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インドの方からのメールですが訳が知りたいのです。 最後のkeep writing とはどのような意味があるのでしょうか? Dearest friend Thanks to your wishes, we watched aurora during the last day. Expressions, goodness of heart and good friendship is never constraint by any language. The day we met, I wished I knew more Japanese because both Pragya (the gal) and myself wanted to talk to you so much more. So we are really sorry as well that we don't know Japanese. Actually, in my heart, I really feel so inspired to you all guys that you have stick to your own culture and language. I wish we Indians loved our own language as much as you do. Photograph came out really well. Thanks for sending it. We have couple of Japanese friends and from them we know we really love Japanese people. Culture wise they are so close to Indians. Japanese preserved ashes of our great leader Subash Chandra Bose in their Japanese temple for so many decades. Japanese help this leader build his army to free India. So we always feel thankful to Japan. Some of our best movies have famous songs shot in Japan with Japanese words. 'Sayonara' word became so famous in India. When in 50-60's Japan had to give away their leader to British was a war hero, whole India had cried over that incident. My parents still remember that incident and keep telling me about that. Japan Suzuki brought in the car revolution for India and still is a market leader. So we are very well connected with Japan. I can understand how much shocking it might have been for you to go back to Japan. Japan has suffered so much in last 50 years. They are such a peaceful nature but still have suffered so much. It is very unfortunate. I am sure Japan will revive. I can tell you whole of India's wishes are with you guys. You all have so much energy, patience and strong will. I am glad that your near dear ones and house is safe. Please say my wishes to your family. Keep writing.

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友へ。 あなたたちが望んだおかげで、最後の日のうちにオーロラを見ることが出来ました。 表現、善意、良き友情というものに言語上の制約はないですね。 わたしたちが会った日は、プラガヤ(ガル)も私自身も、もっとあなたたちとお話ししたいと思っていたので、日本語がもっと分かればなと思っていました。だから、日本語が分からないことを申し訳なく思いました。実際、心の中では、私たちは、本当に、あなたや他の人たちが、自国の文化や言葉をキープする姿にとても刺激を受けました。あなたたちと同じぐらい、私たちインド人も自国を愛せればなあと思っています。 写真はとっても良い出来ですね。送っていただいてありがとう。 日本人の友達が何人かいますが、彼らのおかげで、自分たちは本当に日本人が好きなんだなあと知りました。文化の知恵としてはとてもインドの人々に近いですね。日本人は、何十年もの間、私たちの偉大なリーダー、スバシュ・チャンドラ・ボーズの遺灰を、お寺に保存しています。日本人は、彼が、インド人解放軍を編成するのに力を貸してくれました。だからいつでも日本人に感謝しているのですよ。インドの素晴らしい映画の中には、日本語が使われている有名な歌を含んだショットもあります。 インドでは「さよなら」という言葉がとても有名になりました。1950‐60年代の日本人は、戦争の英雄を、英国との戦いで葬りました。インドじゅうの人がこの出来事に涙しました。両親は未だにその事を覚えていて、私に語り継いでいました。日本のスズキ自動車は、インドに乗用車革命を起こし、今も業界を牽引する存在です。 わたしたちはとても日本との繋がりが深いのですよ。 日本に戻ることが、どれほどショックであるか、私には分かりますよ。 日本は、過去50年の間とても苦労してきました。とても穏やかな国なのに、今なおとても苦しんでいます。とても不幸なことです。日本は復活する、と信じています。私は、インド人みんなの願いをあなたたちに伝えたいと思っています。あなたたちはみんなエネルギー、忍耐力、そして強い意志を持っていますから。 あなたの最も近しい人々と、お家が無事で良かったです。 ご家族にも私の願いを伝えてください。また手紙書いてね。 最後のkeep writingというのは、「たまに手紙書いてね」ぐらいの意味で、今後もぼちぼち文通出来たらいいな、という気持ちを表します。



