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少々長いのですが、以下の和訳をお願いします。 翻訳サイトも試みましたが、いまいちピンと来なかったので…。 "It Couldn't Be Done" Somebody said that it couldn't be done, but he with a chuckle replied, that "maybe it couldn't"but he would be one who wouldn't say so till he tried. so he buckled right in with the trace of a grin on his face. If he worried he hid in,he started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done and he did it. Somebody scoffed:"Oh,you'll never do that;at least no one has ever done it" But he took off his coat and he took off his hat. And the first thing we know he'd begun it. With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin without any doubting or stopping he started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done and he did it. There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, There are thousands to prophesy failure; There are thousands to point out to you one by one, The dangers that wait to assail you. But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, Just take off your coat and go to it. Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing That"cannot be done"and you'll do it. 以上よろしくお願いいたします。

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翻訳サイトがピンと来なかった人なんですよね(笑)。 「できっこない」 誰かが、そんなことはできっこないと言った。 でも彼は含み笑いで答えたよ。 「たしかにできっこないかもしれないね」でも彼は、自分でやってみるまでは、そうは言わない奴だろう。 それで彼は、かすかに笑みのしわをうかべて立ち向かったよ。 自信がなければ、隠れたはずなのに、彼は歌いはじめた。できっこないことにぶつかっていくために。そして彼はやったんだ。 誰かが嘲って言った。 「おう、あんた、やらないんだろ? 少なくとも今まで誰もやったことはないからね」 でも彼はコートを脱いだ。帽子も脱いだ。 そして私たちが知るかぎり最初になった。彼は始めたんだ。 あごを上げ、わずかに笑い、疑いも諦めもなく、彼は歌い始めた。 できっこないことにぶつかっていき、やりとげたんだ。 君にできっこないと言う奴が何千もいる。 失敗を予言する奴が何千もいる。 一つ一つ君のアラを指摘する奴が何千もいる。 危険が君に襲いかかろうと待ちかまえてる。 でもかすかにほほ笑みながらとりかかるんだ。 いまコートを脱ぎすてて始めるんだ。 いま歌い始めるんだ。「できっこない」それでも君がやりとげることに立ち向かうために。 拙い訳ですみませんが。



拙いなんてとんでもない(*^o^*) 早速のご回答ありがとうございました。 ニュアンスは大体分かるんですが、詩は意訳がどうも難しくて苦戦してました。 おかげですっきりしました! ありがとうございまいした!


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    和訳をお願いします! I think that he’s an incredible dreamer, incredibly naïve, he’s incredibly smart in what he wants to be smart at he’s one of those guys that knows ten thousand little things but doesn’t know much about one big thing and it was really fun, it was really fun to read and... Again there was something inspiring about it, there was something child like about it. There was something oddly brave about it and the thing that was very cool about the part to me was that he’s a simple guy and in his simplicity he doesn’t over think the world. And so he just lets the world happen to him and I think that that’s a blessing a lot of the time. ある俳優のインタビューです。 自分の役柄について聞かれ答えているのですが、どうしても意味が理解できないんです。。。 長文ですが宜しくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    He could have borne to live an ordinary life, but not to be forgotten in the grave. His great desire had changed to hope. and hope had at last become a certainty that, althought he now journeyed unnoticed, a glory would shine on his pathway-though not, perhaps,while he was travelling it.but the day would come when people would realize that a gifted one had passed through this life with none to recognize him.

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    The early speculator was harassed by no such scruples, and asserted as facts what he knew in reality only as probabilities. But we are not on that account to doubt his perfect good faith, nor need we attribute to him wilful misrepresentation, or consciousness of asserting that which he knew not to be true. He had seized one great truth, in which, indeed, he anticipated the highest revelation of modern enquiry -- namely, the unity of the design of the world, and its subordination to one sole Maker and Lawgiver. With regard to details, observation failed him. He knew little of the earth's surface, or of its shape and place in the universe; the infinite varieties of organized existences which people it, the distinct floras and faunas of its different continents, were unknown to him. But he saw that all which lay within his observation bad been formed for the benefit and service of man, and the goodness of the Creator to his creatures was the thought predominant in his mind. Man's closer relations to his Maker is indicated by the representation that he was formed last of all creatures, and in the visible likeness of God. For ages, this simple view of creation satisfied the wants of man, and formed a sufficient basis of theological teaching, and if modern research now shows it to be physically untenable, our respect for the narrative which has played so important a part in the culture of our race need be in nowise diminished. No one contends that it can be used as a basis of astronomical or geological teaching, and those who profess to see in it an accordance with facts, only do this sub modo, and by processes which despoil it of its consistency and grandeur, both which may be preserved if we recognise in it, not an authentic utterance of Divine knowledge, but a human utterance, which it has pleased Providence to use Providence a special way for the education of mankind.

