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Earlier this year , two of Japans top three publishers, Shogakukan Inc. and Shueisha Inc., moved to gain greater control over their manga and anime animation networks in Europe , buying out animation distributor KAZE as well as its VIZ Media subsidiary to tap into demand. 「It is 100 percent certain that manga is (going to be) established for a long long time」 said Cedric,president of Paris-based KAZE. The readership of manga in numbers of people is increaseing every single year in every single European country


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 今年の始め、日本の三大出版社のうちの2社、小学館と集英社が、アニメ出版の KAZE とその子会社 VIS Media を買収してヨーロッパに置ける漫画、およびアニメのネットワークに支配力を広げる動きに出た。  パリに本社のある KAZE の社長、セドリックは「極めて長期にわたって(未来にも)漫画が根を降ろすことは100%確実だ]と言う。  漫画の読者数は、ヨーロッパのどの国においても、年々増加の一途をたどっている。



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    In Europe, mange is an estimated £38million(56.5 million)market, acoording to the JETO(ジェトロ) latest date. This is but a fraction of Japans ¥480 billion ($5.3 billion) manga market, but its potential could be huge:Europes population of 500 million dwarfs that of Japans 126 million. Van Gogh , whose brodly outlined , vivid painting is now instantly recognizable , copied some of the Japanese woodblock prints by Utagawa Hiroshige that are considered precursors to manga , which roughly translates as flee-from pictures. Their work is as simple as breathing, and they do a figure with a few confident strokes with the same ease as if it was as simple as buttoning your waistcoat , he wrote.

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    We study the evolution of meridional flows in the solar convection zone extending to a depth of 0.793R☉ in the period 2000-2003 with helioseismic data taken with the Taiwan Oscillation Network(TON) using the technique of time-distance helioseismology.The meridional flows of each hemisphere formed a single-cell pattern in the convection zone at the solar minimum.An additional divergent flow was created at active latitudes in both hemispheres as the activity developed.The amplitude of this divergent flow correlates with the sunspot number:it increased from solar minimum to maximum(from 1996 to 2000), and then decreased from 2000 to 2003 with the sunspot number.The amplitude of the divergent flow increases with depth from 0.987R☉ to a depth of about 0.9R☉, and then decreases with depth at least down to 0.793R☉.

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    Friday was the deadline to mail 2010 census forms, the once-a-decade count of American population. Altough the results are expected to show an increase in the number of multiracial people , some African-Americans with one white perent are deciding to simply stay back. population・・住民 with one white perent・・父親か母親が白人の It is impossible to know how many of the 35 million people counted as black alone in 2000 have a white perent. But it is clear that the decision to check one box - or more - on the census is often steeped in history ,culture, pride and mentality. box・・欄 steeped in~・・~に浸る、没頭する

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    Japan crashed out of the World Cup finals in heartbreaking fashion on Tuesday after a 5-3 penalty shoot-out to Paraguay in the second round. Komano missed Japans third spot kick and Oscar Cardozo buried the decisive penalty to give the South Americans victory after a goalless 120 minutes and deny Japan a first ever place in the quarterfinals. spot kick・・PK crashed・・敗退した finals・・決勝トーナメント second round・・決勝トーナメント一回戦 buried ・・~を突き刺した .A tearful Komano was too distraught to speak to reporters after the much but Japan coach Okada had encouraging words for his play. distraught・・心を取り乱す 「 This tells you that it is not easy to win . The players made a huge effort and I am proud of them. This team has mede Japan and the whole of Asia proud」 added the 53-year-old. Neither side looked like they wanted to finesh the game in extra time although Honda had low free kicks beaten away by Villar 10 minutes into the first period. had low free kicks beaten away by Villar 低い弾道のフリーキックを放ったが相手のGKビジャル に阻まれた

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    日本語訳を教えて下さい。 Long-term health survey The helth minirtry plans to launch a 10-year followup sur-vey on the physical and mentalhealth of 30, 000 people in the Tohoku region to gauge the impact of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami,ministry officials said Saturday. It will select 10,000 people each in Iwate,Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures to check the various physical and mental the fects caused by their direct experience of the disaster,their prolonged stays in the shelters,and how their conditions change over the comingyears. Professional care will be arranged for those found in need,the officials said. In June,the Health,Labor and Welfare Ministry is expected to set up a team of doctors,nurses and other experts from medical facilities in the prefectures as well as national hospitals. The ministry believes the redrawing up medium-and-long-term relief and welfare measures as well as health care services for future disasters,they said, “The population of the affected areas was already aging (before the disaster) and there were many people living without relatives,”said Ichiro Tsuji,a professor at Tohoku University. です。 よろしくお願いします。

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    On Duesseldorfs Immermannstrasses, an avenue lined with shops catering to the citys Japanese population, is a scene that could come straight from Harajuku, where Tokyos youth congregate - except the butcher around the corner sells sausages. It is a scene replicated in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Rome : Local bookshops have expanded their manga section and feature hundreds of French , Dutch and Italian titles. Often without the credit cards to shop online, these teenagers visit the stores as part of their social life. Fast-forward through the industrial and nuclear age,the cultural might of America and ensuing backlash against Mickey Mouse, and there is a logic to the appeal for a generation of Europeans of the hyperbolized cartoon characters. Young adults are growing market in piblishing : Walk into a bookstore in a European city on Friday or Saturday afternoon and you can find teenagers crowded in front of the comic books-a sight nearly nonexisten a few years ago.

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    Lindner's Educational Publishing is organizing a promotional event to take place on March 11. And, as one of our most valued customers, you are invited to celebrate with us! The event will be held in the conference room of the Benton Hotel. All of our employees will be attenfding, as will several of our investors and customers, like yourself. The purpose of the gathering will be to introduce our newest line of educational books for elementary students. We feel that this series has potential to become one of our best sellers! Please see the attached sales packet for more information on this exciting series. If you would like to join us on March 11, please call Mr. Nacy in our customer relations office at 39-46

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    The Japanese confectioner Kazuki, for example makes a chocolate-dipped cookies sold in Europe , through a joint venture with Kraf Foods of the U.S , as the Mikado,and elsewhere as Pocky. Mikio Kasama ,head of the golbal business division at Kazuki,said Mikado sales brought in \15 billion ,or $160 million , a year and that Mikado sales in Europe were growing at an anuual rate of about 10 percent.

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    「 This tells you that it is not easy to win . The players made a huge effort and I am proud of them. This team has mede Japan and the whole of Asia proud」 added the 53-year-old. Neither side looked like they wanted to finesh the game in extra time although Honda had low free kicks beaten away by Villar 10 minutes into the first period.

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    There were 784,746 U.S residents who described their race as white and black in the last census count. But that number did not include Laura Martin, whose father is black and mother is white. 「I have always just checked black on my form」 said Martin, a 29-year-old university employee in Las Vegas. She grew up surrounded by black fammily and friends,listening to black music and active in black causes - 「So,I am black」 active in black causes・・・・黒人の為に活動する Exhibit A is President Barack Obama. He declined to check the box for white on his census form, despite his mothers whiteness. Exhibit A ・・・証拠物件その1