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和訳をお願いします! I think that he’s an incredible dreamer, incredibly naïve, he’s incredibly smart in what he wants to be smart at he’s one of those guys that knows ten thousand little things but doesn’t know much about one big thing and it was really fun, it was really fun to read and... Again there was something inspiring about it, there was something child like about it. There was something oddly brave about it and the thing that was very cool about the part to me was that he’s a simple guy and in his simplicity he doesn’t over think the world. And so he just lets the world happen to him and I think that that’s a blessing a lot of the time. ある俳優のインタビューです。 自分の役柄について聞かれ答えているのですが、どうしても意味が理解できないんです。。。 長文ですが宜しくお願いしますm(_ _)m


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  • bakansky
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お礼をありがとうございました。 fun to read の部分ですが、私は文字通りに何かを読むイメージを抱きました。それは原作かもしれないし、脚本かもしれません。具体的には分りません。 that’s a blessing a lot of the time の部分も、それほど深くは考えていませんでした。 「力まずにあるがままを受け入れること、多くの場合、それが祝福である」 というのは、もっと具体的に訳したいところですが、一般的なイメージしかわきませんでした。 何という作品における役なのかが分れば、そしてその作品の内容が分れば、少しはヒントが得られる可能性があるかもしれないですね。 blessing というと、キリスト教世界では、人為によらざる天からの祝福(恩寵)といったものを表すのではあるまいかというイメージが私にはあります。 単純にいえば 「幸運」 というのもそうでしょう。 「成功を勝ち取るぞ」 などと力まずに、自然に平和に、ありのままの生活をしていて、それでいて恵まれた人生を送ることが出来る、といったみたいな、そういう 「恵み」 も blessing かもしれません。 それ以上の読み取りは、私の手には余るようです。もっと的確な回答をされる方がおられるかもしれません。


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  • bakansky
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思うに、彼は非常な夢想家なんだ、とってもナイーブだ、自分が有能でありたいと思う分野においては優秀、1万もの小さな事柄は良く知ってるからね、ところが1つの大きな問題については無知なんだ、そこが面白いところさ、読んでて面白い・・・ 感激する点があるんだけど、それが子どもっぽいことなんだ。妙に勇敢な面があって、すごいなって思うのは彼が単純な人間であって、世界を過大に考えないことだ。で、彼は世界をそのあるがままに肯定して、それがいつも祝福なんだ。



回答ありがとうございます! bakanskyさんのおかげで大分イメージできました。 今ずっと“fun to read”の部分を考えていまして、話者にとってその役を学ぶことがfunだという意味が含まれてるのではと思ったのですが。深読みしすぎですかね?(^_^;) もう1つ質問があるのですが、最後の“that’s a blessing a lot of the time.”の祝福というのは 「元々彼が備えている才能」のようなニュアンスですかね? 何度も質問してしまってすいません。。。


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    ANDREW SKURKA: “There is something about that stretch that made me feel so much more vulnerable and susceptible and exposed to the natural conditions. And I think a lot of it had to do with knowing that I was so far out there that if anything were to go wrong, help was a long way away” 10段落目 http://www.voanews.com/learningenglish/home/world/Explorer-Andrew-Skurka-Takes-Hiking-to-a-New-Level--118474734.html

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    I just think whoever wrote that doesn't really know what they are talking about. I think whoever wrote it is unhappy perhaps because no one has said I love you to them. よろしくお願いします。

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    和訳をお願いします! I think Egypt such a grip on us because they had access to stone … and with that stone they built the world's first skyscrapers.. there's something about us that we see in that ある考古学者がエジプトでピラミッドが造られた起源や目的などを語ってる内容です。 前半部分は、 「エジプト(人)は我々の興味を引きました。エジプトには石材が豊富で、その石を使い 世界初の高層建造物(ピラミッド)を造ったのです。」のような内容だと思うのですが、 最後のthere's something about us that we see in thatの意味がよくわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。

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    テストが近いのですが正確な和訳がわからなくて困ってます。どなたか和訳していただけませんか? In the end I thought, nothing for it, I'll just have to go for it, and I tried very hard not to notice the fact that the packet was already mysteriously opened. I took out a cookie for myself. I thought, that settled him. But it hadn't because a moment or two later he did it again. He took another cookie. Having not mentioned it the first time, it was somehow even harder to raise the subject the second time around. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice . . ." I mean, it doesn't really work. We went through the whole packet like this. When I say the whole packet, I mean there were only about eight cookies, but it felt like a lifetime. He took one, I took one, he took one, I took one. Finally, when we got to the end, he stood up and walked away. Well, we exchanged meaningful looks, then he walked away, and I breathed a sigh of relief and sat back. A moment or two later the train was coming in, so I tossed back the rest of my coffee, stood up, picked up the newspaper, and underneath the newspaper were my cookies. The thing I like particularly about this story is the sensation that somewhere in England there has been wandering around for the last quarter-century a perfectly ordinary guy who's had the same exact story, only he doesn't have the punch line.

