces of broken pots―notes that give us a peek into the past. There are woeful letters from father to son ("I am wretched; I am searching for my sight but it is gone") and letters between lifelong friends ("since I was a child until today, I have been with you..."). There are shopping lists ("seek out for me one tunic in exchange for the ring; I will allow you ten days") and promises to do homework ("I will do it! See, I will do it, I will do it!"). Some things never change.

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    Part of the 1st Light Horse Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel C. H. Granville, with two squadrons of the Auckland Mounted Rifle Regiment, and one squadron from the 3rd Light Horse Brigade bivouacked for the night at Magdhaba. A convoy of supplies was ordered from El Arish to support these troops as they continued, the following morning, clearing the battlefield. The remaining 44 British Empire and 66 Ottoman Empire wounded, collected on 23 and 24 December, were taken to an Ottoman hospital within the Magdhaba fortifications, before being sent to the dressing station. From there, at 17:00 the ambulance convoy set out on its 23 miles (37 km) march to the receiving station.

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    West of the Rockies line one of the most exiting cities in Canada,Vancouver.Crowds come out at night to sample the fun and temptation of its night life.But the lights of the night give way to sunrise,as the morning warmth blankets the mountains surrounding the city.Vancouver probably has the mildest climate in all of Canada thanks tn the influence of the Japanese Current,a submarine river of warm water that flows just offshore.That may help explain why Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia,and the third largest in Canada.On the other hand,it may be the setting.Poised at the edge of the Pacific with forested mountains in the background,the city takes full advantage of all its possibilities.“l’ve been living here for two and a half years and the parts l like about it are the weather,the people,the business that is going on here.The climate is fantastic,you can sail one part of the morning and then ski for the afternoon and then,you know,be out partying and having a good time in the night.So it’s a lot of fun.”And of course Grous Mountain and its skiing are only fifteen minutes from downtown.With one thousand acres of sun-filled gardens and cool,dark forests,Stanley Park is the largest Park in Vancouver.Accessibility for everyone makes a beautiful day all the more special. Even a stroll along the seawall can provide a good chance of seeing seagulls migratory ducks,or a great blue heron.Tucked into a corner of Stanley Park is the Vancouver Aquarium.More than 9,000 aquatic animals call the Aquarium home, including beluga and killer whales. Under the Granville Bridge is the Granville Market,a huge public market overflowing with the bounty that comes from the combination of rich soil and a beneficent climate. All the best of the West Coast is sold in its season.The challenge is choosing!

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    お願いします。 (14) When you arrive at the barracks, the smell of fresh baking bread makes your mouth water. Bakers pull loaves out of ovens large enough for you to stand in. You take some bread for yourself and then some fore your grandfather's Ka. You wander to the west side of the pyramid looking for his tomb. Your mother told you that his tomb is a miniature version of King Khufu's mer, except grandfather's is made from mud brick instead of stone. You pass the tomb of a husband and wife who worked on the Great Pyramid. You are one of the fdw who can read bits and pieces of hieroglyphs. What you read makes you quicken your pace past the tomb. It is cursed. "O all people who enter this tomb who will make evil against this tomb and destroy it; may the crocodile be against them on water, and snakes be against them on land; may the hippopotamus be against them on water, the scorpion against them on land." Even though you would never rob a tomb, the curse gives you the creeps, and you watch the ground ahead for snakes and scorpions. (15) Maybe you had better head back. The Overseer of All the King's Works will have assigned your job and you are anxious to see what you will be doing. Most of the farmers have to do all the heavy lifting, but maybe you will be lucky since you can read a little. Maybe you will be assigned a more skilled job. You hope that you can work on one of the boats in one of the boat pits. Wouldn't it be faaulous to be a boat builder for the afterlife? To help build the boat that King Khufu will use to navigate the stars?

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    A short ferry ride away from the city of Vancouver is Vancouver lsland.The island is named for George Vancouver,the English navigator who charted much of the continent's northwest coast.Vancouver lsland is a microcosm of all of Canada:it has an exquisitely civilized cityーVictoriaーand in the interior,splendid wilderness.Victoria has been accused of “outーBritishing”the British.It has imposing Parliament buildings...a glorious Englishーstyle garden miraculousy fashinned out an abandoned quarry called Butchart Gardens...and the matbhless turnーofーthe century EmpressーHotel.Tea at the Empress is not just a meal,it's an event.A challenging sea kayak trip north to the Queen Charlotte lslands is like taking a journey back in time.The Haida village at Tanou has the largest collection of totem poles in Canada in their original location.The Haida settled this wild coast left behind these towering sentinels to hold the peace of this silent wilderness.

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    よろしくお願いします。 You can avoid food poisoning by following some simple preventative measures. Make sure all surfaces that touch food are clean. Wash all cutting boards, countertops, bowls, pans, and utensils after each step of food preparation. It is also important to wash your hands well each time before you touch food. And make sure you clean your refrigerator often. Keeping things clean avoids cross-contamination, which is the spread of germs or other harmful things from one food to another.

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    お願いします。  Despite Harkhuf's major expeditions and all the riches he and other traders brought back to Egypt―from Nubia with all its gold, Sinai with all its turquoise, and Punt with all its incense―it was this dancing pygmy that captured the heart of Pepi II. And the letter written by the boy-king remained so important to Harkhuf that at he end of his days he chose to record it on his tomb. If you were the supreme ruler of Egypt 4,000 years ago, what kinds of letters would you write? What songs would you sing to the Nile? Think about it while your servants fan you with ostrich feathers. But you might want to be careful how you order your teachers around.

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    Colnel Reiner said of the battle: "The courage of the Montenegrin soldier has no equal in the history of wars. Here you could see the Montenegrin soldier attacking the bayonets of the enemy with his bare hands. That numerically small army, armed with primitive weapons, on the terrain of Mojkovac for days stopped the much more numerous Austro- Hungarian Army, equipped with modern arms."During the First World War, the island served as a refuge for the Serbian army that retreated there on Allied forces' ships from a homeland occupied by the Austrians, Germans and Bulgarians.

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    It's so exited I'm glad to hear you again, your picture is wonderful and makes me want to go there,i really wanna to touch the snow by my own hand,that must be fantastic i think.(* ̄︶ ̄*) in here i can wear shorts haha!!or sometimes i don't wear clothes,is to warm for me,and actually i'm a little envy you because you can see the snow falling from the sky~^o^~ by the way,my major is media,i learned it for almost 2years but i feel like i get nothing.maybe my heart is not for school but if i don't learn more now i afraid i will regret in the future::>_<::make me crazyπ_π anyway,i can see your techniques for photography must be very well,haha!!maybe next time i will send you a picture of myself to you,but don't be so disappoint haha!!\^O^/