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英語の日本語訳をよろしくお願いします_(._.)_ It is boring to be in the fattening room for so long with nothing to do, but the girl doesn’t mind.



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No. 3の方のリンクやその他のfattening room の説明を見ると分かりますが、太るためだけに使われていない記事を読んでくださいね。 "The months spent in pursuit of poundage are supplemented by daily visits from elderly matrons who impart tips on how to be a successful wife and mother…They teach her such basics as how to sit, walk and talk in front of her husband. And they impart wisdom about cleaning, sewing, child care and cooking.”


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* 既に回答は出ています。 * fattening room   この言葉の、明確な意味を理解する必要がある。   調べたところでは、アフリカのウガンダ、ナイジェリアに、   古い伝統的習慣があって、結婚を目前にした女性を太らせる   ことらしい。BBCが放送し、まだ、wikipediaには出ていない。   この意味かもしれないし、違うかもしれない。    訳語は、「肥育部屋」だと思います。 *力士ほどに、女性を太らせる。 *質問者さんは、補足で、説明されるとよいと思います。  


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the fattening room と言うのは未婚の女性が結婚のための教育を受けるところ、その間、マッサージを受けたり、良いものを将来の夫によって与えられる。まあ、結婚準備室みたいなところ。6か月間居る。 結婚準備室にそんなに長くいて何もすることが無いので退屈であるが、その子は気に掛けないようだ。


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肥育部屋に長時間居ることは、退屈なことだけど、彼女には問題ないようだ。 状況設定と前後の文章がわからないので、”Fattening Room”とここで云う”the girl”の意味が違うかも知れません。


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the fattening room がなんぞや?と思ったのですが http://www.womensrevolution.com/2011/05/fattening-rooms-in-africa-stir.html  この事についてでしょうか?このホームページによると アフリカなどに住む一部の人は、女性にとって、太っていることが美とされているようで、 fattening room(太るための部屋:おそらくただの部屋だと思います)に閉じこもって、できるだけ体を動かさず、ご飯をたくさんたべて 太る努力をするようです。 そしてその文章の訳は the fattening roomで何もせずじっとしているの退屈な事ですが、女性はそんな事など気にしません。


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  • Him-hymn
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何もすることなしに、かくも長い間、肥育部屋にいるのは退屈きわまりないのだが、その女の子はおかまいなしだ。 何をするでなく、長時間肥育小屋に入れられれば退屈なはずなのに、この女の子はいやがりもしない。 以上、いかがでしょうか。


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    You would think it should be able to, but sadly it can’t – I’ve just double-checked the 2010 version and it doesn’t allow you to do, though it does have a built-in median function you can use when not working with pivot tables. よろしくお願いします。

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    1 Because they could create a good public image for themselves. 2 Because the design of seatbelts is not very important for selling cars. 3 Because it does not have any rhythm. 4 You may answer, “No, that one doesn’t, but the one next to it does.” 5 We do this because although the tooth is physically close to us, it is psychologically closer to the dentist when he is examining it.

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    訳を見てほしいのですが、ちょっとわかりづらい英語で困ってます。おしえてください。ちなみに相手mの方はアメリカンなんですが英語がちょっと自己流な感じです・・・ 分けました。 (1) I told myself That I well send you a email before I go to sleep so you well know me alittle more. This email maybe long or not, I don't know right now LOL. But what I want to say is. Alot of time when I think I know the woman or girl I can see myself marring. 寝る前に君にメールを送るということを話したけどもう少し私がわかる。このメールが長いかそうじゃないかいまはわからない(笑)でも私が言いたいこと。。。?? 私が考える多くの時間は・・・・・・・??? (2)I have to hold back what I feel and what I really want to say. I don't want that girl or woman run away of me because she think that I'm moving to fast. It is just all of my friends but one are married. And they are happy. And there is me, fun, kind, caring, a joy to be around. But a little sad. But for the good news! I do hope that are that one person I do end up with. And yeah I well be happy. 私は・・・私の感じること私が本当に言いたいこと・・・??私から逃げる女の子はほしくない。なぜなら彼女は・・・・・れは私の友達でも一人だけ結婚してる。彼らは幸せだ。・・・・・でも少し悲しいでもいいニュースだ。・・・・

