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完璧に理解するために、2、3件の回答を比べたいと思っております。 数件既に書き込まれていても、構わず書き込んで頂ければ幸いです。 全文、日本語訳よろしくお願い致します。特に、1ヵ所だけどうも意味がつながりません。 女・Tom, that's a lovely sweater you 're wearing. Where did you get it? 男・Oh, this old thing? Believe it or not. I made it when I was in college. 女・You made your own sweater? 男・Yeah, I needed a few credits, so I took a knitting class. I never heard the end of it, believe me. 女・Well, I'm impressed! Think you could show me how? 男・Oh, I don't think so. That was 10 years ago! この中で、特に I never heard the end of it, が、いまいち理解できません。 こちらも別個で訳を解説して頂ければ幸いです。 よろしくお願い致します。


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  • sanori
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hear the end of ~ には、「~に終わりがくる」「~にけりがつく」という感じの意味があり、 never hear the end of ~ には、「~をいつまでも聞かされる」「~がいつまでたっても終わらない」という感じの意味があります。 http://www2.alc.co.jp/ejr/index.php?word_in=hear+the+end+of&word_in2=%82%A9%82%AB%82%AD%82%AF%82%B1&word_in3=PVawEWi72JXCKoa0Je この場合は、「結構しつこく教えられた」だと思われます。 女: トム君、素敵なセーターを着てるわね。どこで手に入れたの? 男: え?この古いの? まさかと思うかもしれないけど、大学時代に僕が作ったんだ。 女: 自分のセーターを自分で作ったの? 男: そう。少し単位が必要だったから、編み物の授業を受けたんだ。結構しつこく教えられたよ、ほんと。 女: へー、感心しちゃった、編み方、教えてくれる? 男: いやー、無理だと思う。10年前のことだから。



ありがとうございました。 私の所持している辞典には載っていなかったので驚きました。

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  • go_urn
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こんにちは! 他の部分についての解釈は、他の回答者の方々と同意見です。 I never heard the end of it, believe me. は、I never heard the end of the story, believe me. いうことで、今でも、編み物クラスを受講したことを、自分を知る人たちが話しに出して、その話しが終わる気配を見せないということだと思います。 「それは今でもみんなの語り草なんだよ、ホント」という感じでしょう。




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  • mfluffy
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#1さんの回答で回答は十分だと思いますが、 質問者様の意向を汲み、私なりにも訳してみたいと思います。 never hear the end of ~について何度も聞かされる 女・トム、素敵なセーターきてるわね。どこで買ったの? 男・あぁ、この古いセーターのことかい?信じられないと思うけど これ、僕が大学生の時に作ったんだよ。 女・自分でつくったの? 男・うん。数単位必要でさ、だから編み物の授業をとったんだ。 何度も教え込まれたよ。ほんと。 女・まぁ、感心しちゃったわ!どうやって作ったか見せてくれない? 男・いや~、無理だとおもうよ。なんせ10年前のことだからね。



ありがとうございました^^ never hear the end of ~について何度も聞かされる で間違いないようですね^^


  • 自然な会話文になるように、添削をお願いします。-4-

    Kevin: Hi, John. John: Oh, hi. You back late, huh? K: Yeah, it's just a friend get-together. Got some news. Hey, how about you? You enjoyed a movie or just watching her face? J: No movies. She came in here.〈g〉 K: ... What's the matter with you? It's kind of too fast, don't you think? J: Kevin, you got it all wrong. She was in the living room, wearing Mom's clothes.〈g〉 K: ... I'm getting confused. What's going on? Tell me. J: Okay. It's just that she accidentally spilled coffee on her clothes at a theater, so I asked her to come over to get it cleaned. K: Oh, that figures. Okay. J: Kevin, you don't know the half of it... I mean... It turns out that they haven't actually met yet but... they know each other. K: ... Wait a second... Now I remember that she's been having a part-time job at a coffee shop. I heard that today. So maybe it's just because Mom was a regular customer. Right? J: Close. She was not "regular", but "good enough to remember". K: Which means? J: Mom was the customer who spilled coffee at the coffee shop. And Alice was the waitress who took care of that. K: Oh... So they are now even. Right?〈g〉 J: Yeah, exactly. Mom said Alice was very kind to her... Kevin, I found out she really is a nice girl. K: Okay, good... John, consider yourself very lucky to have such a wonderful date, you know what I mean?〈g〉 J: Okay, okay. Thanks for reminding me of that. I'll buy you big lunch tomorrow. K: You got it! お時間ありましたら、お願いします。

