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Some have floated the idea of a temporary departure in order to rebalance Europe's economy. Yet a breakup, if it comes, would likely not be amicable and orderly, says Daniel Gros of the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. "The markets are so integrated that it would lead to disaster everywhere if you tried to disentangle the eurozone... It's like if you take some eggs, make an omelette. You can do that, but you cannot unscramble the omelette."


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    ヨーロッパ経済の均衡を再び達成する目的で(ヨーロッパ経済の)一時的解散を仄めかした筋もある      しかしながら、もしそれが実現しても、和気藹々、秩序整然と行われることはあるまい、とブリュッセルにあるヨーロッパ政策研究センター(Centre for European Policy Studies)のダニエル・グロは言う。     「市場は密接に絡み合っているため、ユーロゾーン(ヨーロッパ地域)を解体しようとすればあらゆる場所で危機が発生する。。。     ちょうど卵をいくつか割ってオムレツを作るようなものだ。それ(卵>オムレツ、の方向への移行)は可能だ、しかしオムレツを卵に戻すことはできない。」



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    友人が"Only"について教えてくれているようなのですが、詳しく知りたいので力を貸して頂けますでしょうか。よろしくお願いします。 "Only" refers to it being something and nothing else. For example if I said "I only eat vegetables." That would mean that I eat vegetables and not meat, chicken, fish etc. In the context I used it in ("It's only cold in the mornings,") it would mean that it is cold in the morning, but it is not cold during the rest of the day. In a different context it could mean that it is always cold never hot, warm or cool in the morning. A clearer way to say what I meant that would have my intended meaning regardless of context would be "It is cold in the mornings only."

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    僕に海外の友人が英語について教えてくれているのですが、詳しく知りたいので力を貸して頂けると有り難いです。よろしくお願いします。 * If you say "it does not serve as a bed" that typically means that it is not able to be used as a bed.  In the next sentence you mention that sometimes you like to sleep in it, so a better way to describe what you're saying could be... "A kotatsu will serve as a table, but it's not intended to be used as a bed." This way you're saying that it's not supposed to be a bed, but you could use it that way if you really wanted to. * I wasn't sure if this is what you were trying to say so I guessed.

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    I have always taken for granted that pockets are places to put things into, and have stuffed my pockets with anything that would go into them―books, newspapers, letters, pipes, pouches, cigarettes, match-boxes, and so forth. Yet even as a boy I was discouraged from making this, as it seems to me, natural use of my pockets. I was told that, if you put things into your pockets, you spoilt the shape of your suit. This seems to me as ridiculous as it would be to say that, if you put potatoes into a sack, you spoil the shape of the sack.

  • 英文の和訳をお願いします。

    申し訳ありませんが、お願いします。 There are soms things that I would not have done , and some things that I have failed to do that I would do. One of the things that I would have done if I had known the importance of it would have been to go to college.

  • 英文の日本語訳について教えてください

    今、とある長文を訳しているのですが、少しずつ訳すことの出来ない場所があるので、訳していただけるとありがたいです。 文が全然繋がっていないので訳しにくいとは思いますが、よろしくお願いします。 We would like to celebrate her retirement and her contribution to the company. We would like to take this opportunity to present Ms. Muller with a gift that will remind her of us for quite some time. So at some point in time, people are going to hesitate to hire the job hopper as they don't expect that person to stick arounnd for liog. Others choose to change jobs when they receive better offers, when they're forced to do so because they've moved to another location or have been affected by some change in their personal lives. The thing about changing jobs is that it could backfire if the timing is not right, and you could end up in a less desirable position than the one you were in before. よろしくお願い致します。

  • 私には難しい英文で・・・訳をお願い出来ませんか!?

    There are two types of basic sensations: “pressure” (associated with a “tension headache”) and “sharp pains” which might be due to a migraine if they are on one side and behind the eye. If you have a headache that lasts longer than normal you should get it checked. Like the word “nightmare,” a “headache” can describe a situation that is quite difficult or emotionally draining: On a less serious note, another problem related to skin is pimples, which often seem to come at the wrong time and in embarrassing places! There is a lot of speculation about some of the causes of pimples. Some doctors say that our diet is an influence, whereas others say it is not and encourage instead the use of various creams and steroids (more money for them of course).

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    (1)No expression is more ambiguous in identifityng the source of information. (2)The same goes for kankeisha guiding people in line because it does not tell us how they related to the line. (3)I would guess they are hired by the store, but the term seems to be a convenient way to imply authority without responsibility. (4)That would be as pure as that felt by the anonymous craftsmen who produce good wokers that are much appreciated by cutromers. それは客たちに高く評価される作品を生み出す匿名の職人による純粋な楽しみとなるだろう・・・?

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    Lindner's Educational Publishing is organizing a promotional event to take place on March 11. And, as one of our most valued customers, you are invited to celebrate with us! The event will be held in the conference room of the Benton Hotel. All of our employees will be attenfding, as will several of our investors and customers, like yourself. The purpose of the gathering will be to introduce our newest line of educational books for elementary students. We feel that this series has potential to become one of our best sellers! Please see the attached sales packet for more information on this exciting series. If you would like to join us on March 11, please call Mr. Nacy in our customer relations office at 39-46

  • 次の文の訳と文法を教えていただきたいのです。

    次の文の訳と文法を教えていただきたいのです。 1;Ive also heard it helps to picture the audience in their underwear -makes them less intimidating or something. 何が主語で何が述語で、どう訳したら良いのか全く分からないのでお願いします。 2;If you look at the background, you can see a person carrying a stone on his back. 3;In the background ,you can make out a figure that appears to be carrying some kind of big gray thing. 2,3の文で、carrying ってどう訳すのでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。

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    Friday was the deadline to mail 2010 census forms, the once-a-decade count of American population. Altough the results are expected to show an increase in the number of multiracial people , some African-Americans with one white perent are deciding to simply stay back. population・・住民 with one white perent・・父親か母親が白人の It is impossible to know how many of the 35 million people counted as black alone in 2000 have a white perent. But it is clear that the decision to check one box - or more - on the census is often steeped in history ,culture, pride and mentality. box・・欄 steeped in~・・~に浸る、没頭する