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1 By the way, have you already registered for next semester? The class which I want to take is popular one. 2 Lets switch the subject, we should discuss about more serious talk such as Japanese economy. 1 I have decided not to drop out university because I did not want to run away from difficulty in my life, I believe that everything will be all right in the future. 2 Japanese government introduced education from pressure; as a result, young people became lazier those days. That is the worst policy ever in japan. 1 To begin with, I would like to explain Japanese economy now. after that, I will tell you what Japanese economy will be in the near future.


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1 By the way, have you already registered for the next semester? The class which I want to take is a (very) popular one. 2 Let's change the subjects. We should discuss something more serious such as economy in Japan. 1 I have decided not to drop out of university because I do not want to run away from difficulty in my life. I believe that everything will be all right in the future. 現在完了と過去形を書かれたような形でまぜてはいけません。 2 Japanese government took pressure from education; as a result, young people became lazier in those days. That is the worst policy Japan ever had. 1 To begin with, I would like to explain economy in Japan now. after that, I will tell you what economy in Japan will be in the near future. 以上でいかがでしょうか?


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2 How about changing/switching the subject, because we should discuss something more serious like the Japanese economy. discuss は基本、他動詞で目的語が必要です。 talk なら talk about となりますが、 いずれにせよ、その後に something のような名詞が必要です。 日本史は Japanese history ですが、 日本語 the Japanese language のように、日本経済は the Japanese economy が普通。 あるいは Japan's economy という所有格も用いられます。


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1 By the way, have you registered for the next semester yet? The class/course I want to take is a popular one. 疑問文で already を使うこともありますが、 もうしたの?という驚きや もうしたって?という確認になります。 普通にもうしたか聞くなら yet です。 which はかたいので that にします。 普通には目的格は省略。 one 単独では a を含んでつきませんが、形容詞がはさまると a が必要。



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    1 Japan and China have been in a danger situation these days, we have to solve this problem as soon as possible. 2 it is a great pleasure to inform you that Yumi and I have got married for 10 years. 3 I have been to the United Stated since I was at 8 years old. Now, unfortunately, I forgot how to speak Japanese. 1 I accidently bump into a bear when I go to a forest deeply. 2 Yumi call me back as soon as she realized that I called her. I guess she might like me. 3 Japan will inevitably go through an recession within 10 years, we all Japanese have to prepare for it from now on.

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    1 I was late not because I was not be able to take a train, but I had to get up early in this mooring. 2 the Japanese education is the worst in comparison to the education in the United States. Everyone should realize how bad that is as soon as possible because which collapse to japan in near the future. 3 You gave me not only motivation bur also spiritual support. 4 I believe Takshi is unique and genius, while other people do not think the same way as mine. 1 In summary, I won the game competition in San Francisco. I am being proud of myself. 2 For this reason, I have to say such a rude word for you.

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    1, it is not until your mother pass away that you appreciate your mother. 2, it will take three months to recover from such a terrible disaster. 3, it won’t be too long that you regret to have done such a stupid manner in public. 1, it is hilarious that you could not pass the exam although you had kept studying all night yesterday. 2, it was thoughtless of you to think you want to be a professional baseball player in your future, because possibility of that is extremely low. 3, it is widely known that Ichiro is not well known in the USA, even though everybody knows him in Japan 1, Do not take it for granted that your parents support you forever; you need to live by yourselves soon. 2, Keep it a secret that your proposal was declined 3, I found it fun and easy to make people believe about my incredible story. 1, He pretends to be like a professional computer user, but he doesn't even know how to open a PC. 2, Nobody know how to happen the global warming in the world, it is time to tell everybody to teach how awful it is.

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    1. I feel inferior to younger brother because he does better everything than me. 2. I am always surprised about how well he talks. 3. Taylor swift are becoming more and more popular because of her beautiful voice. 1. it is said that Coach is not expensive store in the USA although it is expensive in Japan. The reason why Coach is Expensive in Japan is a lot of duty on the way to Japan from USA.

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    I want something to read ;anything will do as long as it is interesting . この anything will do をeverything will do としてはいけないのはどうしてでしょうか?

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    1. If you would like to hear my honest opinion, I can tell you, but do not upset with it. 2. Next spring, it will pass 5 years that our company has been running. 3. The guy who sit in front of me. He wear black hat that is cool. 1. Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world: average price is three times more than USA 2. There are three main food which Japanese mainly eat: ramen, sushi and fish. 3 The three essential things for young people today: I phone, Starbucks and Pokémon. Do you agree? 1. Older people prefer fish to meat; conversely, young people like meat more than fish. 2. Hiroshi seem really enthusiastic about studying: however, Yumi just watch TV everyday.

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    You will not want for fun so long as John is in your party;he is a host in himself.

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    「Hey, did not mede country, sorry about that. I actually have a strong interest in Japan and are looking to try to learn the language in my spare time. If you want me to write in English, just tell me, sometimes the translation from english to japanese is better」 最初のほうのmede で詰まってしまいました。 よろしくお願いします。

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