  • 自然な会話文になるように、添削をお願いします。-3-

    Cathy: Hey. There she is. Morning, Alice. Alice: Oh. Morning, Cathy. C: How did it go yesterday? Tell me. A: Well... It was not something I expected, but ended up great, I guess.〈g〉 C: What happened, exactly? Come on! A: Okay. We were meeting together at a movie theater... C: Oh? He didn't pick you up? He doesn't drive? A: Sure he does. It's just that his parents don't let him drive alone for now. C: Okay. Then? A: I got there a bit early, so waited for him... drinking some coffee... and when I saw him coming up, my brain stopped... The next moment, he was standing in front of me and saying "Hi", smiling. C: Wow! A: ... Well, I was just swept off my feet by his very cool line of "Hi" and ... I... C: Alice? A: I... spilled coffee on my clothes... C: Oh, no! You okay? Didn't get burned? A: No, it wasn't that hot any more, but... C: I know how you feel, Alice... I'd rather die, if I were you... A: Yeah, I was embarrassed and almost started to cry, actually. But, Cathy, he said to me this way, as he took his jacket off and handed it to me. "Don't you worry. You wanna come to my place to get it cleaned, okay? I know my mom's expecting you to come and would be more than happy to take care of this. And besides, I wanna spend some more time with you. Alice, is it okay to call my mom and ask her to pick us up?" ... I think I'm in love, Cathy... C: He's so sweet! No wonder you never looked better... Well, Alice... I wanna ask you something... He has any brothers? A: Oh, come on! お時間ありましたら、お願い致します。

  • 会話文の和訳をお願いします。

    会話文の和訳をお願いします。 I saw the relationship with Tim and Jessica a lot like bowling. It’s like when she bowl, she can bowl the game regular. And then when I come to step up she puts up the bumpers and so my ball would never go into the gutter because of her. And I think that was the cool way to think about it. Because it’s mom, sister, girl friend, it’s all those things at the same time and whether or not guys wants to admit it, that’s what girls should be you know, I think they’re everything to us and we probably wouldn’t make light of it all the time but when we do, we need that everybody does. あるインタビュー番組で、映画に出てくる主人公(ティム/話者)と彼の奥さん(ジェシカ)との関係について答えているシーンです。 前半部分はボーリングにたとえて、「奥さんがバンパーラインの役割を担っている」のような内容だと思うのですが、その後のつながりが全く理解できません。会話文なので分かりづらいとは思いますが、よろしくお願いします!

  • 和訳をお願い致します

    I've heard about the way that you women paint your faces.God has given you one face, but you paint another face on yourselves. You dance when you walk. You sing when you speak.You want men to believe that you know nothing. I've had enough of it. It's made me crazy.No more talk about marriage. Join a church! Oh,how can a great man fall so low? A prince,a student,a soldier,the flower of his country, the mirror of everyone's dreamsーall gone! He was so brave, clever and beautiful. He was the most perfect of men. He filled my ears with the sweet music of his promises. But now he fills them with the crazy worlds of a broken mind. Oh, why did this terrible thing have to happen?

