• Please tell me any advice on what I can do.
  • I enjoy reading books of all genres.
  • I am open to adopting abandoned cats.
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1 please tells me anything I can do. 2 I like reading any kind of books 3 I will accept any abandoned cats 1 Every student can solve that easy question 2 I like going to Japanese school every Sunday, except for special holidays 3 I will do my best every moment as long as I live 1 I read all books in the library 2 all of my classmates help me to overcome homesick for japan 3 I stayed in the library all night yesterday so that I can pass the exam tomorrow

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1 Please tell me anything I can do. 2 I like reading any kind of book. 3 I will accept any abandoned cat. 1 Every student can solve that easy question. 2 I like going to Japanese school every Sunday, except for National holidays. 3 I will do my best every moment I live. 1 I read all books in the library. 2 All of my classmates help me to overcome homesickness for Japan. 3 I stayed in the library all night yesterday so that I will be able to pass the exam tomorrow.

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2 all of my classmates help me overcome homesickness for Japan.  でもOKと思います 揚げ足取りではありませんが、文章の最後のperiod, 大文字小文字等に注意した方が(特にテスト等では)よさそうです。 例文ではコピペの結果periodが抜けたものと思いますが(笑)


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    1 Japan and China have been in a danger situation these days, we have to solve this problem as soon as possible. 2 it is a great pleasure to inform you that Yumi and I have got married for 10 years. 3 I have been to the United Stated since I was at 8 years old. Now, unfortunately, I forgot how to speak Japanese. 1 I accidently bump into a bear when I go to a forest deeply. 2 Yumi call me back as soon as she realized that I called her. I guess she might like me. 3 Japan will inevitably go through an recession within 10 years, we all Japanese have to prepare for it from now on.

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    Especially, Australian people are more individualism than Japanese. We tend to care about what people think about. On the other hand, Australian is more likely to do whatever they want. Also, they value their own individuality. I do not know that was good for us, but I just changed my mind after knowing their thinking, and now I always do whatever I want to try as much as possible because my life can not repeat. Anyway, all of my experiences in Australia were amazing for me. The most unforgettable experience over there was learning to appreciate my parents because they always cared about me, and support me all the time. Now, my family is the most precious treasure to me. なにか文法のミスを指摘してもらえるとうれしいです

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    1 I watched the soccer game with my tears shedding on my cheek last night. 2 With her mother walking around me, I could not concentrated on my homework. 3 Yumi and I talked about breaking out our relationship with my arms folding. 1 I saw yumi entering male friend room, she must cheat on me. 2 I heard my roommate living next to me singing song every night, that is why I am a lack of sleeping recently. 1 It being raining last night, I could not play soccer yesterday. 2 walking on the street in Akiba, I found a bill and felt so happy at that moment. 3 my book being stolen on the street, I will kill the theft when I find it. 4 My mother being raped at the age of 18, she stopped believing male human beings after then.

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    1. If you would like to hear my honest opinion, I can tell you, but do not upset with it. 2. Next spring, it will pass 5 years that our company has been running. 3. The guy who sit in front of me. He wear black hat that is cool. 1. Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world: average price is three times more than USA 2. There are three main food which Japanese mainly eat: ramen, sushi and fish. 3 The three essential things for young people today: I phone, Starbucks and Pokémon. Do you agree? 1. Older people prefer fish to meat; conversely, young people like meat more than fish. 2. Hiroshi seem really enthusiastic about studying: however, Yumi just watch TV everyday.

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    1 By the way, have you already registered for next semester? The class which I want to take is popular one. 2 Lets switch the subject, we should discuss about more serious talk such as Japanese economy. 1 I have decided not to drop out university because I did not want to run away from difficulty in my life, I believe that everything will be all right in the future. 2 Japanese government introduced education from pressure; as a result, young people became lazier those days. That is the worst policy ever in japan. 1 To begin with, I would like to explain Japanese economy now. after that, I will tell you what Japanese economy will be in the near future.

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    ◆以下の英作文の文法、ニュアンスの間違いを教えていただけないでしょうか。 どうか、よろしくお願いいたします!! 私の好きなスポーツ My favorite kind of sport 私の好きなスポーツは、スキーだ。 My favorite kind of sport is skiing. 何故、私はスキーが好きなのか? Why I like skiing? 何故スキーが好きかというと、雪の上を自由に滑ることが出来るからだ。 I like skiing because it can skating on the snow freely. その解放感は、他のスポーツには無いものである。 The feeling of freedom is nothing in other sports. 日常を忘れて楽しむことが出来る。 I can enjoy to forget daily life. どのような経緯で好きになったのか? Hhow did I come to like skiing? 初めてスキーをした15年前から好きだ。 I like skiing since fifteen years ago as my first experience of skiing. 冬になると毎週のように雪山へ出掛ける。 I go to snow mountain every week of winter. 毎年冬を楽しんでいる。 I enjoy winter every year. 今後、どのようにスキーを続けたいのか? How do I want to enjoy skiing in future. スキーは、年齢を問わず誰でも楽しめるスポーツである。 Skiing is the sport that loved by people of all ages. 歳をとっても、続けていきたい。 I want to enjoy skiing even if I were grew old.

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    I want something to read ;anything will do as long as it is interesting . この anything will do をeverything will do としてはいけないのはどうしてでしょうか?

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    1 My favorite point about American education is more creative, in particular. 2 I completely felt dizzy with that sight that she had car accident on the street. 1 what you need do now is study and make an effort for your future. 2 It is always true that a hard worker achieve a goal. 3 It is not by kind words but by sincere attitudes that people are moved. 1 Whoever it was who support me when I was in trouble, I will return my favor to them. 2 Despite hard working, you were failed last exam. 3 No matter how far it is, I always think about you.

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    英作文について教えてください。 日本語のわからない外国人の間で先生と以下の内容についてうまくまとめることができません。 何か誤解があるのではと思っています。 <日本語> 私の芸術の知識が本を通じて増えるにつれて、海外で直接学びたくなった。 <英文(本人)> As my knowledge about arts through books increases, I feel that I’d like to learn it directly. <英文(先生)> As far as my knowledge about arts through books increases, I feel that I’d like to learn it directly.

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    誰かこの英和訳をしていただけないでしょうか? 翻訳機能を使っても意味がよくわからなくて困っています。 よろしくお願い致します。 so i like to know what can turn you on, so i can be all that and maybe even more. what make you feel cry, or unhappy so , i can be the one who always make you smile. i'd like to know where do you , live with who,do you live, what is your job?are you marry. i'd like to know about you past relationship .i think my love he never understand what you were worth,i want you to give me time to make it work between you and me. girl you see i am the type of man who take concern, yes i do Anyway that I can please you let me learn I wish that I could take a journey through your mind,And find emotions that you always try to hide babe, I do believe that there's a love in every woman that they want to share, I'll take good care of you lady, have no fear,