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When we are very frightened and worried,our body produces certain chemicals to help us fight what is troubling us. These chemicals produce the energy needed to run away from an object of fear,but in modern life that's often impossible. The police searched the woods,the garden,and every room in the old house,looking for clues,but the amount of evidence that they found was small. We have left undone those things which we ought to have done;and we have done those things which we ought not to have done. Being stupid and having no imagination,animals often behave far more sensibly than men. Efficiently and by instinct they do the right,appropriate thing at the right moment. 和訳お願いします!!!


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とても怯えたり当惑していると、人の体は、問題に太刀打ちできるように、ある種の化学物質を産み出す。こうした化学物質は、恐怖を与える物から逃れるのに必要なエネルギーを作るのだが、現代に生活する我々にとっては、逃れる術がないこともよくある。 警察は手がかりはないかと、森、庭、そして旧家の中の部屋を隈無く捜索したが、ほんの一握りの証拠しか得られなかった。 我々は、やっておくべきことをやらずにほっておき、やるべきではなかったことをやってしまう。 愚かで想像力などない動物が、人よりもはるかに懸命な行動をとることがよくある。効果的かつ本能的に、動物はちょうどよい時に、正しく適切に行動するのである。 以上、いかがでしょうか?


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○人間は極度の不安や恐怖に見舞わると、問題に対処するために、体内で化学物質を生成する。これらの化学物質は、恐怖の対象から逃げ出すのに必要なエネルギーを生み出すものだが、現代社会においては、往々にして、逃げ出すことなど不可能です。 ○警察は、手がかりを得ようと、森の中、庭、そして古い家の全ての部屋を捜索したが、証拠をごく僅かしか発見できなかった。 ○我々は、行うべきことを行わず、行わずにいればよかったことを行ってしまった。 ○動物は愚かで想像力に欠けるが、人間よりも遥かに賢い行動をとることが多い。彼らは本能に基づき、効果的に、適切な場面で適切な行動をとる。


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私たちが非常にぎょっとし心配した場合、私たちの体は、私たちが私たちを心配させているものと戦うのを助けるためにある化学薬品を生産します。 これらの化学薬品は、恐れのオブジェクトから逃げるが多くの場合不可能な現代の人生でために必要とされるエネルギーを生産します。 警察は手掛かりを捜して、森、庭および古い家のすべての余地を探索しました。しかし、それらが見つけたという証拠の量は少なかった。 私たちは去りました、未完成、私たちがするべきだったこと;また、私たちは、するべきでなかったことをしました。 愚かで、想像を持たずに、動物はしばしば人よりはるかに賢明に作用します。 効率的にそれらが右をもたらす本能によって、正しい瞬間にものを充当してください。



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    緊急で和訳お願いしたいです! (1)What do you words,little ones, urchins, or brats tell us? Language often allows us several ways of saying the same thing.but there are very slight differences between them.Here are Mary.Susan, and Joan talking about some children playing in the next room. Mary: Listen to those little ones! Susan: Listen to those urchins! Joan: Listen to those brats! The words tell us something about the feelings of the speakers.We can guess that Mary thinks the children are really cute and sweet.Susan thinks they're a bit mischievous, and maybe they're a little dirty and not so neat.Joan thinks they're bad and they're misbehaving.If they don't want to show their feelings.of course, t can just say: Listen to those children because children is a neutral word. When words cause us to have different feelings, then we can say those words have different connotations. Little ones, urchins, and brats have different connotations. Some connotations are positive-they give us pleasant or comfortable feelings. Some connotations are negative - they give us unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings. Every language has hundreds of words which make usort think of things in an emotional way. Here are some more word-pairs which mean almost the same thing. In each case, the 'good' meaning is first and the bad' meaning is second. Tom is thrifty. Tom is stingy. Our house is cozy. Our house is cramped. He was behaving in a childlike way. He was behaving in a childish way. できるだけ速い回答をお願いします!!!

