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この人なんて言ってるんですか…? Yeah there good. Well are be happy to have like an acapella or stems of your track understand ? And I would use like little snips of your vocal not it just playing the whole time it sound good :) ?



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いいですねぇ。あなたの曲をアカペラとかで曲想をなぞって楽しんでいます。あなたの歌声のような細かい切れ目を入れたいと思います。全曲を演奏したわけじやないですが、いいですね。 stem は、音符につける縦棒のことです。♪の黒丸の部分がないということは、音の長さや音程が正確でないということです。楽譜を見て、試しに演奏してみたという程度の演奏だけど、いい曲だと思うということです。 私は実際に聞いていませんので、「切れ目」がどのような歌い方のことを言っているのかが分かりません。



なるほど・・!すごいですね!口語でしょうか・・難しい英語ですねえ・・。 切れ目・・確かに・・。本当にありがとうございました。

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    ドイツの会社で音楽で使用するドラムなどの音を販売している会社がありまして、そこで購入した音を使用し曲を作って、なんどかメールで曲を送付し聴いてもらったことがあります。 昨日、前に作った曲を音質をよくしてメールで送付したら長い文章が返ってきました。 もしお時間がありましたらぜひ翻訳をお願いしたいです。 よろしくお願いします。 I think the mix is not bad if you consider that you started making music not so long ago. The kick could be much more in the front also use parallel compression for this track. Hip Hop needs in your face kicks and basses. Low frequencies make you wanna dance in the club so the kick and bass transports all the energy of the song. There are also some bad frequencies at around 700 Hz to 1 kHz ( I can't locate exactly) and also some bad phasing which might also be the fault of the bad youtube converter. However don't be worried, mixing and Mastering are one of the most difficult parts in a usual music production chain. And it's also still a big challenge for me after 25 years of making music. And you do not want to listen to my first mixes because they really hurt :-) Also the mixing might not be that good, because I just made everything in a few hours. Usually It takes me more than 5 days to mix and master a song. So it could for example be 3db louder, that's for sure. Furthermore I just used your track from the youtube video which really has a very bad quality and it was kind of destroyed. When I gained or reduced some frequencies it got even worse. So I could not really get it to harmonize with the other instruments. Maybe you hear the difference when I removed your track at 2:00 To be honest it's very stupid to use mp3s or not to say youtube audio for mixng. It's kind of an unwritten law not to use mp3 or compressed audio material which makes sense of course. But no risk no fun :-) Anyway I hope you will like it. And BTW: You can use the track for whatever you like it's all yours. But if you should make money with it, it would be very kind if you contact me then.

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    Who knows, maybe it could be a really powerful shampoo that could be useful as a hair stretcher wwww Well, in my opinion, long hair does fit you well (^^) Plus I bet that your real hair does look great too, I wanna see it Yes! Nice to know that you're interested mostly to go here in Sao Paulo (^o^) I bet that you will really like Sao Paulo! There are several interesting points to visit, like Parque do Ibirapuera :3 Rio de Janeiro is a good city too, there are good points to visit too Specially the beaches! I heard once about Oita It looks like a cool city, it feels a bit more urbanized than I expected I hope someday I can go to Japan! More honestly, I want more to live there (^o^)

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