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※ ChatGPTを利用し、要約された質問です(原文:英語から日本語へ訳して頂きたいです。)

Is it Safe for Girls to Travel Alone? A Local's Perspective

  • A local resident shares their perspective on safety for girls traveling alone.
  • The resident offers to help and guide the traveler to various places.
  • They understand the traveler's fear and want them to feel comfortable and safe.


  • ベストアンサー

「僕の住んでいるところは安全なんだ……僕は午前3時か4時に外を歩いているよ。 でも女の子にとっては、安全な場所はなくて、どこも危険なんだ。君は女の子だよね。 でも僕は喜んで君を助けて、君をいろんなところに連れてってあげる。 君が一人でここに来るのが怖いことは分かっているんだ…それはむしろ立派なんだよ。 僕が住んでる所がどんなで、どんな暮らしぶりかが分かるような写真を送るよ。 こっちに来る前に言っておこう。僕と一緒なら君はとても快適で安全な旅行ができるんだよ。 何が君にとって一番いいか考えてみて。僕がまず日本に行って、それから君がこっちに来る。どんなやり方でも君にとっていいはずだよ。僕はただ、君が安全でいてくれて、僕のことなんか心配せず、こっちにきて欲しいんだ。」 と言っているようです。信用していいかどうかは分かりませんが。



細かく訳して頂いてありがとうございました。 私も英語が得意になりたいです。



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    下記の文なのですが、 直訳で無くニュアンスで訳して頂けますか? スペイン語が母国語の方から頂いたので、 もしかしたら文法などが変かもしれませんが…。 ヨロシクお願いします。 i really wish that you are my destined soul mate ........ the only thing that will make me happy .is to make a sweet girl like you happy.. and for me that is the best feeling in the world ..... i want in life is happiness and i want you to feel the same way ... went you happy all the Bad things gos away . and that is what i want in life ..a happy wife and a happy Family....

  • 英語のメールを日本語にしてください。

    What a bad friend .try to give you a force kiss . here is a nice chu.! to heal you back to happiness.. i am going to check my PO box tomorrow . it was a busy day.. work .. work........... i need a vacation .. i want you to know that you are a wonderful person and i am so happy for your emails it make me feel, not so lonely . ... i know that the only thing you see is text in a email .but i want you to feel that i Gare about you .. you make me happy i wish this tush your heart .. こちらの英語を日本語に訳して頂きたいです。 よろしくお願いします。

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    how are you today i am very much happy to read your email infact i am not longer in the facebook again because of one reason and other, the computer here is not a private computer it is for our camp i don,t want any body to have access you ok because you are my wife according to your question about my name yes my real name B●●d why my fathers name is j●●●s so i love my father that is the reason i combine my nane and my fathers together do you understand, i have only one child and my mother is taking good care him so i am a single now you i and you are the same if you say japan is good fine or america any one you chose i be ok infact your command is my wish i want a place that will keep you comfortable a place that we can relaxes then i spend the rest of my life with you, please my honey i don,t want anything that will give you a problem ok yes let,s not forget how is our douther is she back to the school i hope she is fine? my honey why do you west time for replying me is it because time or what? 翻訳機使用のヘンテコ翻訳の投稿はやめてください。

  • 英語を日本語へ訳して頂けますか?

    下記の英語を日本語へ訳して頂けますか? 英語は第二言語の方なので変な部分があるかもしれませんが...。 i break up with my ex-girlfriend because she was not a good person . she treat me bad and she never care about what i think and like . she really was evil. all my friend toll me that she was not good for me because she treat me bad in frond of all my friend . and she call me loser all the time went she felt sad for no reason . she got me depress so depress ... i got tired of it i want it some one ho love me for ho i am and what i love to do ... she never care about me and what i want for me and my future ... i am scare to fine some one like my ex .....i dont want that life again.. i am happy now ... but i know you are not like that you are sweet and caring girl... i only want a good and happy girl for me and i really want i happy family ...

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    なんとなくは分かるのですが、知らない単語があり的確に訳せません...。 お力添えお願いします。 don't think that way .... i understand your situation . i know how it feet to be in that type of situation . here is something to make you feel better . don't worry i still think that you are a wonderful person and thank you! for be in honest .... i respect you ... now think about this " ( That me think that you are the best person in the world and is happy for the way you are! ) " and only think about it all day so you feel better

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    I have not received my item. The USPS attempted a delivery while I was not home, and I asked for a redelivery on the next day, and instead, they shipped it back to you. I have not been able to talk to them on the phone (call forwarding) and It is the New Years weekend. I did want the camera body, but now I am so upset that I no longer want to mess with the incompetence of the U. S. Postal Service. Since I have already paid for the shipping to me, would you please deduct from the price of the camera, the shipping charge for sending it back to you, and refund the balance of the price of the camera back to my pay pal account. That way you are out nothing on the transaction. It's not your fault, and I will lose money and get nothing, but I want nothing more to do with it.

  • 日本語にお願いします

    I don't think I can find a better flight, because it's so close to the date, the flights will only become less and more expensive, so if we can sort sooner, then it is better, but of course I don't want to rush you. I think I can get a flight there for maybe £800, so it's £600 cheaper than your flight to here, but then I also need to pay for a hotel, but it's still an option if getting a flight for you to here is too expensive, though of course I would like to make your dream come true and show you england. Gomen ne, there is so much english for you to read >.<

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    以下の内容を訳して頂けますか。 I am waiting for the authority here to issue us the export permit so we can send you a copy please be a bite patient why we puch the authority here to issue us the export permit hope you understand us as my English is not too good yes we have contact our authority but the cites is not yet ready once it is ready I will mail a copy to you so that you can apply for your import permit hope you understand my write up as my English is not too good 以上です。宜しくお願いします。

  • 一文だけなのですが、日本語にして頂けますか?

    下記の文章なのですが、もう既にパッケージツアーを購入したと言っているのでしょうか? i am getting whatever travel package,that is close were you live .. my goal in japan is to see you ,

  • 英語→日本語に翻訳お願いします!

    japan has some beautiful car models. you see them here every day then you have these and its hard to find them in any other country then Japan what i have seen. whats the thing with these cars? its not really about this particular car its like often when i see images of japanese streets i see cars in that shape and size for a very short time they tried to sell a car with that shape here but no body bought it

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