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相変わらず海外旅行が花盛りだ。【せっかくたくさんのお金を使っている以上、ただ外国の景色を眺めて帰ってくるだけでは、もったいない。】 You spend a lot of money on a trip abroad, so just going sightseeing and returning home is only waste of money. 解答では ..., it is waste just to see the sight and come back. となっていたんですが、上のように書いても意味通じるでしょうか?


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"so"で二文が接続されていますが、"so"だと「だから」とか「そうなので」という意味になります。この文の趣旨から云えば”but"の親戚の一つにすべきでしょう。 "going sightseeing"には抵抗があります。"going"と"returning"を対にしたいので苦労しているのでしょうが。先ず、「旅行に行く」などは"go on a trip"と"on"がつくようです。(『三省堂 新クラウン英語熟語辞典』) 私の場合なら原文通り"just looking around the scenery in foreign countries and returning home..."とすると思います(でも、長いですね)。 "only waste of money" 「金の無駄遣い」は"a waste of money"です。onlyがついても"only a waste of money"となります。 解答では"sight"と単数になっていますが、本当でしょうか?「景色」という場合、複数にするのが普通です(単数でも間違いではないですが)。



なるほど、going sightseeingは不自然な感じなのですか。 just looking around the scenery in foreign countries and... こっちの方が良いですね~、ありがとうございます! wasteだから`a`がいるんですね。盲点でした。 最後に、,so... の所なんですが、butよりsoの方が論理的にあってる気がするんですがどうでしょう??

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No.1です。 >butよりsoの方が論理的にあってる気がするんですがどうでしょう?? 私は御質問の文を、「外国旅行には沢山お金を遣うけれど、その経費に見合うだけの経験をしないでは勿体ないではないか」と解釈しました。「相変わらず海外旅行が花盛りだ」という前提があるので、慌ただしく記念写真を撮るだけで帰って来る観光旅行に対する皮肉と取ったのです。 そうでなく「外国旅行にはお金が沢山必要だ。だから、その経費に見合うだけの経験をして帰って来るべきだ」なら、確かに"so"もあり得ます。 「論理的」というより、元の日本文の解釈+考え方の問題だと思います。「旅行に沢山お金を遣うこと」を当然と考える人と、大変なことと考える人(私がこれ)の違いです。



そういうことでしたか。 確かに良く見ると皮肉とも十分取れる文ですね。 自分は「外国旅行にはお金が沢山必要だ。だから、その経費に見合うだけの経験をして帰って来るべきだ」の意味で捉えておりました。 あと、`see the sight`なんですが、Abeeさんのおっしゃった通り、`see the sights`でした。どうもスミマセン^^; ありがとうございました。

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主語がreturning homeであれば returning home is only a waste of money. で問題ないはずですが、その場合 ”going sightseeing”の文法的な取り扱いはどうなるのですか? 主語を going sightseeing and returning homeとして areにしたとしても違和感を感じる文章になりますね。



ここは、He and she are ...のように複数系にすべきということでしょうか?どうやら、解答どおり、it is a waste to...とした方が確実なようですね。 ありがとうございます。


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    英作文について 自分の飼っているペットに多くのお金を使う人に対してどう思うか、 あなたの考えを60語以内の英語で書け。 という問題で 私は I don't think using much money on pets isn't good because it waste of money. It is just a self-satisfaction since pets can't understand the value of the money. We should spend money on people who are poor better than that.(41) ここまで書いたのですが、この文の途中に お金をかけるなら飼い主の満足感を優先した浪費よりも、ペット自身の満足感を優先した使い方をするべきだ。 When you use money, you should think of pets' satisfaction rather than owners' (13) という文も入れたくなり、これを入れるとしたらどこに入れるべきだと思いますか? もし、これを入れるとなると元々の文章も若干変わってくるだろうと思うのですが どう変えればいいと思いますか? 回答して下さる方、多少面倒だとは思いますが、よろしくお願いします。

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    問題  Write your answer in English giving at least two reasons why you agree or disagree with it. Space exploration is a waste of money. 答え    I think space exploration is a waste of money. You may say that there are potential benefits which you will obtain in exploring it. However, it is only about 50years since human beings got tp the surface of the moon, so it is seemed to me that it will take great time, therefore, it will cost too much money until we surely make a great success exploring it. Also,we have many problems which we should pay money for, such as solving environmental problem, the poverty in developing countries. These problems must be solved as early as possible. In my conclusion, we pay money for something else rather than the unreliable projects.

