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Ordinary robts perform special tasks only in limited areas. Robots are different-they are designed to work together with people. Workers must still supply some force when working with an robot, but they can do so in greater safety. It is easy for workers to push objects directly in form of them. However , when moving heavy objects aside, workers must stretch and turn , which places terrible stress on their arms and backs. Even one of these actions can hurt a person's back, but more commom are problems caused by repeating such actions many times over a long period. Robots can prevent such problems. Just push it ,and the x-robot moves the object so you do not have to stretch and strain.


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普通のロボットは、ごく限られた分野で特別な仕事を果たします。 ロボットは異なります ― それらは人々と共に働くようになっています。 ロボットと共に働くとき、労働者はまだいくらか力を供給しなければなりません、しかし、彼らは、より安全にそうすることができます。 労働者が物をそれらの形のままで直接押すことが容易になります。 しかし、重い物を退けるとき、労働者は体を伸ばして、体の向きを変えなければなりません、このことは、ひどいストレスを彼らの腕と背中にかけます。 これらの行動の一つでさえ、人の背中を傷める場合があります、しかし、より一般的なのは、長い期間にわたってそのような行動を何度も繰り返すことに起因する問題です。 ロボットは、そのような問題を防止することができます。 ちょっとそれを押してごらんなさい、そうすれば、x-ロボットが、そのものを動かしてくれます、そして、あなたは身体を伸ばしたり、引っぱったりする必要がなくなるのです。



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    Just last year, Toyota announced four robots made to help paralyzed patients walk or balance themselves. The company plans to commercialize the robots sometime in 2013. Pictured above is one of the four robots, the Balance Training Assist. The robot acts as a two-wheeled balancing game. The machine displays one of three sports games on a monitor and requires the patient to make moves in the game by shifting his/her weight on the robot. Other medical robots developed by Toyota include The Walk Training Assist robot and the Independent Walk Assist robot. The Walk Training Assist robot mounts on a paralyzed leg and detects movement of the hips through sensors at the thigh and foot. The robot helps the knee swing and the leg move forward to facilitate walking. The Independent Walk Assist robot is designed for walking training. In addition to helping the leg bend and move forward, the robot supports the patient's weight. The robot adjusts to support less weight as the patient's walking improves. The Assist robots can also monitor metrics, such as joint angles, allowing physicians to more easily track a patient's progress.

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    訳するのに困ってます。やってみたのですが合っているでしょうか??&アドバイスください!! (1)The suggested way of reconciling the retributive and the utilitarian justifications of punishment seems to account for what both sides have wanted to say. (罰の報いの正当化と功利主義の正当化を和解させるために提案された方法は、両者が言いたかったことを説明する。) (2) It follows that the actions which the criminal law specifies as offended are such that, if they were tolerated, terror and alarm would spread in society. (刑法の中の罪でそう指定している行為が容認されれば,テロとalarmが社会で広まり続くだろう。) (3) Retributionists can only deny that those who are punished deserve to be punished if they deny that such actions are wrong. (報復者は、罰せられる人々がそのような行為が間違っていることを彼らが否定するならば、罰されて当然であるということを否定することができる。) 3つもすみません。特に(2)が全体的に分かりません。。

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    Robots aren't new to healthcare. For example, the da Vinci Surgical System surgical assistant was approved by the FDA back in 2000. Since then, the system has conducted more than 20,000 surgeries and has paved the way for robotic advancements in healthcare. Magnetic Microbots are a group of tiny robots used in various operations, such as removing plaque from a patient's arteries or helping disease screenings. Other robotic advancements are used to better the day-to-day lives of patients, helping them eat, like the Bestic Arm, or helping a patient regain her ability to walk, like many of Toyota's Healthcare Assistants. "In the next few years, thousands of 'service robots' are expected to enter the healthcare sector -- picture R2-D2 from Star Wars carrying a tray of medications or a load of laundry down hospital corridors," according to a recent article from The Wall Street Journal. "Fewer than 1,000 of these blue-collar robots currently roam about hospitals, but those numbers are expected to grow quickly." And that's no surprise considering the mounting financial difficulties the industry faces. Robots like the Aethon TUG can complete the work of three full-time employees, yet it "costs less than one full-time employee," according to the company. The TUG acts as a distribution system to move through hospital corridors, elevators and departments to make either scheduled or on-demand deliveries. Swisslog's RoboCourier, a similar delivery system, helps eliminate human work and completes tasks with the push of a button. "These service robots are self-aware, intelligent and able to navigate changing environments, even chaotic hospital settings," according to the WSJ. Outside the hospital setting, caregivers use robots to enhance telemedicine and care for those restricted to their homes. The Vasteras Giraff, for instance, is a two-way call system similar to Skype and is used by doctors to communicate with the elderly. A PC, camera and monitor control the robot.

