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Sure I will do that for you but you have to realize there are other people in line right now waiting for me to make there heat sinks and other machined items, so it's not going to happen over night. Once I order the SAIK host it will be several weeks before it even gets here so it could be as much as 4-5 weeks before I can start on you copper heat sink. Of course there will be shipping from me to you, I don't pay to ship other peoples items to them. I would think the shipping will be approx $12.00 but I will only charge you the exact shipping cost after I weight the package. There will also be paypal fees they should be around $4.00 if all you are getting is the host and the heat sink. You could send the $90.00 now and that way I will get the SAIK ordered and your name written in my work log so that you are in line. And then when your SAIK arrives I will make the heat sink and you can decide if you need any other items and also get the balance payed at that time. Let me know so I can get it ordered


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    ご注文は承りますが、今のところ他のヒートシンクを作る注文や、機械を使う注文が順番を待っていますので、すぐには出来ません。     SAIK host に注文しますと、こちらに届くまで数週間かかります、ですからご注文の銅製ヒートシンクに取りかかるまで4乃至5週間かかります。     その上そちらへの送料がかかるのは言うまでもありません。人の送料は払いません。送料は12ドルくらいになると思いますが、完成後の重量を計ってから、送料の実費だけをいただきます。    その他PayPalの手数料が、host とヒートシンクだけなら、4ドル程度かかります。     今90ドルお支払いいただければ、SAIK の注文をし、お名前を私の仕事予定表に記入して順番に入れます。     SAIK が届いたらヒートシンクを作ります、その時他に必要なものがあれば、その時に残額を払ってください。     ご連絡があり次第仕事にかかります。     





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    The F25 copper heat sink will be $25.00 no I'll make it for you for $20.00 this time as you have bought from me before and I'm guessing you will again so a good deal for is in order for you so $20.00 for the F25 copper heat sink for postage it will be approx $15.00 and the paypal fees are figured on the total so I'm guessing approx $3.00 or less there.

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    I have nothing made sitting on the shelf ready to go, every thing is made to order. There are many people on the list now to have heat sinks and other machined items made, if you get on the list right now it will be 4-5 weeks before I get to your name on the list. would you like to look at the models of hosts I have in stock now and that I can make you a heat sink for ? I can make you a complete kit of parts also if you like. let me know...

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    The shortfall is I am old and my memory is not what it once was, thank you for bringing that to my attention So I have checked and you are correct you have paid a total of $140.00 As you can see I did not originally charge you enough for shipping for both hosts I only charged you for shipping for one host now there are two hosts. OK lets start over you paid $90.00 and that completely covers the L2, we'll call that good ! So on the E2 here is the low down for the E2 host, it is $26.00 and the copper heat sink is $65.00 (normally I would charge $75.00 but you have been a good customer ) and the flat focus adapter is $20.00 shipping to you for this weight will be $12.00 and if sent as a gift then no PP fees so that would be a total of $111.00 You paid a deposit of $50.00 on 6-7-13 so the balance will be $61.00 round that off to $60.00 as a gift and I'll get em packed up and ready to go on Monday Let me know if that sounds right to you I don't want you to think I'm trying to pull the wool over your eyes or something

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    OK I have the aluminum one finished and the copper is all finished except for the set screws, I need to know if you like this length or if you would like it shortened a little as it's longer than the one you showed me by several mm. I left it this long because I felt the more heat sink you have the better it is for your laser diode but you may not like the look of it so I am giving you a chance to have it shorter if you like. Also I think these heat sinks may not fit your hosts as they were made to fit these hosts and you know I like to make them tight, for example the aluminum heat sink will go in the host that the copper heat sink was made for and it's a bit loose but the copper heat sink will not fit inside of the other host. There is about .005" difference in them so you will probably want these hosts they are $12.00 each that's my cost. Let me know about the length so I can finish it up and get it off to you

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    You have to remember if your drives both will be putting out 2000mA each then each one will be drawing 3000mA or around there so I would use no smaller than a 26650 cell or cells and I think 32650 would be nice if a good host can be found that is to your liking. The SK can take a 32650 if I put it in the lathe and take out about 0.25mm of aluminum from the inside. The two XB-2 drives I sent you are the very latest model they are capable of 4000mA each so with the proper heat sinking they may work for you. Do not try and run them above 2000mA with out heat sinking them, I do believe they have a built-in temp controller so if they get too hot they will shut down till they cool off, I'll check on that to be sure. The full back side needs to be in contact with a heat sink if your going to take one all the way to it's max current of 4000mA ! Hope this helps Let me know if you need any other info

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    That is a very large heat sink and it is $75.00 in copper. I would buy the SAIK or you could send me one either way I have to have it here to make it fit like a glove. Later... SAIK=ライトの名前です。

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    I didnt know you would send payment so quick, i had wanted to tell you i will not be able to ship these until next week. so if you want to put on hold until then that would be fine. I am away on business and will return on tuesday march 6th back to my home. but i'm available to answer questions and take any orders while away. so i just wanted to let you know that so there will be no problems and i will mail the day i get back..

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    When I make a heat sink for a C6 host I make the heat sink longer than the ones in the picture you sent me, you will not need the "pill" from the host as the heat sink will be in it's place and I machine a step in the end of the heat sink for a round 17.7mm driver to fit into unless your driver is a different size so let me know, 17.7mm is the size that is in a C6 pill.

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    i mailed on 10-31-2011... its been 10 days.. it could be any day.. i know you have waited a long time... but i promise i mailed and you saw receipt.... i will be happy to do the other DVDs minus the ones i already sent because i really think they will get there soon. I know everyone likes to keep the cost down or lower... but i can provide you other options for mailing that gets there a little quicker, safer and require a signature... for future orders...maybe add insurance...the mailing systems does not tend to lose things that are insured....