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困っています。 以下の文の訳を、わかる方回答宜しくお願いします。 (1)you've never been to tokyo,have you? (2)you really want to money,don't you? (3)you've got a lot of pen,haven't you? (4)you like listening to EXILE,don't you?


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(1)東京にはいらしたことないでしょうね。 (2)本当はお金が欲しいんでしょうね。 (3)ペンをたくさんお持ちでしょうね。 (4)エグザイルを聞くのがお好きでしょうね。


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    あなた、いつも結婚っていうけど 結婚したいって言ったことがあるのは本当に私にだけ? あなたに怒らないし、別れるって言わないから嘘つかないで本当のこといって。 You say always get married, Is it really only to me that you have said "I want to marry you" in your whole life? I really don't get mad at you, I will not tell you to break up with you, so tell me the truth.

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    1. A: Would you like me to repair it for you? B: () (1) No thanks, I'd rather do it myself. (2) Yes, but I don't know how.  (3) Yes, would you please show me how? (4) No, I couldn't show you how. 2. A: Well, how did you enjoy the party, Jenny? B: It was great! I really had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for living me! A: () (1) Don't mention it! (2) Not necessarily! (3) No way! (4) Don't even think about it! 3. A: I'm sorry I didn't visit you last night. B: () (1) Thank you very much. (2) I'd rather not. (3) That's all right. (4) Me, either. 4. A: Why don't we go out somewhere tonight? B: () A: OK. Let's go and see that new action movie. (1) Because we don't want to go out. (2) No, we don't want to go out.  (3) Well, I'd prefer to rent a video. (4) Yeah, that sounds good to me. 5. A: What is the best way to get to Tokyo? B: By train, if you want save time. A: () B: That depends on the traffic. (1) How much does it cost? (2) How often do I have to change?  (3) Is there an express train? (4) How long will it take by bus? 6. A: May I help you? B: No, thank you. I'm just looking. A: () We have a lot more items upstairs. B: Oh, do you? You have a large selection, don't you? (1) Take your time. (2) Take it easy. (3) Do your best. (4) Hurry up.

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