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少々長いのですが、以下の和訳をお願いします。 翻訳サイトも試みましたが、いまいちピンと来なかったので…。 "It Couldn't Be Done" Somebody said that it couldn't be done, but he with a chuckle replied, that "maybe it couldn't"but he would be one who wouldn't say so till he tried. so he buckled right in with the trace of a grin on his face. If he worried he hid in,he started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done and he did it. Somebody scoffed:"Oh,you'll never do that;at least no one has ever done it" But he took off his coat and he took off his hat. And the first thing we know he'd begun it. With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin without any doubting or stopping he started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done and he did it. There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, There are thousands to prophesy failure; There are thousands to point out to you one by one, The dangers that wait to assail you. But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, Just take off your coat and go to it. Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing That"cannot be done"and you'll do it. 以上よろしくお願いいたします。

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翻訳サイトがピンと来なかった人なんですよね(笑)。 「できっこない」 誰かが、そんなことはできっこないと言った。 でも彼は含み笑いで答えたよ。 「たしかにできっこないかもしれないね」でも彼は、自分でやってみるまでは、そうは言わない奴だろう。 それで彼は、かすかに笑みのしわをうかべて立ち向かったよ。 自信がなければ、隠れたはずなのに、彼は歌いはじめた。できっこないことにぶつかっていくために。そして彼はやったんだ。 誰かが嘲って言った。 「おう、あんた、やらないんだろ? 少なくとも今まで誰もやったことはないからね」 でも彼はコートを脱いだ。帽子も脱いだ。 そして私たちが知るかぎり最初になった。彼は始めたんだ。 あごを上げ、わずかに笑い、疑いも諦めもなく、彼は歌い始めた。 できっこないことにぶつかっていき、やりとげたんだ。 君にできっこないと言う奴が何千もいる。 失敗を予言する奴が何千もいる。 一つ一つ君のアラを指摘する奴が何千もいる。 危険が君に襲いかかろうと待ちかまえてる。 でもかすかにほほ笑みながらとりかかるんだ。 いまコートを脱ぎすてて始めるんだ。 いま歌い始めるんだ。「できっこない」それでも君がやりとげることに立ち向かうために。 拙い訳ですみませんが。



拙いなんてとんでもない(*^o^*) 早速のご回答ありがとうございました。 ニュアンスは大体分かるんですが、詩は意訳がどうも難しくて苦戦してました。 おかげですっきりしました! ありがとうございまいした!

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sesameさんの訳でほぼいいんですがところどころ思い違いがありますので、僭越ながら訂正をいれます。なお、grinは「にやっとして」という感じです。 「たしかにできっこないかもしれないね」 → 「ひょっとするとだめかもね」 自信がなければ、隠れたはずなのに、彼は歌いはじめた。できっこないことにぶつかっていくために。→ 不安だったとしてもそれを隠して、できるはずのないことことに取組みながら唄い出した。 「おう、あんた、やらないんだろ? 少なくとも今まで誰もやったことはないからね」 → 「できやしないよ。いままで誰もやりとげたやつなんかいないんだ」 そして私たちが知るかぎり最初になった。彼は始めたんだ。 → すぐに分かる、彼がもうやりはじめているってことが。 彼は歌い始めた。 できっこないことにぶつかっていき → できるはずのないことことに取組みながら唄い出した。 一つ一つ君のアラを指摘する奴が何千もいる。 危険が君に襲いかかろうと待ちかまえてる。 → 君に襲い掛かろうと待ち構えている危険をひとつひとつ指摘する奴が何千もいる。 かすかにほほ笑みながら → 不適な笑いを浮かべて



ご回答、ありがとうございました。 さすが、専門家さま…! ぐっと意味がわかり易くなりました。 ホントに助かりました。 ありがとうございました。


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    和訳をお願いします! I think that he’s an incredible dreamer, incredibly naïve, he’s incredibly smart in what he wants to be smart at he’s one of those guys that knows ten thousand little things but doesn’t know much about one big thing and it was really fun, it was really fun to read and... Again there was something inspiring about it, there was something child like about it. There was something oddly brave about it and the thing that was very cool about the part to me was that he’s a simple guy and in his simplicity he doesn’t over think the world. And so he just lets the world happen to him and I think that that’s a blessing a lot of the time. ある俳優のインタビューです。 自分の役柄について聞かれ答えているのですが、どうしても意味が理解できないんです。。。 長文ですが宜しくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    英訳なのですがHe must have noticed that I hadn't done a thind, because when his eyes met mine, his grin widened trimphantly. It was the thought of Kim that finally opened my eyes. He could not afford to give up music, for he owend it to himself not to waste his talent. という文章なのです。教科書の一文なのでつながりとかがわからないかもしれないですが単純に文章の意味を教えてください。あとは自分でつなげてみます。とりあえず最初の方のdone a thindとかhis grin widened trimphantlyのあたりがよくわかりません。よろしくおねがいします。

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    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の後半と2段落になりますので 中途半端だと思いますが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 He has a passing interest in small air craft. And traction, or steam engines. He may be interested in conservation and preservation of the countryside and preservation of the past. Likes working museum, and outdoor museums that preserve old machinery and old trains, old working ways. Travel. Likes to read adventure stories. He likes to have a social life, drinks party’s, or dinner party’s with friends, or meeting people who are interesting and adventurous to talk to. He will be loyal and faithful to you in marriage. This is not difficult for him. He will be devoted to you. To return to the description. I have described his hands, but His feet I have not much dwelt on, it is perhaps the remaining thing to describe, to complete the detail of the portrait and make it more perfect.

