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the cd is stopped at the border line in italy...with no reason!!! because everything has been made by law...so the responsable of our distribution is trying to understand this problem...but i think that our label will send you the cd directly by mail...because you can't wait an year!!! we are sorry about it...really... if you want ear the new song we can send you by mail...send me your mail address..to make you forgive us for every problem you have had you will be the first that listen this new song!!! I hope you're happy about it... and the next week i'll make you send all the cd's songs by mail or in another way on line!!! hoping that someday the cd will arrive...sorry, italy is special for this things!!!


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こんにちは。 なるほど。なんか怪しい詐欺メールかと思っていたのでよかったです(^_^) the border line in italyを、実は税関とするか著作権とするか迷ったのですが、CDが税関でひっかかるとは思えず、あえて著作権としました。でもダウンロードできるのだからCD自体が発送できないのはへんですよね?? [訳文] Thank you very much for your action of ordering. I understand the cd is stopped at the border line in Italy. I have your song downloaded at itunes store, but I want to get the true form CD itself. I paid a large sum of the CDs when I orderd. I am hoping that the CD will arrive exactly. My e-mail address is as follows; ***@xxxco.jp Would like to send new song by above e-mail? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. こんなのでいかがでしょうか? 変なところあったらご指摘ください。 私も文法にあまり自信がなく・・・^^; CDがどんな具合になっているのかよくわからないですが、 届くといいですね!


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こんにちは。 かなり意訳となりますが 「このCDはイタリアの著作権で止まっています。理由はわかりません。 こちらは法的手続きをしているので・・・。ですから私たち代理店はこの問題を解決しようとしています。しかしこのレーベルはメールによって直接あなたに届けるしかないと考えています。なぜならお客様を1年も待たせられないからです! 本当に申し訳ございません。 もしあなたがメール配信できる新曲を聴きたいのなら、メールアドレスを教えてください。新曲を早く聴いてもらうために謝罪したいので。 ご安心ください。 そして翌月には私はすべてのCDのなかの曲をメール配信するか別の方法を考えています。 いつかCDが届けられることを祈って。 ごめんなさい。イタリアはこのことに関しては特別厳しいのです! というところでしょうか? なにかイタリアのCDの購入でもされました??



ありがとうございます。 1月位にイタリアのバンドのCDを注文したのですが、中々届かずこのような状態になってしまっているんですよね…。 注文した枚数も一枚ではなく何枚か注文したのでお金もいくらか払っていまして…。 でも、著作権の問題で止まっているなら仕方ないのでしょうね。 あの、厚かましいお願いかもしれないのですが… 著作権の問題で止まっているなら、今は待つしかないようですね。 曲自体は、itunesでダウンロードしてるので大丈夫なのですが、CDが欲しいのです。 注文した枚数も1枚というわけではないですし、結構お金もお支払いしたので、いつか必ず届く事を願っています。 私のアドレスは、●●●になります。 新曲はこちらにお願いできますか? とても楽しみにしています。 こちらの文章を英文にして頂けないでしょうか? お時間があるときで構いませんので。 宜しくお願いします。


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    Greetings, Thank you for contacting (会社名) Unfortunately this is a temporary issue that our engineers are trying very hard to fix as soon as possible. In the mean time, we appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue for you. I understand that this will not be the answer you were looking for and I can only hope that your enjoyment of the game is not spoilt by this situation. Please accept our apologies for this highly unfortunate occurrence. 回答お願いします

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    I am arranging for our japan importer to handle this order. That way if there is any issue you can deal with it locally. And it will save you money on shipping. 船便のほうが安いよと言ってるのでしょうか?

