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I am expecting the answer or suggestion from Japanese girl. I am 36 Yrs old, Good permanent job in Tokyo with Handsome salary and having Permanent residency of Japan. My nationality is India. When I came first time in Japan, I wanted to marry with Japanese girl. But unfortunately I have not succeeded. I read many blogs and found that, the Japanese girls dislikes Indians. Japanese girls likes Eurpoeans/Americans but not Indians. I don`t know why Japanese girls not like Indian guy. Still I`m looking for the Japanese girlfriend…..I don`t know whether my dream girl (Offcourse Japanese girl) meet me or not. I think Japanese girls are very cute and Beautiful.




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男からの意見です。 私の妻は外国人です。 インド人は、上から目線で日本人とは合いません。 インド人と結婚せよです。 世界でインド人ほど中身のないプライドが高い民族はない。


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  • oignies
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If you are the person who can speak proper English the situation might be a little bit different even if you are an Indian. But unfortunately it is not the case.I have found several gramatical mistakes in your English. Suppose you are not intelectual enough. As to Europeans and Americans, not every European and American is attractive to Japanese girls.You might have advantage as an Indian, but it is not very strong for the time being for Japanese residents.What is more seemingly you don’t speak Japanese. Not being able to speak Japanese is a big handicap when you live in Japanese society.If you seriously want to marry a Japanese girl, I recommend you to learn Japanese to the extent you can ask questions in Japanese here and elsewhere. As you might noticed I am quite biligual, but I have no strong intention to marry with foreigner for the moment. I believe most Japanese girls have the same feeling.If you love not only Japanese girols but also Japan, learn Japanese and try to know about Japanese customs and culture. 完璧な英語が話せるのであれば、インド人でも少し事情がちがうかとおもいますが、残念ながら、お書きになっている英語には初歩的な文法ミスが散見され知性の点で魅力をかんじません。ヨーロッパ人アメリカ人であればだれもが魅力的かといえばそういうわけでもないかとおもいますが、インド人については、日本の住民にとって、いまのところ結婚するメリットがあまりないのが現状ですので、このサイトで日本語で質問できる程度には日本語を習われた方がいいかと思います。真剣に日本人女性との結婚をのぞむのであればです。お気づきのように、私自身は、まぎれもないバイリンガルといってよい状態ですが特に外国人と結婚したいとはかんがえていません。ほかの日本人女性のきもちも似たりよったりではないでしょうか。日本人女性に興味があるだけでなく日本がすきということであれば、ぜひ日本語と日本の文化慣習をまなんでください。


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  • jun2511
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日本語で書きます。 日本では、このところのニュースなどで、インドで男性が女性を集団でレイプしたとか殺害した、という報道が多すぎて、インドの男性は女性を大事にしないイメージがあります。 しかも、昨日の質問では、とても若い女性と仲良くなりたいとのことでしたので、あなたの36才という年齢からも難しいと感じました。 私から見たら、日本の若い女性より、インドの女性の方が、スタイルも良くエキゾチックで美しいと思います。 どうしても、日本女性が良いのでしたら、警戒心を持たれずに知り合えるように、趣味のサークルなどに参加されてみたら良いかもしれません。 ranrockey様が、優しく紳士的な男性だとわかれば、女性とも仲良くなれると思いますよ。



Unfortunately I didn`t know that the Image of Indians in Japan (インドで男性が女性を集団でレイプしたとか殺害した、という報道が多すぎて、インドの男性は女性を大事にしないイメージ)Like this because of some bad Indian guys. Off-course I also hate such kind of persons, weather he may be Indian, Japanese or any other nationality. But don`t you think, bad persons are everywhere in the world and because of few bad peoples the image of good people is also going bad. Yes I know that I am very much older than the Japanese girl who I like, that’s the main reason to put my question in this network. And off-course I got the correct direction in this community. Thank you all guys n girls who give me the proper guidance in this community. Now I would like to know, how do I search the Japanese girl of near about my age for the marriage or first just a friend? Thank you in advance Rockey


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    I just saw a petite, and beautiful Japanese girl with a nice set off ass and legs. And you know not many Asians have a nice round ass. But you do.