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    コストには、時間的なものと金銭的なものがあります。時間は、全ての人に平等に与えられています。お金は、人によって得られる額が違います。でも、両方とも、使い方は選べます。 There is a cost which is concerned time or money. All the people have time equally, while the amount of money someone has vary from person to person. However people can consider how use both time and money. 宜しくお願いします。

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    (簡単なご指摘で大助かりです) - テキストの正解: "How about asking her to join our trip abroad?" "I don't think she could spare time. she always has a lot of work to do." ※”私たちの海外旅行に彼女も誘ってみたらどうかしら” ”無理だと思うわ。 年中仕事で手一杯の人だから” 私の文: "Shall we tell her to join our overseas travel?" "I think that she can't because she is busy by work all years." よろしくお願いいたします。

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    Japan is confronted with which is financial crisis problem. First, it problem is gradually increase the amount of the national debt. Now amount of the national debt is about 9 hundred trillion yen. Japanese national debt is increase in about one million yen in one minute. There are about sixteen million to a household. Greece finance was fell through but even Japanese economy is on the verge of collapse about to fall apart. If gradually more increase the amount of the national debt, Japanese economy is no doubt end in failure. Secondly, it problem is member of the Diet, which have too many member of the Diets and a member of the Diet’s too high salary. Number of Japanese member of the Diet is about 7 hundred thirty two people. It is felt that there are a lot of numbers of member of the Diet members in Japan even if it sees worldwide or it sees personally and objectively. There are a lot of numbers of member of the Diet members for the population. There is sleeping Diet member when member of the Diet is held and the discussion is done. The salary paid to such an assembly member is indeed useless money. No impossible problem this, and exist. Such Diet member doesn't have the qualification who is the assembly member and not have the qualification that receives one's salary either. Eyes of the society do not permit it though it is permitted to keep getting a position a private company in the law. The people who receive a large sum of retirement allowance in getting a position a private company and run away are like stealing money in the country and money of the independent administrative agency. Many politicians spend money in the country and meal and the amusement. Actually, eyes of the society won't permit it of course though it is permitted in the law. This can easily spend money in the country only because it writes the purpose to spend money on the document at random. For Diet members in Japan, Shinkansen is the unlimited rides. This is also indeed strange. Thirdly, it problem is waste of the provinces, it is putting out. The provinces have received the aid money from the country every year. The aid money can be used by making various fiscal programs. However, there is then putting out problem of brightness. It is money that is spent to construct the road and gotten. If the gotten subsidy is not exhausted, the subsidy is decreased from the age of entertainment. Therefore, the subsidy is tried even if it exhausts it by unnecessary construction. This road works concentrate in February from November. Fourth, it problem is Tohoku earthquake. Economic shock due to the Tohoku earthquake is very large. The economy of Japan and industry do not operate and cannot be restarted. The nuclear plant has destroyed it. The trust of Tokyo Electric Power Company swings by the influence, and the credibility to Japanese businesses and the stock has weakened. The economy of Japan will not recover at a dash. Japan will recover slowly. These four problems are truly terrible and make financial crisis in Japan. 添削をお願いします!文法語法のミスなど教えていただければと思います。

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    ​​I'm also enjoying sightseeing. I visited Fushimi Inari Shrine and Himeji Castle that is in Himeji. この文は正しいですか? 伏見稲荷は京都にありますが‥

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    どこかで、「趣味はgoing on a trip」 と書いてあり、 こういう時にgo onを使うの??って思って 辞書でgo onを調べると、『続ける、進む』などなどの意味が 出ていましたが「行く」とは書いてありませんでした。 しかし、tripで調べると例文で go on a sightseeing trip to~『~へ観光旅行に行く』 と載っていました。 「旅行へ行く」はgo on ~を使うのですか? go toだと思っていたのですが・・・ 英語がダメダメな私に誰か愛の手を~~

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    何度もすいません。 受験が迫りあせっていて添削を依頼させていただことが多いと思うのですが もしよろしければ些細な点でも指摘いただけると助かります テーマ 日本について外国人に何か自由に説明してください(100~150) There is a lot of great beautiful nature in Japan. For example, it has Mt.Fuji , which is very famous for its height. It is the highest mountain in Japan, so a lot of foreign tourists come to japan in order to see it. It is also famous for its beauty. Last summer I went sightseeing in Yamanasi. When I took a look at Mt.Fuji, I was overwhelmed by its beuauty. Probably you may not be able to understamd how great it was, so I recommend that you see it. In addition, you can climb it. If you have conffidence in your physical strength, you should have a try. It is said the view from the top is beyond description.

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    自由英作文の添削してください ! テーマ(自分の人生を変えた出来事) I have been to the US and the experience changed my view of the world. As you know, they speak English fluently: the sound of the language is cool even if the speaker is Japanese. That’s why I got to be interested in foreign languages. But that’s not all. What is more important for me is an American attitude: they are seemed to like to tell his thoughts to others and can express his own opinions positively, unlike the most of Japanese. These experiences showed me attraction of studying abroad.