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  • 「I more than just like you.」の日本語訳をお願いします。
  • 「I'm not saying I like tall girls. I'm saying I don't care about how tall a girl is.」の日本語訳をお願いします。
  • 「If things are going to work between us when I leave.」の日本語訳をお願いします。


  • ベストアンサー

(1)I more than just like you. 君のことが好きだ。(”ただ好き”以上に好きだという意味です。) (2)I'm not saying I like tall girls. I'm saying I don't care about how tall a girl is. 背の高い女が好きって言ってるわけじゃないよ。ただ俺は女の背なんか気にしてないってこと。 (3)If things are going to work between us when I leave. これ自体は完全な文章じゃないです、4と似てるので4で一気に書きます。 (4)Right now it seems like you're scared and it makes me think that things are going to work between us when I leave. 今君は恐れてるようにみえる。だから俺が出れば(または振るという意味で使用)お互い上手くいくと思う。 (5)No one else but you. I am not unconcerned either. There are going to be times that I won't be able to talk to you everyday. When I go to Montana I will be at work for 5 days at a time and won't be able to go back home and email or message you. Or if I deploy somewhere and I will only be able to message you 1 or 2 times a week maybe. That's the way it's going to be and I need you to be able to handle that. Please know that there will never be a day that I don't think about you or I won't be thinking about you all day. 他の誰でもなくて君だ。心配してないわけじゃない。君と毎日話せなくなる時がいづれ来る。俺がモンタナに行ったら週5日勤務で更に家にも帰れなくて、君にメールやメッセージが出来なくなる。あるいはもし他の場所に勤務になったとしたらせいぜい週に1、2回しかメッセージ出来ないだろうな。こういうことだから分かって欲しい。これだけは分かって欲しいんだけど、君のことを思わな日は絶対に来ないよ。



  • 日本語訳お願いします。

    "You won't be able to defeat that guy. Stand back. I'll take him down."

  • 日本語訳で質問です。

    遠距離恋愛中の彼からのメールで分からない訳し方があったので、英語のわかる方お願いします。翻訳機はやめてください。 (1)Seriously, I do. (2)This is very important to me to be able to handle being away from each other. Like I said, this will happen again. Not me moving somewhere else and not being with you, but being gone for 6 months at a time. I know I probably sound mean or cold when I say things like that, but that's not what I'm trying to do. (3)I will try to put some pictures up once I do.

  • 至急!!英文をわかりやすい日本語にしてください。

    I want to know why it's so hard when you are not Japanese to be accepted like a human before gaijin ? And I want to know what are you doing when you go out with your friends. If it's like in manga or its completely different. And what about relationship between boys and girls ? I think it's enough for this e-mail . see you later

  • 日本語に翻訳してくださいm(__)m

    Hey yuna, please don’t get mad at me for bringing her up but my ex wants to make a deal with you. She says she will never try to date me and that she won’t ever do anything with me. And in return she wants to be friends with you and me. Is that something you would be interested in or do you still want me just to block her? Anyways don’t get mad at me I’m just a messenger here Anyways I want to get over with that. I just want to start talking about you. So message me when you are free because I miss you I really want to talk about meeting you

  • 日本語訳にお願いします。

    日本語に訳するとどうなりますか? 教えて頂けますか?お願いします。 That doesn't mean I won't talk to you,just means I won't be fast.

  • 日本語ににお願いします!

    Am i going to be able to see you ?とはぁ??

  • 【至急】日本語訳を教えて下さい!!

    【至急】日本語訳を教えて下さい!! Although he might have achieved, if his health had improved, it is impossible to say. I found none of the shoes completely to my taste. It seems probable, though it cannot be proven, that lying ―and getting away with it― will lead to more lying. "I bought that new model." "Did you? Weren't you saying you didn't like the color? How come you bought it?" 上記の4つの訳がわかりません、誰か教えていただけないでしょうか

  • 日本語の訳文をチェックしてください。

    自分が書いたものにちょっと自信がありませんので、日本語の訳文を修正していただけますか? Being alone and far away from your hometown must be really difficult and tough, but after 7 days, you will be able to go back to your native country so it won't be that bad. 下記の日本文は正しいですか? 故郷を遠く離れて一人暮らしのはほんとに辛いよね。でも15日間後に帰国出来ますのでよかったです。

  • 日本語訳を!!c7-7

    お願いします!!続き Was there anything especially interesting in the debris?One thing was kind of cool.They melted their metal in clay containers called crucibles.But this clay melts at a lower temperature than metal,so they figured out how to temper the clay by adding straw.The straw insulated the clay so that it didn't melt.Adding straw also reduced the cracking that happens when you fire pots.The straw burns away,and there's room for the clay to expand where the straw used to be,so it doesn't crack.We also found some little dish things with powdered steatite on it.We think they used it kind of like Teflom.Steatite doesn't melt at these temperatures,so whatever was on it would slip off instead of melting together with clay. What do you like best about being an archaeologist?I like the combination of physical work and mental work and plain old accounting.I like that sometimes you're inside,sometimes you're outside.Sometimes you're being very scientific.Sometimes you'se just standing there,shoveling dirt.But mostly it's solving puzzles.We all like working out puzzles.I've noticed that a lot of archaeologists like murder mysteries.It's all about curiosity.That's the real draw-you're curious about people that lived before. What do you not like about it?I've managed to avoid all the things I was sure I wouldn't like,like working in swamps and stuff.It's not easy for me to write,but writing is a very important part of what I do,so I'm comstantly trying to be a better writer. What has surprised you the most about being an archaeologist?What I had to get accustomed to is that you never find out the answer,because there are always more questions.And if you don't like surprises,you won't like being an archaeologist.It's one surprise after another.

  • 訳お願いします(-_-;)

    訳お願いします(-_-;) Mika I am going to get you something on June 15 I can't tell you because I want it to be a surprise Mika on Facebook lets put that we are in a relationship okay Mika when I said send me a message through my email I was just wondering if it worked have a good day tomorrow and hope so everything works out fine that we will be able to hangout on June 15 and go to karaoke 長いですが、日本語にお願いします(-_-;)

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  • Epson Run Connectでは、データ読み込み後に自動的にNeoRunが起動します。しかしながら、NeoRunの起動に使用されるブラウザはデフォルトでMicrosoft Edgeに設定されています。ユーザーがNeoRunの起動にGoogle Chromeを使用したい場合、設定を変更することは可能でしょうか。
  • Epson Run Connectを使用する際に、データ読み込み後にNeoRunが自動的に起動します。しかし、この際に使用されるブラウザはデフォルトでMicrosoft Edgeとなっています。ユーザーがNeoRunの起動にMicrosoft Edgeではなく、Google Chromeを使用したい場合、設定の変更は可能でしょうか。