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I am arranging for our japan importer to handle this order. That way if there is any issue you can deal with it locally. And it will save you money on shipping. 船便のほうが安いよと言ってるのでしょうか?


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当社で日本輸入業者からの注文を担当している者です。 そちらの地域におきましては、特に問題が無ければそちらの方が宜しいかと存じます。 船便での方が安上がりです。



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  • 個人輸入での英文翻訳お願いします。

    アメリカより個人輸入で衣料品を購入しています。 発送方法のことだと思うのですが以下のメールがきました。 難しくて翻訳だと思いますがよろしくお願いします。 For what it’s worth, I highly suggest a freight forwarder for your business and demand. You order enough boots, that I think we could make a shipment either monthly or bi-weekly. We could ship to CA or Portland and than the boots would come to Japan to you in batches – do you think that’s something you’re interested in? In the long run it may save you a lot of money in shipping, taxes and duty. We would ship the boots from our facility to your freight forwarder for free.

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    Ok, lets do this. I have a $100 e-gift card you can purchase via paypal, and I can then apply it to the shipping charge. Please see link below…. http://www. Please let me know once you order it, and I will set up the order. Best, Nick

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    自分で訳してみたのですが、どうもよく解らなくて困っています。 翻訳機でなく翻訳できる方にお願いいたします。 I understand your concern that item has returned to you by Shipping service as address description was wrong. I reviewed your order #103-2109678-8381029 and checked all the details precisely and found that the buyer address is correct and I have searched it on www.Google.com and I searched it successfully. I would like to inform you that you have to contact your postal service for correcting the details as buyer address is correct and the item is returned to you wrongly. I hope the information mentioned above helps in resolving your issue. どうぞよろしくお願いします。

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    自分なりに翻訳してみているのですが、どうも理解できないところがあります。 どなたか、助けてください。 Please know that there is no fixed percent or amount which should be refunded. You may decide the refund amount after reducing the shipping cost and restocking fee. Sellers are given the option to issue a partial refund to avoid any loss. Hence, you may decide the amount to be refunded considering the profit or loss you may incur with this action. We want you to be successful selling at hence we suggest you to deal with this in a way that serves your long term best interests. どうかどうかよろしくお願いいたします。

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    アメリカの通販会社から英語でメールが来ました。 意味がなんとなくしか分からなく不安なので日本語に翻訳お願いできますか? よろしくお願いします。 Shipping is the added amount. If you ordered the pro package with the $100 discount (for health care practitioners) is $1600 + shipping is $515 = $2115 For 2 Pro packages = $3200 + $685 shipping = $3885 You save on shipping when ordering 2 pro packages at same time instead of 1 at a time. Ordering two pro packages but one at a time $2115 x 2 = $4230 $4230 - $3885 = $345 savings by ordering both at same time I can save you another $100 when you order 2 pro packages if you pay by wire transfer. This saves on credit card processing fees. So if you can wire transfer then your total on 2 pro packages is $3785 Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,

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    ebayで買い物をし、マネーオーダーで払う事になりました。 払いますよとメールしたところこのような返事がきました。 thank you are you . are you or someone mailing me the money order of do i have to go and pick it up someplace?it must be in u.s.a. funds a postal money order is ok. 郵便為替ならいいよという事でしょうか? 翻訳サイトを使ってもいまいち何を言いたいのかわかりません。 分かる方よろしくお願い致します。

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    ebayで出品している商品に質問が来ました。出品しているものが大好きで取引をしたいと言う事は何となく分かるのですが、自信がありません。どなたか分かる方、翻訳をお願いします。 Thanks sooo much for responding. I would love to make a deal with you. This dorulumon toy you have is a favorite digimon of mine. I live in America so the only way I can get it is online. I saw that you were selling this as well a xros loader. These 2 items are 2 years old and many people already have them so it's hard to get a good deal. However I am a fan and my budget is small so I was wondering if you could sell this to me for free in a bundle with the xros loader and I'll pay full for the xros loader. I saw your high ratings so I wanted to ask this to you. Thanks for your time and please respond back. Again Thanks!!!

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    宜しくお願いします。 海外のお店から以下の文を送ってもらったのですが、 翻訳サイトでは完全な文章にならなかったため こちらに質問致しました。 ---------- Hello, CD costs 203,- CZK and 60-80,- CZK for shipping. So the total amount is in today's rate 15,- USD. So the easiest way to pay it is pay by pay-pal. If you have this possibility please pay 15,- USD to our pay-pal account:カクカクシカジカ When we receive money we will send you the CD so please let me know your address where we have send the CD. Thank you. All the best,

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    大変困っています・・・・ 海外のサイトで楽天カードが使用出来なかった為、キャンセルとなり AMEXカードに変更して注文しようとしたら次のようなメールがきました。 どなたかお分かりになる方よろしくおねがいします。 The way you would be able to place an order with us is that you would provide the associate with your item number(s) and/or descriptions, also the size, color, and quantity that you would like in the item(s). You would then provide your email address. If you have a Saks.com online profile, your information would come up automatically. If not, you would provide your first and last name, along with your shipping and/or billing address and a secure phone number. Next you would give your credit card information (i.e. card number, expiration date, security code, and name on card). After that we would enter any promotional codes or gift cards that you may have. We would then go over the order details to ensure accuracy and place the order, upon your request. After the order is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation. Our Distribution Center receives the order and fills the order for you and prepares it for shipping. A tracking number is then generated for your order, and emailed to you. It is sent to our FedEx courier for processing and then shipped out to your shipping address. In the event that the item that you want is not online, we are able to check our stores for you. If the stock is high enough, we can place an order for the item(s) through our store Locator system. Once an order is placed on this system, it is sent to all stores showing stock for the desired item(s). The stores then have 7 days to pick up and fill the order. If not filled within that time, the system automatically cancels the order. If you are having trouble speaking with us over the phone, we recommend contacting us via our live chat option by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen. We have reviewed the items from your order. We do regret to inform you that the Prada Printed Logo Denim Tote Bag is no longer available. When you are ready to place the order, please contact us via live chat and one of our knowledgeable associates will gladly assist you with the order. !

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    Well received the new order. I will check with Korea to send direct from them so you can save the shipping. I will keep you posted when they have the order shipped.