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    The terminology often used in software engineering can be imprecise and misleading. Many software practitioners and researchers mistakenly think that to be meaningful, a measure must be useful, practical, worthwhile, or easy to collect. These characteristics are not part of meaningfulness. Indeed, such issues are difficult to address for any measure, whether it occurs in software or in some other scientific discipline. For example, carbon-dating techniques for measuring the age of fossils may not be practical or easy to do, but the measures are certainly valid and meaningful! Thus, meaningfulness should be viewed as only one attribute of a measure. 長いですが、どなたか訳してもらえないでしょうか?宜しくお願いします。

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    But are such techniques in fact helpful to patients? It is of course important to assess any form of treatment, and given that patients vary enormously in their problems and their capabilities, group studies of mnemonic techniques are unlikely to be very satisfactory. Fortunately, there are techniques that were specially devised to investigate the effects of treatment on a single patient. Most of these originated in the operant conditioning laboratory; they have been adapted for clinical purposes by behaviorally minded clinicians, and are now being used to assess the effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation. They tend not to be well known to cognitive psychologists, who are generally much more familiar with large group designs, or in the case of neuropsychology to single case studies that are concerned with assessing and describing the patient’s deficits, rather than evaluating treatment. お願いします。。

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    We are seeking hardworking individuals for exciting management opportunities with ABC Group. We will train you for eight weeks , four in the dinning room and four in the kitchen. We offer good compensation based on experience. Excellent customer service and communication skills are required. Qualified applicants must have a university degree in Management. At least 2-3 years of restaurant management experience preferred. Group has over 100 branches inside the US with 11 more branches to be opened this year. ABC has been a restaurant leader for 29 years and continues to grow.

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    英語がヘタレなりに洋書を読んでいるのですが、次の一文がどこでどう切れているかわかりにくく、意味がぼんやりとしかとれません。 Rhetoricians working from a variety of disciplinary perspectives are beginning to pay a substantial amount of attention to issues of visual rhetoric. Through analysis of photographs and drawings graphs and motion pictures, scholars are exploring the many ways in which visual elements are used to influence people's attitudes, opinions, and beliefs. お時間のある方、ご助力いただければ幸いです。 よろしくお願い致します。

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    It can be shown mathematically that the cyclomatic number is equal to one more than the number of decisions in a program, and there are many programs that have a large number of decisions but are easy to understand, code and maintain. 最後のcode and maintainがどのようにかかるのか分かりません。どなたかご教授お願いします。

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    Many people feel so much stress at work that they hate going back on Monday morning after a weekend at home. They are fearful, anxious, and uncertain because work gives them little job security and heavy workloads. Peter Fielding, a Canadian psychologist, says,"There is no longer the feeling of being a long-term, valued employee. Just look at the newspaper and you read about layoffs, strikes, shutdowns." With downsizing, workers also have increased workloads. "We are all expected to do more with less and that's difficult,"he explains. Workers who used to have autonomy, freedom, and control now feel powerless. They are beginning to question the value of their work. "Professional identity is a real part of personal identity," says Nan Gardener, an unemployment counselor. "When you don't feel that you are making a significant and worthwhile contribution, it's hard to keep going." Although the work climate today is difficult, there are wars for individuals to fight the stress. ・Take back some control. You may not be able to Control events that happen around you, but you can control your response. Ask yourself, "Where can I get some job satisfaction and job challenge? What can I do with what l've got?" Try to find something each day that provides a challenge, even if it is just a different way of doing ordinary tasks. Challenge creates excitement. It motivates and revitalizes. ・Balance work and play After many years of education, many people are unable to find a job in their field. Instead, they have to take any job to get a paycheck. The job may not be suited to their capabilities. It may not present the challenge they are looking for. If this describes your job, remember you are more than your occupation. Enrich your life in other areas. Involve yourself in activities outside of Work. Gain strength from the areas in your life where things are going Well. Realize that this job may be temporary and do the best job you can. Remember, too, many people don't have a job to hate. ・Get support from colleagues We all need support from our colleagues in the workplace. Little things mean a lot, like potluck lunches and birthday celebrations. We also don't laugh as much as we used to in the workplace, yet a sense of humor can be vital. Decide that you will laugh at whatever you can laugh at and take advantage of the mutual support of colleagues. ・Have realistic expectations With increased workloads and cutbacks, many people are feeling they can't do their best work. Keep your work in perspective. Look at the big picture and establish reasonable objectives. Prioritize and make lists. Do what you can each day, and recognize each accomplishment. Look at what you can achieve, not at what you can't.

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    Sandra is a slender lady who can eat as much as she likes without having to exercise like a fiend. She is in a shrinking minority of people who follow a Western lifestyle. The norm is to be fat. In most of Western Europe and the United States more than half the adults are overnight. What, then, explains the ability of Sandra and others like her to stay thin in such an environment? The answer is complex and not the same for everyone. Apart from upbringing and environment, scientists are discovering that genes and biology are more important than previously believed.