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    Your own topic as long as it is something to do with this topic. の意味を教えて下さい。

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    至急お願いします。 誰か訳して下さい。 why did you wait so long to tell me I asked you before what you wanted to do and it lead up all the way here because both of us can't communicate so well being with you this summer my feelings for you grew day by day but this relationship is just a pause to me .. yea my love was real too .. i am going to miss my 2013 summer with you .. i dont know why the whole time we talked about the things we did.. but it was an encounter and an experience, because it was with you. thanks babe

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    ネイティブな英語が分かる方、日本語訳お願いします。 (1)that's one of the things that makes me know i want to be with you. この時のknowって必要ですか?どうやって訳すべきですか? (2)the thing i worry about the most is adjusting to not living in japan for you. with my job, there are going to be times when i'm gone. that's going to be hard to deal with, for you and children. but i know that when i'm home and around them they are the reason i get up in the mrning and go to work to try to make the best life for them.  単純に訳し方がわかりません。 (3)i like to talk and see you too but we can talk on here too. 最後のtooって必要ですか?意味的にtooが無くても訳せますよね (4)do you think our relationship is different now then it was then? really? we weren't dating then. we were'nt dating back on june 30. well like i said even being used to not being around special people doesn't make it easier. i would still worry about it and i would do everything i could to make you happy so we would have a happy family. i plan on only getting married once, so i want to make sure everything is good before and after. これらも単純に訳し方がわかりません。 以上です。ネイティブな英語が分かる方、もしくは普通に英語が得意な方、日本語訳お願いします。

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    Michael Mulford's father Mark survived the battle as a teenager aboard the HMS Malaya, which was hit eight times with the loss of more than 60 men. Mr Mulford said his father, then 19, had watched as the bodies were sewn into hammocks and released over the side. He told the BBC: "I can't really imagine it because what he ever said about it was absolutely nothing - which speaks volumes for the horror of raw naval warfare. "This was duty, this was service, but whatever else, it was nothing you could talk about at the dinner table. It was not something to regale the grandchildren with. It was long ago, it was dreadful but it had to be done and was done." Mr Mulford added: "Today is a day for peace and reconciliation."

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    友達(パイロット)が明日関西空港に到着するので久々に会おうということになったのですが、私は昼間だけしか会えないし、家から関空まで遠いし車もない。なので私の家の近くまで来てくれたら会えるし、一緒にヨガもできると伝えたら下記のような返事がきました。 全く意味不明です。 どなたか翻訳できる方でいたらお願いできないでしょうか?? 宜しくお願いします。 leave airport hotel at pretty much 2230. so all day at the airport, which is ok as i can always find myself very busy - as long as i'm on the grid . but i'd be very happy to come do yoga with you!. of course i have my new yoga gear with me, so i'm kitted-up. however, not sure how i'd get to where you are or how long it'd take, two fairly important but missing pieces of the puzzle.

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    英語を日本語に訳していただけると助かります!「Yes it seem I have been confused with you two girls Aymui was my F.B. friend then I asked you but did not Know your name until now so thank you Ikumi and it is so nice to be able to have a little chat with you both and I must say thank for the English translation I really appreciate that xx」 お願いします!

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    次の英文を日本語に訳せる方、教えて下さい。 (1)To whom is this notice most likely addressed? (A)tailors and seamstresses (B)Anyone who washes clothes (C)Members of the FTC (D)Television viewers (2)What does the notice say is likely to occur? (A)It will take several years to create symbols. (B)The FTC will use the FCC symbols. (C)People will be delighted with the simple codes. (D)Garments will not be washed as they should. (3)What can be said about the new brochure? (A)It is expensive. (B)It is printed by the FCC. (C)It is flashy. (D)It will take several years to be printed. よろしくお願いします。