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The Safety of GM Foods Dou you think genetically modified food is safe enough to eat? A number of critics believe that GM foods have been not tested enough and that they must be re-tested to make sure they are not a risk to our health.Some studies suggest that GM foods may be harmful and dangerous to our health. Scientists have discovered in a laboratory experiment that rats fed with GM corn have toxins in their kidneys and liver. More importantly, the same kind of corn has already been approved for use as food for humans in the United States. Another discovery about GM foods suggests that people may have an allergic reaction to the genes which have been newly introduced.For example,scientists were thinking about introducing a gene from Brazil nuts into soybeans. Due to this GM technology,new allergens could be created, and people who have allergies can have a serious allergic reaction to the products made with the GM soybeans. A study indicates that more than 12 million Americans,about 4% of the population, have food allergies. They may have serious allergies,even anaphylactic shock if they eat foods with allergens. This severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) may cause difficulty breathing and shock, ultimately leading to death.


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以下のとおりお答えします。(面白い内容でした。) GM(Genetically Modified 遺伝子組み換え)食物の安全性 遺伝子組み替え食品は、食べるのに十分安全である、とあなたは思いますか? 多くの評論家が、GM食物は十分に試験されていないので、私達の健康にとって危険でないことを確かめるために再試験をしなければならない、と信じています。私達の健康のために、GM食物は有害で危険かも知れない、ということを示唆する研究が幾つかあるのです。 科学者は、研究所での実験で食物としてGMトウモロコシを与えられたネズミの腎臓と肝臓に毒素があることを発見しました。 さらに重要なことに、米国ではすでに同種のトウモロコシを人の食物向けに使うことが承認されているのです。 GM食物に関するもう1つの発見が、新たに導入された遺伝子に対して人々がアレルギー反応を持つらしいことを示唆しています。例えば、科学者は、ブラジルのクルミから採った遺伝子を大豆に導入することを考えていました。 このGM技術によって、新しいアレルゲン(アレルギー因子)が創り出され、アレルギーを持つ人々がGM大豆によって作られた製品に対して重大なアレルギー反応を起こす可能性があるのです。 ある研究は、人口の約4%にあたる1200万人以上のアメリカ人が食物アレルギーを持っていることを示しています。 もし、彼らがアレルゲンのある食物を食べると、重大なアレルギーを、いやさらには、アナフィラキシー(過敏性)のショックさえ、引き起こすことでしょう。 この重篤なアレルギー反応(アナフィラキシー)は、困難呼吸を起こして、最終的にはショック死をもたらすかも知れないのです。 以上、ご回答まで。




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 ジェネラルミルズ社食品の安全性  このGM技術で、新しいアレルギ源が創られ、アレルギーのあり人々は、GM大豆で作られた製品に重度のアレルギーを示す可能性がある。  ある研究では総人口の約4%にあたる1,200万人以上のアメリカ人が食品アレルギーを持っていると言う。  もし彼らがアレルギー源を含む食品を食べると、重度のアレルギー、時によっては急性アレルギー性ショックさえも起しかねない。  この重度のアレルギー反応(アナフィラキシー)は、究極的には死にいたる呼吸困難やショック状態の原因にもなる事がある。 (ちょっといま時間がありませんので終わりだけ訳しました)



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    Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis(Anaphylactic shock) is a severe allergic reaction. It is a life-threatening problem. Symptoms often develop very rapidly within several seconds or minutes, and the reaction leads to difficulty in breathing, and a shock that maycause death. Anaphylaxis is the systemic(whole body) allergic reaction to an allergen,a foreign substance taken into your body,and a later exposure to that allergen may cause anaphulactic shock. Recently, food-dependent anaphylaxis in Japanese primary school students is a big issue. Animal bites and stings can trigger anaphylaxis. Yellow jacket bees cause over 95% of the allergic insect stings in the United States. 50% of deaths occur within 30 minutes of the sting. The sting involves injecting venom (poisonous fluid) into the human body from the bee's stinger. Anaphylaxis is an extreme reaction of the immune system. It is the most serious response to the insect sting,and it causes airway obstruction and severe hypertension that may lead to death. The first time you are stung by yellow jackets,you will not have an anaphylactic shock. You must be stung at least once in the past in order for your immune system to produce a kind of antibody that triggers the serious allergic reaction on subsequent stings.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! The dedication of a new labrum in the Forum Baths, dated to AD 3/4, may have been one consequence of it. The building of the Suburban Baths outside the Porta Marina may have been another. The reign of Augustus was a seminal phase in the history of Pompeii’s public landscape, but it merely marked the beginning of a development that continued under Augustus’s successors. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether buildings should be dated to the Augustan or Julio-Claudian periods. On the east side of the forum, for instance, the Building of Eumachia, whose precise function is uncertain but was certainly in some sense commercial, contained references to Augustan propaganda, including replicas of the statues of Aeneas and Romulus from the Forum Augustum in Rome, but its dedicatory inscriptions, which record that Eumachia constructed the building in her own name and that of her son, M. Numistrius Fronto, and dedicated it to Concordia Augusta and Pietas, fit a period early in the reign of Tiberius, and especially the years AD 22-24, when there was emphasis on the close relations between the emperor and his mother Livia, and concepts such as concord and filial devotion (pietas) would have been in fashion.