回答ありがとうございます。 イエローナイフに行った時、思い切って話しかけてみたのですが、私は流暢に英語が話せないので上手く会話ができませんでしたが、そのインドの方は技術者でニューヨークに住みMBAを取ろうとしていると言っていました。 凄いエリートなのに私の下手くそな英語を聞いてくれる姿を見てインドの方は優しい人なんだと感じました。 インドの方は私の英語を理解しようとしてくれました。その際にメールアドレスを交換しました。 そして、もう二つ質問があります。 Pragya (the gal) という文はプラガヤさんは女の子という意味でしょうか?インドの方は男性と女性でした。最初にメールした時、Mr.pragyaと書いてしまったので・・・ チャンドラボースのことや戦争のこと初めて知りました。インドは大変親日なのですね。 日本は過去50年間とても苦労したとは第二次大戦で負けて苦労したと言うことでしょうか? keep writingの意味を初めて知りました。なにかあったらたまにメールして見ようと思います。

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>keep writing 単純に考えて、次の手紙に「続く」ではないでしょうか。 それよりも >Thanks to your wishes, we watched aurora during the last day. のほうが気になります。 災害と関係があるのでしょうか。



回答ありがとうございます。 私がイエローナイフにオーロラを見に行った時、思い切って話しかけてみたのです。 私は英語が流暢に話せないため上手く会話ができませんでしたが、インドの方は一生懸命に私の英語を聞いてくれました。 インドの方と出会った日は曇りでオーロラがみれませんでした。 私は滞在最終日でインドの方は初日でした。 イエローナイフ滞在最終日にオーロラが見れたとのことであると思います。


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    Yes very much, people of japan are hard working, they have their own and beautiful culture and traditions:) also as much i know, they are of helping nature too and i don't think there is any reason that one shouldn't like japan. Although good and bad people are everywhere but in fact after my country i like japan most in this world. What do you think about India? 和訳して下さいm(_ _)m

  • 和訳をどうかお願いします

    You are a wonderful person but we are just in different stages in our life. I do want u to live a full life and I really don't have time to be in a relationship with anyone, I just need to concentrate on myself right now without other worries in my head. We always friends we both helped each other out a lot. I didn't want to hurt you and didn't know how to tell you that is why I been so distant

  • おはようございます。恐れ入りますが、英文の和訳をお願いします。

    おはようございます。恐れ入りますが、英文の和訳をお願いします。 How are you? Do you have anything special planned for the long weekend? Or do you have to work on the national holiday. On Monday you have・春分の日, right? From・Wikipedia:・This national holiday was established in 1948 as a day for the admiration of nature and the love of living things. Prior to 1948, the vernal equinox was an imperial ancestor worship festival called・Shunki k・rei-sai・(春季皇霊祭?). Love of living things? Is this a kind of Japanese version of valentines day? I'm also sorry for my late reply :) No really I'm not trying to be funny, I'm really really busy. My project is going quite well, actually it is going so well that management decided to take some people from my team and let them help with another project ... I guess this is my punishment for doing so well :( In April I need to go to Singapore again and maybe we'll have a Korean customer. I have never been to Korea, I almost wanted to ask if you went to Korea already ... but then I remember that you have never left Japan. I think it makes to pure Japanese ... not spoiled by foreign things ... maybe except me :) Although Singapore is very nice, the food is really nice in Singapore, I would prefer to come to Japan ... I really look forward to have diner with you again. You are so cute ... and beautiful ... Oh on the return flight from Singapore to Brussel I got upgraded to business class again. So I had a very enjoyable return flight. I think I deserved it after all the trouble I had to get there ... haha It's a petty that your movie is not on the internet ... I'm sure you would be a hit on youtube:) ・Why are you embarrassed? You should be proud that you have been chosen to be in the commercial. I will never be chosen for a commercial ... It's getting late again ... I better go to home ... otherwise my Japanese colleagues still want to have a video conference ...・ Really wish I could see you soon,

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    I think in order for that to happen we need to work on communication . I think sometimes you think I mean something that in fact I really do not. so that we understand each other and can express clearly. 英語の先生からメールがきましたが、はっきり意味が分かりません。 よろしくお願いします。