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sesameさんの訳でほぼいいんですがところどころ思い違いがありますので、僭越ながら訂正をいれます。なお、grinは「にやっとして」という感じです。 「たしかにできっこないかもしれないね」 → 「ひょっとするとだめかもね」 自信がなければ、隠れたはずなのに、彼は歌いはじめた。できっこないことにぶつかっていくために。→ 不安だったとしてもそれを隠して、できるはずのないことことに取組みながら唄い出した。 「おう、あんた、やらないんだろ? 少なくとも今まで誰もやったことはないからね」 → 「できやしないよ。いままで誰もやりとげたやつなんかいないんだ」 そして私たちが知るかぎり最初になった。彼は始めたんだ。 → すぐに分かる、彼がもうやりはじめているってことが。 彼は歌い始めた。 できっこないことにぶつかっていき → できるはずのないことことに取組みながら唄い出した。 一つ一つ君のアラを指摘する奴が何千もいる。 危険が君に襲いかかろうと待ちかまえてる。 → 君に襲い掛かろうと待ち構えている危険をひとつひとつ指摘する奴が何千もいる。 かすかにほほ笑みながら → 不適な笑いを浮かべて



ご回答、ありがとうございました。 さすが、専門家さま…! ぐっと意味がわかり易くなりました。 ホントに助かりました。 ありがとうございました。


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    和訳をしていただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 But a jealous and independent person, who eyes will burn into you like hot coals. He will try to take the lead in the relationship and may want to have things his way. He will not accept second place in your life to anything else or anyone else. He must come first. One who will not change his ways either. There may be arguments in the relationship given time, so it will be stormy and tempestuous but compellingly powerful too. A lively exciting relationship. That will never be dull or boring. Always intense passionate and wild. Full of emotion and feeling.

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    I've heard about the way that you women paint your faces.God has given you one face, but you paint another face on yourselves. You dance when you walk. You sing when you speak.You want men to believe that you know nothing. I've had enough of it. It's made me crazy.No more talk about marriage. Join a church! Oh,how can a great man fall so low? A prince,a student,a soldier,the flower of his country, the mirror of everyone's dreamsーall gone! He was so brave, clever and beautiful. He was the most perfect of men. He filled my ears with the sweet music of his promises. But now he fills them with the crazy worlds of a broken mind. Oh, why did this terrible thing have to happen?

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    和訳お願いします‼︎ He said that he didn't have a frog with him , but that , if Smily would be so kind as to get him one , he would be quiet willing to bet. お願いします‼︎

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    Hugh Miller will be admitted by many as a competent witness to the untenability of the theory of Chalmers and Buckland on mere geological grounds. He had, indeed, a theory of his own to propose, which we shall presently consider; but we may take his word that it was not without the compulsion of what he considered irresistible evidence that he relinquished a view which would have saved him infinite time and labour, could he have adhered to it.

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    Imagine being a foreigner and being to learn that in English one tells a(イタリック体) lie but the(イタリック体) truth, that a person who says “I could care less,” means the same thing as someone who says “I couldn't care less.”

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    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の後半と2段落になりますので 中途半端だと思いますが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 He has a passing interest in small air craft. And traction, or steam engines. He may be interested in conservation and preservation of the countryside and preservation of the past. Likes working museum, and outdoor museums that preserve old machinery and old trains, old working ways. Travel. Likes to read adventure stories. He likes to have a social life, drinks party’s, or dinner party’s with friends, or meeting people who are interesting and adventurous to talk to. He will be loyal and faithful to you in marriage. This is not difficult for him. He will be devoted to you. To return to the description. I have described his hands, but His feet I have not much dwelt on, it is perhaps the remaining thing to describe, to complete the detail of the portrait and make it more perfect.

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    Satanic surfersのArmless skaterという曲の歌詞です。 和訳できる方教えていただきたいです。 よろしくお願いします。 I have a friend who's only joy in life is to skate, surf and flog his log that is all he wants to do and I think that's really great but then one day he had an accident they had to amputate his arms guess if he was sad that day he can't surf, he can't skate and he sure can't masturbate no more

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    和訳をお願いします He had found it lying in the street,and as he looked at me over the top of his glasses,he said,“Maybe now you'll learn not to be careless and lose things.” I 'm a grown woman now,and I still lose things. I'm still careless. But what my father taught me that day was not a lesson of responsibility. I learned not to believe his laughter.Because even his laughter hurt.

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    和訳をお願いします One day my father came home from work and called me downstairs from my room. He bent down to my size and hugged me,and asked me if I would try on my new coat and hat and model them for him. Upstairs I ran,two steps at a time,( 1 )to put on a fashion show for my father. I threw on the coat,but I couldn't find the hat. I nervously looked under my bed and it the closet,but it was nowhere. Maybe he wouldn't notice that I wasn't wearing it.

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    Homophone When we moved to northen California, my husband began deliberating about buying a sailboat. He struggled over our budget, and nagged me for help in his decision.I told him that it was strictly his choice to make, that I was with him either way, but he had to decide. One morning, as he hurried out the door on his way to work, I waved and said, 'Bye.' He broke into a big grin and called over his shoulder, 'I was hoping you'd say that!' Him& Hymn A woman had been very faithful in attending all her church's services for many years, and the minister wanted to reward her.At the next Sunday-evening service he announced, 'For her loyalty to the church, we shall reward Miss Jones by letting her pick three hymns for the evening.' 'Oh, goody!' exclaimed Miss Jones. And, pointing to various members in the congregation, she said, 'I'll take HIM and HIM and HIM.' 宜しくお願いします!