  • 会話文でわからないところがあります

    私達の文字の会話文です。 英語圏の人がタイプミスをしました。 But I'm not on my newer computer right noww. now に「w」が1個多くて面白かったので、 それから色々なところに w をつけて二人で冗談で遊んでいました。 George WW Bush. とか、 He's going to Chicagoww tomorrow.← He は Bush の事ではありません。 次はそれについての言い訳というか、説明です。 It was a mistake. But I made it into something ridiculously funny (so lame, it's something that only WE would laugh at) この文の中に「so lame, 」がありますが、これは文の中でどんな意味に使われているのでしょうか。

  • 使役動詞の疑問文について

     What made you think he was married?   「どうして彼が結婚していると思ったのですか? 」  これは時制の一致でwasになっているのでしょうか?  「どうして彼が結婚していたと思ったのですか?」 にするならば、  What made you think he had been married? で正しいでしょうか?    The news made you think he was married. の文をheを問う文に書き換えると、  Who did the news make you think was married? となるのでしょうか?    どうぞよろしくお願いします。

  • 翻訳をお願い致します。

    So that's the gist of it. That's also the reason why the “firing” happened right as Weiland left on tour for this run. So when Slash said he “heard Weiland was fired”, that threat had been made if he went through with this tour. The band put the ball in Scott's court and he said whatever I'm doing it. I don't think Scott was fired when Slash said he was, but the threat had definitely been made, and Scott decided to call the Deleo's bluff. Well, now he's fired and it's up to their lawyers to sort through the mess.

  • この短い会話文を訳して頂けないでしょうか?ご協力宜しくお願い致します。

    完璧に理解するために、3,4件の回答を比べたいと思っております。 数件既に書き込まれていても、構わず書き込んで頂ければ幸いです。 正夫・Did you hear that Daisuke was fired today? 陽子・Yeah. We'll miss him around here, but he did bring it on himself, you know. He lost our biggest account. 正夫・Still, they didn't even give him a warning. Don't you at least feel a bit sorry for him? 陽子・Not really. I like him, but he got what he deserved. 全文の訳の他に、accountの意味を簡単でいいので解説していただけないでしょうか。解説と言ってもこの文に合う意味を教えていただければ結構です。 もちろん、辞書で調べたんですが、自分の理解力がどうも乏しいせいか、この文に合う意味がみつかりませんでした(>_<) 宜しくお願い致します。

  • 会話文について

    会話文について A: Janet,have you seen my wallet? B: No,I haven't. A: This is really strange. I'm sure I put it on this table, but now I can't find it. B: Is there a lot of money in it? A: No,just a few dollars, but my driver's license is in it, so I really have to find it. B: Have you checked your jacket pocket? Maybe that's where it is. A: No, it isn't there. B:( ) A: Because I just remembered where I put it. Year, here it is. just where I put it when I got dressedーin the back pocket of my jeans. 1. Well, how do you know if you don't check 2. Are you positive that's where you placed it 3. Why are you always so tidy 4. Why are you so sure you put it on the table この答えは1になるのですが、どうしても1をうまく訳すことができません。 赤本の訳によると、「まあ、チェックもしていないのになんでわかるの?」となるのですが、自分が訳すと「どうしてチェックしていないのかどうかわかるの?」となってしまいます。 自分は、knowの後には目的語が必要だと思い、ifを「~かどうか」という名詞節で取ったのですが。。 まさか、knowの後には何かが省略されているのでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。

  • 自然な会話文になるように、添削をお願いします。

    Kevin: Hi. Looks like busy, huh? Texting? John: Um... Yeah... K: To whom? J: ... Nobody... K: Hey, hey, it wouldn't happen to be her. Don't tell me you started to text her again. J: ... K: Answer quick. J: Well, I'm just wishing there is a way that... I could have another chance... K: Come on! You just don't understand, do you? If you keep doing this thing, he's gonna show up right in front of you at any minute. What would you do then? Think you can handle it? J: ... Whatever... K: John, I know you had your heart broken badly and I feel really sorry about it. But, look, you two are NEVER getting back together and you know it. You have to face it. Just forget about her and live again. J: Well, that's easy for you to say... K: I'll tell you what. John, there are millions of girls out there waiting for you, I promise. I think it's about time to go out. (the cell ringing) K: It's your date, John. J: What do you mean, "my date"? K: I gave Alice your number. J: You mean you fix me up? K: No, I mean, she's been interested in you for million years, that's all. You know, she sure is a lot of fun to hang out with. I bet you have a good time. Come on! What are you waiting for? Answer it! J: Well... Okay, I'll speak to her. K: Okay! Go for it! John, you are gonna owe me so big for this if you can make it, remember that? よろしくお願いします。