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The Japanese confectioner Kazuki, for example makes a chocolate-dipped cookies sold in Europe , through a joint venture with Kraf Foods of the U.S , as the Mikado,and elsewhere as Pocky. Mikio Kasama ,head of the golbal business division at Kazuki,said Mikado sales brought in \15 billion ,or $160 million , a year and that Mikado sales in Europe were growing at an anuual rate of about 10 percent.


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Kazuki というのは Europe ではよく知られた菓子製造業者のようですね. 2段目の Text に 15 billion or 160 million とありますが桁数を間違っているのでは?多すぎると思います. 日本語訳ではそのままの数値です(訳文): 日本の菓子製造会社Kazuki は,例えば,アメリカ Kraft食品と合弁会社を通じて,ヨーロッパではMikado商標,その他ではPockyとして,チョコレートを被せたクッキーを製造している. Kazukiのグローバルビジネス本部長,Kasama Mikioによると,Mikadoは 年間¥150億 ( US$160,000,000 )ノ売上をもたらし,また ヨーロッパでの Mikadoの売上は毎年ほぼ10%の割合で成長しているとのことだ. ***



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    In Europe, mange is an estimated £38million(56.5 million)market, acoording to the JETO(ジェトロ) latest date. This is but a fraction of Japans ¥480 billion ($5.3 billion) manga market, but its potential could be huge:Europes population of 500 million dwarfs that of Japans 126 million. Van Gogh , whose brodly outlined , vivid painting is now instantly recognizable , copied some of the Japanese woodblock prints by Utagawa Hiroshige that are considered precursors to manga , which roughly translates as flee-from pictures. Their work is as simple as breathing, and they do a figure with a few confident strokes with the same ease as if it was as simple as buttoning your waistcoat , he wrote.

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    Additionally, Germany and France have been the drivers of a more united Europe. That was the lofty ambition championed in the 1980s and 1990s by Germany's Helmut Kohl and France's Francois Mitterrand — continental Europe's dominant leaders of that era. They shared a common vision of using economic unity as a safeguard against another tragedy like the Second World War. But in this era where the global economy makes countries interdependent as never before, some have begun to question whether Europe needs such rigid economic ligatures to ensure that the continent never again plunges into war.

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    よろしくお願いします。おかしい箇所があれば指摘してください。 Experienced purchasing and sales in bland enterprises such as Luxury Watches for 15years. Managed domestic sales rote of Japan and purchase route from Hongkong, Europpe such as Swiss and Italy, US.

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    Earlier this year , two of Japans top three publishers, Shogakukan Inc. and Shueisha Inc., moved to gain greater control over their manga and anime animation networks in Europe , buying out animation distributor KAZE as well as its VIZ Media subsidiary to tap into demand. 「It is 100 percent certain that manga is (going to be) established for a long long time」 said Cedric,president of Paris-based KAZE. The readership of manga in numbers of people is increaseing every single year in every single European country

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    We study the evolution of meridional flows in the solar convection zone extending to a depth of 0.793R☉ in the period 2000-2003 with helioseismic data taken with the Taiwan Oscillation Network(TON) using the technique of time-distance helioseismology.The meridional flows of each hemisphere formed a single-cell pattern in the convection zone at the solar minimum.An additional divergent flow was created at active latitudes in both hemispheres as the activity developed.The amplitude of this divergent flow correlates with the sunspot number:it increased from solar minimum to maximum(from 1996 to 2000), and then decreased from 2000 to 2003 with the sunspot number.The amplitude of the divergent flow increases with depth from 0.987R☉ to a depth of about 0.9R☉, and then decreases with depth at least down to 0.793R☉.

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    Lindner's Educational Publishing is organizing a promotional event to take place on March 11. And, as one of our most valued customers, you are invited to celebrate with us! The event will be held in the conference room of the Benton Hotel. All of our employees will be attenfding, as will several of our investors and customers, like yourself. The purpose of the gathering will be to introduce our newest line of educational books for elementary students. We feel that this series has potential to become one of our best sellers! Please see the attached sales packet for more information on this exciting series. If you would like to join us on March 11, please call Mr. Nacy in our customer relations office at 39-46

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    Isabella Rodriguez will soon be promoted to the position of senior vice president for Research and Development. She has been a dedicated member of this company for thirteen years, and I am confident that she will continue to help make Smithsonian Pharmaceutical the number one brand in child medicine. Ms.Rom has worked for the past five years as scince team manager. She has increased the efficiency of that department by 35% ,enabling us to produce a steady flow of innovative medicines. As the head of R&D ,she plans to perform a thorough analysis of all the departments operations and make chenges to insure that no resources are wasted. Please join me and the rest of the administrative staff at 2:00 today in the cafeteria to celebrate the promotion of Ms,Rom.

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    Duties: Determine appropriate new markets for our software while maintaining profit levels through our current markets. Develop and maintain helpful contacts with our partner companies worldwide. Accurately analyze sales reports and judge if changes to our marketing strategies are needed. Insure that all project deadlines and launch timetabales are followed. Assist in the training of team members whenever necessary. Requirements: At least 5 years managerial experience At least 3 years experience in the software industry Online marketing experience preferred Excellent organizational and interpersonal skill How to apply: Serious candidates should send a resume , cover letter, and threeletters of reference to Alicia Kylon at : 22-33

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    The outbreak of World War I in Europe led to the increased popularity of German colonial expansion and the creation of a Deutsch-Mittelafrika ("German Central Africa") which would parallel a resurgent German Empire in Europe. Mittelafrika effectively involved the annexation of territory, mostly occupied by the Belgian Congo, in order to link the existing German colonies in East, South-west and West Africa. The territory would dominate central Africa and would make Germany as by far the most powerful colonial power on the African continent.Nevertheless, the German colonial military in Africa was weak, poorly equipped and widely dispersed. Although better trained and more experienced than their opponents, many of the German soldiers were reliant on weapons like the Model 1871 rifle which used obsolete black powder. At the same time, however, the militaries of the Allied powers were also encountering similar problems of poor equipment and low numbers; most colonial militaries were intended to serve as local paramilitary police to suppress resistance to colonial rule and were neither equipped nor structured to fight wars.

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    Owing to the prevalence of a belief among those who then had the direction of our affairs in Japan that a knowledge of Chinese was a necessary preliminary to the study of Japanese, my fellow-student, R. A. Jamieson, and myself were at first stationed for a few months at Peking, where we were joined early in 1862 by Russell Robertson, who also belonged to the Japan establishment. Ernest Satowの「A Diplomat in Japan」からの引用です。 最初の部分だけ自分で訳してみましたが、who then had the direction of our affairs in Japan の部分の訳が自信がありません。後、構文は正しく取れていると思いますか? 当時、日本における業務の指揮権を持っていた者たちの間で、中国語を知っていることは日本語を研究するための下準備として必要であるという考えが優勢だったために よろしくお願いします。