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英語が得意な人が居ましたら、 和訳をお願いします。 I'm glad that I can talk to you about my life here in Texas. I can't believe that about Three months have already passed since I came. Every day has been so exciting for me. I have always been interested in America. I began to study English when I was ten years old. Since then I have wanted to be able to speak English well. Soon after exciting high school in Japan. I hoped to go to America. So I studied very hard. At last my dream came true and I arrived in Texas. I have made so many friends through living and studying here in America. Last week one of my friends, Kate, invited me to dinner. Her parents went to Japan last lear. She showed me some pictures they took to remember their trip. At dinner, Kate's mother asked me about Japanese cooking. She said, "I hear that tofu is very healthy, but I don't know many ways to cook it. Maki, could you tell me a few different ways to cook it?" putting tofu in miso soup was the only way I could think of. later, Kate's father asked me about haiku. He said,"I hear that haiku was born in Japan. Would you tell me about Japanese haiku?" I couldn't tell him about haiku because I don't remember anything I learned about it. After dinner, we talked about our towns. Kate asked me the population of mine, but I couldn't answer that question,either. I was surprised to be asked questions like those. Before coming here, I read a lot of books about America, not Japan. My friends here want to know about Japan as much as I want to know about America. I never thought of that before. I now understand that it is important to learn about one's own country and to be able to talk about it. 以上です。 誤字や脱字があったらすみません。 和訳、宜しくお願いします。


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意外と長かった・・笑 ここテキサスでの暮らしについてお話できるなんて嬉しいです。ここに来てもう三カ月が経ったなんて信じられません。毎日がとても刺激的です。 私はずっとアメリカに興味がありました。そして10歳の時に英語を習い始めました。英語を上手く話せるようになりたかった。 日本での充実した高校生活がおわるとすぐに、私はアメリカに行きたいと思うようになりました。だから一生懸命勉強した。そしてついに夢がかなってテキサスに来ました。アメリカでの暮らしや学校での勉強を通してたくさん友達もできました。 先週友人の一人のケイトが私を夕食に招待してくれました。彼女の両親は去年日本に行ったそうです。ケイトは私に日本で撮った写真を何枚か見せて、日本旅行の思い出を振りかえっていました。 夕食の時、ケイトのお母さんが私に日本食の料理について聞いてきました。彼女は「豆腐はとても健康にいいと聞いたけれど、調理法をあまり知らなくって。マキ、いくつか他の豆腐を使った料理を教えてくれないかしら?」と聞いてきたのですが、私には味噌汁に豆腐を入れる事位しか思いつきませんでした。 その後、ケイトのお父さんは私に俳句について聞いてきました。彼は「俳句の起源は日本だって聞いたよ。日本の俳句を教えてくれないかい?」と聞いてきましたが、習ったものを一つも覚えていなかったので、教えてあげる事はできませんでした。 夕食が終わると、私達の暮らす街の事を話しました。ケイトに私の街の人口を聞かれたのですが、その質問にも答える事はできませんでした。 こういった質問をされるという事が私にとっては驚きでした。ここに来る前、私は日本のでなくアメリカについての本をたくさん読みました。でもここでの私の友人達は、私がアメリカを知りたいと思うのと同じように日本を知ろうとします。こんな事ここに来る前は考えもしなかった。今になってみると、自分の国について学んで、それを話せるようになることが大事な事なんだとわかるんです。



回答ありがとうございました! 私、英語は基本も何もなっていないので、本当に助かりました♪ これからこの和訳を元に、文法や、意味が解らなかった単語、動詞の使い方等を自分なりに勉強していきたいと思います。 本当にありがとうございました!!


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    right now im studying theology. that is the study of God. im studying the Bible in school and getting my degree in Theology. and i totally understand about not being able to pay for college here in America. haha it is very expensive! ..

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    japan, inc. the american anger toward japan was a direct result of the growing trade deficits. when japanese exports to the u.s. first began to increase signifi-cantly, america was pleased at this sign that its student had learned its lessons so well. however, the teacher felt increasingly helpless as it watched its atudent take control of more and more domestic markets. the japanese became an irresistible scape-goat for american economic problem. as the economic power of japan increased, both the u.s. and japan gradually recognized that, after more than one hundred and twentyyears of either american domination or conflict, the japanese were ap-proaching economic parity with america. the amer-ican reaction to this realization was mixed, but initially negative. "made in japan" had always been a synonym for cheap and shoddy goods. most americans still thought that japan was an under-developed country. how could they be taking over american markets? the shock of realization created a new image of japan in u.s. -- primarily eco-nomic and nagative. 長いですが、宜しくお願いします!