  • 日本人恋人。。

    Myself male 36 Yrs old. I speak English and Japanese. I have a good job here in Tokyo and searching for Japanese girl for Love. But I`m shy kind person to approach any girl. But I think, Japanese girls are afraid about the foreigners. Please advise what to do?

  • 至急翻訳お願いします><

    Sorry but I did get much from this last letter. I know I should know my Chinese and my Japanese letter but I am lost LOL これってもうダメって事でしょうか?

  • 日本語の表現について教えてください。

    I am writing a blog post in Japanese to share with my Japanese friends my secret recipe . I want to write something like "I am going to share my secret recipe with you." Can I say in Japanese "自分の秘方をみなさんにシェアです。"?If not, how can I say?

  • 英語を日本語へ訳して頂けますか?

    下記の英語を日本語へ訳して頂けますか? 英語は第二言語の方なので変な部分があるかもしれませんが...。 i break up with my ex-girlfriend because she was not a good person . she treat me bad and she never care about what i think and like . she really was evil. all my friend toll me that she was not good for me because she treat me bad in frond of all my friend . and she call me loser all the time went she felt sad for no reason . she got me depress so depress ... i got tired of it i want it some one ho love me for ho i am and what i love to do ... she never care about me and what i want for me and my future ... i am scare to fine some one like my ex .....i dont want that life again.. i am happy now ... but i know you are not like that you are sweet and caring girl... i only want a good and happy girl for me and i really want i happy family ...

  • 英語を日本語に訳して下さい!

    英語を日本語に訳していただけると助かります!「Yes it seem I have been confused with you two girls Aymui was my F.B. friend then I asked you but did not Know your name until now so thank you Ikumi and it is so nice to be able to have a little chat with you both and I must say thank for the English translation I really appreciate that xx」 お願いします!

  • 訳し方で意味が随分かわる?

    1:You are a abd girl I dont know what "sukebe" is and I am not at work to ask any japanese people. 2:I have not received your letters, post is bad at christmas. 1:のabd girlとは論文提出を除き博士号取得の条件を満たしてる人ありますが、英語の力が前より良いということでしょうか?それとも論文提出までにまだ及ばなということでしょうか? 1-2:スケベについて何故ここでworkが使われるのですか? 2:ポストが悪いと言ってるのでしょうか?それとも、手紙が届かないから悪いクリスマスといってるのでしょ  うか? 分かる方お願いします。 

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    hi darling :DDD thank you for the message :)) im happy to read it :) yes, i watch the world cup. i had been supporting germany, japan, brazil. im so sad that japan lost and got eliminated early .. but i still support japan. for next asia cup and world cup and more :) i love japan so much :) i was in japan two times. in yokohama, tokyo and kamakura :)) i totally love japan, it was very awesome to be in japan. culture, people, food, language and more. and girls hehehe :DDD ^^ i felt like i was home :) i was not lonely or sad. i was super happy! i love japan forever ^^ i want to make japanese friends and if possible a girlfriend from japan too! since i was little boy, i always dreamed to live and work in japan someday >< i would be happy to talk with you more and to be with you someday :DDd ps: i drunk kumamoto sake お願いいたします(^-^)

  • please someone translate for me

    "I don't feel I have been anything but honest with you since we have started our friendship, I am sorry I am unable to give my self to you at this point as anything but a friend." this is my homework at my school from out of japan. please someone translate for me. in my idea, it means "she does not feel anything for him(does not she like him?) and it is her honest. so she does not want to be in a relationship with him(she just wants to be a friend)." = "tomodachi ijou koibito miman?" is it light? please, please someone helps me. if you comment me, i can not use japanese now, but i can read japanese, so please write japanese. thank you so much!

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    I am Capt Ken Anderson a United States solider in Afghanistan. I was married before but my wife is late and i am left with my little daughter who is in USA under the care of a nanny. i am 46 years and i wish to have a good relationship with you.bye please send me email