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“I think the video game might be able to cultivate the curiosity and the concentration of children―that's something I personally I believe as a father,” he said. “In Japan, schools are using Englishlanguage training software and they're showing results.” In the meantime, however, Mr Iwata is focused on rather more mundane concerns―in particular, continuing product shortages. He said that the current levels of demand ruled out any price cuts, but denied vehemently that limiting the supply was a deliberate marketing ploy. “The customers we're approaching aren't just those interested in video games, but also those who have never had an interest, or who have never played games for any reason.” “Those people might be willing on one day to go to a store and find out, sorry, Wii's out of stock, but the next day they might have forgetten about their interest. So the product shortages, we don't think they can give us any opportunity. Actually, it's an opportunity lost for Nintendo.” よろしくお願いします。


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テレビゲームは子供たちの好奇心や集中力を養うことができるかもしれないと私は思いますーそれは、私が、個人的に、父親として信じていることです」と彼は言いました。「日本では、学校が、英語のトレーニング・ソフトを利用していて、結果を示しています。」 しかし、一方では、岩田氏は、むしろよりありふれた懸念に集中しますー特に、製品不足が続いていることを懸念しているのです。 現在のレベルの需要は、いかなる値引きも寄せ付けませんが、供給を制限することが、意図的なマーケティング戦略であると言うことは断固否定すると、彼は言いました。 「我々が接近を試みている顧客は、テレビゲームに興味のある人々ばかりではなく、興味がこれまでなかった人々、あるいは、何らかの理由でゲームをこれまでしたことのない人たちなのです。」 「そうした人々が、ある日、店に行く気になるかも知れません、そして、Wiiが品切れだとわかって残念に思うかもしれません、しかし、その翌日には、彼らは興味を忘れてしまうかもしれないのです。 それで、製品不足に関しては、我々は、それらが我々に何らかの機会を与える可能性があるとは思いません。 実は、それは、任天堂にとって好機の喪失なのです。」



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    Now each of the three objects which I have named affords in its pursuit many and varied points of interest, which are quite distinct from any interest thaUmay be felt in the attain ment of the ultimate end — Classification, Thus, for example, the study of the human hand as a mechanism has an interest apart from all considerations touching the comparison of ita structure with that of the corresponding member in other animals ; and, similarly, the study of the psychological facul ties in any given animal has an interest apart from all con siderations touching their comparison with the corresponding faculties in other animals. Again, just as the comparison of separate bodily members throughout the animal series has an interest apart from any question concerning the classification of animal bodies to which such comparison may ultimately lead, so the study of separate psychical faculties throughout the animal series (including, of course, mankind) has an interest quite distinct from any question concerning the classification of animal minds to which such comparison may ultimately lead. Lastly, around and outside all the objects of these sciences as such, there lies the broad expanse of General Thought, into which these sciences, in all their stages, tbrow out branches of inference. It is needless to say that of late years the interest with which the unpre cedented growth of these branches is watched has become so universal and intense, that it may be said largely to have absorbed the more exclusive sources of interest which I have enumerated.

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    (1つ目です) I don\'t recommend it, but you could so eat out of your downstairs toilet. (偉そうに?)勧告する気はないが、トイレから出て食べて??? この位置にあるsoは初めて見たので 強調もしくは、何か省略されてるのかと考えてみたのですが・・・ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (2つ目です) I don\'t have to do anything. They just have to think I might. 私は何もしなくていい 彼らが(私の考えているかもしれないことを)考えざるを得ない??? thinkの後にthat、mightの後にthinkが省略されてるのかと 考えてみたのですが・・・ 乱雑な質問文で申し訳ありません よろしくお願いします

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    Something must have caused languages, even in the past and under traditional conditions, to diverge and to remain separate, in the face of all that contact. Here's how it happens. Any of us over the age of 40 has observed that languages change even over the course of just a few decades, with some words dropping out of use, new words being coined, and pronunciation shifting. For instance, whenever I revisit Germany , where I lived in 1961, young Germans notice that they have to explain to me some new German words (e.g, the new word Handi for cell phones, which didn't exist in 1961), and that I still use some old-fashioned German words that have been going out of use since 1961(e.g, jener/jene for "that/those"). But young Germans and I can still mostly understand each other well. Similarly, you American readers under the age of 40may not recognize some formerly popular English words like "ballyhoo," but incompensation you daily use the verb "to Google" and the participle "Googling" which didn't exist in my childhood.

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    BUZZWORDS:Now we have a new slogan on the part of the obscurantists: "Don't trust the experts!" Ten years ago, it was "Don't trust anyone over 30." But the shouters of that slogan found the inevitable alchemy of the calendar convert- ed them to the untrustworthiness of the over 30, and, apparently, they determined never to make that mistake again. trust the experts!" is absolutely safe. Nothing. neither the passing time nor exposure to information. will convert these shouters to experts in any subject that might conceivably be useful.

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    I like you and I am not dating with others but But I think it is a difficult situation that we live so far apart Not much opportunity to meet このメール内容は振られていますか? まだ、わたしが頑張れば見込みがある内容ですか?

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    長文でごめんなさい。 和訳お願いします。 I convinced myself that people in Japan could speak English. If they couldn't, I was planning on teaching it on them so that I wouldn't have to learn Japanese. Almost immediately upon my arrival on that cold, wet July day, I realized, when nobody spoke English, that learning Japanese might be a good idea. In spite of what I understood logically, I made very little if any effort to do so. On one level, I wanted to be included in the culture, but on another, I felt comfortable remaining outside it. I was also convinced that it would be almost impossible for me to learn Japanese.

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    以下の英文を和訳してください Anyway maybe someday in the close future, we can have a chance to go out! But let's make it smooth. We don't have to rush everything right! よろしくお願いします

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    Mr Iwata, in Los Angeles for the video games industry's annual E3 conference, is credited with a revolution of the video games industry with him Wii remote, many of which have been hurled at television screens or living-room walls after overenthusiastic players lost their grip amid virtual tennis tournaments or boxing rounds. He did not comment on Emotiv's headset but said he believed that fully thought-controlled games were still years away: “We don't have that kind of technology right now, but when we're talking about a 20-year time period, anything's possible. “If you look back 20 years from today, things that were thought impossible are now the reality―for example, it was a distant dream that we would construct a 3D world with computer graphics.” The US military has been working on thought-control technology for years. Most of the projects that it has made public, however, have focused on thought-reading systems rather than, say, thought-guided missiles. Last month the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency(Darpa), an arm of the US Defence Department, said it had awarded a $6.7 million contract to Northrop Grumman to develop “brainwave binoculars”. The binoculars use scalp-mounted sensors to detect objects the user might have seen but not noticed―in other words, the computer is used as a kind of brain-aid, giving the user superhuman vision. よろしくお願いします。

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    might have a debate about conservation take care of the environment after they leave Kruger National Park in South Africa might count how many animals drank at the troughs because students often have lessons in the wild