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    昔の友人?恋人のような男性から2年ぶりに連絡が来ましたがあまりにも自分が英語を忘れすぎて彼のメッセージが正確に理解できません。。。なんとなくはわかるのですが正確に知りたいので分かる方、和訳お願いいたします。 自分の名前はAとしています。 I am glad that u are fine...i am good too ... i wanna say a couple of things to you! Back there, when we were at LA, i thing that didn't treated you the way that you deserve, and i wanna say really sorry aboute that A...you deserve to know that i have a lot of good memories about you and the good times that we had in LA I know that all this things happened a long time ago, but i want to say sorry to you anyway... U always were so nice to me, and back there i was to young and too immature to know that... So, this is your Brazilian friend saying sorry to you about something that happened almost 2 years ago, but still care about that...i know that we live really far way, but anyway, i wanna be ok with you Miss you A

  • 和訳質問です

    和訳質問です (付きあっていない)外人の彼に I am “What” for youときいてみたら、 i like you pretty much, but you are in Japan and we can not talk that much and you are pretty :) i like japan very much too :) と返事がありました。 私の事はほぼ好きだけど、あなたは日本にいる。そして僕たちは会話ができない(私が英語勉強中の身なので)だけど、あなたは可愛いし、僕は日本もとても好きだよ。 という訳で大丈夫ですか?また、私の質問に対しての彼の返事が私を好きがpretty muchで、日本を好きがvery muchなのが気になり、本当に好きなら、ある程度話ができなくても、フィーリングが合ったり、お互い一緒にいる居心地の良さがあれば問題なく、あなたが好きだといえるのかなと思ってしまいました。彼とはパリー日本と離れているので、とりあえずこういえば、問題ないだろうという返事ではないですよね?( ; ; ) 補足です。 その返事の後にthat is why i wish to see you again i want to know you moreとメールがきました。

  • 和訳お願いいたします。

    和訳お願いいたします。 I just came home from work (no not from a bar) and I'm so happy to see I received an email from you. I wonder how it's like. I have seen many Japanese brides though. When I went to Osaka the first few times, I stayed in Swissotel and almost every weekend there were a few weddings. That's why I saw so many brides ... and most of them looked very beautiful. They must spend a lot of time on the make up and hair styling. I'm sure your friend also looked very nice. But there are those women who don't need all the make up, hair styling ... and look really beautiful just the way they are. You are certainly one of them ... a natural beauty! Yes CES (consumer electronics show) is a very big and important trade show for companies like the one I work for 〇〇. It's held in Las Vegas ... and my boss is so lucky he always can go :( Really you can take leave in December? Please tell me the dates then I can see if I can take leave ... or if I will be in Japan :) Probably I will know more towards the end of this month. Because then we know if we have a big customer or not. And if we do ... well then my boss / company's wallet goes open ... and then we have lots of money to spend ... hahaha ... that would mean I probably have to go to Japan. 〇〇,... don't worry about my work, ok? I have worked more than enough this year (and last year) ... that I can have a small vacation with someone I care about so much. 以上です。ありがとうございます。

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    s I'm writing this email right now ... you must still be sleeping. When I think of you ... how cute you look when you sleep ... I get such and empty feeling inside, because I want to be with you so much. That's why I just like to be with you. As you said, it doesn't really matter what we do as long as I'm with you. There is one thing I'm dreaming of ... that we don't have to do anything! That we have 1 day that we don't need to do anything. Sleep and lay in bed as long as we like, laze around, watch a movie together, ... …And I will leave for Osaka Wednesday the 5th of January early in the morning and I'm planning on coming back to Tokyo Friday the 7th in the evening. And Monday the 10th I will go back to Osaka and return to Tokyo on Friday the 14th in the evening. A

  • お願いです、和訳して下さい!

    『I really needed to hear that while I am waiting for you. You seem to do things that fit me very well. You are a special woman. And yes you will be in my dreams,until we are together again...』 宜しくお願いします。

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    yeah, i did‥and i got really surprised, the Japanese food that is popular here in brazil is so diferent from the 'real' one, much better