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    There is some evidence that these improvements in the characteristics of elders have resulted in more positive views of aging. Tibbitts claimed that during the past 30 to 40 years, U.S. society has moved from holding negative stereotypes of old people to holding positive views in which elders are seen as being able to contribute to the quality of life for themselves, their communities, and society as a whole. Schonfield even argued that the assumption of negative attitudes toward old people is a "social myth" perpetuated by the gerontological literature. We will be examining these attitudes in derail in Chapter 2, but there does appear to be a substantial shift from negative to positive attitudes. The improvements in the physical, mental,social, and economic characteristics of elders have been so marked, and there have been so many programs and services developed for elders only, that many have begun to criticize these programs as discrimination in favor of the aged, or positive ageism. We will be discussing examples of positive ageism throughout this book; but the ones that have drawn most criticism so far are the Medicare program and some features of the Social Security System, such as the automatic cost of living increases in benefits and the tax-exemption of Social Security benefits for most elders. Perhaps these programs have been criticized the most because they involve the most money. Critics are beginning to argue that since elders are no longer deprived economically and since they are now much better off mentally, physically, and socially than they were in the past, it is no longer necessary or fair to continue the enormous expense of these special supports and programs available only to elders. Some argue that the way to reduce positive ageism is to make these supports and programs available to all ages on the basis of need. For example, they recommend that the national health insurance, which only elders now enjoy, be extended to all ages. It is clear that positive ageism is becoming an important issue and promises to become even more important as we are faced with more older people and more expensive programs for "seniors only."

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    申し訳ありませんが、お願いします。 There are soms things that I would not have done , and some things that I have failed to do that I would do. One of the things that I would have done if I had known the importance of it would have been to go to college.

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    Gerontology is defined as the science of aging. Actually it is made up of the knowledge about aging derived from many sciences, including biology, psychology, and sociology. Gerontologists are the scientists who study aging. Gerontologists have been accused of focusing only on the declines of aging, and of assuming that the characteristics of the aged are the primary causes of the problems of elders. Such a focus on declines is a subtle form of ageism because it ignores the possibilities of growth and improvement with age. The assumption that the characteristics of elders are the cause of the problems of elders is another subtle from of ageism, because it ignores the extent to which the ageism embedded in our social structure and culture contribute to the problems of elders. The extent to which various theories in gerontology may contribute to ageism is discussed in Chapter 6. Geriatrics is the study of the medical aspects of old age, and the application of gerontology to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness among older persons. Thus, while gerontology deals with all aspects of aging, geriatrics is limited to the medical aspects. Physicians may be subject to several kinds of ageism. Because they focus on illness and disability, they may forget that health and ability is normal among elders. They may be tempted to blame any difficult or obscure illness on old age and assume that nothing can be done about it. Geriatricians and other providers of service to elders may exaggerate age differences and needs of elders in order to promote their own service roles. Several gerontologists charge that gerontology is becoming increasingly "biomedicalized" and that this produces a negative view of aging. Kalish suggested that there is a "new ageism" found especially among advocates and service providers for the aged. It stereotypes the "elderly" in terms of the characteristics of the least capable, least healthy, and least alert of the elderly. It perceives the older person as, in effect, a relatively helpless and dependent individual who requires the support services of agencies and other organizations. It encourages the development of services without adequate concern as to whether the outcome of these services contributes to reduction of freedom for the participants to make decisions controlling their own lives. It produces an unrelenting stream of criticism against society in general and certain individuals in society for the mistreatment of the elderly, emphasizing the unpleasant existence faced by the elderly.

