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長文で申し訳ありませんが、和訳をお願いします Oh I think you're facing a big challenge in your life now. I hope & I know that you can pass in all of those troubles & challenges that comes to you! No matter what happen always remember that "don't focus on how stressed you are, always remember how blessed you are!" Just Enjoy life & remember how lucky we are cause we're still surviving! Well I'm gonna share a picture & I hope it can spire you.... These are some of the pictures of those kids who we can say unlucky because they don't experience even the easiest way of living or simple life because they are growing up without their family beside them... In their poor age they have to experience some illness that they don't deserve...but still God give reason for them to smile...& for me if I'm going to compare what I have now, what challenges I'm facing now... It's nothing with all those kids experienced & nobody knows what will happen in their future... Just see how lucky we are!


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おお、あなたは今大きな難題に直面しているのだと思います。私は、あなたが自分に降りかかってくる災難や難題をすべてくぐり抜けられることを望んでいます。それができることを私は知っています! たとえ何が起こっても、覚えておいて欲しいのです。「あなたにどれほどストレスがかかっているかに注意を集中するのでなく、いつも、自分がどんなに祝福されているかを思うべきです!」 まさに、生を楽しむべきです。そして、私達はこうして生きているんですから、どんなに幸運であるかを覚えておきましょう! さて、一緒に写真を見ましょうか、それがあなたの活気づけになることを願って…。 これらは、不運としか言いようのない子供たちの写真の数枚です。なぜ不運かと言えば、彼らは自分の傍らに家族なしで成長しているので、最も簡単な生活、単純な生活方法さえ経験していないからです…。 貧しい時、受けるに値しない病気を経験しなければならないというのに、それでも微笑むという理由を神が与えてくれます。そして私にとっては、もしも今私の持っているもの、今私が直面している難題と、それ(子供の不運)とを比べたら…。 それらの子供の経験と比べたら、こんなことは何でもありませんし、しかも彼らの未来には何が起こるか誰も知りません…。 本当、私達がどんなに幸運であるかを知っておきましょう!



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    和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) For over 1,800 years, pepople have had animals as pets. Dogs and cats are the ones which are kept the most, but some people keep fish, rabbits, snakes and robopets. Then, you may say, “What are robopets?” Over the years, science has developed and now we have robot pets. Some of them can show “feelings,”such as joy, sadness and anger, by using body movements, sounds and the lights in their eyes. Some can even decide how to things by themselves, as well as remember hundreds of words and talk to us in languages such as English, Japanese and Spanish. Robopets have some better points than animal pets. They don't make loud noises and we don't need to feed them, give them a bath or take them for a walk. Also, they never make the carpet or floor dirty, so we don't have to clean up after them. And they don't get sick or die ! Many people aren't interersted in having robopets, however. They can't feel any warm relationship between a robot and themselves. They feel that when they have an animal as a pets, they can have friendly relationship with it. When animals get sick or die, we learn an important lesson : we wil be gone some day. So we love them more and learn how important ― and sometimes short ―life is. People now have a choice about pets. They can choose a pet that is very convenient, or they can choose a pet that is living. Which kind would you choose?

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    A part of history is the story of science, of what we have found out as to how things happen, why they happen and what things are. (質問1) how things happen, why they happen and what things are. 「物事がどのようにして起こるのか、何故起こるのか、それらは何なのか」→訳はこれでよいでしょうか?(更に良いものがあれば教えてください。特に、thingsは「物事」でいいのか、それとも「現象」など、変えてしまっていいのか。) (質問2) 質問1と同じ箇所ですが、「how things happen=物事の生じる過程」「why they happen=物事の生じる理由」「what things are=物事の種類?」最後の「物事の種類」でいいのかよく分かりません。 (質問3) what we have found out as to how things happen, why they happen and what things are.の具体例はどのようなものでしょうか? (質問4) A part of history is the story of science, of what we have found out as to how things happen, why they happen and what things are. この文章は、同格構文だと思いますが、どことどこが同格関係になっているのでしょうか?(自分が思うに、scienceと what we have found outですが、なぜwhat we have found outの前にofがあるのですか?)

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    英語の和訳をお願いしたいです。 All I can be Have what we need What you've got to do is to give it your best shot Forget yesterday Now is everything Ignore cold eyes,yell at the top of your lungs So that the world hears No need to change,we're fine this way Just act on instinct, listen to your heart Don't pay attention to what they say Live your life the way that you want If you are tired then why don't you rest There is no need to keep on running Burn your soul into these notes and verses Then this song will surely reach their ears No need to change,we're fine this way Just act on instinct, listen to your heart Don't pay attention to what they say Live your life the way that you want You've made no mistake Call your own shots on right and wrong Don't pay attention to what they say Live your life the way that you want よろしくお願いします。

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    次の英文の和訳お願いします(>_<) But they are reasonable only if information is all that counts. This attitude toward talk ignores the fact that people are emotionally involved with each other and that talking is the major way we establish, maintain, monitor, and adjust our relationships. Whereas words convey information, how we speak those words - how loud, how fast, with what information and emphasis - communicates what we think we are doing when we speak : teasing, flattering, explainig , or complaining ; whether we are feeling friendly or angry ; whether we want to get closer or back off. 長文ですみませんが お願いします(>_<)

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    友人のTシャツに下記の英文がありました。すみませんが意味を教えてくれませんか?宜しくお願い致します。何かの格言ですか? Once they do it, they say they don't know how to sell their stock because they are new in this market. If we buy back their stock can you take those goods?

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    Are we friend relations forever? と送ったら、non, we will see i don't know if you understand or not i did not understand your question と返事がありIs it the question that I sent to you now?と送ったら、 yesとあり、"we will see"you send me? と聞いたらyes i don't wanna be friends, i wanna something moreときました。 but,You did the same answer before. It is that we are friends from now on. I understood it. と答えるとno,don't worry, i don't wanna be just friendsときました。どういう意味でしょうか?

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    I remember when you told me that can't love you 100 percent with my heart then it will not work between me and you and you said that it will be ok because I was honest and that I showed you the feeling of how to feel when someone really cares about you and that's ok. Do you still mean that? What happens if we were just good friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend could you handle that?????

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    1. The event and tourism professions are multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted. What challenges does this present for practitioners? 2. With reference to specific industry sectors critically appraise what you consider will be the top 10 issues facing the tourism and events industry within the next 50 years. How should practitioners prepare and respond to these challenges? 3. What are some of the main factors that have contributed to the development of the festival industry? 以上3文です。 上記についてessayを書かなければならないのですが質問の意味が理解できずに困っています。 どなた様か、和訳の方よろしくお願いいたします。

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    和訳をお願いします。 「They need somebody that can start on June 3rd because they have a safety training the first 2 days of every month and you need this training before you can start working in the lab environment.If you can’t start till June 10th, then we can focus on what openings we get open in June to start with the July 1st class.」

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    I will say the same is fun at first but then it get's boring and how your FB friend has so much sadness that they post their life out there. here you can have fun hear new music and share your thought and make new friends everyday to bad that some don't like their profile picture but hey we are here for the music. 以上の文を和訳お願いします。 語学力の無さと、文が続いてるせいかうまく訳せませんでした。 また模範回答も頂けると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。