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    A part of history is the story of science, of what we have found out as to how things happen, why they happen and what things are. (質問1) how things happen, why they happen and what things are. 「物事がどのようにして起こるのか、何故起こるのか、それらは何なのか」→訳はこれでよいでしょうか?(更に良いものがあれば教えてください。特に、thingsは「物事」でいいのか、それとも「現象」など、変えてしまっていいのか。) (質問2) 質問1と同じ箇所ですが、「how things happen=物事の生じる過程」「why they happen=物事の生じる理由」「what things are=物事の種類?」最後の「物事の種類」でいいのかよく分かりません。 (質問3) what we have found out as to how things happen, why they happen and what things are.の具体例はどのようなものでしょうか? (質問4) A part of history is the story of science, of what we have found out as to how things happen, why they happen and what things are. この文章は、同格構文だと思いますが、どことどこが同格関係になっているのでしょうか?(自分が思うに、scienceと what we have found outですが、なぜwhat we have found outの前にofがあるのですか?)

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    If we are to be alert and independent, as in a democracy we ought to be, we have to look critically at the content and methods we are used to as well as those which we have decided are not our kind. 『たとえ私たちが用心深く、独立していたとしても、私たちがあった方がいいと思う民主主義において、私たち決めた人々だけでなく慣れ親しんだ内容や方法に注意深く観察しなければならないことは親切でないのである。』 うまく訳すことができませんでした。 この英文の構造、熟語・構文等の解説をよろしくお願いします。 前文↓ http://okwave.jp/qa2833523.html

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    この部分の和訳の自信がないので教えてください。 Could it be that only those things are considered worthy of being learned with which one can earn money or prestige, and that love, which ”only” profit s the soul, but is profitless in the modern sense, in a luxury we have no right to spend much energy on? Exactly the opposite holds true for that form of union which is by far the most frequent solution chosen by man in the past and in the present. よろしくお願いします。

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    1,You'll have to find someone else to take to impress. 2,Do you actually think of those things to say to girls and them use them on us?

  • 至急お願いいたします!!困ってます(>_<)

    以下の文を訳して下さい!! I did things to be with you, but when those things was done, I began to change I will tell you, I have done mistakes in my life, I want to, but better in skype, soon

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    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の後半部分ですので、 中途半端ですが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 One was bad with her nerves, and had frailer health than the others, but not really sick, just a nervous disposition and temperament, There seemed to be a lot of karma for good and bad between the siblings, that made their relationships with each other notable and tying. A tendency to blame each other for things, that go wrong in the family. They were a materialistic bunch, with a taste for traveling, liking possession, money, wanting to be seen to do well. Tending to brag a little and to think that they have done better than the rest. As a child and youth he would have done better at his education than them and been thinner slighter. But well disposed to his siblings and relatives. They are warm frank loyal family, whose words are as good as their bond. They loan each other things, possessions, borrow or loss track possessions to each other, never sure which members of the family has it. Generous, they give each other small gifts.

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    I have read that it is impossible to remember things which have happened to one, as they really were. Memories -the argument runs- are only present in our minds because they have been transformed from a past actuality into a present myth, which is a new experiences with those present ones which give them significance, illustrating what we are and not what they were. 和訳をしてもらいたいです。 意訳ではなくて、文法と単語と構文をしっかり押さえたうえで和訳してもらうと助かります。

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    申し訳ありませんが、お願いします。 There are soms things that I would not have done , and some things that I have failed to do that I would do. One of the things that I would have done if I had known the importance of it would have been to go to college.

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    When we are employed in reading a great and good author,we ought to consider ourselves as searching after treasures,which,if well and regular laid up in the mind,will be of use to us on various occasions in our lives. He was old enough,twelve years and a few months,to have lost the prominent belly of childhood; and not yet old enough for adolescence to have made him awkward. You could see now that he might make a boxer,as far as width and heaviness of shoulder went,but there was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil. 2つの英文を和訳していただけたら嬉しいです。