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How to Improve Your English Skills: Tips for Effective Language Learning

  • Learn how to improve your English skills by putting them into practice
  • Listen to English shows and music to enhance your language learning experience
  • Start speaking English even if you only know a few words at first


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  • Him-hymn
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直訳 あなたが抱えている問題は、自分が実際使えるようにできる以上の英語を読んだり勉強したりしていることです。 達成可能な解決方法としては、自分が話し始めるのに十分苦痛を感じないぐらいに感じるまで英語を勉強していく間に、英語のショー(テレビ番組など)と音楽をもっと聞き始めることです。たとえもし最初の数語だけを覚えるとしても、それでも前進になるのです。 意訳 あなたの問題は、自分が使えもしないレベルの英語を読んだり勉強したりしていることです。この問題の解決は、英語を勉強しながら、英語を話しても苦痛に感じなくなるまで英語のテレビ番組や音楽をもっとたくさん聞くようにしていくことで、可能です。たとえ、ほんの最初の数語だけしか覚えられなくても、それは前進です。 以上、ご参考になればと思います。





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  • marbleshit
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解りもしない英語をいくら無理して読んだってダメなのよ。 ニュースやバラエティを見たり、音楽を聴いたりして、 英語を話すって楽しいなって思えるようにならなきゃ。 たとえそれが片言だとしても、そういうことが大事なの。






  • 英語から日本語へ翻訳して頂けないですか?

    awww dont think that you have a clumsy English ... i never think that way about you English ... i know that you are doing well on it ... and you never will annoy me wit it . i be so sad if you stop sending me! e-mails .because you think that is annoy me .. went i see, a email from you it make me feel special and happy . it doesnt matter if you wrote it wrong...... please dont never feel that way .... i will do my best to write back to you in japanese so you dont fill bad about you english ... you are doing well .. you are special for me ! この文章です。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 教えて下さい! 日本語に翻訳お願いします。

    下記の英文を日本語に翻訳をお願いします。 J am happy to welcome you in my apartment in August. It is very clear, comfortable and you have a splendid view on Paris You said to me that you do not speak french (also I do not speak japonese) and english. However you write me in english and may be you read english language. Myself I do not speak fluent english. J suppose that you come to visit Paris. J can to help you to indicate which is to be visited. Do not hesitate to question about which is important for you. J will be happy to read you again よろしくお願いします。

  • どなたか英語→日本語へ翻訳お願いします。

    下記の英文を翻訳してください。 翻訳機を使い英訳してみたのですが、意味が解らず困っています。 おもちゃのフィギュアの件です。 I recently ordered a miku append figma figure from you and shortly after I was warned about knock-offs/bootleg and fake figures that people are selling. I'm just really hoping that this product is authentic because I would hate to have to return it D: どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

  • この英語を日本語へ翻訳お願いします。

    なんとなくは分かるのですが、知らない単語があり的確に訳せません...。 お力添えお願いします。 don't think that way .... i understand your situation . i know how it feet to be in that type of situation . here is something to make you feel better . don't worry i still think that you are a wonderful person and thank you! for be in honest .... i respect you ... now think about this " ( That me think that you are the best person in the world and is happy for the way you are! ) " and only think about it all day so you feel better

  • 日本語に翻訳お願いします。

    ・Out of a fear of weeping later, we fail to accept the joy that is knocking our door. ・You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it ・A good scare is worth more than good advice ・You are not defeated when you lose. You are defeated when you quit ・Don't be someone that searches, finds, and then runs away ・The biggest mistake of the man is that he thinks he doesn't deserve the good and the bad things from his life 翻訳していただけるとありがたいです^^ よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語から日本語へ訳して頂きたいです。

    旅行中に仲良くなった人から頂いたメールの一部分です。 なんとなくは理解できたのですが、細かい部分が分かりません。。。 英語が得意な方に翻訳して頂きたいです。 were i live is safe .... i walk here at night like 3 o 4am but for a girl any ware is not safe is dangerous .because you are girl .. but i be glad to help you and guide you to various places. i understand that you are scared for coming here by your self .. and i respect that i will send you picture of were and how is the city that i live and before you travel. i want you to feel comfortable and safe with me and your travel but think what is best for you ..if you want,... i travel to japan first and you travel here later .any way is good for you .. i only want you to be safe and not do worry about me and the travel to here.

  • 英語→日本語の翻訳をお願いします!

    マイケルジョーダンにファンレターと似顔絵を送り、今日、ラッキーなことに直筆サインと行政アシスタントの方から手紙をいただきました。 最後の文章の翻訳がいまいち分からず、解読できません。 【全文】 How are you? On behalf of Michael,we are acknowledging the gift of your original drawing. It is obvious that you are a very talented artist. Michael has personally signed the photo you sent with your artwork,and it is being returned to you with this letter. Thank you for your continued interest. We wish you and your wife well and offer our congratulation on the upcoming birth of your child. 【翻訳をお願いしたい文章】 We wish you and your wife well and offer our congratulation on the upcoming birth of your child. よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の翻訳お願いします。

    I care so much about you I care about you more than I can say. And that caring and that feeling have a meaning that is more precious and more special to me than I can explain. But let me try to tell you this... Stying ''I care'' means that I will always do everything I can to understand. It means that I will never hurt you. It means that you can trust me. It means that you can tell me. What's wrong. It means that I will try to fix what I can,that I will listen When you need me to hear,and that ~even in your most difficult moment ~all you have to do is say tha word,and your hand and my hand will not be apart. It means that whenever you speak to me,whether words are spoken through a smile or theouge a tear... I will listen with my heart. I do care about you... In a very special wey. メッセージカードの柄としてあったので気になりました。お願いします

  • 英語から日本語に訳して欲しいです。

    how are you today i am very much happy to read your email infact i am not longer in the facebook again because of one reason and other, the computer here is not a private computer it is for our camp i don,t want any body to have access you ok because you are my wife according to your question about my name yes my real name B●●d why my fathers name is j●●●s so i love my father that is the reason i combine my nane and my fathers together do you understand, i have only one child and my mother is taking good care him so i am a single now you i and you are the same if you say japan is good fine or america any one you chose i be ok infact your command is my wish i want a place that will keep you comfortable a place that we can relaxes then i spend the rest of my life with you, please my honey i don,t want anything that will give you a problem ok yes let,s not forget how is our douther is she back to the school i hope she is fine? my honey why do you west time for replying me is it because time or what? 翻訳機使用のヘンテコ翻訳の投稿はやめてください。

  • 英語→日本語に翻訳お願いします。

    DiscogsでCDを買ったらMintと言う事だったのにディスクに傷があり売り手にその事を伝えたら返事が来たのですが翻訳サイトで訳すと変な文法で訳されるので困っています。相手にその事を伝えたら再度返信してくれたのですがやっぱり変な文法で訳されます。英語が得意な方翻訳よろしくお願い致します。 (1) 『Hello as i remember that cd was ok, i never used it as well, got it directly from the band , this was the only copy i had for sale, so you can resell it quickly if you are not satisfied this stuff is getting hard to find』 (2) 『You can send cd back to me and get a part of your money back for that cd or resell it by yourself』

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