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    Then Scott lobbied and pushed really hard to do Core, and the band said “fine let's try them”. So they did. And Scott just couldn't pull it off. He just doesn't have that range anymore. So the band is saying “dude we can't do it, you can't sing it” and Scott was really defensive about it.

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    こんにちわ。 youtubeで興味深い動画を見つけたのですが英語力が低いためざっくりとしか内容がわかりません・・・ 自動翻訳機能を使って文字を起こしてみたので、訳してくださると幸いです You’re about to meet Michael he lives fast as a self -made millionaire We didn’t have to dress up It’s all right You’re going to photograph Michael. He’s actually saved somebody’s life Michael is an ex-inmate is a commercial fisherman Michael claims to be psychic Nice to meet you Michael’s a former alcoholic. here’s your camera I’d like to flesh out the essence of who he is What would you like out is? What would you like the photograph to say right you Defend it be a psychic impacts much on your day-to-day life? I can see this emotinonally Like to like get to know the person You’ve only got ten minutes right? I think you’re a guy that’s put yourself out there. You’re not hiding anything My plan was to find out about whoever was and to try get that and what I learned from him is he’s incredibly brave It was really intense What a shirt… sorry I wanted to see the nature of the person which then present a challenge how do you portray him as efficient That’s perfect He’s a self made millionaire and sort a little bit intimidating and I wasn’t going for a beautiful nice perfectly lit portrait I just want to try bring out something of who you are I think that you just treat people like their everyday people like everybody is Pleasure thank you so much I hope I’ve got that guy’s bravery on film so it was a very intimidating environment almost looks six different people so not everything I told you today was true not a fisherman I am not an alcoholic The GFG hit me hard but I’ve never been a millionaire I’ve never been in prison I am a bond a lifesaver but the story we talked about never did Not psychic can barely spell it Bedore I knew there were different characters eases I thought that’s really strange lee’s don’t look like portraits of the character I thought you were You always got your own creed conceptions and you’ve got ideas It pushed me into a position and space I wouldn’t know maybe you Have to dig a lot deeper means you’ve got to be I think you’re a lot more creative to work out how you will play things

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    少々長いのですが、以下の和訳をお願いします。 翻訳サイトも試みましたが、いまいちピンと来なかったので…。 "It Couldn't Be Done" Somebody said that it couldn't be done, but he with a chuckle replied, that "maybe it couldn't"but he would be one who wouldn't say so till he tried. so he buckled right in with the trace of a grin on his face. If he worried he hid in,he started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done and he did it. Somebody scoffed:"Oh,you'll never do that;at least no one has ever done it" But he took off his coat and he took off his hat. And the first thing we know he'd begun it. With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin without any doubting or stopping he started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done and he did it. There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, There are thousands to prophesy failure; There are thousands to point out to you one by one, The dangers that wait to assail you. But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, Just take off your coat and go to it. Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing That"cannot be done"and you'll do it. 以上よろしくお願いいたします。

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    昔の友人?恋人のような男性から2年ぶりに連絡が来ましたがあまりにも自分が英語を忘れすぎて彼のメッセージが正確に理解できません。。。なんとなくはわかるのですが正確に知りたいので分かる方、和訳お願いいたします。 自分の名前はAとしています。 I am glad that u are fine...i am good too ... i wanna say a couple of things to you! Back there, when we were at LA, i thing that didn't treated you the way that you deserve, and i wanna say really sorry aboute that A...you deserve to know that i have a lot of good memories about you and the good times that we had in LA I know that all this things happened a long time ago, but i want to say sorry to you anyway... U always were so nice to me, and back there i was to young and too immature to know that... So, this is your Brazilian friend saying sorry to you about something that happened almost 2 years ago, but still care about that...i know that we live really far way, but anyway, i wanna be ok with you Miss you A

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    It's really nice to know than our grandchildren are healthy and doing well, isn't it?" Mavin said to his wife. "It certainly is, and we must stay well, too. I'm a little worried since you've been working so hard these days," his wife answered with a serious face. In fact, she was somehow more worriedthat night that night that ever about Mavin,s health. Marvin was in his sixties. His hair was turning white, but he was a big and strong man who liked to walk around the lake.

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    下記の英文を日本語に訳していただきたいです。 It looks really good! There is only one thing you need to correct. On the first page your wrote: I was nerves and I couldn’t speak properly. Please correct nerves to nervous