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    Q. Opposite of hoarding?: You field a lot of questions about hoarding behavior. Is there such a thing as the opposite of a hoarder? I’ve been dating a guy for a few weeks, he has seemed great and without obvious quirks ... outside of his house. He lives alone in a big house that is very empty. There are several totally empty closets and bare shelves. There is not a photo or picture to be seen. He takes mail from his mailbox directly to the trash bins outside and sorts it there. He takes mail from his mailbox directly to the trash bins outside and sorts it there.の和訳をよろしくお願いします

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 抽象的かもしれませんが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 On the day you meet he will impress you, and in the days and hours afterwards he will haunt you. That is the only word for it. He will make an impact on the depth of your being that barely registers, except that in the time that follows you will not be able to think of any man but him.. He will seem striking, alluring in some way that you cannot fathom, and which has nothing to do with his looks, as though a chord is struck in your deeper soul, or the innermost chambers of your being. You will recognize him, not only from the description, which is in a sense quite bland, but something inside of you will be mesmerized. All day and days afterwards he will have stamped his indelible impression on your mind and you’ll keep thinking back to him, to the meeting, to the man, to the warm kindling feeling inside of you. Like a curtain of a dream it will drop across you life. It will be that mystical, that beautiful, yet real and solid too.

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    わからなかったものを中心に書いてます。 お願いします。 ・次の各組の文がほぼ同じ意味になるように()内に適語を補いなさい 1He isn't back yet. Perhaps he missde his train. He isn't back yet. He ()()()his train. 2 It's a pity that you didn't tell me the truth. You ()()() me the truth. 3 It's a pity that laughed at his mistake. You ought () to ()() at his mistake. 4 You waited for me, but it was not necessary.  You needn't ()() for me. ・並び替えなさい。 1 You (at/be/if/laughed/will)you wear that silly hat. 2 Such a thing ought (about/be/not/spoken/to) in public. 3 Last night he (by/got/stopped/the police/while) he was driving home.

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    Hamlet was naturally very upset by what he had done to Ponius. After all,the young prince was at heart a kind and gentle person. But he had more important things on his mind. He dropped his bloody sword and began admonishing his mother once again.He held up two drawings in front of her. One was of the late king,his father.The other was of Claudius.“Mother,"placeed Hamlet,“can't you see the difference? You must be able to see what a good man my father was,and what a villain your new husband is!" But at that moment,the old ghost reappeared out of nowhere.“Hamlet,"it said in the same eerie voice,“have you forgotten that you gave me your word? Why are you causing your mother so much agony? And why are you still hesitating? Get on with it!" Hamlet started to explain himself,but the ghost vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたに。 お願いできますでしょうか? 1文節の後半部分です。 ちぐはぐですが、よろしくお願いいたします。 There will be may be obstacles to the marriage or relationship between you initially. Things will happen much more slowly than you really want. In his own life he it will seem to him that things have always happened slow, or at a later time for him than for most people, that his struggle has been harder and longer. Including the struggle to find love. The courtship and wedding ceremony may come within a two year period of sorrows and tragedies in the soul mates life. It will be not be lavish but it will be a nice ceremony., that feels exactly right for you. This will be a lasting marriage. He is a partner for whom marriage and love become a duty and commitment. With Saturn in the seventh house it is generally more favorable for marriages later in life than in youth. But if you become unhappy or tire of this union and then wish to be free of it. It will be in your own hands to separate and divorce. Divorce will not follow if the action for it rests in the hand of the soul mate.

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    ・I noted the things we all should be thankful for on his behalf ― good health, good friends, good battles and good outcomes. By most measurements he was a happy man. Then I suggested it was time for him and Mom to slow down. At long last, in a comfortable home, with a generous pension, he should learn to take things easy. ・That's how his letter back began, volleying my words across the net straight at me ― the hardest return to handle. ・But if we got our wish, and all troublesome experiences should cease, it might be the worst thing that could happen. Life isn't having it made; it's getting it made. 上記の英文を、自分では訳しきれませんでした(特に2、3番目) 何方か教えてください>< 宜しくお願いします。

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     I paid for my purchases and was rearranging things in my purse when the little boy came up to the cashier. The cashier rang up his purchases and then said, "Congratulations, you are my hundredth customer today, and you win a prize!"With that, she handed the little boy the Pokemon game, and he could only stare in disbelief. It was, he said, exactly what he had wanted!  The little girl and her father had been standing at the doorway during all of this, and I saw the biggest, prettiest, toothless grin on that little girl that I have ever seen in my life.    As I walked back to my car in amazement over what I had just witnessed, I heard the father ask his daughter why she had done that."Daddy, didn't Grandma and Grandpa want me to buy something that would make me happy?"He said, "Of course they did, honey."the little girl replied, "Well, I just did!"