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     Red wine likewise offers some protection from heart disease.Researchers,have found that other types of alcohol,like beer,taken in moderate quantities,may also help raise levels of the“good”cholesterol,which is known to reduce the risk of stroke.Meanwhile,we have been warned to avoid coffee to protect our hearts.However,recent studies have found that women who drink as many as six cups of coffee a day experience no increased risk.Apparently,the real danger is not in the coffee but in the cigarettes which people may smoke with their coffee.  In the hope of preventing cancer,people have been swallowing tablets of beta-carotene and vitamin A by the handful.Research at the National Institutes of Health in the United States shows,however,that taking such vitamin tablets has little or no effect on the risk of cancer,particularly lung cancer.What does make a difference is eating food rich in beta‐carotene:peaches,pumpkins,carrots.For reasons that scientists don´t clearly understand,these foods have a beneficial effect that the vitamin tablets do not.Perhaps the foods contain other elements which the body uses to fight cancer in ways that we are not yet aware of.    参考までに、beta-carotene:ベータカロチン(人体内で代謝されてビタミンAとなる) the National Institutes of Health:国民健康研究所 と書いてあったので載せておきます。スペルの間違いがあったらごめんなさい。

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    An experimental therapy that fed children with peanut allergies small amounts of peanut flour has helped more than 80 per cent of them safely eat a handful of the previously worrisome nuts. Although experts say the results of the carefully monitored study are encouraging, they warn it isn't something that parents should try at home. Peanut allergies are on the rise globally and affect about 1 in 50 children, mostly in high-income countries. The consequences can be life-threatening -- peanuts are the most common cause of fatal food allergy reactions. There is no way to avoid a reaction other than just avoiding peanuts. Allergy shots used for environmental triggers like pollen are too risky. Doctors at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge started by giving 99 children aged seven to 16 with severe peanut allergies a tiny 2-milligram dose of a special peanut flour mixed into their food. Slowly they increased that amount to 800 milligrams. The dose increases were given at a research facility where the children were observed for any dangerous side effects -- the most frequent were itchiness in the mouth, stomach pains or nausea. After six months of treatment, more than 80 per cent of the children can now safely eat five peanuts at a time. "This made a dramatic difference to their lives," said Dr. Andrew Clark of the University of Cambridge in Britain, who led the research. "Before the study, they could not even tolerate tiny bits of peanuts and their parents had to read food labels continuously." The intention of the treatment isn't to help kids eat large amounts of peanuts, but to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction in case they accidentally eat trace amounts. Clark said the treatment works by retraining the patients' immune systems so they can gradually build up a tolerance to peanuts, though he guessed they might need to keep taking it for several years. He and colleagues plan to offer the treatment soon in a special peanut allergy clinic as well as beginning larger studies.

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    とても長い文章ですがお願いします おかしなところがあればご指摘ください The report describes the other elements that have proved to be vital: a single, powerful national AIDS plan involving a wide range of actors; social openness, increasing the visibility of the epidemic and countering stigma; social policies that address core vulnerabilities; the engagement of all sectors (not just health); a recognition of the synergy between prevention and care; support to community participation; and targeting interventions to those who are most vulnerable, including young people before they become sexually active. Countries that have adopted forward-looking strategies to fight the epidemic are reaping the rewards in the form of falling incidence

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    Something must have caused languages, even in the past and under traditional conditions, to diverge and to remain separate, in the face of all that contact. Here's how it happens. Any of us over the age of 40 has observed that languages change even over the course of just a few decades, with some words dropping out of use, new words being coined, and pronunciation shifting. For instance, whenever I revisit Germany , where I lived in 1961, young Germans notice that they have to explain to me some new German words (e.g, the new word Handi for cell phones, which didn't exist in 1961), and that I still use some old-fashioned German words that have been going out of use since 1961(e.g, jener/jene for "that/those"). But young Germans and I can still mostly understand each other well. Similarly, you American readers under the age of 40may not recognize some formerly popular English words like "ballyhoo," but incompensation you daily use the verb "to Google" and the participle "Googling" which didn't exist in my childhood.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! This was a campus (training-ground) for the military corps of upper-class youths, which Augustus promoted as part of a policy of producing model citizens and supporters of his regime. When not in use for drills and other displays, it would have been open to the general public as a pleasant intramural open space, analogous to the monumental porticus, such as the Porticus of Octavia and the Porticus of Livia, which the emperor created(in continuance of a Republican tradition) in the capital. It was provided with a central swimming pool and planted with plane trees whose estimated age at the time of the eruption is the chief argument for an Augustan date. The importance of the campus is attested by the fact that the space was obtained by suppressing six blocks of the pre-existing street-grid. Recent excavations have yielded traces of early properties which must have been bought or expropriated. One reason for placing the campus in the eastern part of the city may have been that this quarter was less densely populated than others, so that the cost of the development and the degree of disruption that it caused were less than they would have been elsewhere.