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    海外の支社から仕事のメールが届きました。営業日などの事だと思います。通常は日本語でメールがくるんですがよほど急いていたんでと思います。すみませんが意味を教えて下さい。お願いします。 Since we will start the long holiday for Xmas and New Year from next Tuesday (23-Dec), this is no rush for you to complete the application form for 0000. If you have any problem on application form, please feel free to send email to me and I will try to feedback you even in this holiday period. Finally, we will exhibit the AAA show (our booth no.: G07-09 Grand Hall) in 000 from 12-14/ Jan. If you will visit, please feel free to find me to direct discuss. I’m so sorry that I cannot speak in Japanese, but my wife can speak a little bit. So, if required, she can help for. Thank you. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!! Thanks with regards,

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    Wow looks like I did miss that. No problem. I will add leads to one so it is easy for you to wire it. At least you got it really quick. Most are 15-30 days that has to be a record. Anyway I will shoot you out one. I guess ignore your last about buying one right? I will shoot it out in the morning. Sorry about that.

  • 海外の売り主からの英文メールを翻訳してください

    海外の売り主からの英文メールを翻訳してください Good morning. I am so sorry so sorry our co-worker cut them too fast, made a mistake cut wires too short. I fell very bad, if you like to take this order I will give you $28.00 each, instead $29.00, or I can refund you the whole amount you paid, or wait for the next shipment about 20 days from now. Or take some longer sensor and the rest I will send you when I receive the next shipment.

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    すみません。英語圏の支社からから急なメールが来ました。通常は日本語で来るんですが急いでいるらしく英語です。すみませんが意味を教えてくれませんか?お願いします。 I will be discussing this matter further with our management and will give you a response this week. 〇○ will eventually go away as they have not been active this year so not too much to worry about, only thing is their website so that is why I am suggesting the launch of FB page soon so our Corporate FB page can support the launch, this way everyone will know that you’re directly supported by us, the corporate office. Another is the website, this will provide additional promotion for you doing business in Japan as we have many ideas for you and how we can support your official launch further to give wider visibility. ×× and couple of others are still our eDealers and selling on third party marketplace so I don’t think much for you to be concerned when we begin supporting your FB page and website the consumers will be able to tell the difference. ×× is our approved eDealer so I will be advising them to change the wording so it reads approved Dealer.

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    たびたびすみません。 翻訳お願いいたします。 Ah.... Actually it is 3:30AM here in England I Should be sleeping, but I do not feel tired at the moment haha :) Only 10 Days? Wow, that seems rather short That sounds like a good plan I am sure that you will have a good time Well, I do not have many plans for the holiday this time Usually at this time I would usually spend more time with my family But next year I will have many big plans One of my plans is to go to Japan! :D Maybe I will go to Osaka or Kyoto, Do you know any interesting places to visit in this area?? Yes, I would like to, but..... I can not right now My Japanese is not that good So i cannot make mail or sentance that well in Japanese Sorry, But someday I want too By the way.... I am wondering.... Do you understand my English??

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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入予定です。いろいろと質問をしたら下記のような返事をもらいました。すみませんが意味を教えて下さい5つの文章がありますが、それぞれ別の文章になります。 Sorry to hear that you can’t make the time to come in but let me remind you that you originally initiated this discussion to become distributor so I had organized this month so everyone who is interested can come in to discuss further. Unfortunate to hear otherwise… I will discuss this matter once again but who is the manager that you’re referring to? Currently, you can have a statement that states “ Authorized Dealer of  AAA” not distributor. Will be advising after we have made our decision. don’t know, this might be the last if we finalize on our decision.

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    海外オークションの出品者からのメール文です I sent it to the address that Ioffer gave me. They have the wrong address for you. I will send again although it will cost me another $10.00 to shipm it a second time. Is it possible to send me $5.00 so I don't have to pay the entire shipping since ioffer has the wrong address for you. I will add some extra fights if you sned me $5.00. If you cannot do that I will still resend the item to you. 翻訳サイトでは、正確に翻訳できないので、どなたかよろしくお願いします。

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    先日、頼んでないブーツがアメリカよりとどきました。その事についてのメールだと思います。 大変でも翻訳おねがいします。 No.1 It came to our attention about a month ago that we shipped a pair of Redwing boots that were not supposed to go to you. Here is where they were sent: No.2 I emailed Yosinori about this on 2/25 and have not heard back from him. At that time I was not aware that they were your orders. Please let me know if you or he has those boots, if you would like to keep them we will give you a good deal on them. Or we can send you a return label to get them back. Here are the specs of the boot: