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If it were not for you, I would not succeed. の前後にI think をつけても問題はないのですか? つまり、 I think that if it were not for you, I would not succeed. または If it were not for you, I would not succeed, I think . おわかりになる方教えてください。


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問題はないと思います。 時制の問題を懸念しているのだとしたら、この場合無用です。 "I think that"や"I say that"等の後には、どんな時制を置いても大丈夫だと思います。この場合目的語の中の内容は、主格とは分離していると考えて良いのではないかと。





  • 仮定法で困っています。

    英語の仮定法の問題で困っています。一応自分でやってみたので、間違っているところがあったら指摘してください。 Q空所に入れるのに最も適当なものを、それぞれ下の(1)~(4)のうちから1つずつ選んでください。 (1)I could have gotten much more for the painting if I (  ) it overseas. (1)had sold (2)would sell (3)have sold (4)sold 自分の答え→(2) (2)(  ) your help, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this project. (1)Were not it for (2)If it had not for (3)Had it not been for (4)If it is not for 自分の答え→(1) (3)I do not deny that your information was invaluable. (  ) it, I could never have formed our plan. (1)Far from (2)In spite of (3)With (4)Without 自分の答え→(4) (4)Had I known you were coming to Tokyo, I (  ) to the station to meet you. (1)would have gone (2)didn't go (3)had gone (4)would go 自分の答え→(3) (5)The man at the window must be a spy, since he works slowly and keeps looking around. A real cleaner (  ) the windows twice. (1)had never washed (2)was not washing (3)would not wash (4)did not wash 自分の答え→(3) 問題は以上です。よろしくお願いします。

  • 仮定法の英文の添削をお願いします!

    1)鳥のように飛べるといいんだがなあ。 →I (wish) I (could) fly like a bird. 2)模試外国に行くようなことがあれば、ありえないことだがスコットランドへ行きたい。 →If I (were) to go abroad, I (would) go to Scotland. 3)もしその問題を解くことができていたら、試験に通っていたのだが。 →If I (had) been able to answer the question, I should (be) passed the examination. 4)君の助けが無かったならば、それをすることはできなかったのだ。 →(But) for your help, I (would) not have done it. 5)今日の午後二時前にここへ来れば、彼の家へ連れて行くことができます。 →(Should) you come here before two this afternoon, we (would) take you to his house. 6)彼が承諾しなければ我々は何もできない。 →(Without) he consents, we can do (not). 7)我々のこれほどの警告にもかかわらず、彼はその山を登り始めました。 →( ) all our warnings, he (began) to climb up the mountain. 8)部屋に入るや否や、彼は上着を脱いだ。 →As ( ) as he (into) the room, he took off his jacket. 9)たとえ彼が私の息子でも同じことをするであろう。 →(As) if he were my son, I (should) do the same. 10)ひとたび君が言ったのだから、それは秘密にしなければならないよ。 →( ) you have said so, you should keep it secret. 英文が多くて申し訳ありません。()内の穴埋めです。 回答や解説よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

  • 英語の仮定法の問題の答えを教えてください

    英語の仮定法の問題の答えを教えてください。 1、カッコ内の動詞を適当な形に直しなさい。 (1)He is, as it (be), an eternal boy. (2)He talks as if he (see) a UFO. (3)How I wish my mother (be) still alive. (4)If you (be) to see a ghost, you would certainly be frightened. (5)If I (leave) home earlier, I would have caught the bus. (6)If I (know) his e-mail address, I would e-mail him. (7)It is high time you (stop) depending on your parents. 2、空所を適語で埋めよ。 (1)( ) I in your place, I would not do so. (2)( ) it not been for your rescue, he would have been drowned. (3)What ( ) you do if you had a million yen? (4)He talks ( ) if he knew everything. (5)He acted as my interpreter, as it ( ). 3、各文を仮定法を使って書き変えなさい。 (1)I am sorry I can't speak English well. (2)He treated me like a child.(like a childのみ) (3)As I am not busy, I can go with you. (4)To hear him speak, you would think him a young man.(To hear him speakのみ) (5)But for his advice, I would have met a traffic accident.(But for his adviceのみ) 4、各2文がほぼ同じ意味を成すように適語を入れなさい。 (1)If I were you, I would not do like that. →( ) I you, I would not do like that. (2)It is about time you should marry. →It is about time you ( ). (3)She died because the doctor came too late. →If the doctor ( ) ( ) come too late, she ( ) ( ) have died. (4)I am sorry I arrived too late. →I wish I ( ) ( ) in time. お願いします。

  • 仮定法の書き換え文 合っているかみてもらえますか。

    (1)Were I as rich as he (=If I were as rich as he), I would travel abroad.  (彼ぐらいの金があれば海外旅行でもするのだが) (1)書き換え1⇒Being as rich as he, I would travel abroad. (2) If it were not for your quick play, our team would not win.      「君の素速いプレーがなければ、私たちのチームは勝たないだろう」 (2)書き換え1⇒If our team doesn’t have your quick play, we will not win. ↑もしかしたらwe will not win tomorrow.とかなったら仮定法現在でもいけるのでは? 勝てる可能性が増えてしまう?違う意味になるのかな? (2)書き換え2⇒If our team didn't have your quick play, we would not win.  ↑(2)が仮定法(過去形つかう分)で書かれているので、正しいのはやはり書き換え2になるのかな?●やはり「~がなければ」はit be動詞 not for 名詞 でないとだめでしょうか? (3)With your advice, the project would have succeeded. 「君のアドバイスがあったら計画は成功しだだろう」 (3)書き換え文1⇒If it had been for your advice, the project would’ve succeeded. (3)書き換え文2⇒If we had gotten your advice, the project would ‘ve succeeded. (4)A true friend would not betray you. (本当の友達ならあなたを裏切らないだろうに) =If you were a true friend, A true friend(he) would not betray you. (4)書き換え文1⇒Being a true friend, he wouldn’t betray you. (5)With a little more time, I could have solved the problem. (もう少し時間があれば、その問題を解けたのに) (5)書き換え文1⇒If I had had a little more time, I could ‘ve solved the problem. (5)書き換え文2⇒If I had a little more time, I could have solved the problem. ●(5)の場合書き換え文1と2では、どちらが正しいのでしょう? (5)書き換え文3⇒A little more time could’ve led me to solve the problem. (6) I would have forgiven him. 「私だったら彼を許したでしょう。」 (6)書き換え文1⇒If I had been you, I would’ve forgiven him. (7)I don't know his address; otherwise I would write to him. 彼の住所を知りません。 さもなければ手紙を書くでしょう。 (7)書き換え文1⇒ I don’t know his address. If I knew his address, I would write to him. すみません、多いですが、以上です。よろしくお願いいたします。

  • この英文の翻訳お願いします!

    日本語に翻訳お願いします。 You are one Beautiful girl, I reakon you are dayam Hot and very wait not extremely pretty. If you asked me out I would think about it and the answer will most likely be yes, but I would do anything for you and you know that

  • 仮定法について

    (1)If it rains tomorrow, I will not go to the park. (2)If it should rain tomorrow, I will(would) not go to the park. (3)If it were to rain tomorrow, I would not go to the park. この(1)(2)(3)の3つの文のニュアンスの違いを教えて下さい。 (1)は直説法、(2)はshouldを用いた未来の叙想法、(3)はwere toで仮説を 強調するといいますが、実際にどういう場面で使うのかがみえません。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語 仮定法

    自分の答えが合っているかと 間違っていた問題も合っていた問題も訳や説明をいただけると嬉しいです ・My father (give/smoking/up/wishes/could/he). →wishes he could give up smoking ・I (I/when/had been/Tom/called on/him/at home/wish). →wish Tom had been at home when I called on him. ・You (seen/a ghost/look/if/had/as/you). →look as if you had seen a ghost. ・"Why didn't you tell me she married him?" "()" 1 I have told you because I had known it. 2 I told you because I married her. 3 I would have told you if I had known it. 4 She married him because I had known it.→1 ・If () not for his help, I would not be able to finish the work. 1 I had 2 it were 3 there were 4 they had→2 ・Ken must have had an accident on his way home; (), he would have been here by now. 1 otherwise 2 if 3 but 4 for→1 わからなかった問題です ・並び替え 1 (you/would/she/do/if/what)won a goal medal in the Olympics. 2 (about/we/is/on/set/time/off/it) a camping holiday. ・間違った部分を選んで直す 1 (1 Were) the would (2 to come) to an end, we (3 will) carry (4 on) the plan. 2 Had I (1 knew) that she (2 didn't feel) very well yesterday, I wouldn't have (3 asked) her to(4 work late).

  • 仮定法に関する質問です

    「もし水がなければ,我々は死んでしまうだろう」は英訳すると,通常  If it were not for water, we would die. となると思いますが,」これを  If there were no water, we would die. としても,文法上は誤りがないと思います.しかし,実際問題として,こういう表現をとることはあるのでしょうか.「ほとんど皆無」「なくはないが極めてまれ」「ときどきなされる」「よくなされる」で分けるとしたらどれが該当しますか.「こういったケースではあり得る」のような説明も含めて,お教え願えませんでしょうか.宜しくお願いします.

  • 仮定法

    (1) What (   ) you do ,if you were in my place? 正解はwouldですが、couldではだめでしょうか? (2)If it (would, should, is) rain tomorrow,they will not go. 正解は実現性の低い仮定でshouldとなってますが、isでもいいのではないかと 思いますが、(1)(2)を詳しく教えてください。

  • 英語の仮定法で困ってます。

    仮定法の問題で困っています。だれか教えてください。お願いします。 Q次の英文とほぼ同じ内容になるように(  )に適語を入れなさい。また、訳もしてください。 1)If I were in your place, I would do the same thing.   =(  )(  ) in your place, I would do the same thing. 2)If I had studied more, I could have passed the exam.   =(  )(  )(  ) more, I could have passed the exam. 3)If you should die tomorrow, what would you do today?   =(  )(  ) die tomorrow, what would you do today? 4)If it had not been for the traffic jam on the way, we would have arrived sooner.   =(  ) it not (  )(  ) the traffic jam on the way, we would have arrived sooner.