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    The feeling on their part must have been like that of a teacher receiving his old students,for it was their Commodore Perry who had effected the opening of our country seven years before,and now here we were on our first visit to America. この英文をどなたか訳してください。 宜しくお願いします。

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    the second shock was an economic shock and the direct result of a combination of american economic problem: a growing trade imbalance with japan and a dollar that had become too highly valued in the rest of the world. a package of economic policies was announced by president nixon in august that led to an immediate 10% reduction in the value of the dollar (which meant that japanese goods would be more expensive in the u.s) and a temporary 10% tax on imports. the shift in the japanese-american relationship was not only caused by the increased power of japan; america's dominant position in the world was also undergoing serious changes. the watergate scandals and the loss of the war in vietnam combined to cause the american people to lose faith in themselves and to question america's role as the leader of the western bloc. the oil crisis of 1973 added to this malaise by decreasing america's economic ability to support its overseas defense commitments. many congressmen questioned why the u.s was spending money to defend japan when it was increasingly obvious that increased japanese economic strength was one cause for the economic recession in the u.s. 長いですがよろしくお願いします!

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    how we got here perry's display of american technology and weaponry was succesful in opening japan, and during the first three decades of the meiji period the U.S. served as a model for japanese modernization, but it was never an equal relationship. americans were the teachers and were more than happy in their role, teaching the japanese everything from english to baseball to military strategy. they believed that God had given them the best country and the best civiliza-tion in the word, and that their duty was to spread their culture to others.

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    you kind of caught me of guard with some of your questions. How can I know that there are not other things you havent told me? I don't want to doubt you have given me a reason to be skeptical (wonder about it). It's difficult and kind of unfair that I developed feelings for you before you told me about it. I focus on making the best of each day and letting things happen over time. I don't think I can handle that kind of guilt. I guess I am kind of an independent spirit/person so it takes me a while to really open up and say the kinds of things that you asked me about.

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    長文ですが、どなたか日本語に翻訳してください。 お願いします。 First,please allow me to introduce my self. i am monica guiao, 22 years old.now let me share a short story of my life. year 2010, it was the year that i finished my studies. on that year i also started to look a job. i am lucky because i was given the opportunity to teach a korean students. it was my first job.in terms of salary it was good but it is not enough in our daily lives so i decided to lokk for another job. until one day someone told me that japan is looking for a machine operator. we all know japan is one of the richest and the most beautiful countries in the world. so, i tried to apply.i am very much lucky because i was selected. november 13,2011, i remembered that day when i left my country to work in japan. it was such a ravishing feeling, thinking that i can reach my dreams. this was also the first time being far away from my family. but why should i stay away from my family. my goal is to earn money to give a better future for my family and in order to send my niece to school. It has already been 10months since we came here in japan. so, i realized that as a foreigner trainee in a japanese company, it is very important to learn their culture, and business practices and etiquettes.about the language, very few japanese can understand english. so, i realized that i really need to study to learn japanee language, to be able to communicate much easier with the japanese people. for me if you want to survive here, learn japanese. but i can say that with the help of takasaki san we learned a lot. About the japanese foods, for me all the japanese foods are delicious, especilly ramen. For now what i really want to do while in japan is to embrace and adopt the displine that the japanese so effortlessly display. It amazes me how naturally it comes to them, and I believe that this firmly rooted trait of the japanese is one of the key reasons to their progressive country. for the end of this presentation I would like to say thank you to all of you. thank you for trusting me to work here in taiyo yuden japan. I will assure that you will not repent that you chose me to work here in japan. once again thank you very much..

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    Perhaps more importantly, the seeds of japanese culture were spread in the united states by the almost two million americans who came to japan during the occupation. While they represented only about one percent of the population, they had a tremendous influence on the american image of japan. As each of them returned to the U.S., they brought tales of life in this strange, exotic country which spread to their friends, relatives and neighbors.

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    At this time the united states was still the over-whelmingly dominant force in the relationship. japanese foreign policy was tired very closely to the Western bloc in the cold war. Not only was japanese security guaranteed by the american military, but the fledgling japanese economic miracle was dependent upon its ties to the american economy. The Amer-icanization of japan was becoming more evident every year. Major changes were bound to follow the steady increase in the strength of the japanese economy. the first japanese surplus in the balance of trade came in 1965. From that year until 1969 the U.S. and Japan maintained a relatively balanced trade. In 1969 Japan accumulated a surplus of almost one billion dollars and, with the exception of a few years in the middle of the 1970s, never looked back.The growing power of the japanese economy was forcing changes in the relationship.

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    1Christians believed in one God, a God whose laws were to be obeyed by the sun and stars as well as by men. 2There are a lot of Japanese who do not feel comfortable about taking time off while their fellow workers have to continue working. 3“To make the difference” is an expression that always has a positive meaning in English. If a man tells his wife, for example, that marrying her has made all the difference, he's saying that he's very happy he married her. 例えば…の例が分かりませんでした。 4In our dreams we all aspire to be, do and have great things. Yet most of us simply aren't creating the results we want. What we need to understand is that greatness exists in all of us, but it is up to us to put it out of ourselves. It is true that we all have genius. We just need to learn how to apply our genius. 1行目とWhat~が良く分かりません。